18 Photos That Show Nicole Richie’s Style Evolution

Nicole Richie has a flair for fashion, growing up with a musician father, Lionel Richie, where she was exposed to costume designers and a wide array of fashion since she was a kid. The former reality television star even created her own line called House of Harlow 1960, which showcases her chic fashion taste and is worn by numerous celebrities. One thing is for sure, though. People look to Nicole Richie for fashion advice.

However, Richie's fashion sense hasn't always been the best. While she was locked arm in arm with former gal pal Paris Hilton, we saw some really questionable wardrobe pieces worn by the star. We definitely saw a wild child side to Richie where she wore psychedelic prints, tacky accessories, and that famous tan. Thankfully, the Hollywood star has grown up from wearing dresses that scream hot mess and has shocked us with her effortless yet fashionable style.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and check out eighteen fashion choices made by Nicole Richie—the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

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18 One Sloppy Mess

Photo Via: buzznet.com

Nicole Richie is the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie, so it's a little surprising to see her in this outfit since she grew up with fame and fortune. Even if she didn't want to show off her family's wealth, she still could have managed to put on something more flattering for her figure than a pair of saggy blue jeans, a pink tank top, and flip-flops on a red carpet event. Apparently, waking up from bed, throwing on whatever you find in your closet, and going out to a public event was a thing back in the early 2000's. At least run a comb through that hair Richie, maybe it'll help just a tad bit.

17 Boots With The Fur

Photo Via:huffingtonpost.com

We're literally gasping at this outfit choice by Nicole Richie. The House of Harlow 1960 designer would never be caught dead in these fur boots, let alone the boring jeans and t-shirt look. Richie is all about patterns and mixing and matching her wardrobe. Yes, she takes risks, but this one is a definite no. It looks as though she threw on the same pair of jeans she was wearing in the first photo. The entire outfit is just wrong, and we don't get to see the star's personal style like we do today. We hope she doesn't still have those hideous fur boots in her closet somewhere.

16 Showing Off Her Wild Child Phase

Photo Via: buzznet.com

There was definitely a time in Nicole Richie's life where she took dangerous risks and was known as a wild child. Let's take a closer look at this number where she's wearing this psychedelic dress that's nearly showing off her lady parts. Is this even considered a dress for how ridiculously short it is or did Richie try to wear some kind of tunic as one? Let's not forget to mention the awful orange tan she has going on and the striped hair. When was this look ever a thing? There is only one word to describe this entire ensemble and that word is "tacky."

15 Paris Hilton's Sidekick

via Insider

Oh, dear. Remember the good old days of watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie make absolute fools of themselves on the series The Simple Life. We can say that the two definitely gave being a blonde a bad rap. Besides having us watch them go from living in luxury and working on farms, these two stars really had our heads turning in their fashion choices. Best friends at the time, Paris and Nicole literally went everywhere together and that also meant literally dressing up (exactly) the same. Check out these two in matching head-to-toe jean outfits? Do we need to say more?

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14 Trying To Gain More Attention After Letting Go Of Her Sidekick?

via The Urban Daily

Nicole Richie really showed us her wild side when she wore this number to a red carpet event. Richie wasn't always the noticeably thin star we have seen in the past and as of now. In fact, while her fashion was questionable, we liked that she had no problem showing off her curves. In this photo, Richie really went for it by wearing this sheer one-piece that basically showed off everything. While we are all about women being proud of their bodies, the black see-through one-piece is way too long on Richie and also very baggy, which isn't showing off her curvaceous figure at all.

13 Hiding Her Shrinking Figure In Her Wardrobe

Photo Via: buzznet.com

Fans were really concerned about Nicole Richie when she drastically lost weight and was basically shrinking before our very eyes. Her new weight transformation also called for a totally new wardrobe, and it appeared that Richie had ditched the pink tacky clothing she wore with former friend Paris Hilton and was finally finding somewhat of her personal style. Richie's clothing seemed more reserved on her tiny frame compared to the flashy clothing we saw the star wearing before. Thankfully, with the help of a nutritionist, Richie seems happier and healthier than ever before.

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12 Bohemian Queen

Photo Via: celebuzz.com

No one did bohemian style better than Nicole Richie. The star's a pro at making a long flowy dress look ultra cool with a pair of simple sandals and a ton of cool accessories. Richie really began to show the world her style, and she continued to show her love for everything boho-chic when designing her pieces for House of Harlow 1960. When she shared her fashion tips for finding her personal style, she stated that although she loves the bohemian look, she also experiments with other pieces. "Personal style is about finding something that's different. I don't consider myself all one way; it's not like I only shop for bohemian clothes. I like what I like, and I like to mix it in with my existing wardrobe," according to Richie.

11 Toning Her Look Down And Looking A Bit More Full

Photo Via: fashionquarterly.com

Nicole Richie looked a little curvier while wearing this super cute sequinned mini dress at the 2006 American Music Awards. She even ditched the blond hair and sported a darker brown color, which didn't look too bad either. Besides making a fashion comeback, Richie also looked happier, flashing her white smile. Richie not only started to dress more appropriately for her age, but she looked gorgeous in all of her red carpet appearances, and you'll definitely see more below and remember just why you (and everyone else) love her personal style.

