20 Posh Shoes Worthy Of Carrie Bradshaw's Collection

If you are (or were) a fan of HBO’s Sex and the City, then you know all about the character Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with shoes. She had quite the collection from all the major high-end designers. While she often complained to her friends she was short on cash, she never seemed to remember her money issues whenever she passed by a shoe store. Fashion was far more important than putting food on the table, it seemed.

But fans of the series would love to tune in to see what Bradshaw was wearing from head to toe, particularly the “toe” part. Every pair of her shoes were super-stylish, cutting-edge, and fashion-forward. And for a gal who wasn’t all that tall, her stilettos put her eye-to-eye with supermodels and potential suitors. She looked great and felt like she was on top of the world — or at least a few inches taller.

The groundbreaking show was all about the love lives of the four main ladies, but Bradshaw’s shoes should have made top billing too. She made a point to flaunt her fabulous footwear whenever she got the chance, and SATC-crazed gals who were watching the show from home were envious of Bradshaw’s collection — even if they took up a sizeable portion of her Manhattan apartment.

But Bradshaw was not the only gal with a thing for over-the-top shoes. Women from all over the world – not just the Big Apple – are keen on being well-heeled. Here are some super expensive shoes that would put Carrie Bradshaw’s SATC collection to shame. That said, the real-life SJP may very well own some of these beauties!

20 Jimmy Choo Toni Studded Over-the-Knee Boot - $2,150

Holy moly! These black thigh-high sparkly boots are surely dazzling. The hefty price tag is certainly not for the penny pinchers, but the uber-cool style is worth every last cent. Not everyone will want to show off so much sass and style, but for the ladies who are all about lots of leg, these boots do the walking. Paired with a mini skirt or a short dress, these over-the-knee stunners will turn heads. You may have to skip the mortgage payment to afford these, but every step will be a reminder of why your friends call you their fashion inspiration.

19 Christian Louboutin So Kate Studded Glitter Bootie - $1,895

Studs are so chic! These super-high, super-studded booties by Christian Louboutin are sparkling like the midnight sky full of twinkling bright stars. These booties are not for the wallflower type of gal; they are for the lady who lights up every room she walks into from the ground up. From the daring heel to the pointy toe, these glittery shoes are amazing. Even if you wear them with a pair of jeans, your outfit will still be the hottest in the room. While you may set off an airport security check with all that metal, at least you’ll make the trip toe-tally awesome!

18 Manolo Blahnik Nancy Americana Sequin Bootie - $1,045


Now this is what makes the “all-American” look really shine. These magnificent Manolos are red, white, and blue, and full of dazzling tiny sequins. The American flag represents the country, but these beautiful booties will represent your spot-on sense of style. The chunky heel is cool yet makes wearing these fun shoes comfortable. Paired with simple dungarees and a plain white tee, the focus will be on the flair of the footwear. Some may say cowboy boots are country cool, but these high-end stunners make line dancing spectacular. Show off your star quality in these star-worthy booties. USA all the way!

17 Balenciaga Metallic Pointy-Toe Bootie - $1,090

Hit the disco and shine like the disco ball up above. These super shiny Balenciaga shoes are rock-n-roll ravishing. The Tin Man from Oz would even want a pair. So unbelievably shiny, these metallic marvels will make your feet glow. Pointy and perfect, the low-heeled booties are fashionable and wearable. Pair your cool club-going getup with these mirror-like booties and you will dance the night away. When you walk into the room, you will be the first to be noticed. You may shine from the inside out, but in these shoes, you’ll shine from your toes to the top. You glow, girl!

16 Prada Pointy-Toe Lipstick Pump - $690

Why should your lipstick only work for your face? Use that tube on your tootsies too! These super cute pumps from Prada turn lipstick into a look you don’t see every day. The adorable pattern is unique and chic, making your feet look fab. Your gal pals will want a pair all their own, but you will be the one who started the trend. How adorable would these heels look with a pair of skinny jeans or even a cute red dress? Pair these pumps with a bright coat of red lipstick and you will be ready to hit the town. SWAK!

