20 Most Decked-Out Celeb Closets Worth More Than Our House

Forget huge kitchens, cinema rooms, personal home gyms, and million-dollar views — the most lavish room in a celebrity's home is the one that is most private — the walk-in closet.

If there is anything that we all want to know about celebrities and their homes, it is what is inside of their closets. From watching shows like MTV Cribs that gave us all an inside view of the millionaire’s homes, to Carrie Bradshaw's jaw-dropping closet in S*x and the City, the one thing that itches us all is knowing exactly how the stars closets look like, and what expensive designer items they posses. For these celebs, the closet, which is the most personal place in their homes, is used to showcase their passions for clothing, shoes and accessories. The closets are a personal reflection of their style, and so their closets are designed to reflect their style, since it contains the most important part of their appearances — their wardrobe. The closet spaces are often decked out and designed with either feminine allure or clean-cut masculinity, or over-the-top glamour with accessories like luxurious chandeliers. These spaces are larger than many people's apartments; these are the intimate spaces where they stash all the stuff we envy them for. Their closets are full of iconic fashion items like Birkin and Chanel bags, rows of Louboutins, and Air Jordans which are all extremely organized — these are privileges of being a star. Be prepared to have major closet envy after taking a peak into the closets of these A-listers. And to quote Carrie Bradshaw, "You don't need a diamond ring when you can have a really big closet."

20 Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Denim

Did we have to envy Jennifer Lopez anymore? Yes, because we are pretty jealous of where this star puts her designer items to rest. And J Lo's closet is the definition of “closet goals.” The singer's closet is mind blowing and contains more than one part, which is why she probably decided to share it with us all on video. J Lo has an entire room/closet that is devoted to her trendsetting shoes, with a mirror set on the floor, to try on and show off her Manolo Blahnik stilettos. What is most thrilling about her closet, is that she has a mannequin dressed up in her iconic blue and green Versace dress that she wore to the Grammys in 2000. The plunging dress, until this day, remains the most iconic worn on the red carpet; no wonder it sits safely on the mannequin. Then again, she also has a separate closet room devoted to jeans, and we don't know what thrills us more after all.

19 Christina Aguilera Has A Shoe Library

If there is one pop singer who is always foxy, glamourous, and on top of her game, it is Christina Aguilera , and her closet could not be any different. This closet space could rival any boutique, and we are talking about the way it is decorated and designed. Her closet has the perfect mix of feminine allure, edge, and sugar and spice. With pink walls, rich-red drapes, a leopard carpet, and classic pink ottomans, Christina's closet is every woman's dream. Apart from that, her closet looks much like a library with her shoes all stalked on many levels of the wall and a ladder attached to stroll through efficiently. Jealous, much? She has so many designer shoes, that too easily select a specific designer pair, she grouped them all by designer name.

18 DJ Khaled Always Makes Room For "Another One"

Now, let's snoop inside the incredible closet of the music producer, who reminds us of his name in every song — and after looking at his closet, we definitely will not forget DJ Khaled . The man, who is behind some of the catchiest and massive tracks, also caught our vivid attention after realizing how immense his sneaker collection is. With rows and columns of sneakers, he also needs a ladder to get around his entire collection. According to Khaled, everyday he walks into his sneaker room, he is as shocked as we are right now. Khaled has a large array of Air Jordans, Yeezys, and limited-edition sneakers stored in that room. He has two famous mottos that he slips into his songs, which are "another one" and "we the best," and so every time he buys a new pair of sneakers he certainly says, "another one," while looking at his closet room floor that has: “We the best" engraved in it.

17 Kylie Jenner Keeps All Her Shoes

Every woman in this world has serious closet envy fever after seeing Kylie Jenner 's closet, whether they like her or not. Almost every aspect of the lives of the Kardashian and Jenner family is put out on display for the world to see, and Kyle is certainly not shy to show off her closet, which includes staggering walls of pumps from designers A to Z. The humongous closet in her Calabasas mansion, she said, "is every girl's dream." And of course, who else but the cosmetics mogul woman part of the most publicized family could own such a huge closet that holds a separate room for her shoes? Kylie’s closet is very personal and precious to her, as it holds Louboutins that her older sisters bought for her that she will forever keep, along with vintage designer purses that mother Kris Jenner gave to her when Kylie was just a child. And her clothes, they are expertly organized with complete colour coordination.

