20 Recent Paris Hilton Fashion Looks That Prove She Needs A Stylist

At this point, Paris Hilton has been living in the public eye for more than half of her life. She has never been much of a style icon but considering how much of a seasoned veteran she is when it comes to public appearances and highly photographed events, it is a bit of a surprise that her sense of fashion and style has never evolved beyond the clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup styles that she favored as a teenager. It's possible that she sees the way she acts and dresses in public as a part of the "Paris Hilton brand" and therefore doesn't want to change what has worked for her in the past but now that she's in her mid-30s so it's more than a little ridiculous that she's continually cosplaying as Malibu Barbie. Aside from her style no longer really being age-appropriate, now it's not even era-appropriate because it's basically the kind of stuff that was considered stylish 15 or 20 years ago (and in some cases, it's stuff that was never considered stylish at all).

Clearly, Hilton has enough money to afford all of the most beautiful and fashionable clothes in the world and she could certainly benefit from hiring a stylist. The eternal celebutante's only real job is creating reasons to stay in the public eye. If you can't figure out how to dress yourself at 36 then you're probably not going to ever figure it out. So what are Paris Hilton's most recent fashion looks that explain exactly why she is in desperate need of a stylist?

21 We Get It, She Likes Moschino

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In case you couldn't figure it out on your own, Paris Hilton was wearing this incredibly unique look to a Moschino fashion show for their Milan show in 2017. When we say unique look, we mean a head-to-toe black outfit that looks like something you would get on clearance at TJ Maxx that just has some faux accessories and a giant yellow Moschino logo screen printed on it. It's kind of astounding that these are even designer clothes because it's hard to see where the actual design element is. The only things that make the outfit different from any standard bland clothes are the detailing, which frankly just makes the clothes uglier. If this is what passes for an appropriate outfit to wear to a fashion show, then heavens help the fashion industry. If Moschino paid Paris Hilton to promote their brand by wearing their logo all over herself then they were probably better off just saving the money.

20 This Cut-Out Look Is A Little Over-The-Top

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When it comes to her fashion choices, Paris Hilton has certain elements of a look that she seems to like a lot, or at least that she wears a lot. For example, she likes a super sparkly dress or a garment with beige cutouts, like with this look. However, this is kind of an odd red carpet look for a few reasons. First off, the breakup of the black detailing makes her torso look strangely short. Secondly, the sheer beige fabric that has been used for the dress is a different color on her chest and on her stomach, which kind of kills any illusion you might have had anyway. And lastly, the lining of the dress is peeking out absolutely everywhere, and it's clearly not the kind of color or fabric that you'd want to be showing off at a formal event. With money like Paris Hilton's, you should never be looking like a sloppy pageant girl in public.

19 She Looks Like A Disney Princess – But Not In A Good Way

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This dress is a little bit on the twee side, but in terms of Paris Hilton's normal looks, it's actually a fairly cute outfit. However, it does kind of look like a teenager's prom dress or a bridesmaid's dress you'd find at David's Bridal, not to mention the color is really not a good one against Hilton's skin. It's not much of a shock that Paris might be a certified lifelong devotee to the mystic tan but the bright bluish turquoise of this dress really brings out the orange tone of her skin. She doesn't even actually look tan in the dress; it just makes the orange pop out so much. The makeup on her face would look fine on its own but the overall skin tone looks significantly lighter than the color of the rest of her body, which is why most makeup and styling experts recommend matching your foundation to the color of your neck.

18 She's Feeling The Blues In This Weird Look

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A nice punch of cobalt blue is a great way to make a statement and incorporate some color into your fashion. However, this whole look that Paris is wearing looks very Dynasty (the 80s version). The dress on its own might work okay, but the addition of the matching blue fur coat makes it a little too much. The nylons she's wearing also look very dated. If you're going to wear tights with an outfit then you might as well make them a part of the whole look as well instead of just using them to cover your legs. The shoes are interesting but the patent leather bag and tall, teased hair just added to the whole 80s vibe of the look. And what exactly is happening with that skirt? That bubbly kind of pleating thing is protruding very strangely out in front of her and the front seems to be the only place that features this extra fabric.

