20 Celebs Who Refuse To Leave The House Without A Pound Of Makeup

Makeup plays an important role in a woman's appearance. Makeup can completely transform the way you look, in a good or bad way. When correctly applied, makeup should enhance the beautiful features that you want to highlight, while minimizing the ones you want to conceal. Although many women wear cosmetics on a daily basis, it is still good to go makeup-free every once and while and let your skin breath.

Celebrities often do not feel that they have the luxury of going without makeup. This could be because they are constantly being chased by paparazzi who are trying to snap photos of them or because they feel that they always need to present a perfect image to the public. Regardless, we can all think of some celebrities that come to mind when we consider the famous folks who like to pack on the powder, foundation, and bronzer.

Lots of singers, actresses, and the like have come to have signature makeup looks over the years and some are unwilling to stray from their comfort zone or to be seen without a full face of perfect makeup. Some celebrities wear so much makeup that we probably wouldn't recognize them on the streets without it! The "no makeup" makeup look has really started to become popular but it seems that these ladies did not get the memo. Let's take a look at 20 celebrities who seem to absolutely refuse to leave their houses without a pound of makeup on.

20 Kim Kardashian Is The Cakey Makeup Queen

kim kardashian too much makeup
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Kim Kardashian was one of the first people to kick-start the contour makeup trend. In fact, some would even call her the queen of contouring. These days, she has her own makeup line, KKW Beauty, which has contour kits so that her fans can highlight and bronze their faces to look just like Kim's.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is also well-known for traveling with her "glam squad" wherever she goes. The mother-of-three never goes anywhere without looking her best. However, makeup trends are changing and women are embracing a "less is more," natural beauty type of look so Kim may need to think about evolving her look as well.

19 Gwen Stefani's Go-To Look Is Super Loud

gwen stefani too much makeup
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Gwen Stefani has been an icon since the '90s when she was best-known as the lead singer of the band, No Doubt. The blonde bombshell has made waves in the fashion industry with her bold, colorful, and unique sense of style. One thing that the singer's fans can always count on, is for her to always look glamorous. She has managed to find the perfect combination of grunge and glam and the same goes for her makeup looks.

Stefani is famous for wearing a bright red lip with dark, winged eyeliner. She will occasionally switch it up and go with a nude lip or a colored eyeshadow but for the most part, she sticks with her signature style.

18 Christina Aguilera Loves Makeup A Little Too Much

christina aguilera too much makeup
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Christina Aguilera has been a big star in the music industry since she was young, and like many other celebrities, she has had a lot of transformations with her appearance over the years. It is extremely rare that anyone will ever catch a glimpse of the pop star without a full face of makeup on. Aguilera has stylists and makeup artists at her beck and call to make her look beautiful before she ever steps out in public.

One of Christina's favorite makeup looks is a heavy smoky eye with a bright red lip. Some have criticized the "Beautiful" singer over the years for going overboard with the amount of makeup that she wears, some have even said she looked like a clown, but it doesn't seem that she is planning on changing up her look anytime soon.

17 Nicki Minaj Goes All Out

nicki minaj too much makeup
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Nicki Minaj is an infamous makeup lover and a fan of changing up her appearance often. Fans are never surprised when she shows up somewhere with a new hair color but she also likes to play around with her makeup. She is a fan of wearing colorful eyeshadow, long false eyelashes, and bright lipstick.

Nicki will rarely (if ever) be caught without makeup on. She loves to match her beauty looks to her outfits and will even go with certain themes for her music videos and personal appearances. The "Black Barbies" singer's ensembles (or lack thereof) are usually just as outrageous as her makeup looks.

16 Ariana Grande's Makeup Matches Her Diva Personality

ariana grande too much makeup
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Ariana Grande has been around for a while now. She got her start on a Nickelodeon show and then got her big break as a hit-making pop star. Naturally, her look has changed a bit over the years, as she has transformed from a teenager into an adult. However, Ariana will never go in public without having had her makeup perfectly done.

In fact, it has been reported that Ariana even has a "good side" that she demands to be photographed from, so it should come as no surprise that she is not willing to be seen without a full face of makeup on. Ariana's signature look is winged eyeliner, bronzer, and a nude lip. Occasionally, she will switch it up and do a colored lip but for the most part, she sticks with what she knows she likes.

15 Kylie Jenner Rarely Shows Her Face Without A Ton Of Makeup

kylie jenner too much makeup
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The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan recently shocked the world by announcing that she had given birth to a baby girl after hiding her pregnancy for nine months. However, what she is most well-known for is her ever-changing face. Fans who have watched Kylie since she was a young girl on Keeping Up With The Kardashians know that she has had more than a few enhancements, as well as others we probably don't know about.

