20 Pics Proving Beyonce Will Always Be At The Top Of Her Game

There are many talented musicians, but there is only one Queen. Beyonce has sold over 100 million albums and has just as many people following her social media accounts.

It seems whether she is walking around the town or performing on the stage, the world can't seem to get enough of Queen Bey. But when you consider the legacy that she has already begun to leave behind, perhaps the love she gets is understandable. And while there are some hardships that come with being Beyonce, as you'll read, she'd be the first person to admit the life of being one of the Beyhive is a lot harder than being Bey!

Below we have the 20 best times Beyonce has left the world stunned without even needing to belt out a note. Though when you see up-close the outfits that she wears on the stage, you may agree that hearing her live is only a small part of the appeal of getting to be in the Queen's presence, if only for a few hours.

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20 She Doesn't Mind Lopez Comparisons

There are many talented celebrities that should be respected. One of the most accomplished is Jennifer Lopez who has succeeded, both in and outside of the music industry. The success of Beyonce has at times been compared to that of Jennifer Lopez. When discussing the comparison in a past interview, Beyonce revealed,

"It doesn't annoy me, no, because I respect J-Lo. I like her, I think she's great. And I know that I'm over a decade younger than her, it's so flattering that I'm so young and people are comparing me to someone who has accomplished so much."

The best women are the women who lift each other up, and we're so happy to see that these two legends do just that. They look fabulous side by side, with dresses that compliment the both of them.

19 Her On Stage Persona Is Different Than Her Real Life

Beyonce definitely knows how to turn up the heat when she is performing on the stage. But when discussing how she is in her everyday life in comparison to her performing, Beyonce revealed,

"Who I am on stage is very, very different to who I am in real life."

She went on more to say, "But I don't see that having a s*xy image when you are on stage means that you don't love God. No one knows what I'm really like from that." While you may leave this list thinking she looks even better off the stage than on it, at the very least, we'll sure you've loved getting to see both sides of her.

18 How Her Offstage Style Differs From On Stage

When discussing the overall difference between how she dresses on the stage, versus off of it, Beyonce revealed,

"My style offstage is so different from onstage. I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress."

Beyonce isn't going to find many items of clothing that she doesn't look tremendous in. But, just as you do, it's perhaps only natural that she has a few particular items of clothing/style that she loves to embrace on a regular basis. It's important to wear something that flatters you while at the same time looking fabulous, and of course, she has no problem doing something like that.

17 Why She Wrote Bootylicious

Beyonce performs on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), August 24, 2014 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Beyonce has many songs that have come out and been played absolutely everywhere. One of her most popular was the song "Bootylicious" which was off of Destiny Child's 3rd album, Survivor.

When talking about the inspiration behind the writing of that song, Beyonce stated,

"I wrote that because, at the time, I'd gained some weight and the pressure that people put you under, the pressure to be thin, is unbelievable."

She went on to say, "I was just 18 and you shouldn't be thinking about that. You should be thinking about building up your character and having fun and the song was just telling everyone just forget what people are saying, you're bootylicious. That's all. It's a celebration of curves and a celebration of women's bodies."

16 She Has Tough Days Too

When you consider Beyonce literally has the nickname, Queen Bey, you perhaps get the impression that her life is nothing like that of a "normal citizen". But in a past interview, Beyonce attempted to give some insight on some of the struggles she has that we're sure you can relate to,

"I'm like everyone else. I have days when I look in the mirror and I'm like "Oh my gosh, I wish I could change this or that.""

You can imagine having days where you don't feel beautiful are even tougher when you know the paparazzi will be snapping your photo right when you step outside. She continued with, "The more you mature, you realize that this imperfections make your more beautiful."

15 She Envisions The Music Video

Beyonce could just release albums and we're sure she would have still managed to put together an incredibly successful career. But there is no question that one of the biggest reasons behind the success of Beyonce is that she's often been able to pair an unforgettable song with an even more impressive music video.

