20 Photos Of A-Rod's Best Fashion Looks

Dominican-American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman Alex Rodriguez is someone who just loves the limelight. As a baseball pro in the MLB, he achieved fame and fortune playing for the likes of the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees. For 22 seasons he executed his craft in the MLB, and due to his achievements, he’s regarded to be one of the greatest players of all time. His stats are just ridiculous, and many were sad to see him step away from the game. He wasn’t just a baseball pro either. He was a major A-list celeb, someone who was always seen out and about hanging with the rich and famous. He’s had his fair share of controversy too – who can forget the scandal that blighted his career? Basically, there’s never a dull moment when A-Rod’s around. He’s a favorite of the paparazzi and the media because of that.

A-Rod was never going to disappear once he stopped playing. He’s arguably become a bigger celeb since he stopped playing professional sports. Dating Jennifer Lopez has certainly helped his profile. J-Lo has helped him in other ways too – many think she has a lot to do with his suave and sophisticated dress sense. She’s certainly had an influence and probably put him through a serious style bootcamp. But having said that, A-Rod’s wardrobe has always been great. But when you date one of the most stylish women in the world, you’ve got to take things to the next level.  A-Rod has certainly done that, almost certainly with J-Lo’s help. The outcome is… well, you can see for yourself. These are 20 of A-Rod’s most boss fashion looks.

20 The White Trouser Look

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A-Rod always had a great fashion sense. People attribute his whole wardrobe to the influence to J-Lo, but that’s really not the case – not his whole wardrobe, anyway. They’ve only been going out for around a year, and A-Rod’s been dressing like a boss for a lot longer than that. This photo is a prime example of his look and style before fashionista J-Lo came into the picture. Here he is with a stern expression on his face, dressed in smart casual attire in December 2015. He’s got those white pants – you’ll learn throughout this article that he has a thing for white pants! – and that’s something that a lot of people can’t pull off. But for A-Rod it works, as do his sneakers and his smart casual sweater. It’s a boss look alright, like he’s on a business retreat, but the expression makes us think he’s still got business on his mind.

19 Boss Businessman Suit

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A-Rod has always loved a suit, and with good reason too, because we think most of you would agree that he looks like a boss in them. Okay, so this isn’t one of his best suits, but that’s because we’ve become used to him being styled by J-Lo. He’s taken his suit game to the next level, but before J-Lo, this was one of his best looks. He looks like a proper businessman in this suit, like he’s just concluded a meeting of great importance and is on the move again, coffee in hand to keep him going. Businessmen up and down the country would be envious of A-Rod and this look. It probably got him a great deal of attention too. The paparazzi can’t stop taking his picture anyway when they spot him out and about, but when he’s wearing a suit, they just go wild. Get used to seeing A-Rod in a boss suit when going through this article.

18 Baseball Superstar Or CEO?

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Okay, so see what we mean about A-Rod and how his suit style has evolved? The previous photo was one of A-Rod before J-Lo, and no one can argue with the fact that he brushes up quite nicely. But this photo was taken when J-Lo entered his life and although both are photos of him looking like a boss, you can tell that with J-Lo’s influence, his suit game has been taken up a notch. In the previous photo he looked like a wealthy businessman. In this one he looks like a true boss, like a CEO, and it helps his image of course that J-Lo’s looking great in red and is on his arm. This suit fits much nicer and is probably tailor made. And the simple grey style of the suit with white shirt and black tie suits A-Rod really well. Those shades just finish off the look – you can’t be a boss without a flashy pair of sunglasses.

17 Suave, Sophisticated And Stylish

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And here are those white jeans again, which we’re guessing are A-Rod’s favorite choice of attire when going for that smart casual look. He was wearing them pre-J-Lo and evidently J-Lo doesn’t have a problem with them - not that she dictates everything to do with his dress sense! – because he’s still wearing them now and his collection hasn’t been cut up into little pieces or donated to charity. The reason we mentioned that is because white jeans aren’t for everybody; it’s a loathe it or love it kind of style. But having said all of that, why would J-Lo have a problem with A-Rod wearing white jeans? It really does suit him. This time around he’s gone for the matching shoes as well. He’s ditched the sneakers and has gone for more stylish white shoes. The shirt and that heavy blue cardigan just add to the image. It’s smart casual at its finest.

