20 Outfits Miley Cyrus Wore That Liam Hemsworth Obsesses Over

The singer Miley Cyrus is known as much for her voice as for her ridiculously flashy and revealing outfits both on stage and in real life. Indeed, her outfits could never be called boring and in fact are so crazy and bizarre that not only have they turned the heads of those Cyrus has met but has also resulted in gossip and extensive criticism in the media and online.

However, Cyrus’s outfits are not the only thing that has resulted in gossip. Her relationship with Liam Hemsworth has also fuelled talk and rumors. Cyrus and Hemsworth officially started dating in 2010 and in the years that followed had been in an on-again and off-again relationship until they go engaged in 2012. However, their engagement did not last and the couple ended up breaking up in 2013, much to the dismay of their fans.

Still, even though both Cyrus and Hemsworth went on to date other people both referred to one another as best friends. In 2015 the two started hanging out again and in 2016 it was confirmed that the couple were not only dating but once again engaged. Soon after, pregnancy rumors started but were shot down by none other than Cyrus. So, what will happen next? Who knows. But while we wait let’s have a look at twenty ridiculous Cyrus’s outfits that Hemsworth would certainly not approve of.

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20 A Colorful Box


We’re not going to lie – this outfit baffles us immensely. From what we can tell, the above outfit consists of a colourful striped box which Miley Cyrus has accessorized with countless of thick and colourful bangle bracelets as well as thick blue rings.

As always, Cyrus decided to let the outfit speak for itself and thus kept her makeup and hair rather simple. Her makeup is minimalist and her hair is tied up in a ponytail which is made up of colorful dreadlocks. We’re sure that Liam Hemsworth would find this outfit just as strange and nonsensical as we do.

19 Crazy Mouse Bodysuit


As far as Miley Cyrus’s outfits go, this one is rather tame in that it doesn’t reveal that much skin (or rather, it reveals quite a lot but certainly not as much as we’re used to seeing). Still, it’s certainly not an outfit that Liam Hemsworth would approve for it is far too crazy.

The above rather bizarre outfit worn by Cyrus is made up of a silver bodysuit that is shaped like a mouse (that, somehow, appears to be either drunk or high). Cyrus has completed her look by adding a chunky neck chain as well as tying her blonde hair into two space buns.

18 Christmas Tree Garland Outfit

We’re not sure how we feel about the above outfit. All we know is that it fits in with Miley Cyrus’s overall fashion sense – who else would consider a Christmas tree garland an ideal stage accessory?

The outfit consists of a white bodysuit as well as a silver Christmas tree garland draped around Cyrus’s shoulder. A piece of the garland is also wrapped around Cyrus’s ponytail. Cyrus has accessorized her rather strange outfit with dangling earrings and has kept her makeup rather simple. Of course, Liam Hemsworth would not like this look at all for it is far too revealing (plus, he would probably be as baffled by the Christmas tree decoration just as much as we are!)

17 A Patterned Bodysuit


As far as Cyrus’s outfits go, the outfit you see above is once again rather tame. The outfit is incredibly simple but effective and consists of only a smoke-patterned bodysuit and several heavy gold chains.

For this particular outfit Cyrus kept her makeup minimal and her short hair was combed neatly. Still, even though this outfit is not exactly as provoking as some of her other outfits, we are not so sure that Liam Hemsworth would approve of it. After all, it does highlight her curves and leaves her backside totally exposed.

16 A Revealing Red Dress

The above outfit may seem elegant and even conservative by Miley Cyrus's standards but we are still not quite sure that Liam Hemsworth would approve of it. While the dress itself is a red heart-patterned maxi dress and indeed goes all the way down to Cyrus' feet, Cyrus's cleavage is quite exposed.

Cyrus paired the maxi dress with chunky black shoes, matching long red gloves and simple, elegant earrings. She kept her makeup relatively simple, opting only for one bold feature - red lips. Her short blonde hair, which was braided at the side, completed the rather tame (by Cyrus's standards) look.

