20 Celeb Moms Who Don't Dress Like A Typical Mother

Babies are the biggest accessory in Hollywood. As Kim K heads to lunch with her brood and Beyonce buys $80,000 diamond-encrusted barbies for Blue Ivy, having a kid is the biggest way to boost your fame in celeb land. Hollywood kids are getting front-row invites to Fashion Week, and Willow Smith already has her own squad.

North West and Beyonce's kids get front-row seats at Fashion Week, but that doesn't come without the reported $2.5 million diamond pacifiers People reported that Jay-Z bought his baby girl. Suri Cruise might have a $1 million designer wardrobe, but what about how the moms are dressing? Leopard prints, leather, and plunging necklines–would you want your mom wearing that? Some of these moms are definitely saying "age is just a number."

How celebs dress has always been a hot topic. Britney Spears is happy to hit the parking lot in stained sweats. Meanwhile, other celebs are refusing to say goodbye to their glittery gowns, and being a mom won't stop them. Some celeb moms are turning heads for the wrong reasons. A clingy mini dress might look great when you have a celeb trainer putting you through your paces. But is it really right to pick your kids up from preschool dressed like you're heading to the club? Celebs drop thousands on stylists, but some of them are making some seriously strange choices. Here are 20 celeb moms who are focusing more on the word "celeb" than "mom."

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via: dailymail

Kim Kardashian is rich enough to own whatever she wants. Kim can earn $500,000 per sponsored Instagram post according to Michael Heller, the CEO of the company that organizes the family's deals. In 2016, Kim famously tweeted that she was "transferring $53 million" into her and husband, Kanye West's joint account. And that was just earnings from the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood video game.

Kim and Kanye recently welcomed their third child into the world. We haven't seen many pics of baby Chicago, but we sure are seeing a lot of Kim.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star may have family values as her core, but is she really dressing for the family? She seems to be focusing more on her style than anything else, at the moment.


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Kate Middleton is always making headlines. When you're a royal, the whole world is watching your every move, and that includes your wardrobe. Kate doesn't have much choice when it comes to fashion–being a royal is a very official affair.

Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William cost a staggering $36 million according to People. The royals are rich beyond belief, so why are some of their fashion choices so questionable?

Don't get us wrong. In many ways, Kate is a style icon. She definitely flies the flag for old-fashioned British class, but come on. Is it too hard for Kate to let her hair down and wear regular jeans and a plaid shirt from time to time?


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Blac Chyna was born for drama. The model and baby momma to Rob Kardashian's little girl Dream is used to turning heads, but what about adjusting when you're expecting? Body shaming is wrong. We would never do it to someone who's pregnant–waiting for that baby is a beautiful and natural part of a woman's life.

Baby bumps are a wonderful sign, but look at Angelina or Kim–they did pregnancy the stylish way.

Blac Chyna has left a bit of a bad impression on her fans since giving birth to Dream. She's no longer with Rob and she's slammed him on social media. Clearly a big personality, there. Maybe she should think about investing in some tasteful clothes for her new life as a mom.


via: TMZ, dailymail

Angelina Jolie isn't enjoying the best reputation right now. The mom of six walks around with a heavy weight on your shoulders–that's what you get for allegedly breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's marriage. Ange couldn't even make it last with Brad, and she's now a pretty lonely figure in Hollywood. Angelina was offered a $100 million divorce settlement from Brad, according to TMZ. Their reports of Ange's "chaos" home fueled rumors that Brad was unhappy, but what about her miserable wardrobe? Angelina's kids are growing up fast, and her daughter Shiloh Nouvel is more stylish than her mom.

On the rare occasions we see her, Angie is usually wearing long and shapeless gowns in dull shades of beige, tan, or black.

Her kids are becoming celebs in their own right. Her daughter Shiloh Nouvel even has her own fashion following. Dressing like this, will Angie be single forever?


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Beyonce is an amazing role model. The music mogul promotes healthy body image, is an advocate for a ton of causes, plus she really is the ultimate #girlboss.

Beyonce raked in $104 million in 2017 according to Forbes, making her one of the highest-earning singers ever. She and Jay-Z make a power couple, and they sure do spoil their kids. $80,000 diamond-encrusted barbies definitely say "mom," but does this outfit?

Beyonce has three kids. According to People, their nannies have a strict rule book to follow. Bey's wardrobe seems to have a lot less rules, though. Sure, her performance outfits can put it out there, but for every celeb you see on this list, just picture them as your mom.


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It's hard to believe that Kate is 39. Looking at these pictures, you might almost think she was a grandma. While her daughter Suri enjoys a reported $1 million wardrobe according to TMZ, her mom is trailing behind.

Kate is wandering the streets of New York here. Little Suri gets designer clothes as part of her reported $1 million wardrobe, but her mom seems to dress poorly in comparison.

