20 Pics Of Brielle That Prove She's Got More Style Than Mom Kim Zoliciak

Kim Zolciak-Biermann first rose to stardom about a decade ago in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her big personality, show business looks, and of course, her fashion allowed her to get her own show after she was done with Real Housewives. This new show, Don’t Be Tardy, gave viewers an even closer look at the Biermann family, which included Kim’s daughter, Brielle. From there, we also got to see Kim for a short period of time on Dancing with the Stars, but a health condition didn’t allow that to last long.

Over the years, Kim’s eldest daughter, Brielle, has gotten a bit of air-time, but she’s been making her own headlines for herself in the last few years, particularly because of her great eye for fashion. While mom and daughter like to take jabs at each other on social media, it’s clear that Brielle takes a few cues from mom’s fashion book. Although much of Brielle’s inspiration may have been taken from Kim, we’re here to say that we believe the chick has surpassed the hen. While Brielle’s fashion seems to be moving more in line with today’s trends, Kim’s is a bit stuck in the past. To justify our theory, here are 20 Photos of Brielle Biermann That Prove She’s Got More Style Than Mom Kim Zoliciak.

20 Tie Waist Pinstripe Shirt Dress

via dont be tardy

It was on Don’t Be Tardy that we got a glimpse of Brielle Biermann in a cute striped tie waist dress. Sure, to the untrained eye, it may just look like one dress shirt tied around another dress shirt, but it’s so much more than that. It’s all a ruse, you see. The dress shirt around the waist is fake. It’s actually meant to be a dress, playing on the 80’s trend of tying sweaters around the waist of a shirt to create a faux belt (and to slim the waist). Yet, while this dress may sound pretty ridiculous, Brielle totally pulls it off and rocks it. She looks absolutely adorable in the outfit and creates a casual yet classy look. We think her mom might have been jealous of this outfit.

19 All That Leather

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If there was only one material that Kim could wear for the rest of her life, we have no doubt that she would choose leather. The 29-year-old has been sporting leather on the regular for a decade now, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. This leather dress is one of the many full leather outfits we’ve seen her wear. There’s also the body suit that was close to making this list. Now, Brielle does wear leather from time to time as well, but it’s rarely so leathery as this. Brielle usually complements her leather with other materials better. Because Kim wears leather all by itself, she sometimes comes across like a woman of the night. A beautiful woman of the night, but still...

18 Black Vs. Stripes

via TMZ

Both mom and daughter look gorgeous in this photo snapped of them leaving the West Hollywood studios. But, there’s something much different going on between their looks. Kim is sporting a look that we often see from her—all black, all glam. She has this “always on” approach to her fashion that, while stunning the vast majority of the time, can be a bit tiresome. This is especially apparent when standing next to the much more fun, much trendier striped colorful dress that Brielle is wearing. Quite frankly and respectfully, this difference might be blamed on the age difference, but that wouldn’t be fair. Kim has never shied away from dressing younger before now.

17 Boho Vs. All-Black

via Celebslam

Here again, we have a sharp contrast between mother and daughter. Kim, playing the stylish diva looking fit and fabulous in all-black, tends to look like a shadow behind that of her daughter’s. Brielle’s fun look hits on the common boho-chic looks that are so in today with the most fashion-forward celebs (and models). The jacket might look a little silly by itself, more elegant bathrobe than anything else (or kind of like a Victoria's Secret Angel robe). But, on top of the distressed jeans and patterned and mixed material shirt, it works perfectly. The look is much more playful and much more comfortable than what Kim has on, even though it probably isn’t.

16 Svedka Bodysuit

via NY Daily News

We get that Kim’s Svedka Body Suit was a Halloween costume and she wouldn't wear this on any given day. We will even give you that she looks incredible and toned in it. But come on, Kim. You’re better than that. Get some creativity or get inspired by your daughter. Even your Halloween costumes are too much of the same thing. Take this costume, paint it all black or make it leather, and you have one of Kim’s everyday go-to outfit. Joke or not, we’re pretty sick of seeing Kim in full skin-tight bodysuits. Yeah, she must be very proud that she has a body that tight at her age to look so good in them (we would probably be very proud too), but come on, just mix it up a little, woman.