16 Blake Lively Gives Us A Glimpse Of Shoe Heaven

Blake Lively, the actress mostly known for her former role as Serena in the New York set show Gossip Girl, certainly took a lot of pointers from her character's wardrobe and enriched closet. Intentionally or not, Lively gave us a sneak peak of her closet on an Instagram post that was meant for thanking a friend for the gift of a vanity tray, but right behind, cast in the shadows of the picture, is a sweet collection of well-organized pumps. Anyone who has watched Gossip Girl before will affirm that Lively mimicked the closet of the trendsetting Serena Van Der Woodsen — making her as much of a style icon as her character. If browsing through the picture on Instagram while analyzing the pumps and finding yourself full of lust, it is totally normal; Christian Louboutin is one of her best friends. And her love for pumps also includes YSL and Lanvin too.

15 Cindy Crawford Is Still A Top Model

Last year, supermodel Cindy Crawford let cameras take a 360-degree intimate tour of her very impressive and jaw-dropping closet; we could all feel like we are literally standing in Crawford's closet, along with her lookalike daughter Kaia. The supermodel, who has walked catwalks of the most recognized designers, and graced the covers of the most notable fashion magazines, has one of the most prestigious closet spaces of the rich and the famous. Her closet is a room of memorabilia of her famous fashion moments in the '90s, with styles that have now all came back on trend. Inside is a collection of the fashionista's favourite items, including her most famous dress, the Versace dress that she wore to the VMAs in 1992, during her prime, and it still looks just as good. We do not blame Kaia for playing dress-up in her mother's closet. We also did not fail to notice her Fendi purses all stashed together.

14 Lauren Conrad Organizes It Best

Another well-reputed fashionista and trendsetter, Lauren Conrad , who made her breakthrough on the reality show The Hills, has one of the most beautiful closets of the rich. Conrad's closet is overly feminine, chic, and boudoir inspired, which makes us even more envious of her space. With an array of mirrors, that make the closet look even bigger, Conrad's closet must be the most organized we've seen — talk about a minimalist dream. An "organized chaos" according to Conrad, her boutique-looking closet is completely clutter-free because of her skills. Conrad, who has an admiration for pumps, stacks all her shoes in plastic baskets to optimize space - because if there is someone who needs a lot of shoe space, it is LC herself, who is also a fashion designer. And the same way she protects her shoes by placing them in bins, she also does with her sweaters and other clothing items. LC can we please have some of your ‘chaos’?

13 Rick Ross Can Make A Man Drool

In a mansion in Georgia, there is a room, that is every man's dream; a room bigger than many apartments completely dedicated to holding an impressive footwear collection. This mansion belongs to rapper Rick Ross, who showed the world, like DJ Khaled, that his sneaker collection is nothing short of insane. We did not expect less from the rapper, as it seems many of these rappers have an adoration for sneakers — they "go big or go home" that is for sure. Taking a quick look at his closet, there are walls upon walls of sneakers stacked up with many rare Air Jordans. In the lavish room, there is also many luxury goods, like the luxurious German luggage brand Modern Creation Munich, and gold upon gold. Any sneaker-head will salivate after seeing his collection, and if they want to hydrate, there is ginormous bottle of champagne on the floor — just in case.

12 Olivia Wilde Is Wild

This room, that was once a guest-room, now belongs completely to Olivia Wilde , and is a closet that her husband made for her; is there a place where we could apply for such a man? Wilde's closet, that has a rustic and boho vibe to it, reflects exactly her personal style. Evidently, there had to be a posh, black-glass chandelier, along with a rug that looks like a plush blanket — hey, we would not mind taking a snooze on the rug of that room. This space also works as Wilde's office, in her house in Venice, California where she hides her most-prized possessions. Hung up around the cedar-lined walls are her many designer dresses that she rocked for the red carpet, along with her favourite vibrant designer heels. However, Wilde states that the most expensive piece in her closet is the 19th century mirror from the South if France that has never been restored.

