20 Photos Of Kate Middleton's Loose-Fitting Style (Trying To Hide Her Baby Bump)

Marrying into one of the world’s most royal families will definitely put all eyes on you, especially when you’re not royal or famous to begin with. Everyone loves a fairytale romance, complete with a happy ending. That’s why when Kate Middleton, just a regular everyday person, started dating Prince William, the world was absolutely enamored with her and their relationship. People were even more excited once the couple announced their engagement and couldn’t wait for the royal wedding. The entire world watched Will and Kate get married, and we couldn’t get enough of them.

Once things settled down for them, they began to start a family. They had their first child, Prince George, followed by Princess Charlotte a few years later. The Duchess of Cambridge is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child.

It’s a lot to handle, being pregnant with the whole world watching your every move. Kate already is admired as a style icon, as she looks flawless in almost everything she wears. While pregnant, Kate kept up with her amazing style, making her maternity outfits the most sought-after. Not wanting to really draw any more attention to her growing baby bump, Kate opted to wear loose-fitting clothes that are still very stylish to keep prying eyes away from her bump.  These are 20 photos of Kate Middleton’s loose-fitting style that try to hide her baby bump.

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20 Polka-Dotted Dress

via: lifeandstylemag.com

During her pregnancies, Kate gravitated toward wearing anything that was flowy and not clingy on her body in order to not show off her bump in any way. In this photo, the Duchess of Cambridge looks lovely in a white dress with black polka dots, and she paired the dress with a matching black cardigan. Her baby bump is visible, however, due to the wind pushing it against her stomach, accentuating it just a tiny bit. But regardless of the weather, this outfit isn’t showing off her bump at all. The pattern of the dress also doesn’t draw much attention to her growing bump and fits the royal style of looking chic and elegant.

19 Pale Green Coat

via: projectnursery.com

In this outfit, Kate goes in a different direction to hide her bump. Wearing a pale green button-down coat, the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t even look pregnant. The material isn’t fitted and, as a result, doesn’t accentuate it at all. She chose to pair the coat with a nude heel, as well as a clutch to go along with both. If she wanted to further distract us from her baby bump, she’s doing a good job when it comes to her hat. Not the craziest one that we’ve seen on a royal, though. However, it’s still very much out of the ordinary, so much so that our eyes are drawn right to it. Great distraction technique, Kate!

18 Bright Pink Coat

via: instyle.com

This time Kate is going for yet another coat to hide her growing bump. This one is a bright hot pink color that really pops. You don’t see royals in bright colors very often, but Kate really makes it work. Much like the previous coat, this one doesn’t cling or conform to her body at all, hiding her baby bump pretty well. The Duchess of Cambridge also probably opted for such a bright color to further distract people from staring and speculating about her pregnancy. Matching her black heels and purse to the black buttons on the coat itself, Kate easily looks cool, sleek, and sophisticated like any royal should.

17 Black Knee-Length Coat

via PinsDaddy

As you can see, Kate really likes going for the sleek and classic long coat look. The style makes her look every bit of poised and professional, as a Royal should. This time around, Kate goes for an all-black coat that reaches her knees with matching shoes, gloves, clutch purse, and hat. Once again, the cut and shape of the coat really complement the Duchess of Cambridge’s ever growing baby bump, allowing her to barely even look pregnant. It’s no wonder why she keeps going back to this style of coats, as it does wonders to keep her baby bump out of sight without making her look like she’s wearing really baggy clothes.

16 Flowing Polka-Dotted Dress

via: nydailynews.com

Up next in Kate’s maternity style is another dress that flows around her stomach. Kate really seems to like the polka dot pattern as she’s been seen in a similar dress to the first one we talked about. This one is a little different than the first one we saw, as it’s black with white polka dots and has a little bit of a longer sleeve, allowing the Duchess of Cambridge to leave the cardigan at home this time. Once again, the flowing material doesn’t cling to her stomach at all and allows for her growing baby bump to be hidden from the world’s prying eyes.