17 She's Wearing Quite A Confusing Combination

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This feather patterned print dress is kind of a weird combo with the leather jacket but honestly, both pieces on their own aren't great looks either. The print itself actually looks like a combination of different feather prints but there's no natural flow to its look. It just looks like layers of different reddish feathers next to each other. It definitely looks comfortable but it also looks like the kind of thing you'd wear to the beach just to cover up your bathing suit. The jacket doesn't match well, and the black and white stripe detailing at the hem and on the sleeves make an average looking leather jacket look like a cheap leather jacket. The hat also seems like a random addition, while the shoes are really not a great look either. Shoes in light colors can be very beautiful but they also get dirty very easily, which is why you only want to wear them when they're sparkling clean.

16 Is She Paris Warrior Princess?

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If you've ever been thinking to yourself, hey, I'd really love a barely-there, see- through, Greek goddess meets 50 Shades of Grey dress with an all-over body chain piece of jewelry and some thigh-high gladiator heel sandals then you're in luck, because Paris is rocking the outfit of your dreams. However, for people who like to get in and out of their clothes in under 10 minutes, then this complex looking contraption of an outfit probably isn't for you. It's an attention getter to be sure, but it's hard to imagine where exactly you'd even wear something like this. The shoes are kind of cool but you couldn't really wear them with much else. Additionally, that whole trend of the visible undergarments beneath a skirt or dress needs to phase out immediately. On the bright side, at least her hairstyle is looking fab at this event.

15 This Gold Armor Look Is A Bit Too Gladiator-esque

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Looking at Paris Hilton's overall styling lately makes it hard to tell whether or not her style has just never evolved since the early 2000s or if she's stuck trying to prove herself as a hot young celebutante now that there are so many other pretty, rich women making money off of being attractive. This outfit definitely gives off the impression that she's trying to maintain the youthful party girl appeal that made her famous when she was younger. The concept of a gown with an armor style bodice is a cool one, but when there are almost as many cutouts as there is fabric, then it's too much unnecessary skin. Clearly, the dress is a floor length dress but the super high slits on both sides basically make it a miniskirt, and the transition from the metallic gold to the flat black is not a very harmonious look.

14 Happy Birthday, America

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Wearing a giant American flag might be an appropriate outfit to celebrate the 4th of July in but in this instance, Paris is celebrating the holiday in Ibiza and it's certainly not one of her best looks. American flag clothing is something that is best worn ironically or just left to lifelong trailer park residents who are the bread and butter of the American flag wearing industry. In this particular situation, the fabric of Paris' dress looks super cheap and the styling of her outfit does it no favors. What exactly is on the top of that dress? Is that a necklace? Some sort of outside undergarment? The black gloves and black tiara on her head are two mystifying additions to this themed getup and her phone hanging on a giant chain around her body instead of just inside her purse is extra weird. Plus, if you're going to go for black accessories, make sure that goes for your shoes as well.

13 This Black And Gold Look Just Doesn't Work

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Going for a basic black look is almost always a surefire way of finding some fashion success, which is why so many people go for it so often. But when it comes to this Paris Hilton look, the devil is truly in the details. The gold detailing on the dress looks kind of cheap and doesn't gel well with the rest of the dress. Fur also rarely looks good on anyone, even black fur, and the snake skin purse looks like it was from the early 2000s. Something that will always be baffling about fashion for rich people is that many of them are clearly willing to spend thousands of dollars on animal skin clothing or accessories but half of the time, things like fur or crocodile hide actually make the garment or the whole outfit itself look way cheaper. This getup was almost certainly not cheap but it definitely looks cheap.

