20 Photos That Prove Makeup Can Completely Transform Demi Lovato's Face

Makeup has quite the way of transforming our faces. It's almost magical, but sometimes when you put that kind of power into the wrong hands they can abuse it. Makeup can completely transform someone's face right before your eyes. Did you know you can even transform your bone structure just by using makeup? It's amazing and can even be a little bit scary. But, hopefully after reading through this collection of makeup looks you'll feel inspired to try them yourself, though maybe not all of the looks we featured.

While many of Demi Lovato's makeup looks are stunning, some of them make us wonder if she got ready that morning in the dark. Not only are some of her looks amazing, while some are not so great, she also has such an interesting face that she almost looks as if she's a different person in some of these looks.

In this article we'll be going through some of Demi Lovato's makeup looks – the good, the not so great, and the downright "is that really Demi Lovato?" We'll also walk you through some of these looks so you can try them out for yourself, but we promise we'll only do this for the looks that are actually cute. Overall, Demi Lovato's makeup is out of this world, not always in a positive sense, but interesting nonetheless.

20 That Bright Highlight Is On Fire

Via: Twitter.com

We’re starting off with something a bit more subtle to give you a little look into her regular glam red carpet look. We’ve been seeing Demi Lovato sport this glowing glam makeup look more and more often recently, it’s become a staple in her beauty routine. While this resembles the closest look she rocks on a regular basis, this should give you at least some idea of how easily she transforms her face through all of the following makeup looks we have below. Of course these looks are taken at different times, but in general most of them are very recent, which makes these transformations even more shocking. Demi Lovato’s look consists of perfectly arched brows, a matte pink lip, and a simple rusty eyeshadow shade that makes her brown eyes pop. Last but not least, we couldn’t forget about that poppin’ highlighter that pulls the whole look together. At least we can confidently say that this look is one of the better ones on this list. What a great start.

19 This Vampy Vintage Look Is Quite A Statement 

Via: Usmagazine.com

Demi Lovato clearly showcases how easily she can switch up her style and even seemingly her bone structure with the power of makeup! This look shows off some short cropped vintage wavy hair, sharp brows, bold black smokey eyes, and a red gradient lip. This look not only seems out of the box for Demi Lovato who was always seen as the girl next door type, but it also transforms how she looks. This makeup look is applied with expertise, but we’re not sure if this look overall vibes with her aesthetic that she puts off. But maybe that’s just the thing; she just doesn’t like sticking to one style over the other. Maybe this look is just her experimenting with her personal style. Hopefully the looks get better from here moving forward, but we can’t make any promises. At least some people really enjoyed this look when it was circulating around the internet, right?

18 A Red Lip Elevates This Simple Look 

Via: pinterest.com

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of edgy experimentation. But just like the vampy vintage above, this look just seems a bit off. Not only does her face shape look completely different here, she’s transformed herself with the simple eye makeup and huge bold red lips. Pairing this look with a bold spike-covered leather jacket was definitely a whole lot of look. You wouldn’t even recognize this as Demi Lovato if you randomly saw this image on Google, we could almost bet you! This edgy trend she has going on seems a bit too much, though. She doesn’t really pull off the whole hardcore fashion chick, even when she’s all glammed up. While this does look more like the Demi Lovato we know and love, especially compared to the vampy vintage above, there is just something off about the whole look.

When discussing her struggle with body image and health, Demi once said, "After so long being thin, it was terrifying being heavier. But I am a naturally curvy Hispanic girl. I don't deprive myself.”

17 A 90s Tan And Thin Eyebrows Make Demi Unrecognizable

Via: Teenvogue.com

Demi Lovato, the 90s called and they want their faded pink extensions and over-bronzed self-tanner back! But in all seriousness, this look is a complete 180-turn around compared to all of the looks we’ve already gone through, from the hair-wrapped ponytail to the pink extensions. The nude gloss lips, spidery lashes, super thin and dark brows, and most of all, the extreme tan, it all comes together to give us some 90s Teen Choice Award vibes. If you couldn’t tell, this look wasn’t a fan favorite, but it’s a fantastic example of how much someone can change how they look COMPLETELY just by using makeup. She looks like a different person in one of the most extreme ways. Plus if you look closely to the details of her makeup, she doesn't even use any of these techniques anymore and for that we’re happy to say that we’re proud of her for leaving these habits in the past for good.

