20 Pics Of Isla Fisher That Show She's Way Out Of Sacha Baron Cohen's League

Hollywood is filled with various odd couples. So many times, there will be women who are drop dead gorgeous yet married to guys who seem far below their level. Other times, a woman can be married to someone who just seems her complete opposite. Such a case is with Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen. Fisher was born and raised in Australia, rising up in minor roles on soap operas and other movies. She broke out huge in 2005 with her turn as a wild gal in Wedding Crashers and boosting her up nicely. Since 2010, she’s been married to Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his insane comedies like Borat and Bruno and acting up majorly in public. They seem so different yet they stay together with three kids and a happy marriage. It’s amazing given Fisher’s fantastic beauty and appeal and how she just seems so out of Cohen’s league.

The woman is a fine actress who’s a master of comedic timing. She has proven that in several films like Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bachelorette, Keeping Up with the Joneses and more. In person, she has showcased a knockout body that can look great in swimsuits, underwear or red carpet dresses. But just wearing “casual” clothing makes Fisher look incredible. The bright red hair helps but there’s also her charm, her smile and her truly terrific legs. It just seems amazing she and Cohen have been together over 15 years given their differing styles. Here are just 20 pictures of Fisher that show she may be way out of Cohen’s league and marvel at how the funny man landed such a catch.

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20 All Heart

Many have noted Fisher’s lovely inner charm and charisma and how it pulls folks into her parts. As she explained to Allure magazine, “I attribute my ability to tap into my inner idiot to having to be such a gypsy and to adapt to new environments and new people at school. You can make friends quickly if you're willing to take the p--- out of yourself." Fisher maintains a good vibe and that includes her music. She talked to Fitness about her rather eclectic choice for workouts which includes Billy Idol, Run-DMC, Justin Timberlake and others. She does show a big love for music and can be seen at various concert events.

Fisher admits that thanks to her kids, she’s gotten more into Disney songs and such. In fact, she told Variety that “I was basically hassled” into taking a role for the Disney animated series Sofia the First as her kids were big fans. But Fisher can show her love in other ways such as attending the iHeart Radio concert events. The dress is spectacular, a shimmering pattern that seems to light up on the carpet, cut high to show her legs off and a nice dip at the front. Fisher may not sing often but she sure can rock in other ways, especially when it comes to her outfits.

19 Keeping Up

After an absence due to her latest child, Fisher made a notable return to Hollywood with Keeping Up With the Joneses. She and Zach Galifianakis play a couple who are in a rut. This includes a scene of Fisher donning some underwear for a seduction that doesn’t go well. Enter their new next-door neighbors (Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot) who turn out to be secret agents. Before they know it, the couple is yanked into a wild adventure that ironically gives their marriage the spark it needs. The movie had some wild stuff such as Fisher and Gadot sharing a kiss. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fisher cracked that kissing the future Wonder Woman “was a very humbling experience” and “one of those moments.”

Making the moment funnier is that Gadot is about seven inches taller than Fisher. "I'm a hobbit and she is a James Bond goddess. Why am I here? I need a ladder to reach her.” That height difference was shown on the red carpet with Fisher showing off in a stunning white dress. It’s form fitting to flow on her with some jewelry and she and Gadot had a fun time posing together to show how Gadot towered over Fisher. Despite that, the actress still managed to do great in the part and more than hold her own against Gadot in terms of hot appeal.

18 All Business

It’s been common for celebrities to get involved in political stuff but Fisher isn’t one of them. As she notes, she’s Australian and thus not as much into U.S. politics. More importantly, she explained to the Daily Mail that she just feels better not getting into it. It’s not just politics either but also parenting tips. Parent magazine talked to her, no doubt hoping to get advice from a famous celebrity mom. But Fisher told them that “I try not to get involved and stand on a soapbox and advise anyone how to do anything. I don’t want to come out publicly and give advice about mothering. Everyone is doing their best”

Fisher sure is in this outfit. She appears coming from a meeting, her blouse a nice white with an attractive pattern on it and a grey skirt that’s as short as can be without being too revealing. She does donate to Syrian refugees and she and Cohen work to help such causes out. However, Fisher seems to believe it’s better actors just concentrate on careers than giving advice to others although few can ignore her fashion advice speaks volumes.