16 Blue Suit For Birthday Celebrations

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A-Rod dresses like a boss on most occasions, certainly when the cameras are out and the paparazzi are out in full force. But when the occasion calls for it, he amps it up a notch. He also dresses to suit the city he’s in. Different cities have different vibes, different atmospheres, and A-Rod dresses accordingly. This is a photo of A-Rod looking dapper as always, and the gorgeous J-Lo by his side. They really do resemble a superstar couple. This is the two of them last year at a birthday celebration. Whose birthdays? Both of theirs, actually. Their birthdays are within a few days of each other, and they chose to celebrate in style by taking a trip to Miami with their nearest and dearest. We can only imagine what the celebrations were like – they must have been non-stop for days celebrating their joint birthday bash!

15 The Leather Look

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A-Rod’s someone who hangs with the rich and famous and always has done so. That’s why he’s a sports star whose popularity transcends his sport, because he’s often seen with A-listers from different professions. He’s not only seen with such individuals. As you can probably tell, A-Rod is a ladies man, and has dated quite a few famous women over the years. People love the fact that he’s now happy with J-Lo, but rewind a few years, and he was in a good relationship with Torrie Wilson. For those of you who don’t know Torrie, she’s a model, actress and former WWE wrestler. Evidently, having a famous woman on his arm makes A-Rod put in a bit of effort when it comes to his look. He rocks that leather jacket with the shades and hat. Leather and denim is a match made in heaven, and A-Rod certainly does it justice.

14 Smart Casual

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We’ve previously mentioned how A-Rod and J-Lo have impeccable dress sense, and dress to suit the vibes of the city and the environment they’re in. This is a prime example of that. The two wouldn’t be caught wearing such outfits in New York, for example. But when visiting sunnier climbs where the vibe is more relaxed, they change their wardrobe. Looking at J-Lo’s outfit, you can probably tell where they are. Those flower patterns and that graphic t-shirt are perfect for a chilled night out in Miami. A-Rod has gone for a mature look. It makes him look suave and sophisticated – it is smart casual dress at its best. This just goes to show that the two dress up no matter what they’re doing. It’s a photo of them on their way to eat a steak dinner and enjoy a cozy night out.

13 Simple Casual Khaki

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With A-Rod, whether he’s stepping out for a night on the town with J-Lo, or is gracing some fancy occasion or other with his presence, he doesn’t always feel the need to whack on a suit. Sure, suits are awesome, and most boss looks consist of suits. But that’s not always the case. It largely depends on the man wearing the outfit, his look, and what he’s able to pull off. A-Rod is obviously on the red carpet for some type of occasion in this photo. But rather than dressing in a suit, he’s gone for the business casual look. It’s a simple outfit, but one that A-Rod rocks like a boss. This time he’s done away with his favorite white jeans and has gone for business casual khaki. He is of course color coordinated, wearing clothing with simple yet striking colors. Men, take note; that’s the way to dress down.

12 Celebrating World Series Win

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We’re rewinding the years quite a bit now. It’s a real blast from the past. A-Rod was actually still a professional athlete when this photo was taken. It’s a photo that was taken after his New York Yankees team won the World Series in 2009. When an athlete like A-Rod has such a massive achievement, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s going to celebrate in style, and that he most certainly did. He went out on the town with a massive Yankees fan, none other than Jay-Z himself. They stopped over at Nello's, and a fan saw an opportune moment to ask A-Rod for his autograph.

We can see that A-Rod dressed up for the occasion – you kind of have to when you’re hanging with Jay-Z. He’s gone for the sophisticated gent look, and it’s certainly a boss look. However, it’s a look we’ll have to remember with fondness, because he probably couldn’t pull it off today, nine years later.