16 The Classic Red Lip Adds To A Strong Instagram-Worthy Look

Via: pinterest.com

Finally a look that actually looks pretty great AND looks like the Demi Lovato we all know and love. While she is in full glam and has a new haircut that’s a bit shorter and darker than we’re used to, it is a look that doesn’t really pile on the contour or face changing elements she likes to experiment with. She’s rocking bold filled-in Instagram brows, a simple eye, and bold red lips, this time balancing out the whole red look with less edge and more chic fashion. Overall it is a great look that many can actually stand behind; if only we saw more of this on the red carpet.

When discussing her plans for future success, Demi once said, “I want to get to the point where one day I don't have to have anything but a rug and a microphone stand on stage and still be able to sell out places like Madison Square Garden, like Bruce Springsteen does.”

15 She Lets Her Fresh Dewy Makeup Do All The Talking 

Via: pinterest.com

Here is a look that really seems to push the boundaries of the classic Demi Lovato looks we love and a more mature version of her style. This makeup features a dewy foundation, nude lips, a sleek winged eyeliner, and her signature arched brows. She has even slicked her hair back so it’s off her face and showcases this fresh-looking makeup look. This look also really makes her face seem rounder and fuller since she’s only sporting some peach blush as a bit of contour. This ends up making her skin look smooth and young, but also makes her face look rounder as well. Without exactly pinpointing what is making her seem more mature in this look other than the simplistic style she’s chosen, it overall is a very different look that we’re not used to seeing from Demi Lovato. Maybe she’ll play around with this dewy look more in the future.

14 Rocking Flowing Locks & Lots Of Gloss

Via: glamour.com

Comparing this makeup look to the one we just covered above, there is a world of difference. Not only do her cheekbones pop from the intense contour, it also makes her face look a bit older and more mature. She’s wearing a ton of tanner, so she looks like she just got back from a very intense summer holiday. She’s paired her glowing tan skin with a very dark brown smokey eye, bold and sharp brows, a glossy nude lip, and contour for days and days. Overall, this look is great, but it’s hard to believe that this is the same person as the image above. Her cheekbone structure is very different. She doesn’t have full round cheeks like the image above; it almost looks like she had work done! The magic of makeup is proven right here. If you look closer, you’ll even see that her nose looks like a whole new nose!

13 She Is Looking Much More Natural And Unrecognizable 

Via: coverlandia.net

Now if you’ve noticed, this image is probably very shocking for many reasons. The first one being that we’ve already seen her with short slicked back dark hair, showing her entire face, and that previous image looked NOTHING like this one. Two very different-looking individuals are in each of those photos, but they both are actually Demi Lovato. Mind blown. From the more natural dark brows, the contour, the natural eye with no lashes or eyeliner, it’s simply amazing how much makeup can change the way someone looks.

Demi Lovato once explained, “I get mad. I get sad. I have all those emotions. But I just like to keep them to myself. I don't think my fans need to be bothered with if I'm mad or sad about something. I should just be concerned that they are keeping up with my music or I'm making them happy with my show.”

12 A Simple Smokey And Nude Lip Is A Classic Demi Look 

Via: pinterest.com

Once again, we have a look that is very similar to two different ones we’ve already gone over above, and this one still looks like a totally different person. We feel like this one most likely looks different, because she’s darkened her brows and made them bigger than past makeup looks. She’s also used very dark liner and eyeshadow to make her eyes pop. She looks to be wearing false lashes as well. There doesn’t seem to be any nose contour so her nose looks a little different than in past looks, and she has chosen to over-line her lips to make them look fuller. Of course we can’t forget the contour which brings this bronzy look together. While she pulls off this look, it’s quite shocking to see how different she can make herself look. We’ll never be able to get over it! Just wait, as it does get much more intense, so get ready!