11 Nicky Hilton's Closet Is Worth "A Trillion Bucks"

If there is one celebrity we would not mind being friends with, it is Nicky Hilton . After looking at her closet, you will agree that the Hilton sister is "worth a trillion bucks," like that song we used to sing says. The two-story ranch that she lives in contains not one, but two walk-in closets that safely keep all her designer items. The walk-in is very modern and sophisticated in style, with a dash of wild because of the many colours and prints of her clothing items, shoes and accessories. One problem though, we cannot raid her shoes, unless sporting a 10.5 in size. Her shoe collection that makes us drool includes Louboutins, Chanels, and Manolos, that are all organized by designer name. Wait, that is not all, she has over 200 designer handbags (sigh).

10 Mariah Carey Is The Closet Diva

This closet is going to make everyone go into a slight meltdown just like the fashion world did when our eyes were exposed to the divas closet. There is no closet that is iconic as Mariah Carey's; it was stored in our brains when first shown to the world on MTV Cribs. Her closet space, which on first look can blind someone because of all the gold, does not surprise us at all, as we would not expect less glamour from the number one diva. The closet, that is the desired room in her mansion, is home to every woman's dream because of the massive assortment of shoes. The above photograph shows how Carey's closet is catalogued by style; boots, heels and sandals. And just one other thing, this wall, that is all gold, means she categorizes by colour, not even showing us her 1000-piece shoe collection.

9 Kris Jenner's Is Obsessed With...

It is not everyone who could afford a Hermès bag, but if there is a woman that could afford many Birkin purses, it is the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner. Before we mentioned that some of these celebrities owned more than one decked-out walk-in, but Kris has one room completely and entirely devoted to her Birkin bags. The exclusive Birkin bags are placed on white shelves so elegantly as if you were walking into a Hermès store. The room, which boasts a crystal chandelier, and a neon-light sign that was obviously made specifically for her as it reads "Need money for Birkin" is worth more than $500,000 because of her tad bit excessive obsession with the designer bags. She has a total of more than 20 Birkins that sit pretty on glossy shelves.

8 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Dress-Up Closet

In an LA home, is a room that we would roll ourselves in for how beautiful and glamourous it is. This room, or closet, belongs to "it girl" Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who we could not expect less of. The rose-coloured closet, inspired by the boudoir theme is so fancy; it holds a "vieux-rose divan," an ornate chandelier, and a marble coffee-table on a posh and furry rug. On the wall, we find everything that a true fashionista will own, from vintage furs to leopard-print Louboutins, Chanel purses, and Louis Vuitton trunks that she uses to store her sweaters. The British supermodel also has a thing for showing off her sultry lingerie, which look like decoration as she leaves them hanging on her drawers — looks like the 1920s all over again.

7 Fergie And Fergieland

The boudoir-boutique feel, and look is famous amongst celebrities, because only they could afford to style a closet with such elegance. Fergie, who jumped at the occasion of creating a jaw-dropping closet, did when she moved into her now home with Josh Duhamel. This large room is for Fergie only, and is incredibly organized; from shoes to accessories, they are all classified by category and colour. With everything so neatly put away, Fergie can carefully pick out which designer dress she wants to rock, and which designer pumps she wants Duhamel to put on her feet; sounds just a fairytale in Fergieland. Her sartorial haven is divided into one room with casual wear and the other is all glam, shelving a Birkin bag, of course. In the fickle world of fashion, Fergie also stores footwear from her shoe line Caleres Inc. in her closet.