17 Blue Marvel

It’s probably no surprise that like many a Hollywood star, Fisher has done some voice work. Her most prominent was in Rango, the 2011 box office hit that even won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Johnny Depp played the title role of a lizard getting involved in a Wild West town’s fight against an evil land baron. Fisher voiced a desert iguana with a quirky humor but a good heart who talks Depp into defending the town. Fisher would add to it with Rise of the Guardians voicing a tough Tooth Fairy. However, she explained to Empire how Rango was filmed like a live action bit then they did the animation. There was the challenge in that director Gore Verbinski “already had the idea of the voice and then I joined. He wanted her to sound like Holly Hunter and a little bit like Clint Eastwood so I actually watched Raising Arizona a bunch of times and just kept practicing until the pitch was nice and low and I watched, of course, a bunch of old Westerns.”

Fisher admitted that was tricky as “growing up in Australia, we didn’t have a lot of Westerns” but got into it.

She sure got into looking great for the movie’s premiere, showing up in a terrific short blue dress. The way her hair cascades to her bare shoulders and crossing those lovely legs sure showcase how Fisher’s voice may be great but can’t compare to her looks.

16 Goth Gal

It’s easy to say Fisher is a comedic actress given her slate. But she explained to Gotham magazine that, “I wouldn’t describe myself as a comedienne. I’m a comic actress; I don’t really do standup or write my own material. I write my own improv within a movie, but I would say I enjoy working on a comedy more. I don’t really act with the goal of accolades in mind, I’m pretty happy in my genre. I just try to do my own thing. Life’s about the journey; you don’t want to think about the destination.” Fisher acknowledged taking a break for her family and not minding it too much as she insists that’s more important to her than her career.

The interview had Fisher speaking frankly on things like balancing work and home and putting up with the various attention by the press. “I don’t want to consider someone’s interpretation about me—it freaks me out. I have to be me and disassociate that way. I think no one should be labeled. I go up for gigs, and if it’s the right character for me and it’s shot in [the right location].... a lot of me agreeing to do work is about logistics because of my kids.” This pic from the article shows a hot side to Fisher in a gothic dress that flows nicely. She may be a funny gal but pics like this show how Fisher can shine in any part.

15 The "Twins"

The link between Fisher and Amy Adams is interesting. They both broke out in 2005, Fisher with Wedding Crashers and Adams with Junebug, which earned her first Oscar nomination. The duo starred together in the 2015 thriller Nocturnal Animals and are good friends in real life. But what really gets attention is how the two redheads share a stunning similarity to each other which they have acknowledged. Talking to People Magazine, Fisher claimed that at the 2014 Oscar after-party, she was approached by Lady Gaga who talked of being a huge fan. Just as Fisher was getting happy about it, Gaga said “I loved you in American Hustle” and Fisher realized Gaga thought she was Adams. When Adams walked into the party, Fisher told Gaga that Adams was Fisher.

Even bigger, however, was in 2016 as Fisher talked to Today on playing a prank by putting Adams face on her body for their family Christmas card. She then sent the card out with Adams posed with her husband and kids as a joke. The joke was on Fisher however as “no one noticed! My parents, my friends, not one person knew it wasn’t me!” The pic has the pair play on it in matching dresses and how you indeed need to look closer to tell who’s who. Redheads are supposed to be rare yet somehow, it’s all too easy to get two of them mixed up.

14 Cutting It Out

For a woman known for her great shape, Fisher doesn’t go all out promoting it. In fact, one of her choices for Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club was The Beauty Myth which slams the society image of the “perfect” body. “My mum gave this book to me when I was 21; I started thinking about it again recently because I have a daughter; you suddenly panic about the possibility of your child being subjected to a barrage of images promoting an ideal that doesn't exist in real life.”

Fisher told the Daily Mail that she keeps that up in her personal life. “I don't even own a scale. I have two young girls, and I wouldn't want them to see me weighing myself all the time. I don't think it sends the right message.”

Of course, Fisher can still have her loves and various favorite body parts. She confessed to Shape magazine that her favorite is “My stomach. Even though it will never be flat again, it's still my favorite because it reminds me of my greatest achievement: my babies.” Of course, an outfit like this seems to indicate Fisher’s stomach is just fine. She looks gorgeous in this red number, the top nice but not too loose and a flash of her midriff with a black belt along with the large red pants. She may claim to not care about her image but Fisher sure looks fantastic in this number.

