19 Times Chloe Grace Moretz Was Better Dressed Than Victoria Beckham

You probably recognize Chloe Grace Moretz from movies like Kick-Ass and If I Stay. The 21-year old got an early start in the acting industry, and quickly solidified her place in Hollywood as one of the most talented rising stars.

Apart from her booming career, the starlet has also found herself in the spotlight for her high profile relationship with Brooklyn Beckham. You know, the eldest son of Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham and soccer superstar David Beckham.

Chloe is repeatedly getting compared to her boyfriend’s fashionable family, but we think she has no trouble fitting in with Posh’s family. Chloe has proven to have a great sense of style. The actress always looks sophisticated and polished on the red carpet, despite her youth. Check out these 19 times that Chloe looked more fashionable than Victoria herself!

19 She's All About Rock n' Roll

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If there’s anything Chloe loves it’s a good leather jacket and a band t-shirt. Whenever she’s off duty, the celeb loves dipping into her impressive selection of graphic tees, which results in edgy outfits that make her look like a total 10.

This is one of Chloe’s best examples of her street style. Instead of opting for a cocktail dress, like so many female celebs her age would do, the teen decided to stand out with a pair of black skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones shirt. She kept warm in a Sherpa-lined leather jacket and strode tall in strappy black heels.

Chloe totally was feeling for herself as she gave the cameras a half-smile before heading into the venue with her pack of friends. The actress proves she loves marching to the beat of her own drum, fashion-wise and otherwise.

18 Fashion Forward In Floral

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As much as Chloe loves looking like an off duty rock star, the actress also has a feminine side to her style. That’s why she’s often photographed in dainty outfits, like this floral number that she rocked on the red carpet.

The fresh-face beauty looked every inch a princess IRL in this floral frock. The light grey colour flattered her skin tone, while the multi coloured flowers kept the look youthful and fun.

Chloe kept her hair and makeup simple, so her stunning dress could do the talking. She parted her blonde hair down the middle and tucked it behind her ears, while she went easy on the makeup.

We definitely bet her future mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, would approve of this classy ensemble. Who knows, maybe after Chloe is done settling herself as an actress, she’ll try her hand in the fashion industry.

17 We're Green With Envy

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So we’re not really sure if this is adorable or gag-worthy. But Chloe and her boyfriend Brooklyn are known for matching their outfits to one another. Yes, we’re serious.

Just take this picture as an example. Chloe looked dressed to the nines in this blue and black outfit. She rocked a dark green leather jacket along with a detailed pencil skirt and corset-inspired top. The actress went for a smudged eye look and messy hair combo, adding to the edgy vibes we’re getting from her ensemble.

But the best thing about this look was that Brooklyn was matching her. His plaid pants had the exact same shades of green and blue that Chloe was rocking. He paired it with a dark blue blazer and crisp button-down. We’re sure Victoria is proud her son is part of such a fashion-forward couple.

16 Leather Makes Everything Better

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When in doubt, opt for a leather jacket!

Chloe has admitted that, while she often switches back and forth between a few different styles, her favourite look is one that’s edgy.

“I have a lot of looks but right now I'm really into grunge. Messy hair, black heels. I get Michelle Pfeiffer with it,” she has previously said.

We can totally see where she’s coming from and we love it! Keep doing you, Chloe!

Here’s another example of where Chloe rocked on of her signature leather jackets and looked absolutely bomb doing it. The blonde paired a simple leather jacket with a patterned skirt and see-through shirt, revealing her black bandeau underneath. She kept her hair and makeup simple, so as not to compete with her edgy look. Her outfit was so detailed that she even matched her nail polish to her skirt!

15 She's Always Been The Popular Girl

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When Chloe stepped out in this varsity-inspired look, we just knew that she must have been one of the popular girls in school. Her killer sense of style and sweet personality probably meant everyone wanted to be friends with her. Heck, we wish we could be friends IRL! Chloe has been open about her obsession with jackets, just like this unique piece.

“I love going to Topshop, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, I'm in love with their jackets,” she has said about her shopping habits.

True to her off-beat sense of style, Chloe took a risk when she paired this red varsity jacket with a matching skirt, complete with leather paneling. The actress styled her hair in a vintage ponytail and wore a pair of classic Mary Jane’s on her feet.

14 Dressed Up In Denim

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We don’t think Victoria Beckham has ever bee seen wearing denim. But clearly that isn’t stopping Chloe from rocking the denim-on-denim trend. The actress and her famous beau looked super fashion-forward when they stepped out in these matching outfits, which we’re not sure if Posh Spice would cry or laugh about upon seeing it.

