20 Pics Proving Baywatch Won't Be Alexandra Daddario's Last Role

Alexandra Daddario once said in an interview,

"I'm a combination between extreme insecurity and extreme confidence," but if she ever needs a confidence booster she may just have to open this list.

Because after you finish looking at these 20 times Daddario's fashion sense has left us all stunned, you may be shocked how she could ever think she looks anything but amazing. Even if Daddario's movies have fallen flat at times, her competitive personality and captivating good looks have allowed her to remain one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood.

With several movies coming out in the near future, including with Game of Thrones actress Carice Van Houten, it appears her career is looking stronger than ever. Not to mention her Netflix original movie When We First Met was also released earlier this month.

Below we not only have 20 captivating styles by Daddario but also provide tremendous insight into who she is as a person, her biggest triumphs (and failures), how she stays in such good shape and what she has in store for the future. Trust us, you're going to want to find out!

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20 She Loves Every Project She's Worked On

When talking about her experiences in life though, Daddario at least was able to be incredibly optimistic,

"I've been pretty lucky. Every single thing I've done has meant so much to me and has been like a stepping stone to something different."

There is no question that Alexandra Daddario has been in some movies that have failed to live up to the expectations of the people involved. Such as the Percy Jackson franchise that had the chance to be a huge franchise that went on for years, but mixed results led to the series fizzling out after only two movies. Not to mention the bombshell filled, but box office bomb, Baywatch.

19 The Layover Didn't Disappoint In The Looks Department 

One of Alexandra Daddario's most recent efforts came in 2017 with the movie The Layover. While the film also starred the often irresistible Kate Upton, Upton isn't exactly known for her acting ability. And while the two ladies look gorgeous when in close proximity to one another, that's about the only benefit that people seemed to take from the film.

On top of not receiving an official release in theaters, the film scored 0% on Rotten Tomatoes when judged by 17 critics. It is available to be streamed on Netflix, but don't say we didn't warn you! You'll seriously be bored out of your mind, and should spend your time elsewhere.

But at least we have pictures like this to get us through it, where Daddario is pictured in a lovely sleek dress, looking as beautiful as ever.

18 She Believes In Pushing Herself

When you have the financial security that comes with being a successful actress like Alexandra Daddario does, it may be tempting to just relax, take the same basic roles that come your way and then retire whenever you see fit; provided you've invested your money correctly. But when discussing her own aspirations for her life, Daddario revealed just how motivated she is,

"I'm a believer in challenging myself and overcoming challenges by doing things I've never done before."

An attitude like that is definitely the right one to have not only if she wants to have a long career in Hollywood, but also to take to her everyday life. I mean, it also certainly does help to take roles where it focuses more on your looks like in Baywatch, where she looks as stunning as the above photo.

17 She's Teaming Up With A Game Of Thrones Cast Member

You may finish reading up on this list and leave yourself with a desire to know where you are able to check out Alexandra Daddario next. You're in luck because Daddario has several projects that are going to be coming out in 2018.

Perhaps at the top of your excitement list may be the film I Am Not a Bird. Based on a novel, this dramatic thriller also brings on the talented Carice van Houten who you'll know from Game of Thrones.

Daddario will also be teaming up with Henry Cavill and Nathan Fillion for the action thriller, Nomis. Now that's a team up we can't wait to see, specifically Cavill and Daddario. That's a lot of good looking people for one movie, and we're sure that they'll both look amazing in it.  We can't wait for her to hit more red carpets so we can see her in adorable numbers like this lace green tank and floral skirt.

16 She Just Released A Netflix Original Movie

One of the most lucrative ventures for actors to follow up on at the moment is signing on to create movies for the different streaming agencies. And while Alexandra Daddario must love getting to see her movies at the box office, she definitely wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity to star in the film When We First Met.

The film also stars Adam DeVine, who Daddario has admitted in the past to being a huge fan of his show Workaholics. The film centers around the idea of DeVine's character being friend-zoned from Daddario, something that may be less likely to have happened off the set!

She looks lovely in the whole thing, including the still from above. White dresses aren't like black dresses, they don't look good on everyone, but Daddario pulls hers off with a stunning grace and elegance.

15 What Her First Acting Gig Was

There are some actresses who have managed to land it big seemingly right off the bat and are able to continue that sustained success. For Alexandra Daddario, life wasn't exactly quite that smooth. When discussing what she did for her first acting role, Daddario stated,

"I was a hand model for a Barbie commercial that was only going to air in Asia. And I was constantly trying to get my face in the shot."