13 Leather Lovely

She’s well known as an actress but Fisher is also making some marks with books. She talked to Oprah Winfrey on her personal book club which varies from 1984 to Lord of the Flies to a book by her husband. But Fisher is taking to writing her own book as well. Marge in Charge focuses on two kids thrown by a babysitter who has a weird attitude. They soon cut loose with her in various wild adventures. The book did well with critics and Fisher has followed with some sequels. Fisher explained to various interviewers like The Today Show that she was doing this to fill a gap in the children’s reading world. She said she wanted “something for that spot between learning to read books and deeper fare.”

The character just came to Fisher as she was making up stories for her own kids. "So Marge was a character that I did the voice first and it was just more and more requests to hear tales from Marge. And then equally as a parent I felt for emerging and reluctant readers."

When you look at Fisher in an outfit like this, the idea of her as a children’s author may seem wild. The leather pants are amazingly tight and mix well with the green blouse and matching jacket. Fisher looks more like she’s going to a biker rally than the local library. But as it happens, kids are loving this gal as much as adults do.

12 Golden Goddess

Fisher can joke about her “flawless” beauty. She once posted a photo to Instagram with a caption that says she always starts her day with a kale smoothie, a delicious glass of alkaline water, and a free-range, organic, grass-fed and locally sourced single egg white. However, the picture was a Diet Coke with French fries, one Fisher held to her lip like a mustache. She told the Daily Mail that,

“I’ve been blessed in that I never had any body issues during pregnancy. I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted and the whole experience of giving life.”

Fisher admits the gym isn’t for her as she is more of “an outdoor gal.” But she does practice yoga a lot amid other exercises. She does her best and does enjoy showing off. But even covered up, Fisher can wow anyone seeing her. Check out this dress from a Warner Bros event, a lovely golden ruffle color that fits her well. It’s not flashy or showing off skin but on her Fisher, with her red hair a great contrast, it looks terrific. The woman doesn’t need to flaunt a lot of skin to make herself a red carpet knockout and boost herself up and that healthy body image just adds to her great appeal.

11 Black Lace

The pairing of Fisher and Cohen goes back before either of them were famous. They met at a party in Sydney in 2002 and hit it off instantly. They kept it up with Fisher even converting to Judaism for her new fiancée. They were married in 2004 just before each started to hit it big, with Cohen getting attention for Da Ali G Show. But as offbeat as their relationship may seem, it was Cohen who inspired Fisher to get her star-making role. As she told Vanity Fair, Fisher had been trying over and over in dramas but nothing truly clicking. “I was so disillusioned by the rejection of being an actress in L.A., and Sacha said, 'What are you doing? You are the funniest woman I know. You have to do comedy.’ It had never crossed my mind—even though, when I flick through photo albums, I am always the one humping the table or wearing a silly mustache."

Cohen’s instincts were dead on as Wedding Crashers made Fisher a star. She’s shown off since, including this talk show appearance, a nice skirt and blouse, dark jacket and fantastic hose over her lovely legs. Her bright laugh is infectious and shows that humor is one thing that truly binds her and her husband together.

10 Purple Haze

Married life has been taking away from some of Fisher’s time on screen. She and Cohen have two daughters and a son, Fisher doing her best to handle the pregnancies, although they have occasionally interfered with her schedule. She had to drop out of the sequel for Now You See Me as she was pregnant at the time but doesn’t seem to mind it too much. She told the Daily Mail that,

“Motherhood is my favorite topic, but I hate talking about it in interviews. My children didn’t choose to be in the public eye. I feel like if I talk about them, people might be more interested. My job is to protect my munchkins.”

Fisher does seem to back up her love for her kids and can be seen around with other celebrity moms such as Amal Clooney. Fisher admits it’s also changed her fashion style, noting to Allure that, “Your style changes in your 30s and as a mom, you can’t just wear the same stuff you once did.” But she does show a great style such as this lovely purple dress for a day out. The lace pattern is great with dashes of other colors but it mixes with her red hair to show how Fisher’s style is terrific in any setting and motherhood just adds to her allure.

9 Knockout

It surprisingly took a while for Fisher and her husband to finally do a movie together. It occurred with 2016’s Grimsby (named The Brothers Grimsby in the U.S.). Cohen plays an aimless drunk and low-time scam artist who finally tracks down his long-missing brother (Mark Strong). Strong is now a highly skilled British secret agent and not happy about this reunion messing up an assignment. Soon, the two are mixed in a wild adventure that involves everything from infecting Daniel Radcliffe with a disease to a shoot-out at a soccer game. Fisher plays their boss, working a British accent and has fun ordering her real-life husband around. The movie was a flop but still notable for how the couple worked together for once.