15 Loud Patterned Dress

via: goodhousekeeping.com

When it comes to this outfit, Kate strayed away from what we’ve seen her in a lot. She’s wearing yet another dress, but this one is much different than the previous two. The dress is still modest with it being knee-length, as well as sleeves that go to her elbow. This particular dress doesn’t flow as much as the others and clings more to her body. Although the clinginess accentuates her baby bump more, the loud pattern of the dress allows the focus to be taken away from her bump. If anything, the pattern is distracting and doesn’t put all of the attention on the baby bump. It’s like we know it’s there but the pattern hides it in plain sight.

14 In All-Black

via: nydailynews.com

In this next outfit, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing a really modest dress. Yet again, it comes to the knee and has longer sleeves. This time around, Kate paired it with black tights and heels, giving her that sleek all-black look. There’s just a pop of color on the edges of the dress and the ends of the pockets, and it really works for her. We all know that black is a color we tend to gravitate to because the color gives off a more slender look. We guess it works for baby bumps pretty well because you can’t even see Kate Middleton’s growing one in the photo. It’s almost nonexistent. Good choice on the black, Kate!

13 Animal Print Dress

via: goodhousekeeping.com

In this next dress, Kate looks absolutely sleek and stunning. Unlike the other dresses that we’ve seen her in, this dress has a full sleeve to it. Although it’s modest, it also gives off that professional and important vibe—she is the Duchess of Cambridge, after all. Once again, Kate made an excellent choice when it came to patterns, as the repetitious pattern distracts people from her looking at her growing baby bump. The material still isn’t overly clingy (this way, you know that she has a baby bump), but it’s not the only thing we notice when we first take a look at her. She really makes the print work!

12 Pretty In All-Peach

via Good Housekeeping

Peach is definitely one of Kate’s colors, as she looks absolutely stunning in it. She’s radiant, and it makes her look like she’s glowing with happiness. In this photo, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing yet another dress that doesn’t really cling to her baby bump. The color is a light peach that doesn’t make her stand out too much. She paired the dress with an unbuttoned coat that is a darker peach (almost baby pink in color), both colors complementing her beautifully. Both the dress and the open coat keep her baby bump safe from all of the prying eyes, and as usual, Kate looks gorgeous.

11 A Distracting Hat

via: parade.com

In this outfit, Kate goes for a different tactic to keep all eyes off of her baby bump—a strange hat. In this outfit, Kate is dressed in her usual royal style—a dress and a jacket over it. This time, she opted for something more beige and neutral. It’s quite obvious that she’s more pregnant in this photo, but she’s still not trying to draw attention to her baby bump. For some reason, the Duchess of Cambridge decided to wear one of the strangest hats. The hat sits forward on her head, with some sort of flower (or maybe even a butterfly) perched on the side, along with some fishnet draping over the entire thing. If she was trying to distract us, it definitely worked because all eyes were on that hat, for sure.

10 Flowing Blue Dress

via: instyle.com

In this photo, we see Kate at a more formal affair along with her husband, Prince William. She’s not very far along, and her baby bump is really tiny at this point. This time around, she once again chose to wear a dress. However, this one is nearly floor-length and has full-length sleeves. It’s fitted to the waist, with black accents to break off the gorgeous light blue color. From the waist down, the dress flows out, not clinging to her small bump at all. It’s actually really hard to believe that the Duchess of Cambridge is even pregnant in this photo, as her bump is pretty much not even visible.

9 Maroon Long Coat

via: au.be.yahoo.com

In this photo, Kate turned back to her old faithful outfit—a long coat that hides almost everything. This coat is a gorgeous burgundy color and trimmed with black accents to break things off. She also paired the coat with black tights and heels, along with a black clutch. This outfit really gives us the fall and winter vibe, and we love it. Once again, the coat does not cling to her frame at all, which allows her bump to be a little more hidden from the public eye. It’s no wonder that she often opts for these coats as they conceal her bump rather nicely.

8 A Belted Dress

via: mirror.co.uk

As for this outfit, Kate goes for a slightly different approach to her trademark looks in beautiful dresses. This baby pink dress looks gorgeous with her complexion and is a really fantastic color overall. The best part about the dress are the black accents—a trimming of black around her collar and one acting as a belt around her waist with a bow right in the middle. The bow is a great distraction from her baby bump besides the dress not being overly clingy. The belt accentuates her small waist, making her visibly less pregnant as your attention is drawn to that. The Duchess of Cambridge is clearly the master of baby bump disguise.

