20 Pics Of Demi Lovato's Evolution That Will Make Wilmer Valderrama Want Her Back

To say that Demi Lovato has peaked, glowed up, and transformed from a duckling into a beautiful swan is an understatement. Demi is one of the best looking celebrities to currently walk our earth. When she isn’t creating catchy music or slaying on stage when on tour, Demi is looking amazing on Instagram. Demi’s seductive and sultry image is fairly new. Demi completely rebranded herself with the release of her sixth studio album, “Sorry Not Sorry.” Or is Demi’s shocking transformation a direct result of her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama? When Demi and the notorious Hollywood playboy split up back in 2016, she completely reinvented herself. She transformed her cute, good girl image into one that is sleek, sassy, sultry, and seductive.

It seems like it was just yesterday when a young, fresh faced Disney channel Demi Lovato appeared on our screens. She used to rock choppy bangs and a large, full teeth smile. Yes, young Demi definitely was cute and family friendly, but this new Demi is beyond words. I’m sure many of us, including Wilmer, can agree that we prefer the latter. Although Demi had a few short flings in the last couple of years, none of them compare to the long-term relationship she had with the That 70s Show star. With Demi’s new-found hotness and confidence, will she and Wilmer rekindle their love?

When it comes to Hollywood relationships, never say never. Demi and Wilmer were showing major PDA on a lunch date just a few months ago. Are Demi and Wilmer back on? Not yet. But, Demi’s seductive new image might revitalize this old fling. Here are 20 pictures of Demi Lovato’s evolution that will make Wilmer Valderrama want her back.

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20 Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Taking a page right out of Real Housewife Kenya Moore’s books, Demi Lovato truly is Gone with the Wind fabulous. Demi’s strength, boldness, complexity, beauty, and fabulousness really separates her from many young celebrities. This windy photo illuminates all of Demi’s fabulous qualities. The mere fact that she can look this flawless in the wind is an accomplishment in its own. Many of us would probably look like The Grudge if we had the wind blowing in our faces. Her hair is glamorously wind-blown, but it still doesn’t look messy. And, her hand placement in her hair is so attractive and alluring. Wilmer probably misses running his fingers through Demi’s luxurious locks.

Aligned with the fabulousness of this photo, Demi has perfected her pout. Even though this picture is cropped and we can’t fantasize about her body, Demi’s facial expressions remain sultry and seductive. Maybe it’s her impeccably draw eyebrows, her sharply, contoured cheekbones, or her super glossy lips that make this photo drool worthy. Actually, it is probably Demi’s overall beauty that continues to leave fans obsessing over her. If ex-boyfriend Wilmer wasn’t regretting their breakup yet, he probably will be after seeing this overall beautiful picture of Demi.

19 Full Freckles On Display


Here is a makeup-less selfie of Demi where her freckled skin is glowing in the sun. Wilmer is probably reminiscing about another type of glow when he looks at this photo. We expect that Demi’s afterglow is undoubtedly just as dewy and flawless, if not better, than her glow in this photo. Her eyelash extensions and glossy lips add a bit more flair and flavor to what is already a beautiful picture. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched and filled, while her cheeks glisten and shine from her natural blush.

What is most attractive about Demi is that she can literally take an effortless photo and make it Insta-worthy. It is almost as if she accidentally opened her front camera and took this photo. Unlike the rest of us though, Demi actually looks fierce when she accidentally opens her front camera. Demi is one of those celebrities whose inner beauty shines through her outward appearance. Chances are, Wilmer won’t ever meet another woman who is equally as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Just consider his track record before Demi: Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Mischa Barton, just to name a few.

18 Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Demi Lovato loves to post a good polaroid photo. Just like Kim Kardashian, this starlet frequently switches up her Instagram feed aesthetic and likes to throw some vintage vibes our way. There was one polaroid picture that stood out from the rest though. This infamous polaroid left fans drooling for days. Not only did Demi look beyond incredible in this photo, but she even caught the attention of Superman. Yes, you read that correctly.

Demi used her strategic social media tactics to lure in Superman star, Henry Cavill on Instagram. After following the Man of Steel, Demi immediately posted a steamy polaroid of her wearing a lacy, white bodysuit. She then went back on Henry’s profile to like a couple of his photos. Demi’s followers were quite impressed with her strategy because shortly after, Superman flew to the singer’s profile to like, comment, and follow her back. Not only was this photo racy enough to leave Wilmer weeping in regret, but Demi’s interaction with Henry probably left him feeling pretty jealous as well. Instead of posting a steamy picture for her ex, Demi wanted the attention of a new man. Was this Demi’s attempt to move onto a new boo?

