20 Images Of Hilary Duff That Prove She Was Born To Play Sharon Tate

Hilary Duff is an American actress and singer-songwriter who first became popular for her role as Lizzie McGuire on the Disney comedy series, Lizzie McGuire. Since the show was so successful, it became a movie adaptation and led her to land many other roles in Hollywood.

Even as a young child, Duff has always been seen as a style icon. Always keeping up with the trends, Hilary is never photographed without looking her best. She has been in the spotlight since a very young age and has learned a lot about the fashion industry. She has graced the cover of many magazines throughout her career, receiving praise for all the work she has done. Hilary may be a mother that devotes a lot of her time to her son but she somehow manages to always look red carpet ready.

Hilary recently announced that she would be playing Sharon Tate in the upcoming psychological horror film, The Haunting of Sharon Tate. The film focuses on the murder of Sharon Tate, who was stabbed multiple times in August of 1969. Like Hilary, Sharon was also an American actress and had been featured in many fashion magazines.

Hilary and Sharon both share the same love for fashion, which is what makes Hilary a perfect match to play this model. Here are 20 stylish images of Hillary Duff that prove she was born to play Sharon Tate.

20 Pretty In Pattern

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Hilary's fashion is always in style, as she always keeps up with popular trends. This bohemian style dress is on point, as this pattern became popular with the introduction of the bohemian trend. This earth-tone dress resembles the trend perfectly and portrays everything the trend embodies. The sleeves and fit of the dress are loose, which makes it a comfortable outfit. To add to the bohemian vibe, Hilary paired this outfit with laced-up black sandals and an off-white hat. To match the black sandals, she wore a black crossbody purse, which has been seen more often in recent style trends. As the style icon she is, Hilary never seems to miss the mark with her fashion choices.

19 All Black Pant Suit

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Hilary showed up at an event rocking an all-black pants suit; a look that will forever be classic and stylish. The pants suit includes very little detail, with some minor white lining giving the outfit a little bit of contrast. To add to the dark color scheme, Hilary is wearing black high heels that matched perfectly with the black and white carpet. Hilary paired this outfit with a small metallic silver clutch purse. To keep this outfit from being overwhelming, Hilary did not wear much jewelry, just a few silver rings. Her hair is lightly curled and kept natural. This outfit definitely fit the black and white theme.

18 Edgy Rock Star Style

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Hilary was spotted on the streets rocking a more edgy look, wearing black pants, black low-cut boots, and a black sleeveless graphic t-shirt. Giving off a rock star vibe, Hilary paired this outfit with a red purse and red lipstick to match. With a coffee and a water in her hand, you know she is ready to take on the day and get things done. This outfit is perfect for a day full of running errands and taking care of business. It is comfortable but also gives off a vibe that she is someone who should be taken seriously. Hilary has always kept things professional when showing off her taste in fashion, so shouldn't come as a surprise when she is spotting wearing stylish outfits.

17 Keep Calm And Wear Plum

via: Look Live

While walking the streets of New York, Hilary is seen wearing a matching plum top and pants. This color looks amazing on Hilary and the fit suits her very well. It is an off-the-shoulder top with a bow, which adds to the overall style. The pants go below the knee and above the ankle, which is a perfect length for Hilary. Since the outfit is all one color, she paired it with a nude high-heeled shoe to keep the look clean and simple. To add a little bling, Hilary wore long silver earrings, which was enough to some detail to the outfit. To add to the purple scheme, her purse is a light purple color, which was the perfect addition to the overall look.

16 Wedding Day Dream Dress

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In August of 2010, Hilary and her then-husband, Mike Comrie, got married on a ranch in Santa Barbara. The couple had a son together, Luca, who is now five years old. She wore a mermaid-fit dress that was designed by Vera Wang. The dress was custom and Wang and Hilary collaborated together to make sure the dress was exactly what the bride had envisioned. The dress was a blush color with silk tulle. The train had large blossom details on the dress. Hilary looked beautiful on her big day! However, sadly, the two are no longer together and divorced in 2014.