When talking about how a music video comes together in her mind, Beyonce stated,

"When I sing a song, I definitely have the image for the video in my mind. I kind of hear the choreography that will be in the video, and I can see how I'll look, even before anyone--the record company, the director--has heard the song."

14 She'd Be a Beauty Editor or Therapist If Not a Performer

It's evident by the success of her career that Beyonce ended up picking the right profession for her. But it's always fun to sit back and wonder what types of professions would these celebrities be doing if fame and fortune never came calling for them.

When discussing this matter, Beyonce revealed,

"If I weren't performing, I'd be a beauty editor or a therapist."

Those are two radically different things, but we do love the idea of Beyonce being a therapist! We're pretty sure that no one would turn down having a therapist like her, but then again, that could just be because we're wearing our fame glasses. She went on to say, "I love creativity, but I also love to help others. My mother was a hairstylist, and they listen to everyone's problems - like a beauty therapist!"

13 She Keeps Pushing The Bar For Herself Higher

There aren't many musicians who have ever come around that are going to be able to say they've had a more successful career than Queen Bey. But perhaps one of the reasons as to why Beyonce has reached the level of success that she has is because she never seems to be satisfied with the accomplishments she's made.

"I wanted to sell a million records, and I sold a million records. I wanted to go platinum; I went platinum. I've been working nonstop since I was 15. I don't even know how to chill out."

With new rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z will be taking their family on an upcoming tour, it's clear that her drive hasn't slowed down. Really, we wouldn't have it any other way. The day Beyonce decides to stop, is going to be a very sad day not just for fans, but for the music industry as a whole.

12 Why Destiny's Child Ended

With the power of hindsight, Beyonce must be pretty ecstatic that her girl group - Destiny's Child - ended up flaming out when it did. When she was asked by an interviewer as to why the band fell apart, Beyonce explained,

"Not because one person wants to go solo. Or not because we don't like each other. Or because we're not selling records anymore. But because it has to end at a certain point."

Considering how many bands end because the band all grow to hate each other, perhaps you'll take some solace in her saying that there were no hard feelings. Which, as we've seen over the years, is true. They have sang together a couple of times, and not one person has said anything bad about the other. It's hard to hate Beyonce, after all.

11 She's Turned Vegan For Coachella

If you want to obtain the body that Beyonce has, it definitely is going to take a significant amount of discipline. When Beyonce was once asked about her diet, she revealed,

"I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence."

Beyonce also made headlines earlier in March when she announced she would be switching to a Vegan diet in order to get her body in the shape she'd like it to be for her upcoming show at Coachella. So besides eating a certain way to get in shape, we can take solace in knowing that at least she was eating green.

10 She Still Loves To Travel

There are many perks that come with living the life that Beyonce and Jay-Z do. One of the biggest ones that may jump out at you is that they are able to travel all around the world and soak up all kinds of different cultures.

When talking about her love of travel, Beyonce stated,

"To be able to travel the world, especially to places I never thought I'd be... it's really, you know, still fascinating for me."

It may also help that once they get to these locations that they have the net worth to literally do whatever it is they choose to help enjoy their time! And really, let's be completely honest, if it was our money, and we were in that position, it's pretty safe to say that we would be travelling the world as much as possible too.

9 Her Goal Of Music Videos Is To Be Seen As a Powerful Woman

There is no shortage of different styles that Beyonce has put on display throughout her music videos. But while that may make it hard to find a common thread among all of them, Beyonce has one theme in her mind that she is always thinking about when putting a music video together.

"In my videos, I always want to be a powerful woman. That's my mission," admitted Beyonce.

Y0u'd be hard-pressed to find a celebrity in Hollywood that exudes power more than Beyonce, so you can definitely say she accomplished her goal. From her music videos that are meant to empower all women to music videos that are more personal, she never fails to astonish everyone who is watching her. We expect nothing less from the Queen.

8 She Doesn't Just Want To Be a Pop Star 

In the music industry, there are many artists who are going to be popular for a few years and then fade away. Beyonce knew this going into it, which is why she didn't tell herself her goal was to be hot or just another pop star,

"I'm over being a pop star. I don't wanna be a hot girl. I wanna be iconic. And I feel like I've accomplished a lot. I feel like I'm highly respected, which is more important than any award or any amount of records. And I feel like there comes a point when being a pop star is not enough."