Hey, you have to start somewhere! Daddario's first acting experience as far as Rotten Tomatoes was concerned came in 2005 with her role of "Pretty Girl" in the film The Squid and the Whale.

Here she is photographed in a beautiful sequinned dress, showing off her figure but also still tasteful.

14 Her Mom Was Once A Model

If you wonder where Alexandra Daddario's amazing good looks have come from, you may perhaps have to look at her genetics.

"My mom used to model when she was younger, before she went to law school, and I think she thought it was pretty cool," said Daddario in a past interview.

Daddario was also open about the amount of support that she received from her parents in order to follow her dreams. "I think my parents saw that acting ultimately made me happy, even though it was a rough ride for a little bit." Her brother, Matthew Daddario, who is pictured above, is more than attractive himself, and is making a name for himself on the show Shadowhunters.

It's easy to think they both look like models here, Matthew with his lovely suit, and Alexandra with her amazing black one piece. It shows off just enough skin without giving too much away.

13 Going To An All-Girls School Made Her "Boy Crazy"

There are going to be some women who when they attend an all-girl school, they may find themselves pushing the idea of dating and booty bumping it up with other boys to the back of their mind and focus on their education instead. But for Alexandra Daddario, her schooling experience had the opposite effect,

"I went to an all-girls school for part of high school, and the idea of boys was amazing to me; like, all I ever wanted to do was kiss boys and be around boys."

Daddario went on to study at Marymount Manhattan College following her high school experience. We're sure that now that she looks like Princess Belle herself, especially with that above photo, the boys will definitely not be turning her away.

12 She Loves Wearing Relaxed Clothing When She Can

The life of an actress is definitely not one that involves a lot of down time. But when Alexandra Daddario does get to sit back and put her feet up, you may be finding yourself able to relate to her outfit and activity choice.

"When I have no appointments, I spend the day in pajamas and go to the dog park in pajamas. I'm very casual."

That's right, not only does she have a killer sense of style but she also loves animals! Let's just hope that if Daddario's career gets even bigger that she doesn't feel uncomfortable leaving her house to go for a walk with her dog.

11 She Loves Charlize Theron

There are many different ways that an actress can get better at her job. One of the best ways is to find other actresses that you admire and try and learn from them. When discussing who it was in Hollywood that really stands out for Daddario, she replied,

"Charlize Theron is perfect. She holds herself with so much poise and grace. I don't know if she looks so good because she has the best body or because she has the confidence to feel comfortable in what she's wearing."

Daddario definitely looks confident in what she's wearing in our above entry! But she's right, Hollywood may be a place where they promote good looks, but confidence is half the way of getting there. There are plenty of Hollywood people who have confidence but aren't amazing looking, and are still always in the spotlight because of how they present themselves.

10 What Her Ideal Date Is

When discussing her ideal dates, Daddario stated,

"I love to travel, and I think being whisked away somewhere for a vacation is a pretty amazing date. But, I'm really into the basic movie and dinner. It's not where you are but who you're with that really matters."

You definitely need to have a pretty high bank account to pull off the first part of that ideal date!

It is currently reported in the tabloids that Alexandra Daddario is not bumping it up with anyone on a consistent enough basis to be considered a relationship or worth talking about. Which means she may spend time thinking about not only who to date but what it is she misses about being in a relationship.

9 She Loves Voice-Over Work

Alexandra Daddario is definitely going to get offered some roles in her career because of her good looks. But when talking about one of her biggest passions in Hollywood, it isn't acting that is done in front of the camera that always appeals to her,

"Voiceover work, I really enjoy. I don't get to do too much of it, but I've been doing more lately, and I like it because you get to do a bunch of options, one after the other, and you can go as big as you want or as small as you want, and you don't think about it sometimes."

Daddario's voice-over roles have included a stint on Robot Chicken and in the video game Marvel Avengers Academy where she voices The Wasp.

This little number is adorable on her, making her look almost like a porcelain doll. Every time she wears white, those gorgeous, intense eyes seem to just pop.

8 True Detective's Success Blew Her Away

Some of the most successful ventures of Alexandra Daddario's career have come from her work on television. This includes putting on an unbelievable performance in one of the seasons of True Detective. But when talking about the role in the past, Daddario has admitted,

"I didn't expect anything crazy to happen from 'True Detective."

Daddario has also appeared in several episodes for the series American Horror Story and a tremendous cameo in an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

7 She Loves Screaming As An Actress

One of the biggest roles that came for Alexandra Daddario at the start of her career was in the film Texas Chainsaw 3D. And while the film only managed to take home a score of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes and struggled at the box office, Daddario is hardly the person to be blamed for the failure of the film.

