20 Celebs Who Dyed Their Hair This Year (And Now Look Unrecognizable)

When it comes to a lot of the world's most famous and recognizable faces, a lot of celebs like to create a certain image or brand and then stick to it for ages, and for someone working in an industry that does depend so much on looks, it's no surprise that a lot of people in the entertainment industry try to find something that works or that makes them memorable and then stick to it for most of their careers. And while everyone has at least one bad hair day once in a while, most of us don't work in an industry where our changing hairstyles can lead to us losing our jobs, or even lead to the end of an entire TV show (rest in peace, Felicity), so it's understandable why actors, singers, and models might be reluctant to switch things up a bit.

However, everyone likes to try something new every once in a while, and sometimes a radical change can actually get someone more attention, so it's not that surprising to see so many celebrities make some intense and attention-getting changes to their normal looks. Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to make a big change overnight, and changing the shade of your tresses can transform your entire appearance, so it is unsurprisingly one of the most popular things for celebs to play with. So who has been making the biggest, best, or sometimes unfortunately not so good looking changes to their hair color?

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20 Leighton Meester

via: elle.com

Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester's, natural hair color is pretty and suits her well, and the fact that she decided to go for such a bright and shocking blonde is definitely a big surprise, considering her normal style. And while it certainly doesn't look natural, it is at least quite flattering, and interestingly, it seemed to take Leighton's looks from a relatable all American girl to an edgy, almost Brigitte Bardot look.

That color of blonde certainly isn't for everyone, but it's brightness really makes Meester's natural dark doe eyes pop.

Her new styling overall makes her look like she might blend right in to some Norwegian coffee shop or something, but if someone goes for such an extreme change like this they want to at least make sure that the color is flattering to their skin and facial features, and luckily, it looks like Leighton's hairstylist paid close attention to that.

19 Daisy Ridley

via: popsugar.co.uk

Star Wars cutie, Daisy Ridley honestly looks adorable no matter what kind of look she's rocking, but presumably, that has more to do with her megawatt smile than her occasionally changing hair color. And it does seem like Daisy likes to experiment with her style and color quite a bit, and she clearly isn't shy about trying out a pretty dramatic change. Unfortunately, this new blonde looks only so-so on her. It's not a bad look but it doesn't really pop either, and her normal brown looks so much richer and healthier than this sort of ho-hum yellow shade. When it comes to changing your hair color, it's really important to choose the right tone that works for you, and Daisy (who has sported a variety of browns and reddish shades in her hair styling history) is usually pretty on point with that, but this mane revamp just falls a little flat in comparison to some previous looks.

18 Ariana Grande

via: cosmo.com

Ariana Grande kind of seems like a bubblegum Barbie brought to life anyway, so it's no huge surprise that when she decided to go for a major hair color change she went for something that makes her hair look like cotton candy.

Pastel hair colors are most definitely all the rage, but they're a dye job that can really easily go wrong if you don't do everything exactly right. 

It's definitely a job that is best left to professional colorists and that would almost certainly benefit from some hair care products that are specifically designed to keep subtle colors from getting too washed out. There's a fine line between subtle and bland, and if you're not devoted to taking care of your hair on a regular basis then this kind of look probably isn't for you. It seems to suit Ariana perfectly though, and after seeing it, it's almost hard to believe that she hasn't gone for such a radical My Little Pony color before.

17 Lily Collins

via: people.com

While most women who decide to go for an extreme hair change would benefit from giving their eyebrows a little attention and ensuring that the colors at least sort of match, it's probably a good thing that Lily Collins didn't fuss with her extremely recognizable brows when she decided to change up her hair game. It's an especially good decision since Lily's overall transformation to blonde seems a bit blah as well. It's not a terrible color, and at least it has some dimension and still looks healthy, but comparatively her brunette look seems much more striking than her blonde look. Like Leighton Meester, it seems like the blonde hair does bring out Lily's big, dark eyes, but aside from that it doesn't seem like the new color is doing her any favors. Going for a bold change is always fun, but it also sometimes shows you why your original style was your style to begin with.

