20 Celebs Who Made Their Expensive Outfits Look Cheap

There was a time when everyone wanted to look rich. Now, everyone wants to look poor. Fashion trends are confusing, cyclical, and oftentimes, strange. Who are we to deny what’s popular? Whether it's homeless chic, hippie, boho-chic, street-style, or whatever category you want to throw it in, some of the most in-touch fashionistas on the planet are showing this free and easy style. If you didn't know better, and trust us, we rarely do, you could mistake some of the style giants as hobos. In many respects, that's a compliment. It's not just women either. Many of the men in show business have jumped on this bohemian bandwagon and are flexing their fashion muscles as well.

So, we wanted to take a look at some of the more peculiar looks out there. These outfits may look like they were purchased at a thrift store, but they're actually insanely expensive. We will walk through what some of the hobo-esque outfits cost, numbers that might shock you. Or maybe not. Maybe you understand the way that the clothing industry works. These companies are laughing all the way to the bank. People are willing to pay more and more for less and less material. There used to be a time when ripped jeans were considered garbage. These days, they're worth more than normal pants.

Forgive us for our ignorance.

20 Rihanna

via popsugar

Coachella is a place where rich people get together and play hippie. There are still those that go for the music, but now it's mostly about native-inspired outfits, headbands and tie-dye shirts, and dresses. Not everyone falls into these fashion categories, though. Some like to mix things up. Look at Rihanna. She wore an $8,500 Gucci outfit to Coachella. Sure,

it may seem like she's wearing a dirty shirt, ripped shorts, and chainmail, but it's so much more.

That is a crystal-embroidered mesh bodysuit. That suit alone is more than $7,000. Those shorts, the ones with barely any material, are almost $1,000, and the top is $450. Sweet lord, that's a lot of money for an ugly outfit.

19 Gwen Stefani

via Pinterest

Gwen Stefani is a woman who is almost as well-known for her fashion style as she is for her music and dance moves, at least in the last several years. Yet, her fashion sense, which is often the cross-section between grunge and posh,

is one of the most expensive yet cheap-looking styles out there.

Take this outfit, for example—a ripped pair of jeans, a fairly simple heart-pattered, loose-fitting blouse, and high heel sandals. This whole thing, the bag included, costs more than $2,500. Those jeans, those raggedy things? Those are around $600. The blouse is just under one thousand dollars.

18 Keanu Reeves

via joynergizer

Keanu Reeves is a very consistent man. That's how he comes across. He is typically shown to be very kind to people, taking the time to talk to fans or to snap a picture with them, and his style rarely changes. While he cleans up incredibly well, his street style usually consists of a rugged pair of pants and a blazer. Sometimes these blazers are weathered, sometimes new. Sometimes he wears a hat, but the basic makeup of his dress remains the same. Yet, when Reeves goes really rugged, including his facial hair and boots, the man can look downright sad. There's still quite a bit of style there, but it is understandable how you get the sad Keanu photos. Honestly, though, fashion sense aside, how could you not love this guy?

17 Gwyneth Paltrow

via denim blog

Would you believe us if we told you that this outfit that Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing at the airport, this fairly spot-on Mick Jagger costume, cost the actress (or the person who bought it for her) nearly $11,000? Well, it's true. Granted, the pendant necklace she's wearing contributes for a massive portion of that amount, but the jeans are worth hundreds of dollars, and the bags total more than $1,000. There are very few people on this planet who would look at Paltrow in this photo and think, damn, she is probably wearing more than $10,000 worth of stuff.

16 Gigi Hadid

via Insider

Perhaps more than any other person in the spotlight right now, model Gigi Hadid embodies street-style. She is one of those people who really take ripped jeans to the extreme. While she certainly has a way of making many things look good, she also finds a way to make expensive things look cheap. Look at her outfit here from Fashion Week in Milan. This is an oversized frayed denim vest, a plaid long sleeve shirt, a denim-style button-up, and what appears to be two pairs of jeans.

This outfit looks kind of cool on Hadid but would look utterly ridiculous on the rest of us.

The pants are actually called High Rise Camille with Double Shredded Hems - Willie White. These babies cost close to $500.

15 Leonardo DiCaprio

via moe jackson

Most of the time, Leo DiCaprio can be found wearing one of two things, a dapper suit or a t-shirt and shorts. Neither of these outfits make him look cheap, although the latter

shows that he doesn't really care about dressing to the nines all the time.