Kate's street style is a solid yawn of beiges, tans, and grandma shoes. This woman has had a tough time. Her marriage to Tom Cruise put a lot of strain on her, but they divorced in 2012. She's had six years to pick herself up, so why is she still dressing like the fashion police don't exist?


via: usweekly

Jennifer Lopez is an undeniable icon. The most powerful Latina singer on the planet has millions to her name, and she gets plenty of screen time thanks to her role as a judge on American Idol.

J-Lo's earnings were an insane $38 million in 2017 according to Forbes. She graces the red carpet in glittering Versace gowns. But her "mom" style of jeans, jeans, and more jeans is a bit predictable. Show us that incredible body, Jen!

J-Lo has gorgeous twins, Max and Emme. Although she's 47, she also has a fabulous body, thanks to energetic dance routines and a super healthy and balanced lifestyle. We're not slamming you for throwing on jeans, Jen, but maybe use those millions to buy something different?


via: instagram

Britney Spears never pretended to be the most elegant lady, and we respect her for it. Celebs can get so pretentious once the cash starts rolling in, and they can easily forget their humble roots.

Britney does wear smart pant suits from time to time, but her default look is a little messy. This Instagram pic may show us a healthy body, but is it really fitting for a 37 year-old mom?

Britney hasn't always proved the most responsible when it comes to her two kids. She was infamously photographed at the wheel with her son Sean Preston on her lap. Britney has also fought for custody of her kids with ex-husband, Kevin Federline and found herself defeated. Maybe if she dressed like a mother, she'd get the respect of one.


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Kourtney Kardashian may not be enjoying the spotlight that her younger sister, Kim is, but she's still big news. The mom of three definitely has a style, but it's always one extreme.

Kourtney is still trying to find her feet after her split from baby daddy, Scott Disick (even though it was years ago). KUWTK  fans sure get suggestions that Kourt is still in love with Scott, so are these pics trying to get this attention? Like, forgetting to wear a skirt?

Kourtney is dressed like an eight year-old in the first pic. Slide your eye to the right though, and it's a different story. The Yeezy boots from Kanye's line show off her legs, but Kourt seems to have forgotten her skirt.


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The voice of an angel has made Christina Aguilera millions. The singer is indeed beautiful, although we sometimes wonder what she'd look like without the metric ton of makeup. Christina's pin-up style is straight out of the 1940s, but is it really appropriate for a mom?

$17 million is Christina's guest fee on The Voice, according to People. Burlesque blonde curls and shimmering gowns are Christina's signature style. Dripping in diamonds with layered-on rouge is great for stage shows, but Xtina might want to consider dressing down.

Christina isn't the least-stylish mom on this list. Her son Max is still too young to really know what's going on, so there's still hope. Maybe by the time he's ten, Christina will have toned it down a bit...


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We're not kidding. Kris Jenner isn't just a mom, she's a grandma (although we're losing count on the number). The 63-year-old "momager" runs a tight ship, but what about her risqué wardrobe?

It all got a bit embarrassing when Kris stepped out in this designer Balmain jacket. Why? Because Justin Bieber was spotted wearing the exact same thing.

Khloe shut down an entire store just so Kris could shop til' she drops. When you've signed a $150 million deal to extend your TV show, though, any chance you can afford a personal shopper? Kris drops thousands on top-end labels. Just like Kim and Kylie, she has closets full of Gucci, Versace, and Chanel. Kris works hard to look young, but is she looking a little too young?


via: wikia

Pamela Anderson built her career on skimpy outfits and her blonde bombshell persona. Sure, the Baywatch star has a rebel streak. She married rocker, Tommy Lee, plus she's been married to Kid Rock.

Pam is now 50. Her days at Hugh Hefner's mansion are well behind her, but what about her super-revealing wardrobe? Pam has never denied the slightly enhanced helping hand she's gotten, but what about helping yourself to some decent clothes?

For all she's slammed, Pam still deserves some respect. She's spoken openly about her troubled past on talk shows. She had a rough upbringing and witnessed some difficult things, but it's time to be your own witness. You're 50, not 25, Pam.


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Think of anyone you know who is 59. Or rather, picture how you would feel if you were 21 and your mom was copying your style. Madonna kind of has her own category when it comes to fame: being the most famous.

The Material Girl star is the richest woman in music, according to Forbes. $550 million is what Madonna has to her name. Biker leathers and plunging necklines are making Madonna look more like her daughter Lourdes every day, though.

FYI, Madonna's Rebel Girl tour brought her $170 million. Madonna acts like she's running out of style inspiration. So where does she go for it? Straight to one of her six kids.


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Kylie Jenner should have "surprise" as her middle name. The youngest Kardashian has proved that she can be the most powerful, and a baby wasn't going to her in her way.