At the very least, one of Daddario's favorite elements of being an actress was able to be experienced in this film,

"To be an actress and act crazy is really fun for me, to be able to be acting like you'd never be able to act in your real life and scream and freak out. It's an interesting test for an actor."

Here's she's pictured in a casual outfit, but it's the shirt that gets our attention, and not just because it's showing off her stomach. It's barely a crop top, as it's also slipping off the shoulder, but it's just super cute and casual, and not over the top like some horror movies have their actresses.

6 She Loves Yoga

It is definitely evident when you take a look at Alexandra Daddario in our next entry that she is in tremendous shape. But despite looking this amazing, Daddario has admitted that her routine exercise is pretty consistent and doesn't involve a lot of cardio.

"For some reason, I find jogging incredibly boring, but yoga is the only thing I've been able to consistently do over the years. I think it's because it also is sort of a mental exercise and calms you and refocuses you."

Whatever works for her! Personally, yoga, not really my thing. Actually for quite a lot of people, they can barely touch their toes. It takes a lot of work to be good at yoga, but like many things, Alexandra makes it seem effortless.

5 She Enjoys Los Angeles

There are some actors who absolutely hate that so much of their life has to be spent in Los Angeles. It's a hotbed for paparazzi and while that's great news for fans of the celebrities, that definitely has to get tiring after a while. When talking about her own thoughts on L.A, Daddario thankfully had positive things to say while also comparing it to her more familiar Manhattan setting,

"When I first got here, I thought L.A. sucked. I hated it. I had this pretentious Manhattan thing. But now I've made such a life here, and I'm so happy here. They're just really different places. I can't really compare them because there's great things about both of them."

You can definitely see how much she likes it in this paparazzi shot of her, where she looks casual and fun in her black and white dress, smiling as bright as the sun.

4 Her Best Movie With Critics

There are going to be some entries on our list where we talk about some of Daddario's movies that failed to live up to what she may have hoped for when she had signed on to the project.

But if you are going to talk about her negatives, you also owe it to Daddario to talk about her biggest success in the world of movies. It just may be a bit disappointing to Daddario that according to critics her best movie, San Andreas, still only scored 50% with critics.

On the plus side, the box office total of over $100 million led to a sequel getting green-lit. The only thing we're hoping for is that she comes back to the movie, because sequels tend to not do so well, but at least if you have someone dressed as casually as this still, looking that good regardless, it's worth watching.

3 She Looked Like This In Baywatch

Alexandra Daddario must have felt an enormous amount of pressure to make sure she brought her A-Game to the film Baywatch. Not only was she taking on an iconic television show that probably didn't need to be made into a movie, but you know the pressure would have been on to make sure she was looking her very best.

After all, Baywatch isn't exactly set on the North Pole. When talking about her job in the past, Daddario has admitted that being in shape is something that she feels is always going to be an important component of being an actress.

Nobody would blame her if she had a hell of a cheat meal after filming wrapped though! Either way, it definitely paid off for her in the film. She is playing the "not so pretty girl" on the beach, but we think that she definitely stole the show.

2 She Ignores Haters and Focuses On Work

When talking about the attitude that Daddario has adopted towards rumors, she replied,

"I think I've learned not to take everything so seriously and just try to focus on the work the most."

Sounds like the only way to say sane in Hollywood! If you're a celebrity it may almost feel like a right of passage to type your name into google and find a ridiculous report that has been written about you by a various tabloid magazine. And given that Daddario is one of the most appealing single ladies in Hollywood, at least not named Jennifer Aniston, you can imagine she is always going to be at the forefront of relationship rumours.

Here, Daddario is slaying the red carpet with a simple outfit, the skirt and partially see through top a lovely combo, but it's her shoes that really steal the show.

1 Why She Loves The Red Carpet

Alexandra Daddario certainly looks gorgeous when she appears on the big (or small) screen. She looks amazing when she is caught hanging around town and the paparazzi just happen to take notice of her. But above all else, Daddario may look her best when she is appearing on the red carpet.

When talking about why she enjoys that experience so much with Vanity Fair, Daddario replied,

“I think because it’s so different from my norm it’s all the more fun to get dressed up and be a princess for a night."

Though she did admit that she employs the help of several different stylists to help complete her look! Which yes, we expect things like that of course, but still, no matter how long it might take for her to get out of that style chair, she comes out looking as beautiful as ever. We're definitely envious. I mean, look at this gorgeous dress on her. It fits her like a beautiful glove.

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