17 Demi Has A Good No-Makeup Selfie

Teen Vogue

Celebrities are always posting photos of their “no makeup” looks to social media accounts. Most of the time, their au-natural pictures aren’t all that natural. With countless amounts of editing apps, filters, and even makeup techniques for faking a “no makeup” look, we can never be too sure which celebrities are actually natural beauties. Demi is different than these other celebrities though. Her no makeup photos are the real deal. With flawless skin and adorable freckles, it is no wonder that Demi is so comfortable showing off her natural beauty.

Even though Demi was blessed with beautiful genetics, her skincare routine is rigorous and time-consuming. She cleanses her face not once, but twice, gets regular facials, uses sunscreen, and rarely ever changes up her skincare routine. Demi’s commitment to caring for her skin gives her well deserved bragging rights on social media. Her natural beauty is mesmerizing and is guaranteed to leave everyone, including Wilmer, in pure awe. We love seeing Demi wearing fully contoured and highlighted makeup, but her no makeup photos are stunning as well. If you can find yourself a girl who looks equally stunning fully glammed and barefaced, she’s a keeper. In the case of Demi, Wilmer clearly didn’t get the memo.

16 Highest-Grossing Tour

When a tour promotional image looks this good, who wouldn’t want to buy tickets for a show? Demi has always been a talented singer and performer, but her rebranding and the newfound look is really working in her favor. She has acquired an array of new fans from her reinvented image. The opening leg of her 2018 Tell Me You Love Me World Tour tallied more than $20 million. Most of Demi’s shows in North America sold out, and her Brooklyn performance alone earned her a whopping $1.5 million in revenue.

With Demi having a peak in her career and in her looks, Wilmer is probably having major regrets about their breakup. With breakups, there always tends to be one person who does way better than the other. Wilmer definitely has a successful career as an actor, but That 70s Show really was the peak in his career. In fact, most people know him solely for his infamous role as Fez on the show. Since then, he has landed a few cameos in TV shows like NCIS, The Ranch, and Grey’s Anatomy. Out of both of the exes, Demi really is flourishing, while Wilmer is remaining fairly static and frankly, kind of irrelevant.

15 Who Do You Belong To Now?


Seeing your ex with a new boo is never ideal. It is even more upsetting when you’re not really sure what your ex’s current relationship status is. Are they dating this new person? Are they sleeping together? Are they just friends? Taking a question straight from The Weeknd, “Who do you belong to now” Demi? I’m sure Wilmer has been asking this question a lot recently.

Demi’s new steamy and sultry image has allured many bachelors in. Her physical appearance alone can probably attract the likings of anyone she wants. But what if the man she wants has been in her life for many years already? Although Demi and Nick Jonas claim to be just friends, their seductive Billboard photoshoot begs to differ. Not only is this duo always photographed intimately embracing, sensual tension basically radiates from all of their photos. At this point, no one would be shocked if Demi and Nick started dating. Well, except for Wilmer. Wilmer has definitely seen a lot of Nick during his six-year relationship with Demi. So, he would probably be outraged if Nick and Demi ever dated. Just how long have they been “more than friends?”

14 Peace And Fishnets


Demi’s sultry concert attire, like this full fishnet jumpsuit, fits the theme of her Tell Me You Love Me tour entirely. The seductiveness of her revealing outfit mixed with her good vibes, peace signs are the perfect combination for Demi’s new image. Her oftentimes risqué show is staged with deep, red lights setting a very seductive vibe for her sensual songs. Not only does Demi sing her heart out for fans, but she guarantees an alluring performance. One of the most standout moments from her concert is the intimate moment she shares with her opening act Kehlani. Both singers get on each other on top of a prop bed and even end their performance with a kiss. This fun and surprising moment sends all of Demi’s friends into quite the frenzy.

The performances, songs, and dances fit the captivating and fantasying vibes of this tour. Self-proclaimed Lovatics are going crazy for this new Demi. The openness, acceptance, and excitement she has on stage leaves fans astonished. It is no surprise that Wilmer was in love with her for so many years. We wonder if he attended any of Demi’s North American shows. Just like the rest of her fans, Wilmer would probably be left in a frenzy.

