17 Photos Of Demi Lovato's Evolution Since Splitting With Wilmer

Men these days, they do not know what they got until it is gone — who would actually give up a Disney star turned total babe? Mac Miller was not the only one to mess up when he lost Ariana Grande, so was actor Wilmer Valderrama when he lost Demi Lovato. Demi was devastated when the pair split up, and the pain she was suffering from the heartbreak was obvious in her song lyrics, but then, Demi emerged a strong lady with looks to die for. We're telling you, when a man breakups with a woman, that woman will come out looking hotter than hell after words. After nearly 6 years together, though the breakup hurt at first evidently, it was the best thing to happen to Lovato because she became a better and foxier version of herself — not that she was not before — but have you seen her now? Holy smokes — the single life has been treating Lovato well!

While That 70s Show funny-man maybe have broken Demi's heart, it is now she who is breaking hearts around the world with her new looks that make grown men cry. We do not need to be told that Wilmer is devastated that he lost her, we're definitely sure that seeing this steamy babe is making him totally regret that he lost her. It seems like the new trend among the once-Disney female stars is sultry and seductive, and Demi is slaying that look all over her Instagram account — get 'em girl! And here are 17 pictures of the once good girl, Demi Lovato, whose evolution would make Wilmer crawl back.

17 Demi’s Bob Haircut

We are totally digging the new Demi and loving every second of it; every pose and every stare is so attractive and alluring, Wilmer must be crying over his loss. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer definielty has nothing to be sorry about when showing off her curvaceous body the way she has been doing lately —please do not be sorry Demi and keep doing your thing. If Demi wants to show off her voluptuous chest, she is in every way entitled to, and no one should be bashing the singer for sharing the love she has for her body.

Since her breakup with Wilmer in 2016, Demi has rocked various styles and haircuts, and when she premiered with this short hair, fans went wild. The slick new bob haircut definielty made a statement; Demi is now a real feisty woman that no man can bring down — any man would be crazy to try and hurt Demi now. The 25-year-old appears much older, more sophisticated and appealing with her luxurious short locks that would make any man have wild thoughts.

16 Demi And Her Freckles

We won't lie, we are loving that Disney girls are rocking the freckles thing like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are doing. Being so used to seeing these young starlets with makeup, it is refreshing to see them bare it out. With Demi’s new image and new-found confidence, we are not surprised that she would make a point of embracing the no makeup trend on social media. We have seen how daring and sultry Demi could be with makeup on and all dolled up, but we also see how beautiful the pop star looks in her natural state.

We find Demi extremely powerful and brave for taking up the challenge and posting photos of herself "'au natural" because in a world where image is so important, Demi has been a victim of body shaming before. But who cares, right? She is an all new Demi without Wilmer, and she clearly does not need a man to tell her she's beautiful. She is a natural, and we love seeing Demi natural like in this photo, where she got up close and personal with her makeup-less face. With the caption “freckles” on the photo, Demi definitely wanted to point them out, which also shows us how poised she really is in her skin. We would certainly love to see more of the sweet Demi with freckles.

15 We Love Demi In Black

Most men must be pleased that Demi and Wilmer are no longer together, because she is amongst the hottest distraction right now. More and more men are familiarizing themselves with the gorgeous pop star because of her boiling hot Instagram page — from photos like this one where Demi looks like a model, to her subtler collection of teasing selfies, Demi's name is on the lips of every man's mouths.

Though we love Demi with the short, A-line bob haircut, there is nothing foxier than a Demi with seducing, silky, shiny and long black hair that is draped over her shoulders. Forget the heavy cleavage being put on display by the star, her face is out of control. We do not know who taught her to pose that way, and stare at the camera that way with her smokey eyes, and glowing face, but we are melting — literally. Again, her hand is in her hair, Demi flirtatiously teasing us to want to do the same. The 25-year-old stunner does not disappoint with this photo, as a matter of fact, she makes us want more Demi in black, skin-tight and revealing clothing. The busty singer is not shy to show off what her mamma gave her, but she does it in a way that remains elusive, which makes her look even foxier.

