20 Looks Only Kendall Jenner Could Pull Off (On The Runway Or In The Streets)

Kendall Jenner has dethroned the queen. Whether you're interested in the fashion world or not, it's truly incredible that Kendall surpassed the uber-established Gisele Bundchen in earnings last year, $22 million to $17 million. Gisele has been the highest-grossing model for nearly a decade. Her face is recognized across the globe. The fact that Jenner, 22, has outdone Bundchen, 37, just goes to show that there's been a changing of the guard and that the next generation has arrived.

Not only did Jenner outrank Gisele in money, but she beat her in popularity as well. On Instagram, Gisele has 14 million followers, while Kendall has 87 million. Kendall and the rest of her sisters are hounded by the paparazzi. There are so many photos taken of Kendall that it was difficult to whittle them down.

However, this is not an article about Gisele vs Kendall. This is a piece about Kendall vs Herself. We'll explore the formal and casual side of her fashion sense—which catwalk styles inspired her and which ones totally failed. While the mighty influences of wealth, career, fame, and family all mix, when will our new model queen look her best?

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20 Runway: Cardboard Brown

via Wordnewsinn

Hmm. Sometimes, these fashion designers go a little overboard, don't they? This shot comes from the Moschino Fashion Show at Milan Fashion Week last winter. We just don't know which joke to make first on this one. Is this the new uniform for UPS? The sad thing is that the dress really isn't so bad. But the hat? Oh my lord, the hat is like a cruel joke of some kind. Was the designer really mad at the models or something? Was this some kind of practical joke on the assistant, but then they didn't receive the memo and actually sent the models out wearing cardboard hats? Something is off here. But that's probably the point, right? Let's shake up the fashion world! Or some line like that.

19 Street: Cardboard Brown

via Telva

Okay, here we have a much, much more casual take on the cardboard brown look. It's an easy comfortable look for Kendall. She pairs the brown color with a goofy hat again, but not anywhere near as goofy as the last one. Does it all go together, though? Check out the studded choker, newsboy hat, and tight skirt. I guess it works. Sometimes, all you have to do is just relax and find something that fits. It's nothing too flashy or too revealing either. Just a normal woman here, the supermodel had the day off. Well, not really. Kendall does seem to look better in the earth tones, and she knows it. You can put her in something too bright, and it doesn't suit her as well.

18 Runway: Checkered Tablecloth

via Shoko

We're not sure if this pattern is officially called "black checkered tablecloth" but we're not sure exactly what else it would be. If it were just plain "checkered," then you might imagine cleaner lines and greater contrast, like that of a checkered board. Instead this is tablecloth-style, almost a plaid with more of a fuzzy line and spare threads, giving the pattern more of a warm old-fashioned feel. This look comes from Paris Fashion Week last summer. The designer is Givenchy, who was obviously hungry for biscuits and gravy when he designed this little frock. The best part may be the matching shoes and socks. Wow. How coordinated can an outfit possibly be?

17 Street: Checkered Tablecloth

via HawtCelebs

That last one could arguably be plaid, but this one is all tablecloth. And we can't mention her incredible Instagram stats in the intro without showing off some images in the article. This photo was posted on the social media platform last summer. That's some pretty good amateur photography right there. Of course, you are dealing with a professional model, as well as a social media mastermind. The pic was probably snapped by little sister, Kylie Jenner. Kylie has even more Instagram followers, at an astounding 104M. And that's when this story was written. By now, the numbers may be even higher, once the public has peaked their interest after her baby was born. Kylie is on her way to passing big sister, Kim Kardashian West, who currently sits at 107M followers. And Kimmy is trying so hard not to be passed up, posting a ton of pics lately.

16 Runway: Very Bright Color

via Famosos ao Minuto

This shot is taken from a Victoria's Secret Show, with a much brighter tone than usual. Lingerie this bright would light up the room. Complete with the tiger-print heels, this has got to be one of the gaudiest ensembles ever created for the bedroom line. Not that we should complain too much. Kendall still looks amazing. She also seems to be in a playful mood, which is rare to see in the fashion business. The bad news is that the happy mood feels slightly forced. Models aren't used to being happy onstage. They are known for being rancorous, not gregarious. They don't want to prance around and act goofy.