11 She Went Hard On The Self-Tanner And Bronzer

Via: pinterest.com

Comparing this style in particular to the look below really says a lot. But before you scroll down to look, just take a moment to look at the details of this makeup first. Demi Lovato has gone all out and tanned everything as much as possible. The glossy pink lips make her skin look a tad bit orange, but it doesn’t stop there. The abundance of bronze glitter around her eyes, with the bold black liner and lashes, really seem to clash. She doesn’t have any contour on to go with those over-the-top glam eyes, and from there it almost makes the look completely fall apart, simply because nothing really ties it together. There is a disconnect between the top of her face and the bottom. There is no balance between any element of makeup on her face, which makes us cringe a bit. On top of all of that critique, she doesn’t even look like herself!

10 Rocking A Minimalist Chic Makeup Look 

Via: wireimage.com

Here, Demi is looking extremely tan with bold eyes and eyebrows. Surprisingly, she pulls off this look and it doesn’t make her look too orange, even though it’s a very bold look. She’s decided to tone it down and keep her lips natural and slick back her hair in a simple way so nothing else overpowers her bold smokey eyes and thick brows. We’ve never really seen her experiment with this look again on the red carpet, but it is interesting to see a glimpse of a look that really is different in some of the most subtle ways. She looks healthy and like she’s taking care of herself! Other than the strong tan she has going on, this look is a rather simple version of her usual red carpet glam, and it works very well.

9 A Simple Look With Blonde Hair Makes Her Look Totally Different

Via: pinterest.com

This is a bit of a throwback for Demi Lovato. In this look she’s rocking no contour (oh, the horror!) and she’s doing it with a smile. She does pull off this younger look without chiseling out her cheekbones, but it does make her look very different from her other glammed up looks on this list. One thing is for sure, though; she really does love filling in her brows with a dark brown pencil, even if it doesn’t match her hair color whatsoever. It looks like the only makeup she has on in this look is foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and that’s it! She left her lips natural, maybe with a bit of chapstick, and she’s left it at that. Since she’s changed up her look so much with makeup over the last few years, people can’t help but be curious to know if she is going to actually tone it down any time soon!

8 A Nude Lip Is Her Go-To Look

Via: refinery29.com

We had to do Demi Lovato some justice with her nude lipstick love. Like we’ve mentioned and showcased in many of these looks, the nude lip is a serious staple in her beauty routine. Some of the looks on this list really revealed that it’s sometimes trial and error finding the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone. But out of all the nude lips on this list, this is probably the best and most passable choice. She hasn’t over-lined her lips, she’s kept it dewy, not too matte, and it really complements the hint of tan she has. It doesn’t make her skin look orange and it really goes well with the pink tones in her eyeshadow that are very subtle. Also if you look at her brows, she finally has left them a bit more natural and we’re totally living for it. They look fantastic and suit her completely!

7 Rocking Light Blonde Hair With Bangs And Simple Makeup

Via: pinterest.com

This image of Demi Lovato is a bit older than others on this list, but we thought it would be interesting to see where she started. This image was taken around the time where her fame was just picking up and she was regularly on red carpets and going to events. She’s seen here with blonde bangs that cover those very dark eyebrows (we’re almost thankful), she’s tight lined her eyeliner which make her eyes look a bit smaller, and she has a nude lipstick on. A pretty simple look that really shows her face shape naturally since there is no contour on her cheeks, neck, forehead, or even on her nose. Seeing her without a load of contour on is drastically different from the other makeup looks on this list. Maybe sometime in the future, she’ll bring back this basic and simple makeup look! Would you be on board with the revival of this look?

6 Looking Like The Modern Woman In This Bold Lipstick And Simple Eye Look

Via: pinterest.com

Our little Demi Lovato looks super grown-up with this makeup. It’s been known for years in the beauty community that tans will make you look years older than you actually are, but in this case, it’s amazing how she can transform herself anyway she feels like it. This look does look more like herself, but the deep tan and the bold pinkish red lipstick really clash in a strange way that almost makes her skin look a bit orange. We won’t be recommending that you try out this look, but at least overall this isn’t the worst look that she’s pulled together. Just wait until you see the next one. Prepare yourself! In this look, she’s decided to stick with thin brows, little eye makeup except for lashes, and rosy lips, as well as cheeks with a subtle blush. At least she kept her eyes simple with a bold lip. That is quite the improvement.