14 Double Trouble

Demi has been on a straight hot-as-hell posting streak for what seems like over a year, and it is so hard to focus on one picture of the stunner when she is nailing every single one of them. Oh Wilmer, did you really think you were going to win when you let Demi go? All men are now stalking your ex-flame and we are totally not surprised. Demi is looking unquestionably fantastic and we are loving every inch of it, like this photo of Demi X 2. We also just discovered now that Demi has the most perfect and hottest side profile ever. Though we have seen the superstar in various looks, she often dons a raw and badass look, like in this photo, that lures people in.

13 Who Doesn’t Love A Red Pout?

We just want Demi to keep doing her thing, because we are completely struck by her — she shot us straight through the heart. Here, we have a whole other side of Demi that she nailed, once again. We are used to seeing Demi post selfies with a more natural and edgy look; smokey eyeshadow with a nude pout and sharp eyebrows, but here, we have a Demi that is begging us for more and more red! This picture might just be our favourite, yet, because we rarely get to see the bombshell sport some fire-hot red lipstick on her luscious lips. Demi slayed this selfie in every way possible and we need some Demi selfie tips as soon as possible. This selfie of the starlet is leaving us sweating, and we might just call the firemen to hose us down — Wilmer, too, do not forget him. How Demi nails every look is beyond our comprehension, but this angel is going to continuously be our favourite Instagram hottie if she keeps on strutting her stuff in red, because a little red never hurt nobody. She did not expose much of her chest in this selfie, but her more natural look with the red lips is enough to make us drool.

12 Natural Beauty

We recall watching Demi in her most famous role in Disney's Camp Rock, and now, here she is, an unstoppable 25-year-old woman with looks that could make any man beg and plead. As we have mentioned before, since her life as a single lady, Demi has been outspoken about body issues, and has been on a roll posting steamy photos of herself showing off her curves. If there is one thing women all dread, it is waking up in the morning and having to quickly get ready because we certainly do not wake up looking like stars — and we also do not post selfies when we wake up saying "I Woke Up Like This" like Beyonce does, and wait, even Demi. Not afraid to get a little cheeky, Demi posted this picture of herself, laying on her stomach, showing off her bootylicious bum, with the caption "Good morning." Wait, what? That is how flawless and foxy Demi looks when she wakes up? Her confidence above anything, is glowing in this picture! Also, who is the lucky one who took this perfectly angled photo?

11 Demi Does Gym Gear Right

If you've got it, flaunt it, and Demi has definitely got it! Demi has become a woman that we all idolize; a woman that is aware of her body, takes care of it, and is not ashamed to admit that she is not perfect, even though to us she is. We've seen Demi in her negligees and in her skin clad outfits, but one thing Demi shares a lot of on her social media accounts, is pictures of her in athletic wear. And which man can resist a woman in leggings and a tight tank tops? Demi knows that too. We praise Demi for showing off her assets in this photo, because she has worked hard to get to where she is now after her dreadful split with Wilmer. Step aside J-Lo, we have D-Lo who might soon take the crown. Demi, who is showing off her backside in this picture that at quick glance , looks like she is nude because of the skin tone and neutral shade of the leggings, has blown our minds away. Flaunting her booty in skintight gym gear is alright with us, but how her luscious locks and face look so foxy too is what is really making us weak in the knees. Getting on a plane never looked so sassy!

10 Poolside Chilling

We are only going to be "Cool for The Summer" once we jump into a pool like Demi because every time we look at a photo of her, we need to cool down our body temperature. Wilmer knows what he lost, enough with the cautionary hot photos! As a matter of fact, we would be lying if we said we did not want to jump right in there beside Demi. The star makes it hard for us to not look at her when she looks as dashing as she does in this photo. Demi has definitely been making waves, and it is no surprise that her bikini pictures are often the talk of the town, or aka Hollywood. Demi has shared many swimsuit photos, many revealing her bootylicious behinds, and busty chest, but they have all been posted for the right reasons; for girl power and for confidence.

