18 Times North West Proved She Has More Style Than Kim And Kanye

Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West are two well-known icons in the fashion industry. Kim and her sisters have their own boutique called Dash and Kanye has his own clothing line called Yeezy. They have been a part of the fashion industry for years and some may say that is even how the two met. Attending fashion weeks all over the world, the two have always been spotted wearing the latest in fashion. Since they are always in the spotlight they spend a little extra time in front of the mirror making sure they are stepping out in public looking their best.

In the West family the apple did not fall far from the tree when it came to fashion. Daughter North West also displays the same love for fashion as her parents. Every time she is spotted in public North is always in the most adorable outfits. Even if her parents are the ones picking out the outfits she still does not mind wearing whatever they tell her to. She wears everything with confidence and always looks like she is ready for the runway.

Kim and Kanye may have the fashion game down pack, but there have been times North has taken the spot light. Here are 18 times North West proves she has more style than Kim and Kanye.

18 Skating In Style

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North does not get much time to skate since she lives in Southern California, but when she does get the chance she makes sure to do it in style. Rocking a black fur coat and a black dress, North is keeping it classy while on the ice. To match her attire she is wearing black high socks and black skates. She is decked out in all black while doing a few laps around the rink. The best part about this outfit is the smile she is rocking. She is giving everyone a smile because she knows she looks good, or she is just having a good time. Either way she owns this look! You know she is Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s daughter when whatever she is doing she is doing it in style. However, she may be outdoing her parents with this outfit.

17 Disneyland Dress Up

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Disneyland is known as the happiest place in the world and the best part about visiting this place is that you get to show off your favourite Disney look. During a visit to Disneyland, North wears a Mickey Mouse dress and hat, an outfit that any adult would love to own, which comes to no surprise, as her parents are fashion icons. Spending a day at Disneyland can be very tiring, therefore is it only fitting that North would be wearing Vans sneakers. These sneakers have become a very popular trend in fashion, so it is obvious that North would own a pair of her own. North has been spotted wearing these sneakers often, but who can blame her, these sneakers can make any outfit look trendy.

16 Pretty In Pink

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It is a known fact that North West looks good wearing any colour. North was spotted wearing this pink velvet lace-up dress, paired with a bejewelled bag and sneakers. On the back of the sneakers, Kim and Kanye's names are airbrushed on them, just incase you forget who’s child this is. The bejewelled purse matches the outfit perfectly and makes this outfit very cute. Her hair is put up in two buns, which is a look that North often wears. It looks cute on her so surely whoever is doing her hair knows what looks good on her. Even though this look can be dressed up, pairing it with sneakers gives the look a more laid back feeling, making it a perfect outfit to wear during a day out.

15 Summery Orange Corset

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The Kardashian clang are known for their corset look, whether it be wearing waist trainers or Kylie being known for wearing corsets as an outwear look. North is now following in her family’s footsteps. North was spotted wearing an orange dress with a corset that has a flower on it while out in New York. This outfit is a part of Kim’s clothing line for children called Kid Supply. The clothing line includes slip dresses, Calabasas T-shirts, hats and even fur slides. Items that every adult wish they had. Paired with this outfit are graffiti printed Yeezy Boosts sneakers. The shoes are customized with artwork that were designed by a 10-year-old artist, which makes it that much for interesting for a young child.

14 Adidas From Head To Toe

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Kim and Kanye collaborated with Adidas to create a children’s clothing line. This outfit worn by North is a green “Calabasas” thermal outfit and is a part of the clothing line. The outfit shows off North’s sporty style and proves she can rock an outfit her dad probably wishes came in adult sizes. In this outfit you know that North is Kanye West’s daughter. This green Adidas outfit is also paired with black Yeezy Boosts, which adds to the sporty look. Since this outfit is more sporty there is no need for accessories or anything flashy. North is one lucky child to be rocking outfits before they are even sold in stores.

13 Black Dr. Martens Made Fancy

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Not many people would think that Dr. Martens would look nice being paired with a fancy dress. However, North is living proof that Dr. Martens can be paired with anything and makes any outfit look nice. The mini Kardashian is wearing black Dr. Martens with knee high black socks and a peach coloured dressed. Not your typical outfit, but North someone makes it work. Since this outfit may be unconventional, this could be an outfit picked out by North herself, but she rocks it with confidence, which would make any outfit look good. Whether or not this is an outfit that will be worn by many, it definitely made me want to buy a pair of Dr. Martens.

12 Dad Hats And Velvet Dresses

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North was spotted in Miami wearing all the latest trends. She was wearing black furry slides, velvet dress paired with a white t-shirt and a Kanye West hat. Furry slides were a major trend in the past year and they are perfectly paired with almost any outfit. Adding a white t-shirt under the dress adds to the look of the overall outfit because it adds to the black and white colour scheme. The t-shirt also dresses down the outfit. This outfit proves that North has better style than most of us. It also proves that the young Kardashian is keeping up with the trends, which is obvious considering who her parents are.

11 Feeling Like A Cheetah Girl

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While on vacation in Cuba, the Kardashian crew had a fun day at an amusement park in Havana. North was dressed in a cheetah print dress with a white tank top and black sandals. To add to the look she was also wearing a black ribbon choker. Unlike her mother, who was wearing a skintight white dress and heels, North took on a more comfortable look as her dress was loose and her shoes were comfortable. Her attire was more appropriate for an amusement park, but then again she is a child so we would not expect her to be wearing heels like her mother. Spending the day with her cousin Penelope, the two of them were definitely feeling like cheetah sisters. Very cheetahlicious!