Also notable is who got an early screening of it. In a red carpet interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fisher explained, “My husband asked Courteney Cox—since our movie is so quintessentially English—do you know an average American family that can see it and tell us what it's like? Smash cut to the Kardashians in the living room!" Yep, Fisher and Cohen ended up doing a movie night with the infamous reality show to see the film early. This pic has a different living room look for Fisher, a gorgeous blouse and great skirt to show her legs off. This is one movie night party anyone would gladly want to join.

8 Cool Pool

Before Hollywood came calling, Fisher was a well-known face in her native Australia. That’s thanks to her role as Shannon Reed on the long-running soap Home and Away. Fisher was 18 when she joined in 1994 but played the role younger. Shannon was a young teen handling romances in her small Aussie town. This followed another soap where Fisher basically spent all her scenes in a bikini, even a funeral!

As she explained to Shape Magazine, “I really didn’t feel objectified. The boys were in shorts, too. But I was shy and I absolutely did not want to be in a bikini at that age.” 

Fisher was grateful for the break and how it taught her to handle stardom. She explained to the Sun-Herald: “I can’t let it go to my head because it could all end tomorrow and I’ll fade back into obscurity. It's like an apprenticeship but we do it in front of 20 million people so all our mistakes are up for the world to see.” The lessons have paid off as shown by this terrific magazine shot of Fisher by a pool in a gorgeous black skirt and a nice top. She’s grown up nicely from that teen role and in all the right ways.

7 Gold Glamour

There have been several filmed versions of The Great Gatsby but none like the 2013 take. Baz Luhrmann made it a 3D extravaganza with Leonardo DiCaprio as the mysterious millionaire and working the various plotlines well. Fisher co-starred as Myrtle Wilson, the mistress to a rival of Gatsby’s who’s a vicious social climber. The casting was controversial as the book describes the character as overweight and rather plain, two things that can never be expressed about Fisher. But she did her best to handle it, packing on about ten pounds to play the part. When asked by the Daily Mail how she did it, Fisher said: “I just followed by natural instincts.” When asked what that meant, she replied “Cupcakes!”

It’s all the more remarkable given her amazing beauty in pics like this. The main dress has a gorgeous golden shine, looking almost like exotic feathers floating about. This leads to a sheer sheen that flaunts her legs off nicely and the way she teases opening it is alluring. It showcases the amazing form Fisher doesn’t show off as often as she could and makes it remarkable anyone could possibly be casting her as the Plain Jane in a movie.

6 Carpet Caper

via funbabefun.com

The underrated comedy Bachelorette is one of Fisher’s wilder movies. The 2012 film has her, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan as three friends all thrown when their buddy (Rebel Wilson) is the first of their group to get engaged. This leads to a bachelorette party which soon turns into utter chaos. That’s mostly thanks to Fisher’s character whose “treats” for the party leads to a torn and messed up wedding dress, a race across New York and more than a few secrets revealed. The movie had a poor reaction at Sundance with audiences upset by the vulgar content. That was actually something Fisher wanted as she told IndieWire. She also mentioned how folks were surprised she wasn’t into “uppers” for real as “I guess they presumed that my upbeat energetic bubbly personality was actually enhanced by some [substances]."

Fisher talked about enjoying the movie and the cast, especially Dunst and Caplan (who, ironically, would later replace Fisher in the sequel to Now You See Me). “You know, it was for me. I gotta say, it’s such a contrast from my everyday life as a mom. It was just a wild, fun bunch of night shoots.” That seems to rub off in this dress. She looks fantastic in red and her expression definitely matches her character.

5 High Heeled


One of Fisher’s first prominent U.S. roles may not exactly be as well-known as others. 2002’s Scooby-Doo was a live-action take on the classic cartoon series with the idea of Mystery Gang reuniting for a case. To their shock, they discover that for once, the ghosts are actually real, not someone in a costume and this leads to a wild adventure. Fisher played Mary Jane, a local girl who helps out and plays a bigger role late in the film.

Sarah Michelle Gellar played Daphne and the producers didn’t want two redheads in the film. So, as she told Allure, Fisher had to dye her locks lighter “which looked horrible. But I did get more honks walking down the street.”