Just days after having baby girl, Stormi Webster, Kylie was back to posing in her $400,000 Lamborghinis. "I'm not a regular mom but I'm a cool mom," she posted on Instagram recently. With Forbes predicting Kylie will be a billionaire by the time she's 30, that is one kind of cool. Kylie hasn't turned the heat down on her wardrobe, though.

Kylie's super-revealing tanks and teeny tiny swimsuits definitely flaunt the curves that run in the family. You can't hate on the Kardashians for their body positive image. How much of a role model you are when you're never wearing much–that one is less certain.


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Kinda crazy, right? Every celeb around is buying Versace gear like it's going out of style. Donatella Versace sits at the top of the global Versace empire. She has one daughter, Allegra, who is set to inherit close to $1 billion according to The Daily Mail.

At 62 years old though, Donatella is refusing to dress a day older than 22. Crystal-encrusted gowns and daring hemlines are becoming just as over the top as her poker-straight blonde locks.

Donatella could also do with going easy on the fake tan. Donatella continues to grace every red carpet event out there, and she's always front row at Fashion Week. In 2016, she posed with Kylie Jenner at The Met Gala in New York, but even Kylie looked more appropriate than Donatella did.


via: mandywangapparel.com

Victoria Beckham has come a long way. The former Spice Girl has built herself a fashion empire, and the bodycon dresses and fake tan are a distant memory. The established designer has four kids with her husband, David Beckham. While Victoria mostly dresses appropriately, this look is a little... what?

This outfit is from Victoria's own fashion line. Her clothes have been worn by Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama. But what's a stylish mom of four doing in pyjamas in broad daylight? With $420 million to her name, Victoria is worth more than her husband. She gives fashion advice, but does she take it?

If you're into your fashion, you'll know that this bizarre outfit also comes in powder pink. Victoria considers "style" as one of the most important things in her life. The pencil skirts and sky-high heels are a lot to juggle when you have kids, though. Amazingly, Victoria even manages it in airports.


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Bethenny Frankel has one of the biggest personalities on reality TV. The Real Housewives Of New York star is a hard-hitting businesswoman with a string of successful deals to her name. Bethenny has one daughter, Bryn, but has mommy's bedtime wardrobe gotten mixed up here?

Bethenny is usually seen in her power wardrobe that totally says "Manhattan boss." This Hello Kitty PJ look puts her about 20 years behind her real age. $25 million should mean you can afford better than what Walmart couldn't get rid of in the pyjama aisle, right?

According to TMZ, Bethenny has even been told in court, "No more pyjamas!" Clearly this is one woman who isn't afraid to say "talk to the hand."


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Heidi Klum was blessed from above. This supermodel is tall, willowy, and long-limbed. She's also a mom of four, although you'd never know looking at her. Heidi Klum is one of the most-successful supermodels of all time. After her Victoria's Secret career, Forbes reported that her income was rising to $20 million. The metallic dresses and black leather don't quite send out "mom" vibes, though. If anything, they say "I'm 19."

Heidi has built herself an empire following her modeling career. She's been a judge on America's Got Talent, and she learned from the best. This mom could do with dressing her age though, and she's just one more on our list. Keep reading to see some more scandalous-looking moms...


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Mariah Carey might have the voice of an angel, but there's plenty to question when it comes to this mom. Mariah is no longer with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, although she seems to have held onto the fact that he was 11 years her junior.

Mariah is literally one of the richest women in music. A net worth of $535 million can buy you everything. However with Mariah, it doesn't seem to have bought her a stylist. Mariah's shopping sprees can see her shut down an entire Louis Vuitton store, but what about picking an outfit that says "mom?"

Mariah's twins, Moroccan and Monroe live a life of luxury. Hello! reported that their nursery is worth $250,000, and they're dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes. Mariah's leopard prints and fishnets aren't hugely appropriate for her 47 years, though. What is it with celebs?


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NeNe Leakes has no problem telling us she's got a personality. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star has worked hard to be the most famous woman in Atlanta, but the leather isn't doing it for us. NeNe's signature style is bold blonde hair and dresses that are as tiny as possible. Figure-hugging style shouldn't be a problem when you're a mom, but NeNe is 50.

"I don't have to be the skinniest girl in the room," she said on-screen, "but I definitely have to be the most confident." Some attitude from a grandma.

Confidence comes easily to NeNe, but her super-clingy style is a bit much. Her two kids are picking up on fake lashes and claw-like nails, and NeNe will definitely need to tone it down. NeNe isn't just a mom. In 2012, she became a grandma.

If some of these women are your style icon, just think how you'd feel if they were your mother. Leave us a comment on who you think owns their style (and who seriously needs to get a stylist on the phone). If you've got a friend who is a mom, hit share. She might pick up on some risky style, but she should probably know what's going on.

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