16 Kim Kardashian

via: brownhair.vivirmuysano.com

Kim Kardashian certainly seems to be a fan of neutral colors, so in that sense, I guess it's not much of a surprise that she would change her distinctively long, black hair to a bright, almost white color instead. If she was going for a long lost Malfoy look, then she achieved it, but overall, it seems like this platinum shade is not a great match for her looks in general. It must have taken an enormous amount of effort to strip her super dark hair of almost all of its color, and the platinum that she wound up with is so cool toned that it's making her normally golden skin look bright orange. It's definitely a unique look and it is cool to see someone with such a set style try new things, but sometimes, you can see a look and understand why most people wouldn't go for it.

15 LaLa Anthony

via: youtube.com

Another little hair styling quirk that seems to be becoming its own mini trend is this whole obvious roots phenomenon.

It's a look that can look really bad, but luckily, LaLa Anthony's coloring looks like it's an intentional style choice instead of a side effect of a lacklustre hair care routine.

And while frosted tips will never look natural, they're a good option for someone who wants to go for a dramatic change without committing themselves to months with a certain hair color. Not to mention, if you don't know how your hair will react to certain dyes and products it's definitely a good idea to just do it on part of your hair instead of all over. Deciding to go blonde or red or blue is a major decision anyway, and you absolutely do not want to find out that blue hair dye actually looks like a sea kelp green on every inch of your hair.

14 Allison Williams

via: pinterest.com

Allison Williams has stuck with her natural hair color for most of her career in the public eye, and it's sad to say that this sudden change to blonde might not have been the right call for her. Her natural hair color is pretty, and it makes her facial features stand out a lot more than this particular shade of blonde. Her new hair color actually looks like it's almost the same color as her skin, which makes her hair fade into the background and looks a little off. Who knows how long she'll stick with these new blonde tresses, but if she decides to go for another change up she'd probably be better off going with a darker blonde, or maybe a color with an auburn undertone to it. A little more variation might help too, the fact that all of her strands look to be the exact same color all over her mane is not a natural look.

13 Shailene Woodley

via: gotceleb.com

The actress, Shailene Woodley, seems to be fond of the whole all natural, hippie granola lifestyle, but apparently, that devotion to all natural living doesn't always include her hair.

For most of her career, Shailene seems to have stuck with her natural, medium brown locks, but she understandably decided to change things up a few times and experiment with her overall look.

Shailene actually looks her best with her natural (or natural-ish) hair color, but the darker brown with a slight red undertone is a flattering color on her as well. She'd probably be better off leaving that blonde behind though, or at least going for a blonde look that isn't quite such a shocking contrast to her almost black roots. And it's kind of just common sense if the style that you favor is a very natural-looking style then suddenly changing to something so obviously unnatural will probably look a little odd.

12 Shay Mitchell

via: instyle.com

The Pretty Little Liars actress, Shay Mitchell, seems pretty devoted to having her styling look preened to perfection whether she's rocking a red carpet or just stopping to get some gas, so it's no real surprise that she would be equally on point when she decided to go for a drastic hair color change. Her natural brown looks fab, but the highlights and low lights in her new blonde look give her hairstyle a lot of dimensions and don't leave her with a shocking, ultra fake looking blonde style that so many other celebs seem to fall victim to. And while the filter is clearly giving Shay a different look from her normal everyday appearance, it does look like she actually lightened her eyebrows slightly, which is an often overlooked detail that can make a sudden hair color change look totally weird, especially if you have naturally black eyebrows like Mitchell.