It was Fisher’s first American movie role and she talked to Vanity Fair about the experience. “When I did my first audition for the movie Scooby Doo, they flew me to America first class. At the time, I didn’t have any money and then I was flown to LA and put up at the Mondrian Hotel. It was like landing on Mars!” The movie was ravaged by critics but a box office hit. It gave Fisher a chance to show off more such as this great dress that lets her flaunt her legs in high heels. It may not be her best role but it was the one that got her into U.S. films to make many grateful.

4 Easy Lounger

via isla-fisher-2013.blogspot.com

The marriage of Fisher and Cohen does seem to surprise many. They just seem off in so many ways yet they work well together. Fisher does admit it’s a challenge given Cohen’s rather nutty movies. She told VF Magazine how he once came home with broken thumbs and welts, claiming it was a “work injury.” It was really him filming a scene for his latest movie involving a dominatrix. That’s not to mention his films that included such scenes as stalking Pamela Anderson and crashing a fashion show.

Fisher admitted that it made their conversations with each other interesting: “Instead of asking: ‘Are you going to pick up the dry cleaning?’ I’d ask, ‘Are we getting sued by somebody?’ or ‘Is there a warrant out for your arrest?”

Thankfully, Cohen has moved onto more fictional roles and thus let that go. That leaves him more time to handle home life and if Fisher dresses more like this, it can be worth it. The dress is nice and is fit for her and lets her show off her amazing legs. Her hair is nicely done up and the pose on the couch also highlights her lovely beauty and allure. It’s pics like this that showcase just how amazingly lucky Cohen is to land this terrific lady.

3 Garden Green

One of Fisher’s more prominent comedies was Confessions of a Shopaholic. She played a woman who has nearly burned out all her credit on her shopping sprees who accidentally lands a job for a magazine that looks into savings. She’s soon giving advice on how to avoid being bilked into buying fake outfits while also wrestling with her feelings for her editor. Naturally, the role meant Fisher was decked out in some great outfits from the best designers as her character quite literally can’t go outside not looking anything but her best. Talking to Shape Magazine, Fisher admitted she found her casting hilarious as her regular outfits lean more toward jeans and t-shirts.

“I'm not a fashionista. I don't have much experience in that world, but I felt I was kind of educated in the end and that even my own fashion style is now sort of braver. I enjoy dressing a lot more.”

This outfit indicates Fisher learned her lessons well. The green outfit is lovely with various white trimmings and open at the front but is not too obtrusive. It’s stylish for an interview but accentuates Fisher’s curves and her great beauty. She may claim to not be a fashionista but you wouldn’t know it from this outfit.

2 The Vamp

While Fisher had been busy for a while, it was Wedding Crashers that made her an instant star. The wild 2005 comedy has Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as a pair of friends who specialize in cruising weddings even if they don’t know the couple. That’s because they know the various female guests are open for romance. Vaughn is a “love them and leave them” type and doesn’t find anything different with Gloria (Fisher). But the next day, she turns into a “stage four clinger,” whose behavior comes off completely psychotic. Critics raved on Fisher stealing the entire movie with the fun chemistry with Vaughn and it boosted her up.

Fisher would talk about it to Allure magazine, stating she expected a slew of rom-com scripts coming her way after the film. However, she was thrown to find not as many to choose from. “After 'Wedding Crashers' I was just surprised as to the lack of comedic female material there is. So I had to start working and getting stuff out there for myself.” Fisher has turned out okay and while rumors abound of a sequel, nothing’s come of it. But many can still enjoy her role in the hilarious role.

1 Making Magic

Now You See Me marks one of Fisher’s biggest box office hits. The surprise smash focuses on a group of magicians who are brought together by a secret mentor. They then use their skills for big shows that are really a distraction for them robbing corrupt businessmen. Fisher was Hensley, the sole woman on the team, showing off nicely in the various tricks. This included the wild opening of her locked inside a water tank.

Fisher told Chelsea Handler that the situation was actually more serious as the trap door got stuck and no one realized her frantic waves weren’t acting. Luckily, someone did end up freeing her. Fisher explained that she was doing her best to keep calm, saying “I am not going to die in a bathing suit.”

Thankfully, it worked out and Fisher was able to walk the red carpet for the film’s premiere. She looked fantastic in a mostly black dress with a lovely pattern that looked nearly sheer on her skin. With her hair done up nicely, it shimmered well to break out in the light. Fisher had to bow out of the movie’s sequel as she was pregnant at the time and was replaced by Lizzy Caplan. She seems open to a third movie but no doubt will avoid the water this time.

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