15 Fashionable During Fashion Week

via Instagram

During the 2016 Fashion Week in New York City, an event that Kim has made her presence felt many times in the past, it was Brielle who made the biggest impression as her mom was absent for the event of that year. It seemed that every day of the event, Brielle was blowing us away with a new and totally unique look. In this shot, as Brielle sits next to the runway, she looks like a princess in what looks to be an iconic Burberry Prorsum Coat. While we have no doubt that Kim could also pull off this look to perfection, it was her daughter who did it first. We wonder if Brielle was getting more attention than some of the runway models for the event. It would not surprise us if she did.

14 Camo Skirt

via Instagram

In what may be our favorite look from Brielle, a camo skirt and flowered shirt, the young fashionista once again proved that she has really mastered the cute and casual look. While getting all dolled up in the glitz and glam is still a fantastic look for certain events, the everyday almost-vintage look that Brielle shows off here is just something that the most style-conscious celebs strive for these days (take a look at models Gigi and Bella Hadid and you'll get what we're saying). Now, Brielle being just 20 years old does have way more options as this playful style is much more accessible for young women, but we won’t hold that against her. We also wouldn't be upset if Kim tried mixing it up with floral patterns too, rather than her go-to black outfits.

13 Leather Pants

via TMZ

We’re not quite sure what Kim was thinking with these pants. Is that leather from the thigh down? This is an airport too, in case you were curious. If there was ever a time to dress down and try the casual (and more importantly, comfortable) look, a trip to the airport was definitely it. But, this is Kim Zolciak-Biermann we're talking about here. The only time she takes a day off from overdoing it with all the black glam (or leather) is when she’s at home sick and the doors and windows are barred. Kim’s life looks pretty tiring. We would like to see her in a pair of jeans more often, maybe even a light or floral sweater as we just mentioned. Or, since it looks warm out, try a casual dress. No diamonds, no leather.

12 Everyday Style

via People

To be honest, we don’t really know what Brielle is wearing here, but that doesn’t matter. This is a dressed-down approach that we almost never see her mom Kim, try, but we wish she would every once in a while. Even with so little of Brielle’s jeans showing, you can still see the distressed look, but that is all secondary to the unique and funky top. This sweater can be viewed as high-class or simple and casual, and that’s what’s so great about her look here. With Kim, she always looks like she is the guest of honor at some sort of red carpet event or some sort of gala. She looks like she puts a lot of work in (or hires a lot of people to put the work in for her), whereas Brielle appears more casual and effortless.

11 Marc Jacobs Camo Jacket

via Instagram

Without trying to sound like a broken record, Kim could probably never pull this look off. If she did, she would probably be criticized for it, but it still stands to reason that Brielle’s fashion is moving and Kim’s is staying put. This look is exactly what all the young stars and models are aiming for these days. That’s not to say that older women can’t look good in this type of outfit; it’s just a little more difficult. Brielle just knows how to compliment and accessorize her look so well. The distressed pants and over-sized Marc Jacobs Camo jacket provide the casual and easygoing side of the outfit, while the bright white boots, dark jeans, purse, and shirt class it all up. It’s a great combination.

10 Yellow Coat

via Klear

Despite the Instagram followers suggesting that Brielle is trying to look like her mom, Kim in this picture, we believe it’s actually just the opposite. In the last few years, it’s been Kim trying to play catch-up with Brielle. If this were a photo of Kim, for example, it would be black leather books, not a green/grey suede. They might both wear the sweater vest and look great in it, but where Brielle goes 60’s and/or 70’s in her color and style of jacket, Kim would no doubt go 80’s. Perhaps it’s merely just a leftover of the eras. After all Kim did grow up in the 80’s, whereas today’s young women are calling back to the fashions of the 60’s and 70’s, much more stylish periods.

9 Pretty In Plaid

via Pinterest

Here's another gorgeous picture. As always, Brielle shows off her comfy look her as she talks (or pretends to talk) on the speaker part of her phone. The over-sized cardigan hangs loosely off her shoulder, giving her an “I don’t quite care how I look as long as I look amazing” look. Listen, we accept that her mom Kim, attempts this look quite often as well, but we can all agree that it’s never as effective. Kim’s outfits look much more planned and deliberate, which takes away from what is meant to be an effortless style. Call us crazy, but we think that Brielle has taken over the fashion sense in the Biermann family.