11 Cardi B

via: youtube.com

The "Bodak Yellow" singer looks like she has a mane that requires a whole lot of maintenance, which makes her willingness to dye her ultra-long, black locks this unusual combination of silver and gold that much more bold of a decision. It certainly seems very on trend and puts a unique spin on the whole pastel colored hair thing, but getting and keeping colors that look this rich and not washed out is no easy feat of hair styling. The flashes of gold within the silver seem like a really good call as well, throwing in some warm-toned highlights that blend with her natural skin undertone makes the hairstyle mesh well with her overall style, and sticking with that ultra-cool, almost bluish silver color, all over her head would have probably clashed with her undertone and made an already unnatural looking hair color look completely insane.

10 Jessica Biel

via: celebskart.com

The actress, Jessica Biel, doesn't seem to change her look up often, and in comparison to a lot of other entries on this list, she definitely seems to favor a more natural look when she does.

This dirty blonde look is not a huge departure from her normal medium brown color, but the minor change still seems to have a major impact on her overall look.

Her classic brown clearly has more of an old-school Hollywood vibe to it, and her new blonde locks have a much more all American, easygoing California girl look to them. What's nice about going for that kind of beach blonde look is that it can make actual hair styling a lot easier, because having a kind of mussed, bed head look to your hair actually looks like it matches the overall hairstyle but literally requires no actual time, effort, or hair products to achieve.

9 Hailey Baldwin

via: beautycrew.com.au

Hailey Baldwin, the model daughter of the actor, Stephen Baldwin, has pretty consistently been rocking a blonde shade of hair since she came on the modeling scene, so this isn't exactly an enormous departure for her. However Hailey's preferred style of blonde has usually been a more casual, California beach blonde hairstyle that had a somewhat more natural look, and given how she looks overall, it was somewhat believable that maybe her hair did just bleach out a bit by itself because she spent so much time hanging out in the sun. So this more solid, yellowish blonde is definitely a new and unusual look for her, and to be honest, it doesn't seem like the right style and color for her. The tone of her hair together with the tone of her skin makes both her hair color and her skin color look unnatural, and her normally natural looking roots look super unnatural with this more intense dye job.

8 Julianne Hough

via: pinterest.com

Her bright, shiny blonde hair is one of the professional dancer, Julianne Hough's, most recognizable traits, but Hough was clearly in the mood to change things up when she decided to go from blonde to a deep, rich auburn color.

Obviously, both blonde and auburn look good on her, but the dark red is certainly a more distinctive and unusual look, especially in an industry that is absolutely filled to the brim with bottle blondes.

Another plus side to going darker is that her new hair color matches her eyebrows considerably more than her old one. Even though a blonde dye job has been one of the most perennial popular hairstyles in America for over a century, there never fails to be a plethora of ladies who dye their hair the lightest blonde shade they can find and leave their jet-black eyebrows completely untouched, which is always an unnatural look and a dead giveaway to an unnatural hair color.

7 Lucy Hale

via: instagram.com

The Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, is definitely most recognizable with long, dark hair, so I guess after years of keeping her classic Aria Montgomery look, she decided to change things up a bit, or change things up a lot. Hale clearly likes to change up her style in general, not just her hairstyle, and experiments with different looks as often as she can. But Lucy might also be using her changing hair styles in a kind of classic maneuver that a lot of celebrities seem to employ, which is making a dramatic change to your hairstyle and tweaking your overall appearance with some enhancements at the same time. The theory behind that is that people will probably notice the difference in looks anyway, but most of them will just write off that feeling that there's something different as a reaction to the new hairstyle. Sneaky!

6 Selena Gomez

via: vogue.com

The actress and pop star, Selena Gomez, doesn't seem like the type to change up her style too often or too dramatically, so her decision to go for a bright blonde bob was a pretty surprising choice.

While it's a pretty cool look, it's a change that definitely makes Selena borderline unrecognizable from her normal baby-faced brunette look.

But perhaps that's exactly why she decided to go for such a dramatic change, with her brown hair, Selena still looks like the cherubic Disney child star that the world got to know, which might not be ideal for an actress and singer who's now in her mid 20's. And surely, it has something to do with her overall styling, but Gomez most definitely looks more adult with her blonde hairdo. Her whole vibe has a kind of Marilyn Monroe gone wild thing going on, which is a fun change from her norm.