11 Matching J-Lo With Style

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This photo shows that J-Lo and A-Rod match each other when it comes to style and their dress sense. The two probably plan with each other what they’re going to wear, so that they can coordinate, step out and dress to impress. They look every bit the cute superstar couple they are in this photo. A-Rod has gone for the khaki suit in this photo. It’s kind of a Miami Vice style suit, but A-Rod pulls it off superbly, and takes that look to the next level. He looks like a high-powered executive in this photo, someone who’s enjoying a bit of downtime from the cutthroat world of business. It’s what the mind’s drawn to when looking at A-Rod in such attire. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without the shades, and A-Rod’s donned a pair of snazzy shades too.

10 A-Rod Loves Those White Pants

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And the white jeans make another appearance on this list! He loves them, and it’s fair to assume a whole lot of you love the look too. It’s a summer look, and A-Rod looks incredibly striking when wearing those white jeans. J-Lo looks stylish as always, but a lot of attention, when they’re out as a couple, is now on A-Rod. J-Lo’s probably a tad pleased to spend some time in the background and let the paparazzi snap at his heels for a change! He’s used to it anyway, having been a superstar baseball player for most of his life. If he wanted to merge into the background, remain inconspicuous, he wouldn’t dress the way he does. He’d dress down all the time, wear scruffy jeans and a t-shirt, but A-Rod, being the fashion-conscious man he is, wouldn’t be caught in such attire. J-Lo probably wouldn’t let him walk out like that, anyway!

9 A Fashion Icon In Paris

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This is the ultimate movie star look. Paris is known for being a place inundated with fashionistas, where the fashion gurus of the world apply their trade and where the rich and famous showcase their style, dress sense, and congregate. When it comes to that description, A-Rod certainly fit the bill. He resembles a suave and sophisticated European gent. Even in the fashion capital of the world, he sticks out. He rocks his attire and it makes him pop. Again, it’s as though this photo is a movie still, and A-Rod’s the star. He’s got the shades, the jumper, the shirt, but it’s that jacket that makes this photo. That long white jacket is what completes that boss look. The leather duffle bag is a nice addition. Pretty much everything he’s wearing is a fashionable item of clothing or accessory in this photo. He certainly established himself as a fashion icon upon his visit to the French capital.

8 Every Bit The A-Lister He Is

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We have mentioned numerous times how J-Lo’s had an influence on A-Rod’s dress sense. It’s just something you’ve got to do if you want to be on the arm of one of the most stylish women on the planet. We know that J-Lo puts her two cents in on her man’s style choices, because when she was dating Ben Affleck, suddenly dressing down for him didn’t mean tracksuits and a plain top. J-Lo actually admitted stepping in and helping him out. She’s no doubt done the same with A-Rod. His dress sense wasn’t as tragic, but now he’s upgraded his look. This is what dressing down looks like for A-Rod. Even when dressing down he looks like a boss. See this photo of A-Rod and you’ll instantly know that he’s an A-lister. He’s dressed to impress in black, except for those white sneakers, which make him pop a bit. There’s no doubt he’s more stylish and is dressing swankier than a lot of other A-listers who held the title of A-list leading man.

7 He Dresses Up For His Kids

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A-Rod look a bit put off about something in this photo. It’s a photo of him in LA, spending some time with his ex-wife and daughters, treating them to some ice cream. He seems as if he’s feeling really awkward, almost as though he doesn’t want people staring, doesn’t want the paparazzi taking pictures of him and his family. Although he’s used to that kind of attention, perhaps he wanted a break from it seeing as though he was with his daughters. Just a tip here A-Rod, if you want to blend in, have a chance of escaping the eyes of the paparazzi, perhaps dressing sharply like a boss for a daddy-daughter day out wasn’t the way to go! Anyway, we can still appreciate his dress sense. I’m guessing not many dads would dress in such a fashion for a day out with their ex-wives and daughters. But evidently A-Rod isn’t most guys – he just had to make a bit of effort.