15 Laid-Back Beverly Hills Style

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Known as a place that many Hollywood stars call home, Beverly Hills has tons of upscale shopping, such as the shops on the notorious Rodeo Drive. With all the fashionable stores right at your doorstep, it is hard not to always look your best. While walking the streets of Beverly Hills, Hilary was spotted wearing a casual outfit, however, she rocked it like a true fashionista. She wore black leather pants, a plain white shirt, and a varsity-inspired jacket. To dress up this outfit a little, Hilary wore white, closed-toe high heels, and a cute black purse. Hilary wore simple jewelry to get this outfit a laid-back, yet stylish feeling.

14 Black And Gold On The Red Carpet

via: Teen Info Net

At the 2014 iHeart Radio Music Awards, Hilary wore a Maria Lucia Hohan black dress. The long-sleeved mini dress had a gold design in the middle and was a perfect length for Hilary to show off her legs, which allowed her Giuseppe Zanotti heels to be seen. Her hair was put up in a top knot, which really made the dress the focal point. This outfit was paired only with a small, black ring. To add a little color to this outfit, Hilary wore an orange-tone lipstick, which looked amazing on the red carpet. Hilary is definitely red carpet-ready with this outfit.

13 Casual New York Street Style

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Since Hilary films most of her television show, Younger, in New York City, it comes to no surprise that her style reflects America's fashion capital. Hilary is constantly surrounded by fashion greatness, so it is inevitable that she would inherit some of that style. This outfit that she wore is perfect for a hot summer day in New York. Hilary wore a white top with blue lining, paired with navy blue shorts. To add to the casual summer look, she wore beige and black open-toe high heels. Hilary tied the outfit together with diamond-shape earrings and a light pink purse, looking comfortable and stylish on a hot summer's day.

12 Red Dress And Lipstick Is Always A Good Idea

via: CelebZee

While filming for the show, Younger, Hilary was spotted looking amazing in an all-red outfit. From the red dress to the red lipstick, surely, we can all agree that she looks good in red! The off-shoulder dress has long bell sleeves and cut-out detailed squares around the neckline, elbows, and thighs. She completed the outfit with nude platform heels. Her hair was worn half-up in a top knot. To add a little more pop of red, Hilary rocked a vibrant red lipstick that matches her dress perfectly. Only the stylish icon Hilary could rock a red-on-red look this well.

11 Simple Yet Classy Black Jumpsuit

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At the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year Gala, Hilary stepped out onto the red carpet wearing a black off-the-shoulder Max Mara jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was floor-length and even though you cannot see her shoes in this picture, she wore a pair of nude high heels. She paired this outfit with an Oroton clutch, a Karma El Khalil ring, and a pair of earrings. Her hair was tucked behind her ear on one side, exposing her shoulder, while her other shoulder is covered with hair. It is a simple hairstyle, however, it works well with this outfit. This outfit looks amazing on the red carpet.

10 Light And Bright Style

via: E Online

Wearing all-white is a daring choice and something that some people wouldn't dare to wear, especially after Labor Day. However, Hilary looks absolutely stunning in this all-white top and skirt outfit. To add a little detail to the white outfit, the skirt had a corset-style lace up the side. Hilary included a neutral tone by throwing on a beige-colored coat and nude sandal heels to break up all of the white. An outfit is not complete without a purse— Hilary carried an oval shaped clutch to store all her belongings. Hilary may not have worn any accessories but the smile she wears is all she needs.

9 Every Girl Needs A Little Black Dress

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Every women's wardrobe most likely includes a little black dress. Wearing a black dress is perfect for almost any occasion, which is why it is essential to own one. Hilary was spotted wearing a little black dress that she paired with black low-cut boots. Depending on the accessories and shoes she chooses to wear, Hilary can dress up this outfit or dress it down to make it a more casual look. Little black dresses are very versatile. The only accessories she wore were a few gold bracelets and a pair of dangling earrings. Hilary took this outfit to the streets, ready to concur anything that came her way.

8 The Girl In The Striped Dress

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The character Hilary plays in her show has a similar sense of style to the actress herself. During filming, Hilary was dressed in a black and white striped dress with a black cape on top and maroon, laced-up high heels. To match her shoes, she wore a maroon-colored clutch. To make this outfit look more elegant, Hilary wore her hair pulled back in a low bun. She also wore a thin bracelet and a pair of dangling earrings. This outfit may have Hilary feeling a little chilly in the New York fall weather but with the magic of television, you would never notice.