13 Making Waves


Demi Lovato has been making waves in Hollywood recently. But, instead of causing drama and controversy, she is drawing a lot of positive attention to herself. Other celebrities and fans adore Demi. In fact, we rarely see any negative comments or press about her. Even though she is still the subject of hateful and hurtful comments, Demi has deflated the trolls’ comments. Along with her catchy music and stunning red carpet looks, Demi’s swimsuit photos have been creating a significant impression in Hollywood. From her Coachella pool pic, to her low cut, one-piece mirror selfie, and even her bootylicious, swimwear photo, Demi is showing us that she is more confident than ever.

Demi is proving that confidence is the new sexy. Over the past few years, Demi has been on a self-love journey. We can actually credit her breakup with Wilmer for sparking this journey and transition. Although Demi is smoking gorgeous in all of her swimsuit pictures, her self-love and confidence is what is most attractive. Demi’s self-confidence really shines through in all of her photos. It is obvious that Demi shares all of her swimsuit photos because of her own self-love and happiness and not for social media attention. We can’t get enough of Demi’s swimsuit pictures! Wilmer probably feels the same way.

12 Best Dressed List

Demi’s sheer cutout gown at the 2017 Grammy’s literally made her look like a Grammy trophy herself (in the best way possible). That night, Demi really was the prize to be claimed. She owned the red carpet in her figure-hugging, netted fabric, golden dress made by Julien Macdonald. Demi was both elegant and sultry in this cleavage-baring gown. The peek-a-boo cleavage and the turtleneck cut are a perfect combination of tease and risqué. To top off an already incredible look, Demi accessorized it with David Yurman jewelry. The gold sequins gown, the subtle jewelry, her freshly bronzed complexion, and her killer figure made Demi the focal point of the Grammy red carpet.

After spending the past 6 years walking on red carpets together, Wilmer probably wishes he could have been with Demi at this moment. Who wouldn’t want to be photographed next to this golden goddess? In full confidence, Demi slayed the red carpet alone. Demi proved that she is able to work the Grammy’s without a man by her side. I’m sure Wilmer would have loved to be Demi’s best accessory at the 2017 Grammy’s, but her David Yurman jewelry already completed her look.

11 Talking Body

E! Entertainment

Demi Lovato once sang “What’s wrong with being confident” and based on her gorgeous figure, there is nothing wrong with being confident and showing off her stunning bod. Demi has been flaunting her fabulous curves on stages all around the world recently. Revealing bodysuits, fishnet stockings, and thigh high boots have become the singer’s go-to performance outfit. This newly confident Demi has been sizzling on concert and award show stages with her leggy and cheeky bodysuit ensembles.

Similar to Demi’s jaw-dropping 2017 police officer Halloween costume, where she dressed in a full latex bodysuit, this outfit gives us total bad cop vibes. The black latex belts help slim her waist and further emphasize her curves. Demi looks totally fierce in this body-hugging outfit. To complement the outfit even more, Demi’s trademark long locks – the doing of gorgeous extensions – returned to her musical performance. And we must give major kudos to her makeup artist for that complementary smoky eye. Demi really knows how to slay all of the stages she performs on. Perfect curves and long, glorious hair really are the best revenge sometimes. Single Demi is looking happier and healthier than ever.

10 Fit Figure


Demi’s fitness perseverance and motivation really deserves more appreciation and acknowledgment. Her body is banging! Not because she has perfectly chiseled muscles or picture-perfect curves, but because she works hard for a healthy body and lifestyle. Her body and self-image have completely changed in the past few years and it is a direct result of her hard work. Social media trolls are quick to post hurtful and judgmental comments without realizing all the pain, effort, and struggle celebrities go through to feel comfortable in their own skin. Demi really is a role model with all of her self-love advocacy.

Demi’s ex-boyfriend Wilmer must be drooling over all of the fitness pictures she posts. Even when she is working out, Demi looks fabulous. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who works hard for the results she wants. How Demi manages to look super attractive when she is working out is beyond us. Just look at how effortlessly she is flipping that tire. Yes, it is obviously a staged photo, but tires are still extremely heavy. Also, can we just appreciate how chiseled and muscular Demi’s arm looks? We are going to need her arm day workout because those are #armgoals.