6 Ultra-Sleek In NYC

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A-Rod has his Miami style, then there’s his wardrobe for New York. He’s probably got a lot more garments for NYC living due to him playing for the New York Yankees for so many years. He knows the New York scene, knows what works, and knows how to dress to impress. Then with J-Lo’s input, he’s just taken things to the next level. A-Rod loves wearing those – what we can only assume to be because of the way they fit – tailor made blazers, and those crisp white shirts to add a bit of class to proceedings. But when not dressing up like a CEO, he likes to mix that style and go a bit casual by wearing sneakers, jeans, and of course the shades have to make an appearance. That’s an A-lister look if ever there was one. J-Lo looks fabulous in this photo too, but you’ve got to say that A-Rod’s look even surpasses hers on this day out in NYC!

5 Dressed Down But Still Looking Like A Boss

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A-Rod’s most certainly a ladies man. He just can’t help himself. His marriage was supposedly broken up due to infidelity. Then he’s rumored to have been with Madonna, has dated Cameron Diaz, and is now onto J-Lo. A-Rod and J-Lo seem perfectly suited to each other. But many loved the A-Rod and Cameron Diaz relationship. They just fit. This is a photo of A-Rod when he was with Cameron in 2010. He’d just arrived in New York with his two daughters to accompany Cameron on a promotional event. A-Rod isn’t happy about something, judging by that deep frown. Or perhaps it’s just that general serious celebrity facial expression that many celebs do when the cameras are out and about. He’s nailed it. He’s nailed that dressing down look too. It’s a casual look, but he still looks like a boss. His accessories help a great deal in making this look what it is.

4 Man In Black

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One thing’s for sure and that’s that A-Rod certainly know a thing or two about color coordination. He sticks to simple colors, knows what works, and knows which colors suits him. More often than not, A-Rod goes for black and white clothing, either black or white, or sometimes he mixes and matches and goes for a black top along with his favorite white jeans. This time around he’s the man in black, and has dressed in black from top to toe. He looks super-sleek and suave in his all black attire, and J-Lo by his side seems happy to let him get all the attention. It was his day, as this photo was taken when the two were heading to a TV taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where A-Rod made an appearance. He certainly knows how to dress up for the cameras, whether it’s taken by the paparazzi or he’s making a TV appearance.

3 The Met Gala Tux

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A-Rod and J-Lo dress to impress pretty much all the time. The guy wears a suit on dinner dates and dresses like a CEO on a day out. So, when the occasion actually calls for it, you can bet your bottom dollar that A-Rod’s going to go all out to impress. When you grace such an occasion, the only option is really to dress in a tuxedo. That’s precisely what A-Rod did when he and his girlfriend graced the Met Gala last year. Guys have to wear tuxedos, but even so, you’ve got to appreciate his style and it is most certainly a boss look. Of course, he’s had it tailor made so it fits perfectly, and from the looks of things, it’s dark blue rather than black; A-Rod has to stand out and be a little bit different. You can see from the dozens of photographers in the background that the duo certainly made an impression.

2 Looking Fly

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Again, here’s a photo of A-Rod keeping it simple, but proving that simple certainly works. He’s ditched the black attire and has opened up his grey wardrobe this time around. The crisp white shirt has still made an appearance, as have those shades and sneakers. He’s gone for the grey cardigan, which really completes the look. We are sure A-Rod won’t take offence at this, but it’s a look for the slightly older gentleman. A youngster just wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But that’s a good thing – he’s suave and sophisticated, which is a look and persona that can only be achieved when you get to a certain age. It’s a top smart casual look and one of his best boss looks. If A-Rod’s the boss, then J-Lo’s certainly the boss lady in this photo. She looks every bit the fashionista in this photo. They’re a superstar couple and dress like it too.

1 Movie Star Look

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The only word that comes to a lot of people’s minds when they see this photo is "boss." A-Rod looks like a proper boss in this photo, like he was going for that look. He looks like a boss, but looks like a boss in a movie. With this look, striking such a pose, he resembles a movie star, one that’s out on set looking out in amusement at the paparazzi eagerly trying to get a shot of him. Dress in this fashion, and even to people who didn’t know him, it’d be immediately evident that he’s an A-list celeb. We’ve mentioned this quite a few times now, but this look really is taking the whole smart casual style to the next level. He looks a tad different in this photo too – perhaps it’s one from his slightly younger days. He’s experimented with a new hairstyle, and as part of the whole ensemble, it looks great.

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