However, when Leo hits town, he sometimes covers up as much as possible. After all, he's one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, so he needs to wear a mask of sorts. A hat, a beard, and sunglasses are a good start. But how about a big sweater and distressed jeans? That will help make him look less rich than he is. Still, these are no ordinary clothes. This outfit is well over $1,000. Sound crazy? Yeah, it does to us too.

14 Jodie Whitaker

via long room

There's a very good chance that what Jodie Whitaker, the newest star named the Doctor in Doctor Who, is wearing here is actually cheap clothing. We doubt it, but it's possible. Still, we wanted to include this photo because had we not told you this was an actress who just landed one of the most high-profile gigs in all of television,

you would have thought she was a street person carrying some richer person's bags.

Though Whitaker's style is not normally this distressed, she does have a street style flavor to her look. If it's in to look poor, Whitaker has certainly broken the door down.

13 Taylor Swift

via Cosmopolitan

Taylor Swift has a fluctuating style that goes from prim and proper, to cutesy, to sexy, to basic. In 2016 at Coachella, she was as basic as it gets, wearing what we can only describe as a onesie without the buttons. Listen, we understand that these extended and overly long t-shirts are in right now, but most look natural. Swift's shirt, with its rounded and deliberate bottom, is silly. That's a bum flap. Even worse, it's about $150. Then, there's the rest of the outfit. The skirt is cheap (thankfully) but the shoes,

those inconsequential sneakers, they're more than $500.

That childish star necklace is around the same price. This outfit is close to $1,500 dollars.

12 Selena Gomez

via look magazine

Like so many of the starlets on this list, Selena Gomez can make almost anything she chooses to wear look great. This outfit is no exception. She looks cool and comfortable. But, this is a sweatsuit, people. She's wearing a large red tracksuit like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause. Then there are the sandals, the sunglasses, and the bag. This total outfit cost is insane.

That standard-looking red tracksuit costs more than $1,000. The bag is almost $3,000.

The sunglasses and the shoes combined come in at around $1,200. Are you doing the math? That's more than $5,000 in clothing right here. Who could have guessed just by looking at this picture?

11 Justin Bieber

via YouTube

The Biebs often looks like he puts on any old thing, but he doesn't. He has an eye for fashion, despite what many of us haters think. Like it or not,

whatever Bieber wears becomes popular soon after.

His extra long t-shirts, strange sweaters, and horribly-ripped jeans are all the rage. It's tough to say if he popularized it or if he was just on the cutting edge, but it's impossible to deny that he's connected to the trend in some way. Still, why many companies may try to replicate these clothes and sell them cheap, Biebs ain't out there buying pants for less than $50. These pants are ripped by a highly-trained ripping technician, which makes them stupidly expensive.

10 The Olsens

via Huffington Post

There's a strong case to be made that the Olsen twins, especially Mary-Kate, were big reasons why the boho-chic, or more specifically homeless-chic, became so popular in America. One of the more popular looks of the twins, the look that many people associate with their fashion sense, is the oversized coat. Sometimes, as in the picture above,

these coats are so large and raggedy that they seem to be bathrobes.

We know better, though. These are major fashion designers. These coats, almost without exception, are all worth thousands of dollars. This coat here being worth more than a $100 bathrobe is a crime.

9 The Fannings

via the fashion spot

Listen, we love the Fanning sister. We think they're nice, sweet, and sincere. We don't care how they dress nor do we care how any of the other celebrities on this list dress, but the Fannings do have a way of wearing expensive clothes that look cheap. It's not their fault. It's a sign of the times. Either way, here's Elle, our favorite, wearing a pink sweater that says Gucci on it, so you just know it'll be expensive. Guess what? It is. But did you guess $1,500? How about those shorts? Cute, yes, but $400? How? Those are also nearly $800 sneakers and that bag is almost $1,500.

8 Johnny Depp

via Daily Mirror

Say what you will about Johnny Depp's style, but he's been at the forefront of the boho-chic movement for men for many, many years. Sometimes, it's true that Depp simply wears old, ripped, and worn-out clothes—clothes that he himself has worn out and patched up, sometimes even with duct tape. He often wears multiple shirts, many different types of fabrics, scarves, and all sorts of materials you can't quite place. But, most of the time, Depp's clothing is calculated.