9 Happily Never After


When Demi released her “Tell Me You Love Me” music video, we were all left speechless. The whole wedding concept is heartbreaking as Demi’s soon-to-be husband leaves her at the altar, claiming “we’re not ready” to get married. Was this concept a completely imaginative idea or was this music video inspired by real life events? Were Demi and Wilmer not ready to take the next step in their relationship? Is that the real reason why they broke up?

After dating for 6 years, wedding bells probably crossed Demi and Wilmer’s mind once or twice. It is probably difficult for Wilmer to watch Demi in a full wedding gown, walking down the aisle towards another man. Even though music videos are fictional, there are elements of real life relationship events in it. The whole “Tell Me You Love Me” video showcases some of the highs and lows of being in a committed relationship. Demi and her Grey’s Anatomy boo Jesse Williams are shown being intimate, but mere seconds later they are arguing. Whether this visualization has anything to do with Demi’s past relationship with Wilmer, we are not sure. But, she probably was inspired by some real life events when constructing this music video.

8 Sorry Not Sorry

Energy 106

Stop everything that you are doing! If you haven’t watched Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” music video yet, please do so now. Only one word can describe this video. It is H-O-T. Hot! Or, “That’s hot,” as Paris Hilton would say. Which is fitting since she is featured in this video. This music vid is star-studded. On top of Paris, we have Wiz Khalifa and Jamie Fox also in the video. Demi threw a neon-lit dance party filled with partying, swimming pool shenanigans, and foam fights and filmed it for this song. To top it off, she looks absolutely stunning and is totally sensual throughout the whole video.

The whole premise of this song is all about looking and feeling good after a breakup. Wilmer must have felt pretty awkward after watching this video. The lyrics throw total shade at her ex as well. Demi is totally showing up Wilmer in this song (like she knew she would). Just take a look at this snippet:

“I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this, but it gets worse (wait a minute). Now you're out here looking like regret ain't too proud to beg, second chance you'll never get.”

7 Short Hair don't care


Celebrity’s are always transforming their hair. Kim Kardashian is constantly flipping between brunette and blonde hair colours, while pre-mom Kylie Jenner would rock hues of pink, teal, blue, and green hair. Even Selena Gomez chopped off her long locks recently after her most recent breakup with Justin Bieber. Just like her celebrity friends, Demi has been through her fair share of hair transitions as well. From choppy bangs, natural highlights, bright red dye, a shaved side, golden locks, pink ponytails, blue ombre, just plain blue hair, and chin length cuts, Demi is sorry, not sorry for all of her diverse looks.

Demi Lovato really can rock any and every hairstyle and color she tries. As of March 2018, Demi has been slaying a black bob look. Only she can go from extra long hair to super short hair, without any transition in-between. Fans are loving Demi’s new hairstyle just as much as the singer is. Demi seems to love both long and short hairstyles equally. We already know that wherever Demi decides to land on the hair spectrum scale, she will look great. What we still don’t know is which hairstyle and color Wilmer’s likes best.

6 Fab and Athletic

Wallpaper Site

Can I order one of everything, please? With Demi Lovato collaborating with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, we can’t help but want to order every item of clothing that she models in. Demi’s original collection with Fabletics sold out in record time. The collection was so popular that Demi and Fabletics have partnered again to release a Summer 2018 collection. We couldn’t be happier! This new collection is even inspired by Demi’s Tell Me You Love Me tour. So, we already know that it will include stunning silhouettes, bold fashion statements and patterns, and comfortable, yet sleek athleisure attire. They are set to release new styles in sports bras, high-waisted leggings, and cropped tops.

Since Fabletics’ mission revolves around empowering women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, Demi is a perfect partner to collaborate with. Demi’s platform is all about body positivity, self-love, and female empowerment as well. This collaboration really showcases Demi’s fit and fabulous side. Plus, she looks absolutely gorgeous modeling in all of these athleisure products. That all pink matching set is to die for. Just look at how incredible Demi’s cleavage looks. We can’t wait to order ourselves a couple of Demi inspired Fabletics sets.

5 Cher Horowitz Vibes


As a self-proclaimed diva, Demi has no shame for wanting to be seen as one. With a powerful voice, sassy attitude, and slick on-stage production, Demi is serving us total strength and originality. When on stage, Demi makes sure that her outfits match her vibes and personality. Demi is giving us pure Cher Horowitz Clueless vibes in this plaid blazer and pant set. She paired the set with a white, lace-up bralette, which revealed a toned stomach. This outfit was worn at the Global Citizen Concert in New York in September.

