20 Photos Of Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Lily Outshining Her Mother

Kate Beckinsale is an actress with successful roles in numerous movies. Kate also shares a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen with the actor, Michael Sheen. Beckinsale is also always immaculately dressed in jeans, skirts, or satin dresses with high heels or boots while out and about. Lily is all grown up now and is entering adulthood and she's the spitting image of her mom! Lily's hair is long and brunette like Kate's and they share a similar style and makeup look which makes it hard to sometimes tell the difference between mother and daughter. Although in later years Lily seems to be outshining Kate with her fashion choices, makeup, and social media poses. When Lily is with Kate in public, she looks flawless in short skirts with heels or boots and even when she dresses it down, she still does it stylishly. Lily even travels in style as she leaves the airport in edgy denim.

Lily really stands out with her makeup as she chooses bold tones and colors. Sheen also outdid it with her prom dress and high school graduation dress which was short but still maintaining a clean image. Lily has also been snapped in her old high-school cheerleading outfit which shows she's like any normal teenager and during dress up Lily decided to go as Cat Woman. Lily's dresses always make her stand out especially when she's standing next to Kate on the red carpet. Lily always looks polished when she steps out with her mom or her group of friends and she's choosing a style that is different from mother's and Kate should step it up.

20 Her Prom Dress

Via Instagram

In 2017, Lily had her prom like any normal high school teenager but of course, Lily's was made public since her parents are in the film industry. In every photo, there is no full-length shot of the dress but what we can see from the top is stylish and very bold. The bright red suits Lily as it makes her boldly stand out and the bow tied at the front makes the dress less plain by giving it more style. Lily deciding to go strapless is a good choice as she gets to reveal her shoulders. Lily's hair swept to one side is dazzling especially how it waves together at the bottom. Lily also didn't overdo it with the makeup which she didn't need to do anyway as the bronzer she chose makes her skin glow and the light pink lip gloss still makes her lips shine. The golden eyeshadow is hit as it makes her eyes stand out with the dark black eyeliner and mascara plus the gold adds a bronze shine! Kate even shared a photo of Lily on her Instagram just before Lily went to her prom.

"You’re funny and clever and gorgeous and just enough crazy to be my favorite person in world."

Lily was even described as being Kate's "mini-me" because of how similar they look which this image reveals!

19 All Dressed Up

Via Instagram and Babycentre blog

Last year for Halloween, Lily posted this image of her with her friend in their costume choices on Instagram and Lily looks amazing and she really stands out. The dress is short and it's super soft as it's made out of silk. Lily sticks to the cat theme with the cat ears and the cattail. The black ribbon around her neck also adds a dark edge to the cat look. Lily is even striking a model pose with the hand on her arm which seems to be her signature pose with the pout. This look shows Lily is grown up and isn't so innocent anymore and how her Halloween costumes have changed. During her trick and treating days with her parents, Lily dressed up in Cabaret style outfit choices with wide rim dresses and fishnet stockings and Lily even deemed the curly bob hairstyle with a wig.

The red made Lily stand out and even when she was young Lily knew how to dress in Halloween style! Kate also loves Halloween and dresses up as a number of characters but in this particular image, Kate has a gothic theme going on with the big wig and white and black corset dress. Lily even outshines her mom with her Halloween attire!

18 New York Style

Via Instagram

Lily got accepted into New York University, therefore, her main residence is now New York. In the caption of this picture, Lily said, "fun-loving girl takes the big apple!" on her Instagram and it reveals a whole different side of Lily. She looks more mature here than she usually does and is clearly embracing adulthood. The clothes Lily is wearing reveals an elegant side and shows that teenagers can dress up and aren't always donning the denim style. The black top paired with the beige peach bottom piece makes Lily older. Lily's makeup also gives her a grown-up look. It's not overdone, and it seems Lily applied light touches of mascara on her eyelashes.

Lily's hair is sleek with the straight style falling on her shoulders and the volume makes her look older as well. Lily stands out as a model in this image with the whole style and pouty lips which Kate said she inherited from her.

17 Golden Girl On The Red Carpet

Via Daily Mail

Mother and daughter were snapped at a red-carpet event in Los Angeles in 2013 and 14-year-old Lily looks radiant in a short strapless dress. Lily loves her short dresses as it is her go-to for stylish events or parties. The gold makes Lily stand out more than Kate especially because of the ruffles at the bottom of the dress. Kate must have given Lily tips as she stuck to a one-color theme with the gold since her shoes and clutch are the same color. The shoes are worth mentioning as they're pointy toe and make Lily's feet stand out. This look is stylish and fun while still looking age-appropriate.