He shops at special antique stores that provide like-new clothing from bygone eras.

These clothes do not come cheap either. He may look like a stinking hobo, but he dresses like a...well...like a stinking hobo too. But his clothes are expensive. That's all we're trying to say.

7 Madonna

via Celebuzz

Over the course of her career, Madonna has had many ups and downs with fashion. She was once considered the biggest fashion icon in music, then she fell off, and now she's getting her own clothing line once again. Still, when we see pictures of her like this,

we have to wonder if maybe she lost all her money and has been forced to live on streets, layering to stay warm.

That's not true, of course, but can you blame us for thinking that way? This outfit is awful. Awful, but not cheap. Each item of clothing, those many items, come with a hefty price tag. Together, it just looks like a mishmash of materials. You might call her a material girl… hey hey!

6 Brad Pitt

via NY Daily News

Brad Pitt has been in the public eye for as long as he's been acting. His looks, charm, and style have made sure that a camera is pointed to him at all times. So, it's not so crazy that

every once in a while, the actor has been spotted wearing clothing that makes him look homeless

(or at least less fortunate than really he is). Now, a classically-trained eye for fashion would be able to see the wealth dripping off this particular outfit, but to most of us, this is a man who is cheap. The very aged and loose-fitting slacks are rich and vintage. The basic brown boots, plaid shirt, and grey jacket are not secondhand. They're new, meant to look like that, and too expensive for you.

5 Katy Perry

via katyfurler

Call us crazy or uncultured, but to us, Katy Perry looks like she's just wearing a mesh dress. There's nothing special to see here. Maybe you had to be close enough to touch to really understand its charm. Don't get us wrong. She does look great. She looks cool. She always does. But,

she doesn't look like she's wearing a dress that almost costs $2,000.

That's pretty much what this little Thai Nguyen Atelier number costs. Throw in the shades, the hot pants, and the rabbit shoes, and you're looking at a hefty sum for something that looks like nothing but gauze.

4 Helena Bonham Carter

via Newswalle

While it may seem that Helena Bonham Carter doesn't care about how she looks, she does. The actress has always been known as an eccentric dresser, with some placing her name in the list of those who helped drive the homeless-chic look prosper. Bonham Carter often pairs patterns and colors together in ways that most in the fashion industry would say is a no no, but she pulls it off. "I do put a lot of thought into it," Carter said, "...especially for red carpets. I don't just throw any old thing on." Yet, even when she's out, layering clothes like a street person, there is class and wealth there.

3 Courtney Love

via fashionista

Of all the celebs we've looked at on this list, Courtney Love has got to be the one that most people would actually believe is wearing cheap clothes that could have been found in a dumpster, but don't be fooled because it's not true. Love has a strategy and design in her style, although it does often look rough and shambled. Her closets are filled with vintage clothing and not just any vintage either.

Every piece of her strange wardrobe is designer-made and wildly expensive.

Most of the time, Love looks like she stumbled out of a back alleyway, her clothes ripped and torn, but that is all intentional.

2 Shia LaBeouf

via YouTube

Full disclosure here. It's entirely possible that Shia LaBeouf's wardrobe is actually very cheap. We don't know for sure. His basic outfit consists of impossibly tight, dirty, and rugged jeans. These pants are not going to be cheap, but they're usually not super restrictive either. He then goes with a basic T or an ironic graphic top of some sort. These can range from very rare and expensive to filthy cheap and therefore, hilarious. Take his amazing Field of Dreams sweater as an example of a shirt that fills both categories. His coats and boots are usually similar, often a bulky lumberjack style. These are where the costs go up.

Although these items look weathered and old, they are almost always vintage and insanely overpriced.

But that's what you get when you want to be a norm-core fashion icon like LaBeouf.

1 Jared Leto

via TMZ

To say that Jared Leto loves Gucci would probably be the understatement of the year. To say that Jared Leto has an odd fashion sense might top that, though. One of the things that seems to define Leto's fashion is its eccentricity and unique finish. But can eccentricity explain how this outfit costs $2,500? How does that sweater, the one that reads "common sense is not that common" and looks to be decorated by a small child just starting Kindergarten, even cost $1,200? How do those pants not spontaneously combust from being so disastrously hideous? $1,000? You’ve got to be kidding.

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