6 Ashley Tisdale Dedicates Two Rooms

This closet looks precisely the way we would picture Barbie's closet to look like; white marble, with dashes of pink, and an abundance of fashionable items. Ashley Tisdale's closet, is not your ordinary closet, she used two rooms out of the four in her home as closet space, which her father designed for her. Tisdale organizes her entire wardrobe by items (tops, sweaters, bottoms) and because she has an admiration for denim, she also separates them by wash, cut, and hue. One room is entirely devoted to her flashy and impressive shoe collection that holds many Louboutins — and the best part of this room is that there are comfortable seats where a lady could just sit and stare at the shoes all day, while trying not to drool. And she leaves her most admired Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags out on display to remind her what she has.

5 Sir Elton John Sunglasses Tower

We all know the legendary Elton John loves donning his sunglasses, whether he be on stage or on the red carpet. One thing we did not know though, is that his love for sunglasses means an entire room reserved for the storage of them. We are talking a huge walk-in closet that is devoted to the legends sunglasses that he has been collecting dearly since the 1970s. This closet is a personal space that showcases Sir Elton John's sartorial passion and admiration. This musician keeps his treasured sunglasses organized neatly in a high, mahogany room with endless rows of white shelves. This impressive collection can be found in his English estate in Old Windsor, and to be more specific, this "sunglasses only" closet was actually built in the attic of the musicians palace.

4 Khloé Kardashian Keeps The Closet Healthy

Another Kardashian family member (no surprise), Khloe Kardashian , has one of the most impeccable closets one can dream of. The stiletto queen, to start off, has three full walls of heels, which includes a dedication to the red-sole heels that anyone would envy. Along with her Louboutins and extreme organization skills, in her collection, she has tons of Givenchy, Missoni and Alexander McQueen heels, just to name a few. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, we have an entire room that is dedicated to just fitness. The 150-foot closet space, that is beautifully organized, houses all her sneakers, leggings, tops, and fitness accessories — the concept and organization very much mimic a shop. With pull-out drawers, and suede shelves blessed endlessly with Adidas runners, what more could a fitness buff ask for?

3 Kim Kardashian's Personal Boutique

There is hardly anything that is kept confidential about Kim Kardashian, so it is no surprise the world was allowed to see what secrets are kept in her closet. The reality star is known as a fashion junkie, and since she wed with Kanye West , her style also evolved into a tastier one. The master closet, is where she stores all her most current obsessions, which was a guest bedroom before in her home. Kim has drawers on top of drawers that are dedicated to an extravagant number of jewels; diamonds, Lorraine Schwartz cocktail rings, earrings — you name it, she owns it. Kim, who is often spotted rocking Balmain jackets or bodycon dresses, has a trick to organize the abundance of all her favorite designer things. For one, she uses the same hangers all around, like a boutique would, and, she showcases her most prized pieces by dress lengths, and texture for jackets. Way to go, Kim, we envy you!

2 Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady Share A Closet

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are a power couple who always have eyes on them, and inside their $20 million mansion, is a little secret. Gisele is a one of the highest paid supermodels, and Brady, the all-time quarterback, have a closet that they share with each other that is the size of an entire apartment. The New England Patriots star knew very well when marrying the Brazilian model that he was going to need an entire room in their eco-friendly home devoted to the clothes of the runway star. Gisele, who is very organized, according to Brady, designed the room on her own, and the architecture is far from ordinary; the space holds an antique crystal chandelier (of course), and to organize all her clothes, the room features custom-made cabinetry and marble countertops — touchdown!

1 Whitney Port's Jungle Mayhem

We never knew what a sanctuary for clothes looked like until we saw Whitney Port 's closet, or heaven. The former The Hills star, who is as chic as her friend and former co-star Lauren Conrad, has a closet that is as wild as her soul and spirit. The reality star, who is also the face behind her own designer brand, Whitney Eve, opted for an open concept closet that was bright, playful and vibrant. And despite all her clothing stacked against the wall, the jungle print wallpaper still pops out in the room, making it the accent of the walk-in closet; aka walk-in wonderland. Port has many designer pieces in her delicious wardrobe, but many that were her favourite, like items she wore on The Hills, were auctioned off for a cause after the birth of her son.

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