8 Leather Coat Vs. Leather Skirt

via Bravo

We thought we would even be the playing field a little here because anyone who knows these women know that they coordinate their outfits when they’re out in public together. Therefore, it’s not always fair to judge one without the other. Here, we have Brielle trying on her mother’s favorite shade of black leather. The leather jacket on Brielle, the leather skirt on Kim. It may sound silly to say that Brielle’s lacy bodysuit is more evening-wear acceptable than Kim’s sheer top, but it’s true. At least Brielle’s outfit looks coordinated. Kim seems like she just wanted a classy way to show off her chest and bra.

7 The Velvet Dress

via YouTube

Wait. This dress may not actually be velvet. In fact, it almost definitely isn’t, but it sure looks like it's trying to be. This is just a horrible look for Kim, something you would see in the 80’s or early 90’s but should never, ever see anymore. Could you imagine Brielle in this outfit? Of course not. She wouldn’t be caught dead in this. She actually HAS style. It just seems as though Kim can only wear one color or pattern or fabric at a time (just look at her matching purse). The matching purse and dress look more tacky than stylish and coordinated. We think she needs to start asking Brielle how to mix and match to blend and give your eyes a break.

6 Black Vs. Pink

via Gossip4000 - Altervista

Don't get us wrong, we do think that Kim looks great in this photo, but we have to stick to our guns. Compare the two women’s outfits. You have daughter Brielle in this modern yet classic peach dress. She looks elegant without looking uncomfortable. Mom Kim looks very nice too, but there’s a major difference here. Kim looks like she’s selling perfume or makeup to elderly women in a department store. The bedazzled collar and cuff of the dress just scream boring overkill. She needs to tone it down a little. And, once again, she is in one flat collar. Even just a small contrast, such as Brielle’s black coat, helps to offset the peach.

5 Glamorous Flying

via Zimbio

This is exactly how we pictured Kim flying—all done up (make-up, hair and everything in between), a top that opens to show the middle of her entire torso, all black, and of course, classy. This could be both Kim’s daily wear and nightgown as well. The slippers are certainly a nice touch. At least her feet will be comfortable because the rest of her body must be aching to get out of those tight and stuffy clothes. Maybe she has somewhere to be the moment she steps off the plane, but even flying in sweats can be uncomfortable. Flying in this must be nothing short of agonizing.

4 Denim Bodysuit

via Instagram

Listen, mom. When we said we wanted to see you in jeans more often, we meant on your legs and not your entire body. There’s almost never a good time to wear a denim bodysuit, especially not when your daughter looks like she rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing she saw and is grabbing all the (right) attention. Kim just looks overworked next to daughter Brielle. Aside from the fact that Kim’s figure is astounding in that getup, it looks pretty ridiculous. Of all the fashion trends that have come back into style from the 70’s, this is not one of them. This much denim will never make a comeback. And we're thankful for that.

3 Kim’s Rugged Look

via YouTube

We’ve talked a lot about Brielle’s comfort look and how she has surpassed her mom in how to pull that look off. Well, here we have Kim looking as rugged and confused as we’ve ever seen her. The distressed pants and t-shirt definitely fit the bill, but is this as good as her daughter’s casual fashion? No it's certainly not. It's not even close. Kim looks just fine, but this is all grunge without the class (she looks like she would fit in with the Jersey Shore cast without even having to audition). You might point to the shoes or the coat, but no, it’s not enough to save the outfit. If anything, it makes it worse. The white doesn’t pop off the denim or the grey enough. If the top was a little more colorful, it might work, but what’s done is done.

2 Kim In Pink

via GotCeleb

This pink number might be the worst we’ve ever seen from Kim. It looks like it's trying to be a tracksuit. Worst of all, it looks very pink. Yet again, Kim chooses to go with one flat color for the entire wardrobe. No accents. No breaking up the monotony. This is a woman who really must take a few tips from her daughter and learn how to mix and match colors and tones. It’s horrifying seeing her in this. On a positive note, at least she looks rather comfortable, but this is taking it to another level, a level that no one should ever dare go to. High collars too. Kim loves those high collars, doesn’t she?

1 White Vs. Red

via Pinterest

Both women look absolutely gorgeous in these two photos, but this is all about comparisons, so we have to do our job and pit them against each other. Mom Kim’s jacket does compliment her flat white dress beautifully, but next to her daughter, Brielle, who is just popping in that bright red dress, it’s hard to match up. This is one time that Brielle chose to go with one color and one color only, and yes, it worked brilliantly. Sadly, Kim finally decided to take our advice (or she finally listened to her daughter's advice), blended some different patterns but unfortunately she still gets criticized and comes in second compared to her daughter. Sorry, Kim.

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