12 She Is Cutting Loose With This Slashed Dress

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With a little tweaking, this outfit could be a pretty decent one but the elements of the dress that are meant to make it attention getting are also the biggest problems with the overall look. The slashes on the front of the chest would be a decent look if they didn't go quite so low on Paris' chest and if there wasn't any sheer or nude colored fabric covering the actual gaps. Obviously, the impossibly low cut is what is supposed to draw your eye and the beige covering ensures that you don't actually see what you think you're going to see but it's a weird look and nude fabric almost always looks bizarre on everyone. The sleeves are kind of an unnecessary add-on as well. Clearly, it's meant to be a continuation of the whole slashed up theme of the dress but honestly it would look more elegant if the sleeves ended after the first slash.

11 This Look Is Chuck E. Cheese Gone Wild

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So Paris Hilton appears to be wearing a fur one piece swimsuit with Chuck E. Cheese on it out on the town. With some tights, grey heels, and a grey bag, and topped off with some somewhat mouse ear looking buns on the top of her head. If you can't just look at this and understand what and how much is wrong here then we don't think it could ever be explained to you. We don't know the who, what, where, when, or why behind this outfit choice but it would honestly even be a weird look on Halloween, or at the beach or something. What would you be doing dressed like this? Where would you go dressed like this? Where do you buy a Chuck E. Cheese bodysuit? Paris certainly seems to be a fan of kind of out there, cartoonish, alluring but childlike clothes, but even this is a little much in comparison to her normal styles.

10 She Has Gone For A Super Sparkly Look

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When it comes to evening wear Paris Hilton certainly seems to be a fan of the whole pageant princess Barbie look. Going glittery can definitely be fun and is a strong fashion statement to make but there are much more fashion-forward ways to incorporate some blinding shimmer into your evening look. The whole illusion with beige fabric looks kind of cheap and is already pretty played out. Unless you're trying to do a Britney Spears VMA throwback look, choosing something with actual color is a better way to go. While Paris seems to like sparkling silvers more than anything, the color really doesn't flatter her skin tone very much. The coolness of the color just makes the orange shade of her tan stand out even more. If she went for a warmer toned color it probably wouldn't be super noticeable and colorful sparkles are more fun than silver anyway.

9 This Zip-Up Dress Has To Go ASAP

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Horizontal stripes are usually a fashion "no" and with this dress, the ombre effect reverses on each stripe, making the pattern on this dress especially confusing. Having a copper zipper at the front of a black and white dress is a bit of an odd choice. You also have to wonder what exactly is in the structure of that dress that seems to be crushing Hilton's chest into oblivion. Going for a low-cut look is one thing but it seems like a miracle that she can even breathe like in that dress, let alone go to an event wearing it. The green cardigan and shoes seem like kind of a random choice, but at least they're coordinated with one another. The fingerless gloves, however, are a really odd addition to this mess of a look. They don't exactly add anything to the overall outfit and motorcycle gloves with a semi-formal look is a strange fashion statement to be making.

8 Enough With The Fur, Already

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Coco Chanel, the creator of the massive high fashion empire, Chanel, always said that when you're getting ready you should take off the last accessory that you put on. Paris would have done herself a favor if she heeded that advice. The black dress is a little plain but is surprisingly demure for a Paris Hilton look. While the nearly all black look is a little subdued and not the kind of attention getting garb that Paris usually favors, there's nothing really bad you can say about the whole getup. Although, her seafoam green fur wrap looks totally cheap and unappealing. The fact that such a bright pastel has been paired with all black makes it stick out like a sore thumb. Paris seems committed to her relationship with fur but if you're going to wear it at least wear something that doesn't look so cheap and tacky.

7 This Silver Sparkly Snakelike Look Is A Fail

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Yikes. This look really is a whole lot of something and none of it is good. The silver detailing on the front of the dress makes it look like it's a super shiny snakeskin print and the sheer paneling only adds to the inexpensive effect that this dress generally has. Even for Paris Hilton's normal fur choices, this shawl is way too intense and large. The silver bag, necklace, and earrings make this whole ensemble way too sparkly and over-the-top. Clothing with cutouts that are covered in sheer mesh rarely look good; it almost always looks like someone has sewn pieces of hosiery into the gaps of the clothes or something. If you're going to go for a daring peek-a-boo dress, then you need to actually commit to it. If you want to wear undergarments, that's obviously understandable, but Paris' clearly visible undergarments just make a bad look even worse.