15 A Playful Street Look

The above street look consists of a white crop top, a denim jacket covered in playful patches, a necklace made up of toys, a green handbag, denim shorts, ripped fishnet tights and white runners. While it’s not a bad or even a particularly crazy look (at least not by Cyrus’s standards) we still don’t think that Liam Hemsworth would approve of it.

To begin with, the outfit is quite revealing and one may even say far too seductive (just look at those long legs!). Plus, Hemsworth doesn’t strike us as a guy who appreciates colorful and bizarre outfits.

14 A Revealing Metal Bodysuit


Liam Hemsworth would certainly not approve of this outfit mostly because it reveals too much skin. The outfit consists of silver knee length boots and a bodysuit that hides absolutely nothing.

Cyrus completed the rather strange and revealing look by adding silver arm bracelets and by tying her hair up into a ponytail which she adorned with a silver bow. She kept her makeup relatively simple opting for a red lip and a rather muted look overall. She obviously wanted the outfit to be the talk of the town, and we have to say, she succeeded with aplomb.

13 A Far Too Revealing White Dress


If you thought you saw the most of Miley Cyrus’s revealing outfits, think again! Cyrus certainly knows how to shock us, especially when it comes to her clothes. Take the above outfit for example. We’re not even sure what it consists of but we feel like it is far too revealing and controversial.

The above outfit consists of white knee-length boots and a white dress-like garment that has holes just beneath Cyrus’s chest as well as on her hips. The dress-like garment is adorned with white pompoms. Cyrus has also opted for a fluffy white pompom in her ponytail to complete the look.

12 A Rainbow-Coloured Fur Coat

The above outfit is certainly one of the least revealing outfits that has been recently worn by Miley Cyrus. The outfit consists of a patterned black and white bodysuit, black converse, black shades, a red baker hat, a black choker and of course, a bizarrely colorful fur coat adorned with a single pin.

The rainbow-colored fur coat is certainly a statement piece so we’re not surprised that Cyrus has opted for it. After all, it does look rather cool and Cyrus’s choice of accessories compliment her overall look nicely. Still, we don’t think that Liam Hemsworth would approve of this look because it simply looks too crazy.

11 “Do It” Dress

Do what? We’re not sure, but that’s exactly what Miley Cyrus’ dress is saying – “Do it”. The above look, while it may not be as revealing as Cyrus’s other looks, is probably one of the craziest and more bizarre looks sported by the singer in recent years.

The above outfit consists of a tight neon pink leather dress that has the inflatable words “DO IT” attached to it. Cyrus has chosen to compliment the bizarre dress with silver shoes and a headpiece shaped like a pig’s snout and ears. We’re sure we don’t need to explain why Liam Hemsworth would not approve of this particular look.

10 Lip-Shaped Bodysuit


Miley Cyrus obviously loves unique outfits so it comes as no surprise that she regularly dons strangely shaped dresses and bodysuits. After all, nowadays you have to stand out to be seen. And what better way to stand out than with your clothes?

The above outfit certainly helped Cyrus to stand out. The outfit consists of a silver and red bodysuit that is shaped like a mouth and little else. For this particular look Cyrus opted to keep her makeup minimal and her hair neat. Still, since the outfit is rather revealing we don’t think that Liam Hemsworth would approve of it.

9 A Two-Piece BodySuit

Here we have another rather revealing outfit that Miley Cyrus once chose for the stage. The outfit consists of a red long-sleeved bra with silver studs and feathers as well as red underpants adorned with silver studs also. Cyrus completed the outfit with white cowboy boots as well as a tiny white Chanel purse.

Cyrus decided to keep her makeup minimal for this look and her short hair was styled neatly. Once again, this look is rather revealing and seductive which leads us to believe that Liam Hemsworth would not approve of it in the slightest.

8 A Crochet Sweater And Skirt Combo

We are so used to Cyrus sporting ridiculously bizarre and revealing outfits that when we see her wearing outfits such as the one above we tend to think of them as extremely tame and almost normal. After all, who doesn’t wear a see-through crochet skirt in public?