Kate opted for a black and red theme with the black accessories and the dress is a plain wraparound! Lily stands out more in this image and her mom looks like she's hiding behind her daughter's shadow because Lily deems a better look.

16 Subway Queen

Via Instagram

In all of Lily's Instagram posts, she looks chic in grownup clothes while living the college life in the city that never sleeps. In this image captioned, "angry because I don't understand the subway" posted on Lily's Instagram, she looks like a trendy grown woman! Lily is obviously on her way somewhere and while the garment looks simple, she's accessorized it with strappy sandals and a vintage-looking bag. The dress has a vintage look to it too with the tan and green plaid and the thin black belt wrapped around Lily's waist gives it a modern touch. Plus, the belt accentuates her waist. The black heels are the highlight of the ensemble because of the wide-rim heel and ankle strap. Lily knows how to match her color schemes as the black belt, heels, and bag goes with the dress and Lily looks older than she actually is in this photo.

Lily's innocence and true age peep out with the tied-back messy hairstyle and natural look since the photo implies that Lily is make-up free as her eyes are free from eyeliner and mascara. She's young, she doesn't need to cake on makeup on her face.

15 Graduation Day 

Via Pinterest

Lily outdid it with her dress which she could reveal after ditching the graduation gown. Here, Lily is snapped with her mom at her high-school graduation day looking stylish and probably not even what a normal teen would wear to their graduation day. Lily is glowing since she's finally done with high school. The whole family seems to be in light earth tones, which is perfect for an outdoor graduation. Between the style, short length, and mini heels. Lily looks like a young lady. She's not a teen anymore, but she's also not her mother's age, and here, she's found the perfect outfit to reflect that. The dress is mid-thigh length and it's plain, but the material appears to be soft and lovely.

Lily outshines her mother in this photo, which is how it should be on her graduation day. Kate is wearing a very light green and loose-fitting dress like she's going to a garden party. She definitely looks like a proud mother.

14 Traveling In Style

Via Daily Mail

Mo Sheen even knows how to dress perfectly for her travels. Most people love to be comfortable during a long flight, but not Lily, since she still maintains fashionable even on the plane. It could be Lily knows she's going to be snapped by the paparazzi which did happen as she was caught in this image in 2014 leaving LAX with Kate and Kate's husband, Len Wiseman. They had just arrived from a trip to London and Lily looks put together. Lily went for a trendy style with the torn skinny jeans and a white graphic T-shirt. Lily went the extra mile by wrapping the white jacket around her waist which works well with the denim and white T-shirt, plus it matches and doesn't look out of place at all. The black jacket also looks stylish and if Lily was wearing it, I bet it would go well with the getup.

The boots are the best thing about the look since the black matches the jeans and it makes Lily look like a rock chic even more! Lily matches the colors as black, white, and denim go well together. The ensemble reveals Lily's teenage years especially with the ripped jeans by the kneecap and the high-up messy bun. Lily also keeps the makeup minimal which is key when you're stuck in a plane for hours.

13 Hitting The Runway

Lily looks like a porcelain doll in this image at the Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week show in 2013. Lily was 12 years old at the time and with this outfit and minimum makeup, she still looks way older and like a dignified pre-teen. Lily's dress is bold, to say the least, because of the gold-and-black print. The dress is dignified and doesn't reveal too much skin.

Kate opted for a simple white-collared shirt dress. Beckinsale's hair is tied up with a wavy volume and her make-up matches her daughters. It's clear that Kate is a good role model for her daughter, showing her that there's no need to cake on a ton of makeup too look beautiful. Kate stuck with a darker shade nail polish whereas Lily went bolder with a bright orange color, which is perfect for a young girl. They both look good, but Lily stands out more because of the bold print.

12 Shopping Spree

Via Daily Mail

Last year, mother and daughter hit New York's streets for a day of shopping for necessities for Lily's college days. Lily looks like a preppy, but stylish, school girl in this attire. The pants, which cut above her ankles, are quite posh and vintage-looking. Not everyone can pull off plaid, but young Lily sure can. Lily always does well with her shoes since the leather black boots with a slight heel are a massive hit and go well with the pants and shirt. The small-sized bag is perfect as it doesn't overpower the look and it can hold all of Lily's essentials for a shopping spree such as her phone and money. Lily tied up her hair in a high ponytail, giving her a young and polished look. Kate is preparing Lily for the real world.

"It's very important that the child has her own personality and her own life, but that's hard for the parent."

At least she taught Lily how to dress in style even for a day out shopping!