10 Even Kids Like Louis Vuitton

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The last thing you would expect a child to have is a monogram Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, unless you are Kim Kardashian’s child then it is totally normal. North was spotted in New York rocking a miniature version of the high-end purse. The mini Kim is rocking that purse as if she knows she is wearing Louis Vuitton. Surely Kim has already educated her about high fashion and high-end brands. We can only imagine what she is even carrying in that purse. She was also wearing her signature slip dress along with a pair of white sneakers. This time she did not pair the dress with a white t-shirt, which makes it more of a summer look.

9 So Hood In A Hoodie

via: Elle

Decked out in an oversized, below the knee, Supreme jacket, North looks so cool it would definitely make her father proud and probably a little jealous. Paired with this jacket, North is wearing black pants and high-top Vans. She may not know how cool she looks in this outfit, but we sure know she is a style icon in the making. This outfit was worn on a trip to New York for New York Fall Fashion Week. This was not the first time North was a showstopper during fashion week; she was wearing all her best outfits that week. The colour black is a very popular colour to wear during the fall and the colder months, so it is no surprise that North would be rocking one of many all black outfits during Fall Fashion Week.

8 Arriving In Cuba In Style

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When first arriving in Cuba, North was spotted wearing an off white crochet and fringe dress. The outfit was paired with leather slide on shoes by Espadrille. To accessories the outfit, North is wearing a matching crochet chocker and was seen with a matching purse as well. Cuba experiences very warm weather, so an outfit like this is perfect for a child who will most likely be running around in excitement. This adorable dress would get anyone in the vacation mood. First time going to a country and of course this fashionista arrived the only way she knows how and that is in style.

7 Bringing Back The 90s

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Even though North was not born in the 90s, she is bringing back the 90s fashion with this outfit. North is rocking the graphic t-shirt under a dress look, which was made popular in the 90s. The red dress is perfectly matched with the black t-shirt and is paired with black Yeezy Boosts shoes. To accessorize she is wearing a black choker.  Another look she was spotted in during the Spring New York Fashion Week. North is also wearing her notorious hairstyle, the two top-knot buns. She may know nothing about the 90s, but her parents are making sure you know about 90s fashion. No matter what season it is you can also count on North to look Fashion Week ready!

6 Winter Ready Fur Coat

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Living in sunny Los Angeles, California, North may not know much about cold weather. However, North embraces the cold when she visits New York in the winter. During a cold, snowy, winter day, North is spotted walking the streets of New York wearing a stylish fur coat, grey pyjama outfit from Supreme and uggs. The fur coat looks like it is definitely keeping her warm, so the cold has got nothing on North West. Living in Southern California, you do not get many chances to wear Uggs, so North is wearing this while she can. What other way to dress up your pyjamas than wearing a fur coat. North is also catching snowflakes on her tongue in style.

5 Denim Jackes For The Win

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It seems like denim jackets will always be in style. Since whatever she wears is in style, North was spotted in a denim jacket. The denim jacket is a light blue and has many cute images embroidered on it. Under the denim jacket, she is wearing a green top and shorts with lace design on the collar and at the bottom of the shorts. This outfit is so adorable, surely every adult wishes they could duplicate the outfit for adults. To keep this outfit simple, North is not wearing any accessories and simply has her hair up in a bun. Next time hopefully we will see North in a “Canadian tuxedo”.

4 Ballin’ In Ballet Class

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Everything the Kardashians do, they do it big and attending ballet class is no different. North shows up to every ballet class in custom Balmain outfits. This outfit includes a beige leotard, a ballerina tutu and a custom made Balmain jacket. Like every ballerina, North is wearing matching ballerina shoes. North looks adorable every time she is going to ballet class. Surely she is the best dressed in her ballet class. Let’s hope her ballerina skills are just as good as her fashion skills. As the true ballerina she is, North is spotted trying to walk on her tip toes like she would during a performance. We don't think there is a single outfit North cannot pull off. Just look at her here! Have you ever seen a happier or more stylish ballerina?

3 Wearing Fur Like A Boss

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Rocking a big fur coat, North is seen walking the streets like a boss. She is wearing a pink sweater, white pants with matching white Chuck Taylors. To keep the style casual North is rocking a pink baseball cap. Adding a baseball cap to any outfit can make it more laid back and casual. Being the fashionista she is, even on casual days, North is looking her best. This is not the first time North has been seen in a fur coat, she is often seen wearing fur coats and she looks good in them. Holding a lollipop in her hand, it looks like she is ready for business. Step aside because the boss North is in town.

2 Like Father, Like Daughter

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During a trip to New York, North was spotted wearing a Kanye-inspired look. The outfit included an oversized grey sweater, black pants and black Dr. Martens. Just like Kanye would wear, North is rocking a gold chain that would make her dad proud. The chain is definitely fit for a child of Kim and Kanye. This is a perfect casual outfit and is comfortable for any child to wear. Months before Kanye was also spotted wearing a similar outfit, which is where North got the inspiration from. The real question is who wore it better? Personally we think North is rocking this look the best. We also suddenly have this urge to run out and buy an over-sized grey shirt and pair it with a golden necklace.

1 Fashion Icon In The Making

via: Vogue

North is definitely no stranger to the fashion world. Everything she wears she rocks it and even when it does not look like it would look good together she is able to make anything look good. North is spotted wearing an off white knitted sleeveless top, with black pants and black Converse. North chooses to pair this outfit with a purple purse as she goes about her day. North goes out in public without a single care in the world because she knows her outfit is on point. This outfit is adorable even though we probably would not pair it with a purple purse, but who are we to judge when North’s parents are fashion icons.

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