5 Channelling Iggy Azalea With This Very Different Look 

Via: pinterest.com

By far this is one of the most shocking images on this list. Not only does the blonde hair change the way her skin tone looks, the fact that it’s crazy long also changes the perception of her face. Also, the very flat matte foundation completely washes out her face since she doesn’t have any contour or color elsewhere, besides blush. Her nose almost blends in with her makeup and her lips aren’t that much better, in all honesty. The very black eyeliner and long lashes really are too bold for this pink and tan look and they almost look out of place with those pencil-thin brows. We are glad this look hasn’t been around very often.

When speaking of her issues with confidence in her appearance, Demi said, “I don't think there's going to be a day when I don't think about food or my body, but I'm living with it, and I wish I could tell young girls to find their safe place and stay with it.”

4 This Soft Glam Look With A Whole Lot Of Contouring 

Via: pinterest.com

Out of all the makeup looks on this list, this is by far the best. It’s simple, natural, and still red carpet worthy. But there is one thing that is strange about this look: the fact that it still does not look like Demi Lovato. Her nose looks smaller, her lips look fuller, and even her eye shape looks completely altered. Her makeup has shaped her face to make her look smaller and even minimizes the way her jawline looks. Makeup is very powerful when it comes to transforming someone’s face, but it never gets any less shocking when you see this image next to all the other images on this list. The differences are noticeable from a mile away. A highlight about this makeup look though would have to be the subtle and natural looking lip color. The lip color suits her perfectly and it looks like she has learned her lesson when it comes to concealer lips.

3 She Had A Major Makeup Mishap Caused By Baking 

Via: pinterest.com

Of course, every celebrity ever has one picture of their makeup where it looks completely awful, which is exactly what is captured here. Everything would have looked fine, but it almost looks as if she has forgotten to brush off the remnants of her setting powder. Her lips look great in their natural state and she has some incredible-looking eyebrows, but when she tried to bake her face it all went wrong. When you bake your face, you apply your foundation, concealer, then pack on setting translucent powder under the eyes and on your oily areas, typically the T zone, then let it set for about 5 minutes. After the powder sets you brush off the excess with a brush lightly. It looks like she forgot that crucial last step. It’s very important that if you choose to do this that you get all the excess off your face because it can show up easily when flash photography is aimed at you

2 She Went For Some Bold Orange Tones

Via: pinterest.com

Even a simple out of the box lipstick color can make a world of difference. Usually even though the makeup looks vary, Demi Lovato never really changes up her lip color. She seems to really always stick to nude lips or bold bright red lips. But this time, Demi has chosen to go with a bold orange lip with overall simple makeup that really gives all the attention to her lip color. In this photo, she does look more like herself as well. She hasn’t gone overboard with major contour under her cheekbones and she hasn’t contoured her nose either. This makes her look a bit more youthful and less glam, but in a great way. While she does pull off this orange lip with her smile and confidence, we’re not really sure what kind of look she was going for, mixing that orange with that highlighter neon yellow in her dress.

1 That Smokey Eye Is Perfect For A Glamour Shot

Via: billboard.com

Everything about this look is very different from Demi's usual beauty vibe, from the feathered hair to the smokey eye and foundation lips. She doesn’t even look like she has her chin indentation in this very blown out glamour shot. The makeup in this look is completely over-the-top and makes us feel like we are speechless. From far away you might not be able to tell exactly why we have an issue with this look, but from up close you can see all of the little details that really make us a bit uncomfortable with this makeup look. First of all, the biggest issue is the foundation colored lips. Not only does this lip color wash her out, they almost can’t even be seen because of how blended into her skin they are. Then with the bold eyes and very airbrushed skin, she doesn’t even look like herself. It’s pretty safe to assume that this look also has a dash of Photoshop as well, because there are some serious bone structure issues that don’t match up with her red carpet glam looks!

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