20 Pics Proving Alanna Dresses The Same As Tara On TWD

Alanna Masterson got the role of a lifetime when she was brought on board as the recurring character ‘Tara’ on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. Alanna describes her first day on set as being transfixed by how they transformed the actors into zombies. “Let’s see, my first day on set, I went into the makeup trailer and was like, “Hey I want to know exactly how you make zombies.” She also went on to say that she loved the idea of feeling like a part of the cast on the first day. “They’re awesome here. They throw you right in and hand you a gun, like “Here you go.” Luckily I play a lot of ‘Call of Duty’, so I fit right in.”

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That was four years ago and today Alanna is one of the favorite actresses from the show to watch both on and off screen. On screen, she is a character who has evolved from being the reluctant bad guy (girl) to a fierce survivor who has learned to stand her ground. Off-screen, she has a feminine tomboy style that has dozens of Pinterest boards dedicated to her look. It’s a look that is well thought out without looking like she ever tries too hard. It’s a fitting look for an actress who stars on a zombie apocalypse show and describes herself as a fashion fanatic whose style icons include Diane Keaton (in Annie Hall of course), Mia Farrow, and James Dean.

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“My personal style is very comfortable. I love to mix and match and sort of step outside the box. I’m always trying to change it up and do different looks for each event.” Alanna has spilled the elements of her style and we have the run-through of some of her best looks and how you can look as effortlessly cool too.

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20 The Glam Squad At Coachella

Once upon a time Alanna Masterson and her glam squad - Haylie Duff, Arielle Vandenberg, and Georgie Flores were partying at Coachella. Because, you know that’s what cool girls do. All four ladies are ‘it-girl’ actresses who flaunted their enviable style at the infamous music festival. Alanna went for a glam look in a little black dress and a bold gold necklace.

In fact, every lady in her squad brought her glam game that day. The all wore little dresses paired with perfectly applied makeup and minimal accessories. We only hope they weren’t wearing heels. Alanna posted this photo to Instagram with the caption, ‘Coachella is bananas.’ Looking at this picture, you would think it’s more glam than crazy. Alanna could easily head off to a nice dinner in New York City wearing this dress.

19 Looking Girlie In Leather

In an interview with ‘WhoWhatWear’ Alanna stated that her first fashion memory is of Mia Farrow in the film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. “Her style is very simple and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I want to dress like that.’” In fact, the actress is equally as adorable as Mia in the cult 60s film. Of course, Alanna updates the babydoll dress for the 21st century with key leather pieces.

It’s a perfect blend of a girlie/ tomboy style which is the reason that there are Pinterest boards dedicated to her style. In this photo Alanna’s style stands out next to her ‘The Walking Dead’ co-stars Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt. While they are conservatively dressed for a formal event, Alanna has a cool downtown edge to her look. That’s not to say that she doesn’t look lovely. She just knows how to look lovely and cool at the same time.

18 Glam Rockstar At Comic Con

Alanna tends to travel in a pack and more often that ‘pack’ includes her co-stars whom she loves being around. She’s even said that the best part of her job is the cast, who are like family to her. It’s the long nights and a physical role that bands them all together. Part of that family includes Lauren Cohan and Melissa McBride. All three ladies here are dressed for Comic Con 2016 in this photo.

In her typical girlie/ tomboy style, Alanna blends glam makeup and hair with a Misfits tee. It’s an extraordinary look that is perfect for the low-key convention that is dedicated to comics. It makes her the usual standout next to Lauren and Melissa who both went tailored, classic looks. Although, that isn’t to say that each lady isn’t equally beautiful and stylish for sitting on ‘The Walking Dead’ Q&A panel.

17 This Is How You Do A Night Out With The Girls

“My personal style is very comfortable. I love to mix and match and sort of step outside the box. I’m always trying to change it up and do different looks for each event.” Alanna is never one to let her style become boring. Even when following her uniform of babydoll dresses, a leather jacket, and her girl squad, the actress still manages to make it look new and cool.

Here’s she’s pairing a black top with a black n’ white leopard print skirt (mimicking a babydoll dress) and a bold gold necklace. Her hair is tousled to the side for a ‘rock n’ roll’ vibe. She looks so young, fresh, and cool in fact that it’s almost hard to imagine that the actress is pregnant with her first child in this photo.

16 A+ Maternity Style

There aren’t many photos of Alanna alone and not smiling with friends on her Instagram. As we’ve mentioned before, the actress likes to travel in a pack. Yet, this time it looks as if Alanna is spending some alone time on a beach holiday with her boyfriend, photographer Brick Stowell.

She’s wearing a white wrap dress that is perfect for warm weather and her growing baby bump. She pairs it with a bold necklace (another signature) and strappy sandals. Clearly, this is ‘cool girl’ maternity style for your warm holiday vacation. Alanna and her partner welcomed their daughter, Marley, into the world and Alanna said that “it’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. It kind of gives life a whole new purpose. I love [Marley] more than anything.”

15 Staying Young And Cool

Alanna Masterson is the queen of pairing unexpected pieces together. Here, she pairs a watermelon print dress with black and white socks and white sneakers. It’s bold, fun, and is another perfect blend of her girlie and tomboyish style. We take it that the stars of her look here are her sneakers as the actress has admitted that she’s ‘a sucker for shoes’.

