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"You’re funny and clever and gorgeous and just enough crazy to be my favorite person in world."

In 2017, Lily had her prom like any normal high school teenager but of course, Lily's was made public since her parents are in the film industry. In every photo, there is no full-length shot of the dress but what we can see from the top is stylish and very

bold. The bright red suits Lily as it makes her boldly stand out and the bow tied at the front makes the dress less plain by giving it more style. Lily deciding to go strapless is a good choice as she gets to reveal her shoulders. Lily's hair swept to one side is dazzling especially how it waves together at the bottom. Lily also didn't overdo it with the makeup which she didn't need to do anyway as the bronzer she chose makes her skin glow and the light pink lip gloss still makes her lips shine. The golden eyeshadow is hit as it makes her eyes stand out with the dark black eyeliner and mascara plus the gold adds a bronze shine! Kate even shared a photo of Lily on her Instagram just before Lily went to her prom.

Lily was even described as being Kate's "mini-me" because of how similar they look which this image reveals!

Via Instagram and Babycentre blog
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