10 Showing Perfection When It Comes To Street Style

Photo Via: lovechrystal.com.au

Let's all take some notes here, people. When Nicole Richie is not on red carpets or glamming it up for red carpet events, the star still knows how to put together an outfit and make a big fashion statement while on the street. Um, hello? Can we take a look at how simple yet fashionable Richie looks in the photo above? The 36-year-old mom of two makes a black t-shirt, jeans, and black boots look high-fashion by completing the look with this must-have fur coat, black sunglasses, beanie, and matching black Balenciaga bag. We definitely want to be where Richie is going.

9 Stunning In Minimal Looks

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

Okay, let's talk about how stunning Nicole Richie looks in this gold gown. With her hair pulled back in a bun, the star looks amazing with a touch of red lipstick and minimal accessories. We can really see Riche's style literally shining through here. Richie was attending the CFDA Fashion Awards wearing this gold Marc Jacobs slip dress and even completed her looks with a pair of gold pointy toe pumps. With a little bit of side boob and all, Nicole looked fierce as she always does.

8 Rocking Purple Hair With Her Rock 'N Roll Style

via Bustle

Nicole Richie basically started the pastel hair color trend. She rocked this purple hair back in 2014 and literally made people run to their hair stylist to get the exact same look. However, not everyone can pull off this hair color, and we love how Richie had the confidence to rock it and not make it look childish. Her colorist, Danny Moon, told Us Weekly that the star was "itching to try a new pastel shade," and so she went with this stunning color. Even her hair matched her cool outfit during this red carpet event. Rocking a black short dress with black strappy heels, Richie's outfit looked effortless and certainly made her hair pop!

7 Did We Mention Her Street Style Is Perfection?

via Pinterest

Again, here is Nicole Richie is setting a trend (or should we say, bringing a style back?). She is making simple bell bottom jeans look like they are back in style. The Hollywood celeb knows how to take simple pieces, such as a white button-up and flared blue jeans and adds in things like a bright red blazer and even a massive scary-looking pup to really make a fashion statement while strutting her stuff. Her style is clearly really coming together here, and once again, it truly is effortless for the fashionista. We're sure that no one is going to mess with this girl!

6 Simplicity At Its Finest

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Nicole Richie's style has changed drastically since hanging out with Paris Hilton and wearing outfits that would make heads turn for all the wrong reasons. She's really found her personal style, and we're digging her outfits because they're effortless yet really trendy. Here, Richie attended Fashion's Night Out, and she kept her sleek style by wearing all black with a glittery heel that pops. She looks so much more mature compared to the first few images of the star where she'd wear crazy prints and appear to not have showered in a few days.

5 Can We Steal This Look?

Photo Via: downinthecity.com

The mother of two kids, son Sparrow and daughter Harlow, Nicole Richie has her hands full every single day, especially since she also has a full-time career. It's amazing how she pulls off her looks while simply running errands with her daughter Harlow, and this outfit in particular is one that we absolutely love on her (and wish we could copy too). She loves showing off her tame rocker look, and we think that her husband, Good Charlotte lead vocalist Joel Madden, has had quite the influence on her chic style. Maybe we should be giving him some credit for his wife's awesome fashion style.

4 All Grown Up

via Harper's Bazaar

Nicole Richie looks downright stunning in this simple yet chic ensemble, and we're loving that pop of leg, making her outfit appear to be a lot sexier. Richie is not very tall, standing at about a petite 5'1", but this look makes her appear longer and taller. Not only does her outfit look chic and sexy, but it looks fun and playful as well, and that's exactly what we believe is a major factor in the way Nicole Richie styles herself on a daily basis. Richie has really transitioned from reality television party girl to stylish designer working mom of two.

3 A Babe In All-white

via Glamour

Nicole Richie may love wearing her all-black attire, but when she arrived in all-white for this event, you couldn't help but stare at her. This woman can literally wear anything and make heads turn. Nicole Richie in white is exactly what we needed to see from her normal rocker and boho style. She pairs key pieces you can find in your closet like white jeans, a white blouse, and a white blazer and puts them together to create this amazing outfit that we all want to try out for ourselves. Add a pop of color with your purse, and there you have it!

2 A Showstopper In This Sheer Gown

via Pinterest

Nicole Richie and her husband, Joel Madden, attended the LACMA 2013 Art and Film honoring director Martin Scorsese and David Hockney, which was presented by Gucci. Richie looked amazing (as always) in this sheer gown from Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2007 collection. The dress featured very intricate detailing with silver embellishments, black-feathered cuffs, and showed off Richie's amazing figure. The black crystal number was definitely a showstopper at this gala, and we bet her husband couldn’t take his eyes off of his beautiful wife that night.

1 Richie At Her Most Glamorous

via The Miz Factor

At the 2014 Met Gala, Nicole Richie walked the red carpet in this grey backless velvet Donna Karen gown, rocking her purple locks and definitely giving her onlookers something to stare at. The asymmetrical dress showed off four of her nine tattoos, including the infamous crucifix "tramp stamp" she got with former gal pal Khloe Kardashian when she was just sixteen years old. She looked glamorous that night in New York City, pairing her gown with Christian Louboutin shoes and a chrome Zagliani clutch. Nicole Richie has surely made a name for herself as a style icon.

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