Chloe was rocking an oversized jean jacket along with mom jeans in the same wash. She made her casual outfit a bit more dressed up with a pair of killer stilettos and a studded bag. Her other half looked fashionable in a matching denim jacket, paired with black pants and shoes. The two posed for photos in their ‘80s-inspired get-ups and we only wish that we were part of a couple this cool. #CoupleGoals

13 New York State Of Mind

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It looks like shopping would come easy to Chloe, based on her killer sense of style. But the star admits that she’s always had trouble when it comes to dressing herself… mostly because she and her mom haven’t always seen eye to eye. Isn’t that always the case with teens and their parents?

“The problem with me is, anything that's easy I will just overdo it. Especially with clothes,” Chloe said back in 2010. “But I'm 14 - my mom is super-strict about that.”

Luckily she doesn’t have to worry about getting her mom’s approval anymore! We can totally tell that Chloe has been into experimenting with her looks for a long time. But now that she’s a full-fledged adult (by Hollywood standards), she’s able to wear all of those risqué, fashion-forward outfits her mom was probably scared. But we’re not complaining, since Chloe always looks incredible in her fashionable looks.

12 She's A Real-Life Princess

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What can Chloe not pull off? We’ve seen the actress strut her stuff in leather outfits fit for Joan Jett. But this picture proves the star can also look like a princess on days that she’s feeling more girly and cute.

For a high-fashion magazine photoshoot, the blonde wore this gorgeous lavender frock, which made her look like a real life princess. Chloe’s long locks were swept up in a chic up-do that showed off the details of her gown. The pastel colours complimented her porcelain skin, while her gaze pulls the onlooker into the camera.

The Beckhams might basically be British royalty, but we don’t think Chloe has any trouble fitting in with her boyfriend’s chic family. Chloe totally looks the part of royalty, and we have a feeling she’s just as sweet IRL as she seems in pics.

11 Hair That Reaches The Heavens

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Perhaps Chloe’s amazing eye for style comes from the fact that she views fashion as a form of art, not just a bunch of clothes you put on your back.

“If I'm talking to a photographer, I'm talking to a stylist, I'm talking to a makeup artist,” the star once explained.

“We're kind of creating and collaborating and making something that is artwork and is special and is different.”

Chloe looked every inch a girl boss when she stepped out in this fashion-forward outfit. The star was trying out a couple bold trends with her mix-n-match ensemble. She paired a patterned button-down shirt with a leather mini skirt, and finished the classy look with some strappy heels and a satchel. Chloe decided to try something new and styled half of her hair in an edgy bouffant. There’d be no losing this celeb in a crowd.

10 Perfecting The Polka Dots

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The notable thing about Chloe is that she always looks put together!

Chloe makes sure to remind her fans that she doesn’t always look this good IRL, especially when she doesn’t have a beauty time glamming her up. Chloe has said about rocking designer duds:

“I get to wear Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and crazy stuff, but of course, my mom would never in a million years let me buy that, she won't even let me buy my own pair of skis!”

Whether she’s off to a movie premiere or an on-TV interview, the actress always looks fresh and fashionable during her public appearances. We only wish we always looked so consistently amazing. During this interview, Chloe opted for a classic black outfit. She paired a sheer polka dot button-down with a leather mini skirt, true to her edgy style. The blonde kept her hair and makeup simple, so her edgy outfit could do the walking.

9 Making Waves In Maroon

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There was no denying that Chloe is on her way to becoming a fashion icon in this gorgeous outfit. Despite her good eye for style, Chloe never takes the credit fully for herself. Chloe credits her mom for helping refine her sense of fashion, as well as for helping her get established in her career.

“My mom's the one I look up to for everything. I feel like I'm a lump of clay and she's moulding me into a woman. My mom is practically my stylist. My mom's amazing, she's like everything woman.”

Chloe was a vision in maroon when she stepped out in this chic outfit. For a night on the town, the petite blonde threw on a maroon poncho that hid her slim figure. But she balanced her oversized top out with a pair of red leather skinny jeans. Chloe finished off the fashion-forward look with a pair of statement booties and a simplistic makeup look.

8 Her Version Of Dressed Down

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Despite the praise she gets for her good looks and style in the media, Chloe warns her fans not to get too caught up in the glam life of Hollywood. “I think the priority in life is to feel secure and safe and solid […] learn to just be. It's hard to be when you are so used to static input."

"You really get caught up in this system of the world - the Instagram world, society - we really get caught up in what our friends want and what our jobs want,” she explained.

Even when she’s not on the red carpet, Chloe always looks like a total bombshell. During this casual day off, the star showed off her long legs in a sultry black dress. The figure-hugging frock had a massive slit on the side, which showed off some major leg. Chloe covered up a bit with a sheer black cardigan, and finished the look with some simple silver jewellery. We wish we looked this good on our days off!

7 Blue Is Her Magic Colour

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Blue is sooo Chloe’s colour! The actress was on a whole other level of glam when she showed up to a premiere with this bold makeup look.