11 Model Poses

Via Instagram

She looks stunning in this plain-Jane attire, but what makes it so appealing is the pose she's doing since it reveals Lily's beauty and it makes her look like she's doing a photo shoot instead of just posing for her Instagram account. Lily said that she was just lounging around and having a quiet evening, but instead of doing it with a baggy top and sweatpants, Lily is doing it like a pro! The jeans and strapless shirt are super casual, but the denim looks polished and the darker shade of black shirt goes really well with the lighter shade of denim. Plus, the jeans accentuates Lily's body shape which she maintains with a healthy diet just like her mom.

You could really see how much Lily looks like her mother here. She clearly got her nose and cheekbones from her mother. No wonder she loves to pout since she naturally has luscious lips. Plus, you can also see how perfectly round her eyes are especially with the eyeliner on her upper eyelid and long lashes. Lily is a natural beauty so it's nice to see photos like this where she keeps it bare with only a touch of make-up for this selfie. She is a champion of selfies and this picture proves it!

10 Grocery Shopping Done Right

Lily is seriously an Instagram queen as she always looks perfect in her Insta-worthy pictures. In 2016, Lily added this image to her collection and captioned it, "candid in the candy aisle you know." Lily went sweet shopping in style with her knee-high leather boots over skin-tight jeans. The white-collared shirt gives a modern-day hip look and the leather jacket is to die for. It's black and leather plus its mid-length and stops at the waist. The leather jacket gives this look an edgy touch.

She did a ballerina bun as it rests on top of her head and Lily used a scrunchie which has made a comeback thanks to celebs who are tying up their hair with it. Lily also opted for dark red lipstick which goes well with the modern, edgy look. I'm sure Lily turned heads as she looks absolutely sensational in this outfit choice and Lily made the right choice when deciding what to wear before leaving the house and going to the supermarket.

9 The Girl Next Door

Via Instagram

Mo Sheen is even super nice with her friends by giving them birthday shout-outs to them on her Instagram account. In this image, Lily captioned it with a birthday message to her guy friend and it appears she was his prom date since Lily is wearing a white corsage on her wrist and she is pinning a rose on his suit. Lily's dress is unique since it splits in the middle, adding a different element to the dress. This dress fits her like a glove and shows just enough skin while being totally age-appropriate for her.

Lily's wavy, shoulder-length hair gives her a cute, girl-next-door look and the white fabric looks beautiful with her skin tone. Her make-up isn't too overbearing, letting her gorgeous features stand out on their own.

8 You Can Never Go Wrong With Lace

Via Instagram

Another Instagram-worthy picture is this image of Lily in formal wear. It looks like she belongs in the 1920s with this dress because of the floral and the material. The dress is stunning as it accentuates Lily's shape. The length is also perfect as it's not too short or revealing. Lily loves mixing up her style with modern and vintage garments and this dress is quite classic.

Once again Lily opted for a light pink color for her lips and this time, she kept her eyes eyeliner free but made them stand out with a touch of mascara. Lily knows how to deem the formal look perfect every time! The recurring theme is the fact that Lily is mostly always with her friends and her Instagram proves that she definitely does have a full social life.

7 Glamorous No Matter What 

Via Just Jared

In 2013, Lily joined her mom at the Beatles tribute in an outfit that screams fashion and glamour. First of all, Lily is wearing a short mini without looking inappropriate. Plus, Lily tucked it into her skirt, although half-heartedly as some areas are half in and out. The boots are unique because of the tussles which are reminiscent of country-style boots. What makes it works is the fact that it is ankle length and the black leather which Lily loves! Also, worth mentioning is for the first time Lily's hair is completely straight and not wavy at all.

Kate also has a refined look here with a tight-fitting pencil skirt and light orange shirt which is more tucked in than Lily's, and Kate opted for boring plain black heels. Another difference which reveals why Lily shines more are her sunglasses — Kate went for a cat-eye shape. Meanwhile, Lily went for a round pair with an awesome orange color which gives it a retro look. Over the years, Lily has maintained her style and it never disappoints.

6 The Teenage Cheerleader

Before Lily finished high school and left for college, she proudly showed her team spirit by being a cheerleader. We all know how popular a girl is when they wear the famous uniform. The picture was taken in 2012 and it shows Lily living the American lifestyle after spending her early years in England. Kate and Lily moved to America in 2003 after Kate's split with Michael, Lily's father. Lily was on her way with Kate to a restaurant in California when they were snapped by the paps. It seems Lily had just finished cheerleading practice. There's not much news on Kate's days in high school, so we don't know which crowd she ran with. Lily looks like a typical teenager in her bright red cheerleading attire and by adding the bow in her hair, she looks like Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill. Lily even managed to match her outfit with the red bag.