Kylie has managed to make a career out of her love for beauty and cosmetics. Girls who envy her perfect pout purchase her Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits, in hopes of looking just like the reality star. The 20-year-old is always looking her best and camera-ready because even when she's not filming for her family's reality star, she is constantly recording videos and taking photos for her fans on social media.

14 Katy Perry Packs It On A Little Too Much

katy perry too much makeup
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Katy Perry is a top-selling musician, who has been making hits since "I Kissed A Girl."  The 33-year-old does not necessarily have a signature makeup look but is definitely known for always looking glamorous. She plays it up with different makeup looks and hairstyles for red carpet events, music video shoots, and public appearances.

With Katy's new, blonde hair, she has been into wearing a light, pink lip and a brown, smoky eye. Although her hair is light, she kept her brows dark, which means that she will likely require some makeup in order to look alright since she is not a natural blonde. It is rare that the singer will ever be spotted without a set of false lashes on.

13 Giuliana Rancic Takes Things Way Too Far

giuliana rancic too much makeup
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Giuliana Rancic got her start as an anchor on E! News back in 2006 and her career has only blossomed since. Being on television all of the time caused Rancic to rely on makeup on a daily basis. She has gotten so used to seeing her face with makeup on, that she feels that she does not look okay without it. Starring on her own reality show, Giuliana And Bill also didn't help her makeup habit because she was forced to look camera-ready at all hours of the day.

Some have criticized Giuliana for having a caked-on appearance. She has also been known to wear heavy, dark eye makeup that makes her face look sunken in and hollow. Her contouring is often too drastic and not well-blended but regardless, she continues to sport the over-the-top look.

12 Taylor Swift

taylor swift too much makeup
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Taylor Swift used to be a homey, "girl next door" type of girl from Pennsylvania who didn't mind stepping out without a full face of makeup. However, now she is a hit star and is constantly being followed by paparazzi, who are dying to get a photograph her. As a result, Taylor is never spotted looking less than perfect.

Her signature look has become winged eyeliner and a bright, red lip. She has been wearing her hair short in recent years and the whole thing has become a famous look, which many try to copy. Just before the debut of her hit album, 1989, the singer made headlines for leaving the gym with perfect makeup, a cute outfit, and heels.

11 Khloe Kardashian Looks So Overdone

khloe kardashian too much makeup
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Khloe Kardashian has admitted it herself — she used to be the ugly duckling in the family, which is not even fair to say, considering they are all extremely beautiful. Regardless, Khloe went through a major transformation in recent years. Many called it a "revenge body," which actually resulted in her landing her own reality television show that helps people lose weight. However, her makeup looks have also transformed.

This is mostly thanks to talented makeup artists but she looks incredible. Khloe is rarely spotted in public without having had her makeup done first. Khloe is a big fan of contouring with a shimmering highlighter and a good bronzer. Much like her sister, Kylie, Khloe has found a love for enhancements and enjoys making her lips shine with lots of lip gloss.

10 Aubrey O'Day Has Gone Several Steps Too Far

aubrey oday too much makeup
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Aubrey O'Day got her start on the MTV reality competition series, Making The Band, with P. Diddy. Although her band, Danity Kane, never made it big time, she has somehow managed to try and stay relevant for all of these years, appearing on various reality shows and the like. The formerly fresh-faced young girl is now known for her heavy contouring and ever-changing face.

Aubrey has arguably overdone it with the lip changes, as many celebrities are guilty of. She went above and beyond what looked natural in an attempt to look like the ideal pop star. Unfortunately, caked on foundation and dark eye makeup is falling out of trend and unless O'Day changes up her look, she will too.

9 Snooki Should Choose A More Natural Look

snooki too much makeup
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Nicole Polizzi made a name for herself as Snooki on the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Although she may have grown out of her orange, fake tan phase, Snooki still loves to get glam. The former party girl is now a married mother-of-two but she continues to be a public figure and is often photographed by the paparazzi. Whether she's attending a public event or running to the store, it is rare that you will see Snooki without makeup on.

Nicole has been rocking some burgundy, brunette locks as of late and has been doing her makeup to match. She typically wears dark eyeliner, a decent amount of bronzer, and a nude or pink lip. Snooki will occasionally post a makeup-free selfie on social media but that is about as close as anyone will get to a natural photograph of her.

8 Kesha Needs To Step Away From The Eyeliner

kesha too much makeup
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Kesha got her start in the music industry at the age of 18, when she was signed to Kemosabe Records. She became known as the party girl who sang about waking up in the morning and "feeling like P. Diddy" and brushing her "teeth with a bottle of Jack." However, after accusing her producer of taking advantage of her, Kesha sort of disappeared while she dealt with a legal battle.