She also looks to male icons for their sense of style, too. Don’t think that she walks around in men’s clothes all day, though. She merely interprets their style to suit her personal look. “I like to channel James Dean in a girlie way because I’m a bit of a tomboy." So, that’s where she get’s her love of leather jackets and tousled hair from. We’d say that Alanna pulls off a girlie James Dean look pretty well.

14 Everything's Better In 2's

Alanna Masteron knows what’s in when it comes to fashion and in her typical style, she rocks the trends with a BFF by her side. Here she is with Georgie Flores. Both women are wearing ripped jeans, a classic black boot and a puff-sleeved blouse. In case you didn’t know, this look was everywhere with dozens of fashionistas rocking the exact same look.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete the season’s ‘it’ bag. The architecturally designed bamboo handbags, that both girls are carrying are called "Cultgaia" launched 2012. It’s a truly versatile bag that works with both Georgie’s feminine style and Alanna’s tomboy aesthetic. How do you make a floral blouse and a wicker bag look tough? Why with a gangsta style pose of course!

13 The Glam Mom

First off, can we just talk about how cute this pose is? Alanna stands next to a kid’s painting with her legs crossed and her black manicured nails in a peace sign. It’s an adorable pose that keeps Alanna from looking too revealing.

The crochet top and fitted skirt show off Alanna’s ample assets. Alanna even brought out her strappy heels for the occasion to make it a very feminine look that is worlds away from her usual tomboy style. Yet, the actress can’t help that she’s simply adorable and it’s that quality that stops the look from being too vava voom. It’s almost hard to believe that she’s a mother with her own little cute one. Some people will just always be adorable we guess.

12 The Hollywood Family

The Masterson name is well known in the entertainment industry. Alanna isn’t the only one in the family on a hit television show. Her mother is a film producer and her brothers Christopher, Jordan, and Danny are also actors. Her brother Christopher played Francis on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. Her oldest half-brother Danny played Hyde on ‘That 70s Show’.

Here, she is posing with her Hollywood family for a night out. She’s sporting a minimal makeup look and tousled hair. It’s her typical beauty look, although she vamps it up with a with a little black dress cinched at the waist with a shiny belt. Apparently, Alanna knows the power of the LBD and has several in her closet to whip out for any special night event. It’s probably a style tip that she picked up from her mother.

11 The Ultimate Everyday Look

At the top of every woman's wardrobe wish list is a dream floral dress to wear for every occasion. Alanna has clearly found that with this black and pink dress. It’s worn under a sweatshirt to make the floral fit her typical tomboy vibe. The end result is an on-trend look that every girl can easily copy. After all, who doesn’t have a floral dress and a sweatshirt hanging in their closet?

Also, it’s a look that works for basically every occasion- brunch with friends, a dinner date (just drop the sweatshirt), and of course fresh juice runs. You can look cute while running out for your much-needed beet juice in a casual outfit that is a definite upgrade from sweatpants and a tee shirt. Just remember that if you’re trying to bring out your inner Alanna Masterson, don’t forget to bring your smile.

10 The Cool Mom Uniform

Alanna definitely has a cool-girl vibe to her. It has to do with her tomboyish style. And, it makes her appear years younger than she actually is. Here is Alanna cradling her baby daughter, Marley. Alanna looks more like a sweet big-sis than she does a mother. The actress layers funky cargo pants with a hoodie and bomber jacket. She tops off her cool downtown look with high-top sneakers and two braids. While it could appear sloppy, Alanna keeps the look tailored by choosing to wear pieces that are all a similar blue hue.

It’s the secret to making a casual pant and hoodie look appear more tailored and cool street style than a trip to Walmart look. Also, avoid the oversized pieces and choose to wear clothes that fit. Oversized sweats should be reserved for 90s hip-hop icons.

9 Staying Cool At Coachella

Why stress about what you’re going to wear at a music festival? Here is Alanna on the first day of Coachella in 2014 wearing a casual look with her BFF Hilary Duff. Both actresses kept their look simple for the festival and choose solid cotton tops and shorts. Alanna did mix-up her look with red socks peeking out of her white high-top sneakers. She even coordinated her light colored shoes with a white belt.

It’s the easiest and most stress-free look for a music festival. You’ll almost wonder why you didn’t think of it first. And, you know what Alanna definitely looks cool with her simple look. So, next time you decide to stress about where your fringe jacket and boots are, why not copy Alanna and just keep it simple?

8 Getting Comfy With Friends

Here is Alanna enjoying spending time with her co-workers, actresses Christian Serratos and Ann Mahoney. Christian is cheekily showing off the character Rosita that she plays on the show on her shirt. Ann’s personal style of flannel and jeans isn’t that far off from the character that she plays on ‘The Walking Dead’.

Alanna’s look is a far cry from the wardrobe that she wears as the character Tara. Here, the actress chooses a marbled grey sweater with a large red flower on the sleeve. It’s a cute and casual look that is perfect for Alanna to show off her natural beauty and her love for her friends. It’s also the perfect sweater to wear all winter long with just about everything in your closet to stay cozy and look cute.