6 This Lacy Look Is Way Too Much

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This dress would actually be a really gorgeous nightgown but as far as an actual outfit that you would wear outside in public goes, it seems more than a little risqué. Add in the fact that Paris is already wearing a sweater and holding a jacket in her arms, it's an especially weird fashion choice since it looks like she's someplace pretty chilly. She also appears to be wearing a pair of micro-fishnet tights, and the color and size of them are so strange that you can barely see them on her legs and the only thing that actually makes them noticeable is that her legs look kind of textured. Her accessories for this outfit look weirdly dated, especially the choker. In addition, the concealer or powder that she used beneath and around her eyes is way too stark of a contrast with the rest of her makeup.

5 This Leopard Won't Ever Change Her Spots

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It's kind of astounding to ever see Paris Hilton in clothes and accessories that look cheap because she has more money than most people. It's extra strange to see her in a head-to-toe look that looks like the kind of outfit you'd buy at Forever 21 or something. A leopard print halter top mini dress has really never been a good look for anyone and the addition of the fingerless biker gloves is a completely baffling one. The heart shaped glasses are cute and the booties are fine as far as shoes go, but if everything between your neck and your ankles needs to be restyled then maybe it's time to rethink the whole outfit. For a former "model," Paris seems to position herself in weird ways that aren't always the most flattering, which just makes the whole ensemble look ten times worse.

4 She Looks Like An Old Grandma In This Blue Ensemble

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What's strange about Paris Hilton's style is that 9 times out of 10, she dresses like a teenager stuck in the year 2000 and when she decides to deviate from that style she dresses like a 50-year-old mafia wife. It's bizarre that she can never seem to find something that actually looks age-appropriate. The dress on its own looks like it might be pretty but the enormous blue fur stole that she has wrapped herself in obscures most of it anyway. Also, blue fur? Really? The oversized sunglasses would be unflattering on most people even on their best day but the fact that Paris is rocking those enormous shades at night makes it so weird and unnecessary. Paris is definitely someone who needs to develop and change her style but clearly, the more mature Paris Hilton still needs to hone in onto an appropriate style a bit more.


2 She Is Trying To Dress Like A Teenager And It Isn't Working

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As far as Paris Hilton fashion statements go, this is hardly the most gauche thing she has worn in public in the last year. The fur stole is ugly and fur is never really a cool look anyway. The sunglasses at night is a little obnoxious but at least the little black dress is cute and has some embellishment without being completely over the top and absurd. However, as far as overall looks go, going out clubbing and partying with your former best friend Nicole Richie's little sister Sofia, who is nearly half your age, is a pretty bad one. Paris clearly has a style, image, and behavior pattern that she likes to stick to but to be doing the whole celebutante shtick for so long that you have to trade in Nicole Richie for her younger sister Sofia then maybe it's time to consider evolving. Thirty-somethings partying with teenagers is always weird but the fact that she's clubbing with Sofia Richie really brings home how bizarre it is.

1 This Bunny Look Is Super Tacky

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Looking at this getup immediately brings to mind Amanda Seyfried's intellectually challenged character in Mean Girls when she is in her Halloween costume. Obviously it's not wildly uncommon for some women to just slap on some tiny bodysuit and a pair of animal ears and call it a costume but this particular one is really confusing. She's wearing bunny ears but then a miniskirt and a bustier covered in feathers. The bunny eyes on her chest are an exceptionally icky addition to this bunny costume. The thirst level of wearing skimpy Halloween costumes like this when you're 36 is awkward to see. Women in their thirties can still be super attractive but honestly, they should be better at it than this. It looks like the kind of Halloween costume a teenager would buy and given that Paris has had years to restyle herself and has more than enough money to look awesome on every occasion it's a surprise that she's still pulling the faux bunny move.

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