9 Taking A Break

Though Demi's poses in her Instagram photos are usually a bit more sultry, serious and seductive, we love to see a happy Demi — that is, a happy Demi without Wilmer! We need a lot more of this kind of Demi in this world. Demi definitely broke free from a lot of problems, like her eating disorder and her split with Wilmer, and this recent photo of her looks like an uncaged Demi breaking free from her problems. Though Demi has been revealing her curves a lot lately in teeny bathing suits, here we have a Demi that is a little more covered up, but still in a swimsuit picture nonetheless.

She is not staring at us with her usual foxy and seductive pose, instead, she has a smile on her face that reads "life is beautiful" and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with confidence. And what is most important about a woman evolving is not simply her looks, but attitude and mentality, and that is what Demi accomplished and tagged along with this picture was a vital message she wanted to share. Demi wrote, "So, I'm insecure about my legs in this picture but I'm posting it because I look so happy and this year I've decided I'm letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism." All hail Demi!

8 #NoMakeup Demi

Demi is keeping it real, and we cannot deny how much we admire and adore it. And when we say real, we mean that unlike many celebrities who boast millions of followers and share only edited pictures of themselves, Demi does things her way, the real way. And let's face it, most of the time the "au natural" pictures are still edited, but Demi's are the real thing. With countless amounts of filters and makeup techniques, it is refreshing to see a 25-year-old superstar make a statement by posting a photo like this that shows women it is okay to look and be yourself. Demi's following is mostly younger women, and she shows them, through selfies like these that are the real deal, that baring it all is okay, all while advocating for self-love — this is probably why she is our woman crush. Demi is clearly all about embracing herself in all her natural beauty, even with the freckles and all. A bare-face picture of Demi like this, with her wet hair, and signature hoop earrings blows our minds and we get to see her gorgeous skin and natural and mesmerizing beauty that we are sure Wilmer misses waking up to everyday.

7 Demi Looks Fab In Her Fabletics

While there so many fitness gurus on Instagram, Demi is definitely our favourite woman to see in her sportswear. Demi and sportswear together is a perfect blend of fabulous, which is probably why she partnered up with Kate Hudson to release her own line with Fabletics. Wilmer probably never thought his pop star ex-girlfriend would release a line of her own, but with all her dedication and perseverance, she is now way up and beyond — "what's wrong with being confident," Demi sings.

Workout clothes and activewear for women is a source of empowerment, and who better to represent that than the body positivity and self-love advocate herself? The singer, entrepreneur, songwriter and philanthropist has been taking the world by storm; first she started her year with her "Tell Me You Love Me" tour in 2017 and without a pause, she released a collection with Fabletics. Pictured here lounging around in her flashy yellow monochromatic activewear set, the star deserves a break to relax because she has been nearly unstoppable. Wearing coordinated leggings and a bra top for an ad campaign, Demi looks like a girl boss. The athletic wear seems very relaxed, comfortable, not too "out there," and with just a touch of sass, which is exactly what Demi is all about.

6 Demi is full of confidence

Suns out, buns out? We guess Demi got the memo. We have seen Demi emerge as a fabulous woman that is full of confidence and sass, and we are absolutely digging the new Demi. If you did not know that Demi is now the "it" girl to follow because of her strength and new-found independence, then here is this photo to prove it to you. Demi is no longer that cute girl with a beautiful and innocent smile, and choppy bangs, she is now that woman who is confident in her own skin and is not ashamed to show her body to the world. What we love about Demi and her more revealing photos, is that they are still somehow subtle; she has not completely changed the person she is and become a "bad girl" but instead a woman who exuberates girl power.

5 Demi Can Work A Pose

Demi may not be a model by profession, but as a beacon of body positivity, who is therefore always showing off her body, she is not ashamed of the fact that she does not have super thin model legs. Though Demi's body is curvy in all the right places, and her figure is dreamy, Demi is the first to admit that she will never have a model figure and that it does not bother her. Though we have seen a lot of her cheeky behind and voluptuous chest, we chose this photo which shows Demi baring her incredible legs. And the sole purpose of this photo? To spread the message to her followers that it is okay to have thicker thighs. Wearing a shiny vinyl jacket, with white stiletto boots, looking totally vintage, the focus of the photo is Demi's tanned and toned legs. And with a seductive pose, we can tell that Demi is so proud of her body and the woman she has become. Wilmer's ex-girlfriend confidently captioned her photo "These are what I call no more dieting thighs, and I'm proud of them." The pants-free look looks awesome on Demi, and we won't stop her from doing what she has go to do.