7 The Cool Girls Club

It must be true what they say, cool girls travel in packs. They also wear baseball caps. Yet, sticking with her typical tomboy style, Alanna chooses to wear hers backwards. If you’re after that chill California look, then pay attention, because this is it.

Alanna and her girl squad rock tees, flannel, and jeans, which are all the things that you will see girls wearing in sunny California. It’s also a great music festival look. Judging from the tag that’s hanging around Alanna’s neck that’s probably where this cool girl pack is headed. As far as easy-to-copy looks go, this is definitely one of them. Who doesn’t have a pair of scissors and an old tee shirt that they want to cut? We wonder if Alanna’s tomboy style has something to do with having three older brothers?

6 Staying Classic

Alanna tends to stick with the classics. Here she is in a classic black and white striped shirt. Pair this top with black tailored trousers and you’ll look like you’re channeling Audrey Hepburn. Yet, Alanna pairs her top with cut-off jean shorts and her trusty white canvas sneakers. It makes this classic top look cool enough for 15-year old girls and chic enough for a 30-year old mom.

With her wide smile, we wonder where is Alanna heading off to? It’s part of the perfection of this look- she can literally head off anywhere. And, that makes it perfect to copy as your summer weekend look. Of course, if you live in sunny California or are filming a hit TV show in Atlanta, you can wear this look just about any time of the year.

5 Pretty At Her Baby Shower

Here is Alanna back with her usual girl gang, her ‘The Walking Dead’ co-stars Alex Breckenridge, Christian Serratos, Lauren Cohan, and Sonequa Martin-Green. The ladies of ‘TWD’ threw Alanna a baby shower to welcome the birth of her first child, daughter Marley. Clearly, these ladies have a funny side to them and aren’t all just about slaying zombies.

The girls are all dolled up, with Alanna looking adorable in pink polka dots. We have a feeling that the pink hue was specifically chosen to keep with the ‘I’m having a girl’ theme. The casual dress is also a comfortable choice for Alanna’s growing baby bump. It’s hard to imagine that the actress had to shut down body shamers on social media for calling her ‘fat’. If anything, the actress glows and looks perfectly slim and healthy even in a bright hue and polka dots.

4 Boots and Dresses Are Best Friends

We’re not sure which of Alanna’s cool actress friends is posing with her in this picture, but we do know that the duo looks cool and chic. Not one to look too stuffy, Alanna pairs her A-line dress with black ankle-boots and minimal makeup and laid-back hair. We actually think that Alanna probably ditched wearing makeup this day.

The boots definitely lend her leopard-print dress a ‘rock n roll’ vibe without looking as if she tried too hard to look like Debbie Harry. Her look also pairs well with her friend who chose a fitted mini dress that she cinched in with a wide belt above her waist. Perhaps we should also say that cool girls not only travel together, but they also coordinate their outfits? It definitely makes for cool-looking Instagram posts when you’re on an iced-coffee run.

3 Classic and Sweet

Alanna doesn’t only have a cool-girl squad. She also has a trio of male actor friends that she hangs out with too. Here she is with actor Tyler Blackburn who played the hunky boyfriend Caleb Rivers on ‘Pretty Little Liars’. She often shares pics of the two of them on her Instagram.

Here he wears a typical ‘cool kid’ uniform of a leather jacket, tee, and dark-wash jeans. Alanna is sporting a slightly sweeter look than normal here. There isn’t a hint of tomboyish flair in her outfit anywhere. Her jacket reminds us of Audrey Hepburn and she pairs her fitted jeans with cute ballet flats. Even her pose is sweet. Although, something about her face reminds us of a deer caught in headlights. Maybe, that’s how she really feels about her ‘all cute’ look and she’s waiting to go home and slip on her canvas sneakers.

2 James Dean Impersonator

This is Alanna’s best James Dean impression. She even slicked back her hair for the photo. We bet that if James Dean were alive today that he would probably wear this exact same look. Ripped jeans, an oversized tee, and sneakers make the perfect uniform for girls who have a tomboy vibe to their style.

If you want to add a dose of girliness to this fluid look, opt for a pink tee shirt instead of basic white or black. You’ll still have a relaxed vibe to your look, but the pretty hue will keep the look from being exactly what your boyfriend would wear. Although, some guys do wear pink. And, if we didn’t see this picture on Alanna’s Instagram, we’d almost think that it was a cool guy sipping on his iced latte.

1 Feminine Unity

When Alanna strikes a serious pose, she makes sure that she does it with her brother by her side. Here’s Alanna ditching her usual smile for a snarl. Although, with her sweet drink in hand and cool style, she doesn’t exactly strike us as intimidating. What we see is a perfect way to restyle your basic jeans and tee look.

So, if you’d like to know how to update your basic white shirt and jeans look, choose jeans with a pattern and wear a bold necklace over your tee. It’s a small tweak that will make your old tee shirts look fresh. It’s also another way to make a gender neutral look feel feminine. After all, you could easily put this same look on her brother Jordan, but we have to say that Alanna wears the look the best.

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