She was only 13 here, so over time, her style has become more grown up, but the costume does suit her and at least she was able to settle and embrace the American high-school lifestyle. Kate gave the casual cropped jeans and white collared shirt some spark with the stilettos which aren't too overboard because of the color and design.

5 All Grown Up

Via Instagram

This picture was taken this year in January looking like a college student and all grown up. Lily also looks like she belongs in the '90s because of the high-waisted jeans which were a trend then and it's become quite popular recently. Lily posted this image of her and her friend on Instagram in their matching outfits and Lily is killing the trend with poise and attitude. The outfit makes Lily looks like she's a cool 20-year-old. It makes you wonder how Lily's style will improve as she grows older. This look is a ten out of ten is because of the accessories and red top. Lily added a black belt which she loves to do with her jeans as it adds a different look to something that would be boring without it.

Tucking in the red top makes this look quite polished and chic. She's clearly ready to hit the town with her friend with this no-fuss outfit. Sometimes, simplicity is best.

4 New York Rainy Days

Here's another candid of Lily on Instagram looking amazing in a winter style type of outfit without all the layers. The picture was taken in 2014 and Lily looks older than 15 which was her age when the image was taken. Lily looks like a stylish New Yorker standing in front of a high-rise building in Central Park. Lily is wearing a one-piece top with a sleeve that puffs up and it covers Lily up all the way to her neck which is perfect for a rainy day. Even though it's cold, Lily still maintains a fashionable style. The clutch bag is tiny, but it could only be used for show as it does match the outfit. Lily doesn't layer up and at least she has the black boots that go past her ankles to keep her warm.

Kate, on the other hand, deems a more sophisticated style, looking like she's on the way to the office. This shows how different Kate and Lily's rainy-day style is and that Lily likes to look fashionable regularly regardless of the weather and temperature. Lily clearly brought London to New York with this look.

3 Young At Heart

Via Instagram

This image was taken last year and Lily is posing with her friend who is featured regularly on her Instagram. Lily looks completely different here because of her hair which she seems to have not flat ironed as it looks less straight then other images and it looks messier and thicker. Compared to other Instagram photos, Lily really looks like a teen girl here in her denim skirt and lilac tank top with a bow. The whole outfit is very sweet and perfect for backyard chilling. The highlight of the ensemble is Lily's boots. Mo Sheen always selects the right footwear before stepping out. While her clothes are quite feminine, these boots give her that edgy UK vibe.

Lily is a Hollywood kid, and while she can definitely dress the part when she's at a red-carpet event or attending a fashion show, she still knows how to dress like a normal teen. Unlike other celeb kids who look done-up all the time and strutting the streets in promiscuous clothing, Lily keeps a clean image while looking trendy and stylish.

2 Birthday Celebrations For Kate

Via Daily Mail

In 2012, Lily was snapped at the Little Door Restaurant celebrating her mom's 39th birthday. Lily was 13 at the time in an outfit that is quite simple, but Mo Sheen still stands out because of her purple hair and black pumps. Lily dyed her hair for the occasion and she looks completely different. The white shirt is very feminine and sweet for a young lady. Her pastel-colored jeans fit her perfectly. They show her figure without being too revealing.

Even though Lily is 13 in this image, it seems like she knows how to wear heels — something her mother definitely knows how to do. Kate shared an Instagram throwback to Lily in her shoes when she was a toddler on Lily's 18th birthday with this caption: "18 and now you're in the big-girl shoes for real."

1 Backyard Chilling

Via Instagram

This is yet another great image of Lily from her Instagram account. The public can only have a look at her private life with her social media as there aren't many images of her in the tabloids. The image was taken in 2014, and Lily is posing with a friend which is normal for her Instagram selfies especially the earlier ones from 2014. Lily shines in this streetwear attire because of the cute shorts and adorable crop top. The shorts look rather bohemian and perfect to lounge in when chilling in the backyard. Even in a crop top, Lily's outfit is not very revealing compared to the way other girls her age dress. Plus, you can see how toned Lily actually is in this image!

The boots are amazing, and they appear to be Doc Martens — giving her an edgy touch. Lily's straight hair also suits her, and she looks like just a normal teenager. Lily has a style that she wears continuously, such as black boots and heels and short dresses or shorts. Plus, Lily loves her denim, but she sometimes surprises the public with different fashion choices.

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