7 Going For A Casual Look

via GotCeleb

It’s not very often that we see Kate Middleton in an outfit that’s not a dress or anything remotely casual or really comfortable because of her royal dress code. In this photo, we get to see Kate actually dressed down for once, wearing a zip-up jacket along with a pair of comfy joggers. Although this outfit isn’t really loose, the multiple layers and comfy clothing choice still conceals her tiny baby bump. As a result, she barely even looks pregnant. Despite not being in her normal regal attire, the Duchess of Cambridge still looks fantastic, and we applaud her casual clothing choices.

6 Loose-Fitting Navy Coat

via: vanityfair.com

In this outfit, Kate is back at it again with a loose-fitting coat. You can tell in the picture that she’s further along in her pregnancy, and it’s much harder to conceal a huge baby bump. The coat that she chose is very a-line, as it’s fitting on top toward her waist. From her waist down, the coat is not fitted at all and kind of fits her like a dress. Without the coat clinging to her stomach so much, it actually looks more like a dress than anything else. It’s not completely hiding her baby bump, but it doesn’t attract all the attention either.

5 Another Patterned Dress

via: usmagazine.com

In this next dress, Kate tries to distract people away from her baby bump by using another loud pattern. Of course, the dress flows and is very loose-fitting—a trademark of her maternity wear since it already distracts from her bump and really hides it. When it comes to this dress, however, she opted for a very busy and loud pattern. The pattern hides her bump so much that when looking at her from the front, you can barely even see it because it blends so well. It’s like camouflage for baby bumps, for sure. The Duchess of Cambridge definitely uses patterns to her advantage.

4 A Peplum Cocktail Dress

via MTV.com

In this photo, we see Kate at a really formal event, as she’s wearing a cocktail dress. Modest, as usual, it has sheer sleeves, a belt around the waist, and a knee-length skirt. For this outfit, the Duchess of Cambridge got creative when it came to hiding her baby bump. She’s really not that far along, as her bump isn’t too big yet. However, she’s willing to keep all eyes off of it. She opted for a dress with a peplum-style top that flows out at the waist just a tiny bit to cover what she has of her baby bump. The style of the dress is perfect for concealing anything around the stomach area that you don’t want anyone to see. Good choice in dress, Kate!

3 Elsa-Inspired Dress

via 9News

As for this gown, we’re wondering if Kate was going for something really inspired by Elsa from the hit animated movie Frozen, as she looks like she’s dripping in snow and ice crystals. The beaded gown is absolutely gorgeous and an even more beautiful color. The flowing skirt distracts from her small growing bump, and the crystals that cover the entire gown distract the eye very easily. The Duchess of Cambridge looks absolutely stunning in this dress and proves that whether it’s a normal day of royal duties or a more formal and dressy event, Kate is able to dress to fit her growing body and hide her baby bump.

2 Not-So-Clingy Coat

via: celebuzz.com

In this outfit, we see the Duchess of Cambridge in a more formal-looking coat. The coat is also a-line, as it clings to her chest and shoulders before flowing outward just like a dress. It’s a gorgeous blue color and lined with black and detailed beading work, making the coat stand out that much more. She paired the coat with a black hat (strange, but not as strange as the previous distracting hat) along with black gloves to bring the accent color out more. She’s glowing and she’s gorgeous. We’re so overwhelmed by how great she looks that we forget that she’s pregnant!

1 Flowing Formal Gown

via: popsugar.com

Finally, we see Kate in an absolutely stunning evening gown. It’s evident that she’s in the early stages of her pregnancy as her bump is barely there. The dress that she’s wearing to the formal event is a gorgeous soft baby blue and (as always) modest but this time with a little bit of edge. The dress is long-sleeved, but the hem reaches just a tiny bit above her knees. To make the gown a little dressier, there’s a wrap-around piece of fabric that reaches the floor but still shows off her amazing legs. She looks so stunning that we don’t even have time to fret over her baby bump.

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