15 Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Ankle-Strap Sandal - $995

The heel alone makes these high-heeled sandals from Saint Laurent so amazing. The YSL logo is so cool, making every step you take one to watch. Strappy and chic, these breathtaking black babies are ultra-sassy, super-stylish, and fabulously foxy. When the weather outside is warm, and you want to look like a million bucks, spend $995 and you will be the most gorgeous gal in town. Everyone will be in awe of your fantastic footwear as you strut your stuff looking sensational. Sandals can be stunning! Although, we don’t recommend wearing these ones to the beach. But for a night out on a date or with the girls? YSL all the way !

14 Miu Miu Platform Mary Jane Pump - $750


These surely are not the Mary Janes you wore as a little girl. The huge platform and adorable polka dots make these navy and cream shoes all grown up and better than ever. Imagine wearing these on a spring afternoon with a flowy sundress. You’ll look fun-loving and fresh, taking the classic look of Mary Janes to a whole new level. You’ll look tall and terrific thanks to the super high platform heel, yet you won’t wobble like you might on a pair of stilettos. Polka dots are feminine and flirty, just how you’ll look in a pair of these Miu Mius.

13 Fendi Catwalk Zucca Bootie - $1,190

Fendi, Fendi, oh so trendy! These fantastic Fendi boots bear their signature “F” logo, making everyone know you don’t skimp when it comes to style. The wooden heel is unique, and the shape is flattering, making this pair of boots chic and stylish. Two tones of rich brown will go with nearly any look — from a pair of your favorite worn-in blue jeans to a simple summer dress. These boots do not come cheap but when you are all about fashion, Fendi is always fabulous. Let your feet lead you to some amazing places! And with Fendi, you’re halfway there.

12 Fendi Fancy Lace-Up Sneaker - $890

If you are into comfort and style, put on a pair of these ultra-cool Fendi sneakers. They will have you looking like you are walking on clouds with that super-cushy sole that raises you inches off the ground. Mesh on the sides allows your feet to breathe when you are walking through the city looking fit and fabulous. At close to $900, these are nothing like your ordinary tennis shoes, but when you are a Fendi-loving lady, a pair of cheap sneakers just won’t do. Lace these shoes up and run around town in cute comfort. Just be sure to keep these sneakers scuff-free.

11 Christian Louboutin so Kate genuine calf-hair pump - $895

If you love animal prints, these “Loubs” will look lovely. The calf hair is expensive, making these shoes a fashion investment. But just like Carrie Bradshaw, you will be sure to put these pumps to good use. Wear them on date night, to the office, to lunch with the ladies, and then some. The pattern is versatile and will match plenty of your outfits. The high heel isn’t for those who can’t stand in their stilettos, so get used to the height before spending the night in these beauties. But once you put these on, you will never want to take them off!

10 Manolo Blahnik Maidugur Jewel Mule - $995

You will never feel blue when you slip your feet into these blue-jewelled mules. Bedazzled and beautiful, these Manolos are extravagant and elegant — meant for a formal evening out or for a special event. Then again, any night will be special once these shoes are on! Satin-meets-sophistication in these marvelous mules, and when you pair them with an evening gown or designer pantsuit, you will feel like a Hollywood star. Don’t be shocked when the ladies nearby can’t stop staring at your fab feet. They are only envious of your great taste and evident class. Blue is the new black!

9 Jimmy Choo Hillary Genuine Shearling Trim Combat Boot - $1,450

Looking for something rugged and warm for winter? These Jimmy Choo combat boots are trimmed with soft shearling, so your feet will be snug and snow-ready. At $1,450, these puppies are pricy, but you’ll wear them season after season, making the investment worth the shocking price tag. The sole is designed for a non-slip stride and the laces will tie up to keep your feet protected and warm. These boots won’t go out of style thanks to their classic-cool look. It may be summer, but before you know it, winter will be here. Be prepared with footwear for those frigid months.

8  Salvatore Ferragamo Gavi Rainbow Sandal - $850

“Somewhere over the rainbow,” there was a pair of sandals with loads of color and creativity. Salvatore Ferragamo knows how to make a pair of sandals that look nothing like any pair you’ve ever seen before. The shiny gold paired with those brilliant colors at the heel will call folks’ attention to your perfectly pedicured feet. These chic sandals are perfect for a summer BBQ party in the yard, brunch with friends, or for a day of shopping till you drop. Thanks to the colorful and playful design, you can keep the rest of your ensemble simple, so the shoes are the star of your style.