5 Emilia Clarke

via: instyle.com.au

Emilia Clarke might actually look the most recognizable when she's sporting the bright whitish blonde hair color of her super famous Game of Thrones character, Daenerys Targaryen, but for every prior season of Game of Thrones, Emilia was actually just wearing a platinum blonde wig over her natural dark brown tresses.

Emilia decided to switch things up recently, which had many Thrones fans wondering what her sudden decision to dye her hair after years of faking it could possibly mean for the show and for her character.

And lucky for her, she clearly already knew exactly how she'd look if she decided to go from chestnut brown to blonde, so at the very least she didn't go for a super dramatic change that she might have wound up hating anyway. For those who like to theorize about the potential happenings of the show, it will be interesting to see how long Clarke keeps her hair this way.

4 Kate Hudson

via: usmagazine.com

Chopping off all of your hair and dying it a bright platinum blonde seems to be all the rage among celebs who are in the mood for a drastic hair change, but actress Kate Hudson decided to flip the script a bit and dye her normally blonde hair a deep, reddish-brown. It's definitely a plus that she didn't strip her hair of all of its color, because maintaining a healthy mane is exponentially more difficult when you've extracted every bit of pigment that you can, and it's an interesting choice that Hudson hasn't really rocked before in her hair history. And unlike a lot of celebrities who go for a drastic hair change, it looks like Kate's eyebrows actually somewhat match the color of her hair, which is a nice little touch that can make all the difference when it comes to a significant hair color adjustment.

3 Cara Delevingne

via: thisisinsider.com

If you literally make your living off of your exceptionally good looks like the supermodel, Cara Delevingne, does, it's no real surprise that you can look amazing with any hairstyle under the sun, but even taking that into consideration, Cara's ultra-short, ultra-white look is a whole lot of look to commit to.

Luckily, that styling risk seems to have paid off for Delevingne, because her platinum locks seem to make her already striking facial features pop even more.

Going for an unnaturally light hair color when you're already fair skinned can make someone looked washed out and strange, but it looks like Cara (or her hairstylist) made a point of choosing a color tone that matches well with the natural cool undertone of her skin. And, obviously, dying your hair white can read like a little old lady, but the combo of this color and cut is a super edgy look.

2 Keke Palmer

via: refinery29.com

Going for a super short pixie cut along with a brand-spankin' new hair color seems to be a bit of a running theme when it comes to celebs revamping their looks, but Keke Palmer's transformation with this extra bright purple is a unique twist on a relatively common celebrity hair styling trend. Obviously, electric purple is a fun color to coordinate your outfit with, but going with a color that bright is actually some pretty serious business. First, you have to strip your hair of all of its natural color, and purple hair dye is one of the most notoriously difficult hair colors to get right and keep bright. One plus side about dying less than an inch of hair is that maintaining the look isn't a massive concern and doesn't take a massive amount of effort, and if anything goes seriously wrong it's not the end of the world to cut everything off again.

1 Zoe Kravitz

via: nydailynews.com

Zoe Kravitz is a star of the hit HBO series, Big Little Lies, and the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. She certainly isn't afraid of testing out some pretty bold and unusual looks. But this dramatic change from natural black hair to a super bright, icy, and cool-toned platinum was a pretty big style commitment that no doubt took a whole lot of effort from her colorist. Going from black to nearly white is no easy task, and maintaining a dye job like that can be pretty tough.

As if this transformation wasn't drastic enough, after a few weeks of rocking the platinum braids, Kravitz decided to go for an extreme cut along with that extreme coloring and decided to switch it up with a pixie cut.

Obviously, if you've got a face like that, you can look smokin' hot with any hairstyle under the sun, but a change up like this clearly isn't for the faint of heart.

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