If one of Beyonce's big goals was to have a stature in society that transcends her music, she can definitely check off that box.

7 She Uses Her Songs To Empower Her

You would be far from the first person who when you're having a tough day, you crank up some Queen Bey to help motivate you and give you that extra push. And while some musicians don't like to listen to their own work, that doesn't seem to be the case with Beyonce.

In fact, she may listen to her music for the same reason you do!

"I know I'm stronger in the songs than I really am. Sometimes I need to hear it myself. We all need to hear those empowering songs to remind us."

6 She Knows Her Life Is Easier Than Yours

It must be incredibly hard to deal with the amount of paparazzi attention that Beyonce has received throughout her life. But Beyonce knows that people taking photos of her is just something that comes with her profession.

And when talking about her life, she admitted that she thinks her life is probably a lot easier than the one you're living out.

"Any other woman who has to go to work and pick up the kids and make dinner - that's way harder than what I have to do."

Which means that when she spots someone taking a photo of her, perhaps she just thinks about how much harder that photographers life must be than hers and that helps her smile along.

5 Why She Loves Performing At The Super Bowl

Beyonce has had many moments on the stage that we're sure she will never be able to forget. But some of her best moments have perhaps understandably come on the biggest stage in America, the Super Bowl.

When talking in a past interview as to why she connected so much with getting to perform at the half-time show, Beyonce said,

"One of the reasons I connect to the Super Bowl is that I approach my shows like an athlete."

You definitely can't say that her performance isn't a workout! She dances and puts her all into every performance, even when she was pregnant at an awards show, she made sure that the people who were watching live or at home got the show that they expected to get.

4 She's Accepted Her Mistakes

The goal of learning to love yourself is not something that comes easily. You can imagine this is definitely the case for celebrities who are always going to have people try and tear them down.

But Beyonce would have been driven out of Hollywood a long time ago if she didn't have a sense of inner-strength that keeps her grounded.

"When you love and accept yourself, when you know who really cares about you, and when you learn from your mistakes, then you stop caring about what people who don't know you think," said Beyonce when talking about her sense of happiness.

3 She Admired Tina Turner's Strength

There are no shortage of women in the world (both famous and otherwise) who admire Beyonce for what she's accomplished and who she is as a person. But it's only natural that there are people in Beyonce's life that she looked up to when she was growing up for inspiration.

When talking about this topic in a past interview, Beyonce stated,

"Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy."

Needless to say, Beyonce has done the exact same thing for millions of people all over the world. They look to her for guidance, how to be strong on both the inside and the outside, and how to be a woman in any kind of way they want to be. She has not let anyone down, and continues to be that intense kind of light for people.

2 She's Still Proud Of Her Movies

There are many things in Beyonce's life that she has done and found an incredible amount of success in. She was less successful, however, at her attempts to make it in Hollywood as an actress. After a few movies, including an Austin Powers film and the trainwreck, Obsessed, Beyonce realized that Hollywood might not have been for her.

Despite this, she still honored that her stature in society allowed her to take these chances,

"I am really proud that I am one of the artists that have the opportunity to be on magazine covers and to be in the movies.

1 She's Nervous Before She Gets On Stage

It's impossible for us to know what "side" of this list you are going to end up preferring to see Beyonce on. But if you had to ask her where she felt she was the happiest, it would probably have to be on the stage. But that doesn't mean she doesn't get nervous. In fact, her nerves are part of the way she knows she is going to kill it on stage!

"I get nervous when I don't get nervous. If I'm nervous I know I'm going to have a good show," said Beyonce in a past interview.

We're sure those nerves translate to a rush of adrenaline once the music hits! Of course, she doesn't need to be as nervous as she gets. One thing is for sure, whatever it is that Beyonce decides to do for a performance, she would definitely come out on the other side of it looking amazing as ever.

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