The star was wearing a button-down shirt, with hints of orange and blue peeking through. In a truly fashion-forward move, Chloe decided to match her eyeliner to the blue in her shirt. Her entire eyes were lined in a bright turquoise, which brought out their natural hints of green and blue. #Gorgeous

Chloe isn’t known for going all out with makeup on a usual basis. She often leaves her face looking au natural so her bold outfits can be center stage. But this picture is perhaps a sign that she should try experimenting with he makeup more often because we don’t know if Chloe has ever looked this good!

6 Classy Is Her Middle Name

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Chloe has always maintained that she’s worked hard to secure her place in Hollywood. “I come from the mind-set that, if you want it to work, it will work, whether it's a friendship or a relationship,” she has said.

“If you're both in the same mind-set and you want to be together and you want to make it work, you can make it work. It just takes dedication and knowing that there might be some miscommunication and lack of communication sometimes.”

Chloe is always photographed in the classiest dressed on the red carpet! For this movie premiere, the actress showed up in a black and white printed dress, which showed off her slim waist. But it was her accessory game that made this outfit all the better! The star paired a couple layered necklaces with her dress, giving off edgy vibes. She opted for a pair of silver strappy heels, and was caught carrying a clutch with her name written on it. How boujee is that?

5 Just A Dash Of Pink

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Okay it’s official: Brooklyn and Chloe are the best dressed couple in Hollywood!

Given that Brooklyn’s mom is Victoria Beckham, we expect him to have good style running through his blood. Given how fashionable Chloe is, she and Brooklyn make the best fashion-forward pair. Whenever they hit the town together, the two always expertly coordinate their outfits and look like they’re stepping off of a photoshoot set. It’s safe to say we’re jealous!

During this red carpet event, Chloe played up her feminine side in a black and pink striped dress, which cinched at the waist to show off her curves. Her man stayed stylish in a black and white button down, with a black hat and pants. The two smiled as they posed for photos, probably knowing that they were the best dressed couple in the room.

4 Look At Those Legs

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Chloe has never been the one to show off too much skin when it comes to her outfit. Though this black and white ensemble kept her covered up, it still showed off her enviable, slim figure. These straight-line pants expertly showed off Chloe’s curves, while the ruffled detailing showed off her toned arms and shoulders. Chloe still managed to look sophisticated and pulled together in this sultry outfit, while still turning heads.

There’s no doubt that Chloe has taken Hollywood by storm in recent years. What’s her secret? “I've always followed my heart,” the star has dished. “With every project that I've ever chosen, it's been something that I felt I couldn't live without, and that I couldn't spend another day of my life not knowing that I didn't do that role, gave my all to that role, and gave all of my emotions and soul to it.”

3 Pretty In Pink Pinstripes

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Chloe took a HUGE fashion risk in this all-pink outfit… and it totally paid off!

The actress looked like she had just stepped out of Vogue when she made an appearance in this girl yet androgynous look. The star rocked a pink pinstripe pantsuit, consisting of matching trousers and a blazer. She contrasted the pink outfit with bright red lipstick, and she kept her hair slicked back in an edgy style. Chloe finished off her bold look with a pair of white, pointed booties.

Certainly not everyone could pull off this fashion-forward look while still looking cute, but leave it to Chloe to make everyone surprised. The actress was totally rocking her clothes, not the other way around. She should take more fashion risks like this one!

2 Simplicity Is The Key

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Chloe definitely isn’t afraid to go bold with her sense of style- but that doesn’t mean she’s not a fan of simplicity! As wild and outrageous as some of the pieces she wears might be, the actress has proven that less is more when it comes to a killer outfit. You don’t want your clothing pieces fighting for attention.

The actress must have kept that rule in mind when she styled this cute black outfit. This just looks like a regular casual outfit anyone might wear to quickly step out. But Chloe’s subtle detailing in the outfit are what make it so special.

The star paired a loose grey t-shirt with a pair of dark shorts, making sure to tuck the shirt in to show off her slim figure. She dressed the casual look up by adding a pair of strappy heels, which made her legs look like they go on for days. Her studded clutch and loose hairstyle complete this effortlessly chic look.

1 Not The Type To Be Messed With

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When Hollywood was first introduced to Chloe Grace, she was the innocent-looking blonde kid with a huge talent for acting. But as the star has grown up in the spotlight, we’ve seen her sense of style mature and become refined.

Now the actress is known for her edginess and fondness of black and leather. Chloe totally doesn’t need a stylist when she has such an eye for fashion.

This photo, in particular, shows just how much Chloe has grown-up. Her tulle dress is pretty much see-through, revealing her black lingerie underneath. The star styled this risqué look with a leather and velvet jacket, adding to the rock n’ roll vibes we’re getting from this look. Chloe finished it off with a tousled hairstyle and a ton of accessories, making it a perfect, fashion-forward punk princess look.

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