The above outfit consists of a green and pink Moschino bra as well as green and pink Moschino underwear. The provocative singer wore a matching pink Moschino crochet sweater and a pink Moschino crochet skirt over the designer underclothes. Cyrus completed her look with pink heels and silver heart-shaped glasses. Once again, we’re not so sure that Liam Hemsworth would appreciate this particular look.

7 Denim On Denim

This outfit is different from the above outfits in that it is not at all revealing. If anything, it makes the provocative singer look almost frumpy. The all-denim outfit consists of a denim playsuit as well as an oversized denim jacket adorned with playful patches.

The singer completed her outfit with a boom box-shaped handbag, large earrings and pink rings. She kept her makeup rather simple and put her hair up in a ponytail which she tied up with a huge colorful bobbin.

While Hemsworth may prefer this outfit to the far-more revealing outfits that Cyrus is constantly sporting, we’re sure that he doesn’t approve of this nod to the past.

6 A See-Through Dress


If you thought we had run out of pictures of ridiculous and revealing outfits worn by Miley Cyrus, think again. As you can see above, here we have another incredibly strange and incredibly revealing outfit that Cyrus donned for the stage.

The outfit consists of a completely see-through dress that has colorful inflatable circles attached to it. Cyrus completed the look by opting for white sunglasses and large earrings.

She kept her makeup simple so as not to detract from her dress – if you can call it a dress, that is – and had her hair up in a ponytail. We’re sure we don’t need to explain why Liam Hemsworth would not approve of this outfit.

5 An Orange Bodysuit

If you compare this outfit to the outfit we last described, then you may consider this look to be incredibly tame and, one may say, even normal. Of course, that is not actually true. This outfit is just as bizarre as most of the previous outfits we have already encountered.

The outfit you see above consists of a revealing orange bodysuit and a large gold chain. There’s no doubt that this outfit is not at all boring and indeed, it is one of the outfits that we are sure Liam Hemsworth would not approve of for the simple reason that it is far too revealing.

4 A Cool Street Look

The outfit above is a rather cool look that has been sported by Miley Cyrus on the street. The simple but effective outfit consists of a white bodysuit that has “Aint Nothing But A Thang” written on it as well as white ripped shorts.

Cyrus complimented this look with a few silver necklaces as well as a couple gold bracelets and rings. She kept her makeup rather simple and had her hair up in space buns. While we personally think that this look is rather cool we don’t think that Liam Hemsworth would approve of his partner showcasing so much skin.

3 A Glittery Outfit


The above outfit worn by Miley Cyrus is certainly not as provocative or revealing as some of her other outfits on this list. The outfit consists of a glittery full-length bodysuit that completely covers Cyrus's legs but gives you a glimpse at her cleavage, as well as a jacket made out of flowers.

Cyrus has paired this look with bright pink heels, bright pink earrings and a flower crown. While we must give Cyrus credit for her rather tame look we still do not think that Liam Hemsworth would approve of it due to the exposed cleavage.

2 The Time Cyrus Forgot Her Pants

While this look isn’t exactly bad it does look like Miley Cyrus forgot to put on her pants, or at least slightly longer shorts. Now, we do realize that the basketball tee is supposed to serve the purpose of a dress or that the short white shorts are supposed to resemble... well, shorts. But we do think that it is not working as well as Cyrus envisioned and we think that Liam Hemsworth would agree with us.

While the key piece here is certainly the baseball tee the rest of the outfit consists of incredibly short white shorts, black and white sandals, a black baseball cap and a golden necklace. We do still think that the outfit would look cooler with longer shorts or a longer baseball tee.

1 All-Denim Outfit

While Liam Hemsworth may have nothing against all-denim outfits, we are pretty sure that he would not approve of this particular all-denim outfit worn by Miley Cyrus. First of all, we can’t say that the outfit is flattering in any way even though it does reveal a lot of skin.

The outfit consists of white studded shoes, wide ripped denim pants adorned with glitter, a denim bra and an oversized ripped denim jacket also adorned with glitter. While elements of this outfit may look cool on their own, the outfit above looks rather silly.

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