Demi’s ability to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants and still look incredible good is a gift many of us aren’t blessed with. She is even able to pull off a 1990s fashion esthetic and still look relevant to the fashion trends of today. Who else would be fortunate enough to look that good in a full plaid suit? Literally no one. Considering he was a teenager in the 90s, Wilmer Valderrama was probably digging Demi’s old school style in this photo. This outfit probably gives him major #TBT feels about his teenage years, the peak in his career (AKA, That 70s Show), and his relationship with Demi.

4 Red beauty

Demi really is a dream girl. Not only did she attend the “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, DC., but she performed her song “Skyscraper” as well. It was said that Demi’s performance sent literal chills down survivors, protestors, and participants’ bodies. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video for yourself. Demi is a huge, outspoken advocate for gun-control. Her passion for injustices and human rights amendments is truly inspiring. It is also quite attractive as well. Demi’s array of passions for music, athletics, body image, and diverse forms of advocacy make her inner beauty just as gorgeous as her outward appearance.

Demi truly is a well-rounded gal. She can go from being completely sultry and seductive to serious and somber. Even when she is out advocating for injustices, she continues to look stylish and sleek. Her red blazer outfit and makeup at the event were so bold and powerful. The bright red attire is fitting for the seriousness of the march. If images or videos from the “March for Our Lives” doesn’t make Wilmer want Demi back, nothing will. With Demi, you get the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana reference). On one hand, she has an incredibly physique, which puts everyone to shame, and on the other she has an amazing heart and is always rallying for social justice.

3 Baddie In Braids

Today Show

Demi Lovato can pull off any hairstyle, but braids have always been one of her favorite looks. On the X Factor, Demi slayed a loose, blonde, side braid with light blue and green ombre tips. At the LA premiere of her YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, Demi rocked a super long, fishtail style ponytail braid. Recently during an interview on The Today Show, Demi proved that she can totally pull off two French braided pigtails. Demi really is the queen of sleek and stylish braids.

Demi’s The Today Show look is so rad. Her nails, lips, and “LOVE” t-shirt purposely match and complement her bold appearance. Demi is a celebrity who dresses exactly how she feels. When she is feeling fit, she’ll dress in a tight, athleisure outfit, when she is feeling girly, she’ll be in frills, when she feels a little provocative, she’ll hang out in lingerie. It looks like Demi was feeling like a complete baddie the day of The Today Show. Everything from her makeup, to her hair, to her outfit, and even her “hold up” pose complement her baddie vibes. Her look is actually quite intimidating. Demi was most likely imagining Wilmer when this photo was taken.

2 The OG Smile

How cute is Demi Lovato in this photo? It has been years since Demi last showed off her wide, full teeth smile. This picture brings us back to those Barney, Camp Rock, and Sonny with A Chance days. Many of the OG Demi fans first fell in love with her for her adorable smile. After all of the hardships and struggles with her trauma and multiple issues had us hoping she would make it out on the good side. It really is incredible to see her smiling like this again.

This photo was taken on stage during her New Years Eve performance in Miami, Florida. Clearly, Demi was bringing in a year of happiness, beauty, and success. She even managed to make out with one of her backup dancers during her performance. If her ex-boyfriend Wilmer was watching this performance, we wonder what his reaction would be. Within mere minutes into the new year, Demi was already slaying 2018. And, she has been completely dominating this year without a man by her side. Fans of Demi and Wilmer are still praying for the return of the couple, but Demi is killing it on her own. Come on, just look at that genuine smile.

1 Comfortable Chic


When Drake sang “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on. That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong,” was he talking about Demi? Okay so he obviously wasn’t, but Demi fits the description perfectly. She is looking stunning in her casual, comfortable look. Demi is literally just wearing plain, black sweatpants, and a white Brandy Melville like crop top, with her hair in a half up ponytail. All women own this outfit in some form or another. Demi is actually one of the most relatable and most authentic celebs.

This grainy, low-quality image is the epitome of perfection. Demi proves that you can still be beautiful in casual attire and wearing little to no makeup. Comfortable outfits should really be the new chic. Demi has made it apparent that she would rather be a homebody than go out to parties or to clubs. Both Wilmer and Demi probably miss the days where they would cozy up at home together. Demi really seems like she would be one of the chilliest celebrities to hang out comfortably with. And she would still manage to look good, in her sweatpants, doing it.

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