7 Dark Bohemian Street Style

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Keeping up with the popular bohemian trend, Hilary was seen wearing a dark bohemian-inspired outfit. Wearing edgy ripped black jeans and leather boots, Hilary paired this outfit with a maroon and black sleeveless shirt. To add to the bohemian feel, this outfit included a black hat and a black fringe purse. Hilary added a lot of small accessories to this outfit,  wearing thin bracelets on both wrists and two necklaces, one turquoise and the other gold. Hilary showed the world that she takes business calls in style.

6 Ready For The Spring

via: Yahoo

When people start to wear bright colors, it is a sign that winter is over and spring has finally arrived. Ready for the warmer weather, Hilary wore a peach-toned top with a pair of beige cotton pant. which was perfect for the warmer weather. Keeping with the lighter tones, she wore some open-toe high heels with ties around the ankles. To add a little touch of sunshine, Hilary paired this outfit with a bright yellow purse. Her hair was casual and kept in natural, loose waves, allowing the wind do all the styling. Hilary was clearly over the heavy coats and boots when she stepped out wearing this spring ensemble.

5 Dressed To Impress For New York Fashion Week

via: New York Post

New York Fashion Week is when designers show off their new clothing lines and when celebrities come out and dress in their very best looks. Hilary was spotted arriving at the Zimmermann fashion show in 2016. Being the fashion icon that she is, it should come as no surprise that Hilary frequently attends Fashion Feek. Even though the 2016 Fall New York Fashion Week was the coldest fashion week ever, Hilary opted to wear a short dress showing off her nicely tanned legs. This dark mint dress she wore had laced sleeves and gave off a very elegant look, which was perfect for a week that celebrates fashion. Even though it was cold, she wore open-toe shoes that matched perfectly the color of her dress.

4 Posh London-Inspired Look

via: Look Live

Even though this outfit was used while filming an episode for Younger in New York City, this look resembles a fashion style that you would see posh people wearing in London, England. Hilary wore a brown cape that had two buckles with a knee-length black dress. To add to the posh look, she wore black open-toe high heels. To make this look more business casual, Hilary wore no jewelry and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Hilary wanted to look like she is attending work and not a royal event. This outfit is a perfect example of when London fashion meets the streets of New York.

3 Best Dressed At Any Event

via: Kakcho

While attending the launch of Callie Collection Wines, Hilary posed for photographers, wearing a white tank top and black jeans. To add a little color to the outfit, she paired it with a peach-colored, velvet coat and nude shoes. Since it was the launch of a new alcoholic drink, Hilary opted to keep her outfit casual and went for a more comfortable look with a hint of style, hence the high heels. Hilary is always dressed for the occasion and knows how to put together an outfit that is appropriate for the event she is attending, not to mention she also matches well with the decor.

2 Denim And Thigh-High Boots

via: The Jean Blog

When Hilary is not filming her hit show or attending events, she is out and about running errands. For a busy day, Hilary opted to keep it simple with a touch of style. She wore a white long-sleeve top and a denim skirt. Thigh-high boots have become a very popular trend, so it is not surprising that she would rock a pair of tan thigh-high boots. To give a flare of fashion, Hilary sported a long scarf that matched the color of her jean skirt perfectly. To add a bit of contrast in color, she paired this look with red lipstick, which stood out against the tan boots, navy blue jeans, and scarf. It does not matter what she had to get done that day, as long as she did it in style.

1 Ripped Jeans Are Always A Good Idea

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Ripped jeans have been in and out of style for many years. They have once again, made a comeback and are more popular than ever. It may be a style that your grandmother may never understand but it is a trend that is seemingly here to stay. This outfit included a pair of white high-waisted ripped jeans, with some matching closed-toe high heels, and a yellow fringe crop top. Hilary kept her hair simple and let her outfit do the talking. Perfect for bringing a little sunshine to the world, this outfit is ideal for the warmer months.

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