4 Natural Beauty

Posting foxy pictures of herself seems like a great mechanism for her; it is empowering and self-liberating, and we do not doubt for a second that Wilmer wishes he could have this insanely confident woman back. And a woman certainly does not need to bare the most intimate parts of her body to be considered hot. As we see in this photo and many previous ones, Demi's selfies are just as fierce and appealing as the photos of herself showing off a little more in her swimsuits.

Demi's selfies are seriously next-level stuff; she always has perfect lighting, she confidently shows her face without makeup on, she has killer poses, and when she does have makeup on, all her hottest features are accentuated. All this together, and seeing a selfie of Demi like this one, where she looks so up close that we feel she might be in the room with us, make for a Demi that is uncontrollable — in a good way evidently. The way it looks like she has bed hair in this photo, and no makeup on at all, the singer looks lustful and we can't get enough. This is a classic Demi photo and she has become the spiciest of all.

3 Rocking The Catsuit 

Everyone finds cats so cute and adorable right, but have you ever thought that besides Catwoman that you'd find a cat sexy? We did not until the 25-year-old stunner who has gone through a wild evolution decided to don a catsuit. It must be all the men when they saw Demi in this see through catsuit. Whatever Demi does and shows to the world we love it; whether her hair is short and she's sporting a bathing suit or has tousled waves with a beaded jumpsuit like this one, we support and love it all. And what better way to show off her flawless figure and confidence in a fierce and extremely sheer catsuit that she paired with pumps. Wilmer is a grown man, but we are sure he shed a few tears after seeing his ex looking like the best thing out there. We praise Demi for not being afraid to push the envelope and wear such a revealing outfit; with its plunging neckline, Demi is evidently not afraid to show the world what she is made of. And no one can say anything because it is years now that plunging necklines and celebrities have been seen on red carpets.

2 Demi Proudly Showing Off Her Hard Work

After all these pictures though, we seem to find that Demi looks most dashing in a casual look. Like rapper Drake sings, "hair tied, sweats on, chillin' with no makeup on, that's when you're the prettiest." With Demi's athletic wear line that we mentioned before, we get to see a lot of the singer and entrepreneur in leggings and tank tops, but those are for ad campaigns, which means they are edited and retouched. However, this pic of Demi showing off her fit physique, and mainly her stomach, shows that Demi purposely took the pic, without any editing to again make a statement for body positivity. Stomach, what stomach? There is nothing there.

Demi proudly shows off her gym-honed physique often on social media, but it is the first time we are actually drawn by Demi to focus on her toned stomach. And though the starlet seems extremely confident in flaunting what she's got in the photo, she, like everyone else, still faces insecurities. She captioned the photo on Instagram: "'I rarely post pics with my belly button showing because I'm normally insecure about showing my full stomach but I've been working really hard and thanks to @d.leith and his yummy food with @lockhartandleith I've been seeing progress so I thought I'd post this cause I'm feeling myself right now!" Stop wearing those one-pieces Demi!

1 Demi Looks Striking With Straight Locks

We are sure Demi is trying to kill us or something because it is getting peril to look at pictures of her, as each time we fall to our knees. And up until now, we have seen Demi without makeup, Demi with short hair, Demi in her athletic wear, Demi in swimsuits, Demi with on-point makeup and tousled wavy hair, and now we are showing you an image of the time Demi looked hotter than hell with straight and glossy hair. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer really has nothing to be sorry about in this photo because she looks fantastic and she knows it. Garnering so much attention on social media these days, Demi can flaunt her new looks without restriction and we just might have fell in love with Demi in this one. From the middle-parted super straight and long hair, to the red hoop earrings that look like liquorice, and the green Gucci bralette, this retro style on the star is rocking. And let us remind you, even with her constant new looks, she never needs an introduction. At the end of the day though, Demi remains true to herself, which means she won't give up her revealing selfies. Poor Wilmer, the man had no clue.

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