When she reemerged, the singer had a whole new sound with her single, "Praying," but one thing remained the same— her glamorous looks. Kesha still loves to dress up her appearance with colorful makeup and glitter, which is a part of what makes her so unique.

7 Taylor Momsen's Raccoon Eyes Are Cringeworthy

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You may remember Taylor Momsen as the sweet child from the movie, The Grinch or maybe you saw her acting as Penn Badgley's sister on Gossip Girl, but the former actress certainly does not look like that young girl anymore. These days, Taylor runs around with her grunge band, The Pretty Reckless, and sports a much more, intense look.

Momsen is known for her "raccoon eyes," which she creates with lots and lots of black eyeliner and shadow. Occasionally, she'll incorporate some red or purple eyeshadows but she never misses a beat with the black. The black eyes also look extremely drastic when compared to her light, blonde hair, but Momsen is never seen without eye makeup.

6 JWoww's Look Is A Total Fail

jwoww too much makeup
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Just like her co-star, Snooki, Jenny Farley, better known as JWoww, got her start on Jersey Shore, where she was known as the brunette bombshell with ample "assets." Although JWoww has always rocked a very "Jersey" look, complete with tattoos, a fake tan, and fake breasts. More recently, she has taken up an interest in makeup.

She even started her own company, JWoww Cosmetics, which is a kiss-proof and cruelty-free line of lip stains. She loves to switch up her makeup looks but she'll rarely be spotted without it. The more drastic the makeup — the better. Jenny's appearance has also changed over the years due to some enhancements.

5 Courtney Stodden Looks Way Older Than She Really Is

courtney stodden too much makeup
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Courtney Stodden is a reality star and model who became well-known for marrying the then-50-year-old actor, Doug Hutchinson, in 2011 when she was just 16. The media attention surrounding her relationship was new for the teen, who seemed to thrive in the spotlight.

Resembling Marilyn Monroe, Courtney's signature look is bleach blonde hair with a prominent red lip and wispy eyelashes. She and her husband went on to star on Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother. She and Doug have had their fair share of marital issues and have broken up and gotten back together many times as a result. One thing has remained over the years and that is her striking appearance.

4 Dita Von Teese's Makeup Ages Her By A Decade

dita von teese too much makeup
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Dita Von Teese is a burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, entrepreneur, and even the occasional actress. She was formerly married to Marilyn Manson, so perhaps the two shared makeup tips with one another during their relationship. She has a very signature look that can be easily identified— black hair, pale skin, winged eyeliner, and red lipstick.

In fact, if she was not wearing makeup, people probably wouldn't even recognize her. Appearance and beauty is a part of Dita's career and public image so she is never seen without it. Over the years, makeup trends have changed but she has always remained confident with her original look.

3 Katie Price's Makeup Looks Are Super Trashy

katie price too much makeup
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Katie Price is a television personality, businesswoman, model, author, and singer from the U.K. She became well-known after starring on and winning the fifteenth season of Celebrity Big Brother.  She is a best-selling author with a reported net worth of over $60 million. With so much money, you would think that she would be able to hire a more talented makeup artist because it definitely does not always look the most flattering.

Katie is known for wearing heavy makeup looks and switching up her appearance quite drastically. She is a fan of accentuating her look with extremely big false eyelashes and plenty of enhancements. Price has been criticized for looking fake and has been told to lay off the cosmetic changes but her makeup habits aren't likely to change.

2 Lil' Kim's Look Leaves Us Speechless

lil kim too much makeup
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Lil' Kim has had more faces than we can even keep track of. Seriously, this woman has a problem! Much like Michael Jackson, Lil' Kim has a completely different face than she did when she first got her start in the music industry as the Notorious B.I.G.'s girlfriend. She has managed to stay somewhat relevant and remain in the rap game for the past two decades.

Lil' Kim has completely overdone it with her makeup looks in the past and recently. In fact, some would say she looks like a clown and it seems that she doesn't have anyone in her inner circle that is willing to tell her to tone it down. We wouldn't know what Lil' Kim's face looked like without makeup because she is rarely spotted without it and her face changes too often!

1 Lisa Vanderpump's Makeup Is Anything But Classy

lisa vanderpump too much makeup
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Lisa Vanderpump became well-known after she became a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. The restaurant owner and entrepreneur was so well-received, that she got her own reality show spin-off, based on the dramatic lives of the servers who work for her. Being on television all the time is not easy and neither is constantly being camera-ready but that seems to be something that Lisa does not struggle with.

The 57-year-old is always dressed to the nines, wearing designer clothing, accessories, and shoes but her makeup is also always perfectly done. Although she has received some judgment for the occasionally poor application of her false lashes, she usually looks far too glamorous to criticize.

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