15 Street: Very Bright Color

via GlamorousHeels.com

This is by far the brightest thing Kendall has ever been photographed in. The model stepped out in this low-cut number and surely stopped traffic. Little sister Kylie can be seen behind her, and some dude is opening the door. He doesn't look like a doorman, so maybe he's just a normal guy who happened to be entering a fancy New York hotel, and boom, just ran into the Jenner sisters. Wouldn't that be fun? The girls were on the way to a book signing in New Jersey. That's right, with the help of two ghostwriters, the Jenner sisters penned a dystopian novel. It was called Rebels: City Of Indra: The Story Of Lex And Livia, and it came out a couple years ago. Amazon gives it 2.5 out of 5 stars. Not bad.

14 Runway: Sheer White

via Global Grind

Here we are on the runway, this time in a sheer white top with undergarments underneath. The non-undergarment look is pretty popular on the runway too, for some reason or another. Here is Kendall with that "I'm at work" look in her eyes that we all have sometimes. You can see that her model walk is just starting, having come from the backstage area. This gives us a rare glimpse into the wings of a fashion show. You can see an assistant is looking on, watching Kendall, and hoping the outfit is well-received by the audience. She seems worried. Maybe that woman in the background even helped Kendall get dressed or helped design the outfit...or both.

13 Street: Sheer White

via Pinterest

Now, take that white/sheer idea and bring it into the streets. Kendall is a big fan of going sheer without undergarments on the street as well. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it, as they say. The first difference you may notice from the previous shot is luxury. The price of this outfit is undoubtedly much lower than the haute couture outfit. The fabric here looks like it may even be some type of thinly-spun cotton. This is the kind of shirt you wash once and then accidentally throw it in the dryer. Afterwards, you try it on, and it looks shabby as hell. Lint balls all over it, and misshapen neck...  That shirt will likely never be worn again.

12 Runway: Swimsuit And Jacket

via Journal Post

Here's Kendall in an overcoat by Bottega Veneta. We're not sure if that's a swimming suit or leotard, but the little number is there to accentuate the Camel Silk Coat which you can buy on their website for $2700. Kendall looks great, with a rather blank look on her face. She is wearing minimal makeup, which varies greatly on the catwalk. Sometimes, Kendall has worn flashy metallic makeup that makes her look like a robot. Other times, she'll wear no makeup at all except for a gold streak across one lip. You never know. This natural look is what suits her face best. Sometimes, Kendall can also use the smoky-eye look that her little sister, Kylie, has perfected.

11 Street: Swimsuit And Jacket

via Pinterest

Now for the street version of Kendall in a swimsuit/jacket ensemble. This time, instead of a one-piece, she has opted for a bikini top. The jacket is open, without a belt this time. The jacket is also made of a much lighter material that goes well with a hot summer day on the beach. Kendall looks better in this one, don't you think? The improvement is largely due to the hair. Her hair is light and flowing in this one, whereas the catwalk pic looks a little too stylized. Her makeup is a little different too. Overall, Kendall appears to be having more fun in this picture, and being happy always makes a person look their best.

10 Runway: Wearing Fur

via Activa - Sapo

Here's a fashion item that used to be the most highly-valued piece you could own. People used to wear fur like crazy. The expansion of the Americas was based upon the fur trade. People from all over the globe immigrated to America to journey across the Wild West in search of beaver pelts to sell in New York City and Chicago. Of course, many of those dudes were real jerks and were killed by the Natives Americans. Yes, I've done my research, and I saw The Revenant. Needless to say, after the fashion show pictured here, people were very angry. Did those sweet little animals really have to die? There are plenty of synthetic furs to wear instead. However, the factories that make those fabrics do pollute a ton, dirty the local waters, and probably kill a few beavers too. Beavers never win.

9 Street: Wearing Fur

via People

Now, speaking of the real fur versus faux fur, here we have Kendall stepping out in a fur boa, which is obviously a phony...or at least we hope so. Otherwise, there was a punk rock band somewhere in the forest that came to their untimely end. In this shot, lovely Kendall is wearing a Julien MacDonald black lace-up embellished jumpsuit from the spring 2017 collection. So, while this is a street shot of Kendall, she is actually wearing a piece stolen from the runways. She didn't steal it, though. She wasn't employed in modelling the MacDonald spring line. But, maybe a friend stole it for her. Either that or she just went out and bought one. She can afford it. Whoa, hey, dude in the tie! Eyes up here.

8 Runway: High Boots

via Fab Fashion Fix

Sometimes fashion designers can fixate on a certain accessory. They'll do a line inspired by belts or, in this case, boots. These brown boots go all the way up the leg, and there is no holding back. This designer is Givenchy, from the Paris Fashion Week show. Not sure what is going on with the eyebrows. We've seen this muted-brow look many times on the runway before, and it never is very flattering. Of course, a good model is never supposed to be a part of the picture. They are only there as a blank canvas to accentuate the design of the fabric. Then, after all that blending in, the dude in the white Nebraska t-shirt provides his own distraction. Surely, the designer just loved that dude.