7 Dolce & Gabbana Queen Graffiti Lace-Up Sneaker - $1,095

Graffiti on your feeties? Why not? Dolce & Gabbana took a simple sneaker and made it playful and creative. Step out in these bad boys and see why the brand is known for its unique style. They are over $1,000, but that is the price you’ll pay for a pair of designer tennis shoes. If you are looking for a cheap pair, head to Payless. But if you want to be on-trend and fun, this D&G look will be right up your alley — an alley with plenty of graffiti on the buildings! When you are feeling free-spirited, slip on a pair of these sneakers and just be yourself.

6 Christian Louboutin Very Lace Floral Peep Toe Pump - $965

Floral, festive, and fun, these Christian Louboutin pumps are pretty, colorful, and spring- or summer chic. The peep toe look is always foxy, the super-high heel is feminine, and the see-through mesh fabric lets your feet breathe on even the warmest of afternoons or sultry summer nights. When you love to flaunt lots of bright color on your feet, these lacy pumps surely do the trick. Match them with an equally-colorful outfit or just stick to one color. It really won’t matter what you wear since everyone will be laser-focused on your feet anyhow. “Flower power” starts at your feet and blossoms upward!

5 Dries Van Noten Reptile Loafer Pump - $790

If you thought loafers were boring or stuffy, you obviously never saw this pair of Dries Van Notens. The shiny reptile pumps are far different than your grannie’s shoes. The thick heel offers plenty of height, the shine gives off a touch of elegance, and the unique shape is fashion-forward and fierce. Wear these luxe loafers with a smart business suit, a chic evening ensemble, or a classy A-line skirt. Stilettos may be the go-to foxy shoe, but loafers like these give them a run for their money. Perfect for any season, these loafers give lift, luxury, and loveliness to your overall look.

4 Dahlia Selva Frills peep-toe bootie - $950


Aren’t these precious peep toe booties from Dahlia Selva something special? The intricate design and attention to detail make these black and blush beauties really stand out from the crowd. The creativity and class from the daring designer is outstanding, making your feet look pampered and polished. Imagine wearing these attractive shoes with your favorite little black dress for a night on the town with that special someone. You will look modern and stylish, ready for whatever the night may bring. $950 for a pair of shoes may bust your wallet but think of it as an investment toward your future in fashion.

3 Valentino Garavani rockstud bootie - $1,245


Red is bold and beautiful, just like the woman wearing these va-va-voom Valentino Garavani booties. Suede is something special, the stylish studs are fashion-forward, and the high heel is chic and foxy. These booties cost a lot of dough, but you will find that the hefty price tag was worth it when you see the looks on the faces of the people admiring your sense of style. If you are not used to wearing much color, start with your feet and work your way up. The classic shape of these shoes is timeless, so you will get plenty of use out of them. In this case, red means go!

2 Calvin Klein Camelle Jewel Embellished Sandal - $1,295

These high-heeled sandals from designer Calvin Klein look like real diamonds. And the price tag will make you feel like you just left the jewelry store — broke, no less. But when shoes are as spectacular as these, spending a hard-earned fortune is what one must do. Full of elaborate embellishments — bling and endless shine — these special stiletto sandals are perfect for a summer soiree, an elegant affair, or an evening event — even your wedding! Sparkle like magic from your toes to the sky wearing glittery shoes that make a star-worthy statement. And when you slip these on, you’ll feel like Hollywood royalty!

1 Valentino Garavani tiger slouch boot - $1,995

Slouchy and unique, these interesting boots from Valentino Garavani are something to talk about. They cost close to $2,000, so be prepared to pay off a major credit card bill if you splurge on these tiger-print boots. Tan goes with nearly any outfit, the tiger adds that special touch, and the sleek shape is perfect for any figure. If you love tigers and high-end designer shoes, these slouch boots are perfect for your wardrobe. Pull them on over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings so the entire boot is on full display. Your friends will be roaring with compliments for you when you step out in style.

References and photos: Nordstrom.com

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