7 Street: High Boots

via whowhatwear.com

So, Kendall took the high-boots idea and ran with it. And the effect is pretty nice. Here we have an otherwise blah outfit, right? Oh, big deal, a white tank top and some old jeans. How are you supposed to wear that and still hold the reputation of the world's best model? The answer is simple: you pair the look with some outrageous boots. Those are $10,000 boots by Saint Laurent. That's some of the nicest footwear on the planet. What a nice contrast to her thin svelte stomach. Did Kendall show off some midriff last winter just to make her sisters jealous? Kylie and Kim were both pregnant at the time. Wow, just look at the paparazzi scrambling for a shot.

6 Runway: White Criss-Cross

via GotCeleb

This attractive dress is from the designer known as Balmain. Kendall stepped out onto the runway in Paris for this shot. Balmain totally embodies the criss-cross in this piece without going over-the-top with any gaudiness. The entire bodice crosses, the skirt has smaller crosses, the shoes cross, and neck line crosses too. Plus, you have the loose strands around the neck that toss and turn, creating their own impromptu crosses which come alive when the model walks the runway. And in contrast, her hair is lifted up and clean as can be. This may be one of the prettiest dresses in the article, as well as one that outperforms the street version. Take a look.

5 Street: White Criss-Cross

via PopSugar

Okay, you know how we wondered earlier if models ever stole stuff from their shows? Well, this is a fine example. Here, we have Kendall getting out of a vehicle on the street, but she is wearing a couture Burberry cape. Yes, haute couture. That means it was cut to fit the model for a show, and here is Kendall wearing it outside of the runway. You have to admit, it does look awfully comfortable. She was seen wearing the sweater out clubbing with Stella Maxwell and Bella Hadid. Although this is her custom-fit version, which probably adds value for Jenner fans, the sweater usually retails for $2,395.

4 Runway: Black String Top

via laurencecchi.com

This look is by the young designer Alexander Wang, 37, taken from the New York Fashion Week show. This is a pretty tame look for a New York fashion show, but sometimes, simplicity works well. One thing that won't work, however, are the tan lines. Who wants to have some extra tan lines on your stomach that shouldn't be there? Another thing is where are those extra strings going to go? Sure, it might look great on a professional model, but those strings might cause some muffin-top action on a normal person. Is this one of those times where you buy the top because you like how it fits, but then you go home, find your scissors, and start snipping off all the extra stuff? Maybe that's what the designer intended the whole time. Nah, probably not.

3 Street: Black String Top

via Her Campus

This may be another rare occasion where the runway looks better than the street. Here is Kendall wearing another black string top. That looks nice, but then she pairs it with a broke-looking ripped-up t-shirt. What's up with that shirt? It looks like the shirt says, "Ride the lightning." Are we supposed to know what that means? Is it a heavy metal album from the 1980's or what? This is simply an odd-looking photo in many ways. Even though her chest is exposed, there's no shine to her skin. It almost looks as if there's no bikini at all, only the screen-printed image of a bikini instead. Kind of like that t-shirt of a tuxedo that lazy dudes wore to prom.

2 Runway: Silver Sparkles

via NY Daily News

Hey, Kendall, relax! My goodness, look at her face. It looks like she's about to cry. Maybe she's crying because the dress is so beautiful. All the models at the show had this same look on their faces. Bella Hadid was there again and so was Lily-Rose Depp. They were all pouty and frowny, and Bella looked like she was ready to fight somebody. This is probably one of Kendall's most formal outfits on the list. This is Chanel, which was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Karl also controls the Lagerfeld label, Chloe and Fendi. The dude is pretty old at 84. With age comes much respect and a pretty serious tone. The collection was a total throwback to 1930's Hollywood glam. Kendall fit right in with her timeless charm.

1 Street: Silver Sparkles

Here is another sparkling silver gown, which is not quite as classy as the Chanel one. Kendall is being escorted around on her 21st birthday in this shot, and since it was the big two-one, she probably had several beverages. Most people only wear one outfit on their birthday, but since Kendall is a super cool model, she wore two. The other ensemble was the Julien MacDonald jumpsuit with the faux boa, which we also mentioned on the list. After all, when do you declare your style if not on your birthday? Everybody does it. If it's your birthday, you look through your closet and pick that one outfit that defines you. So, how is Kendall doing so far? Either on the runway or on the street, she's looking pretty good. It seems like we'll be watching her style progress for years to come.

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