16 Times Daughter Vivian Lake Brady Outdid Tom And Gisele With Her Style

We all envy Gisele Bündchen. She's a towering blonde beauty who's married to the pro-NFL player and New England Patriot's captain Tom Brady. She is also one of the most popular supermodels of all time. Gisele and Tom first met in 2006 through a friend, but Tom was dating actress Bridget Moynahan at the time. It was love at first sight for the pair, with Gisele stating that once she saw Tom's cheeky smile, she knew he was the one. Tom, of course, ended his relationship with Bridget and just two months later Tom found out his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with their son, Jack, 10. It's a tough thing to deal with, especially for a budding relationship, but like true soulmates, Tom and Gisele prevailed and were married three years later in 2009. Then came the kids. Tom and Gisele share two beautiful children of their own, Benjamin, 8, and Vivian, 5. Tom, Gisele and Bridget are all amicable co-parents, and all three kids are as close as can be. The happy couple just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary and are looking to celebrate many, many more.

The talent for sports may have been handed down to the boys from Tom, but Gisele's amazing style and excellent fashionista skills were passed down to daughter Vivian, who even at just 5 years old, knows how to rock an outfit. The youngest of the Brady bunch (see what I did there?) is a little star in the making. With her mom's beautiful blonde locks and her dad's cheeky smile, Vivian Lake Brady may just be the next supermodel of the future.

16 Thanksgiving Floral Romper


I'm starting the article off with this adorable blue romper with an orange, yellow and purple floral design that Vivian is wearing. On Thanksgiving last year Gisele posted this cute snap to her Instagram, saying that Tom and 'sous-chef' Vivian were in charge of the biscuit making for dinner. So sweet. Tom also posted a photo on Instagram, with him plating the cooked biscuits. He captioned the picture with a sweet story about his late grandma's biscuits being his favorite Thanksgiving treat. Very sweet, RIP Grandma Brady.

Thanksgiving at the Brady's last year was a family affair that included very close friends celebrating in a lovely, traditional dinner at the Brady household. In professional chef manner, Vivian looks to be taste testing the biscuits in the Instagram post, before they go into the oven. It's also always good to be on the counter amongst your ingredients when cooking. Good work little Brady!

15 Pre-Game Pyjama Party


In a very sweet snap posted by Tom himself last year, Vivian is giving him a good luck kiss before a game. Snuggled up in her very adorable pyjamas, she's wearing what looks to be a fluffy bunny sweater with cute heart printed pyjama pants. She's also wearing the cutest My Little Pony slippers. Seriously, where do we get a pair of those in adult sizes?! Her hair, which is basically a perfect copy of Gisele's beautiful blonde curls (how lucky), is up in a high ponytail with butterfly clips.

Imagine having a superstar model for a mom, and the most popular quarterback in the NFL for a dad? Their house must be so much fun, especially on game days. Oh, how the other half lives...When Ben and Vivian hit high school, we have no doubt they will be the coolest kids in their classes, and probably the school.

14 This Sweet Summer Dress


In this heart-warming photo of his children posted by Tom last March, Vivian is huddled into a sibling hug with her big brothers Jack, 10, and Ben, 8. The Brady trio are all wearing different styles of Havaianas flip-flops. The boys are dressed in shorts and t-shirts, casual summer/spring wear. Vivian, the little fashionista she is, is wearing a pretty, white, summer dress with a high ponytail.

This adorable sibling snap shows the love between the siblings and the fantastic co-parenting job that Tom and Gisele are doing with Jack's mom Bridget Moynahan. Bridget also has an Instagram herself but rarely posts photos of her son. In respect to her and his privacy, Tom and Gisele don't post a lot of photos of Jack on their social media accounts, but when they do it's usually a very sweet photo of the happy children having fun and playing together.

13 This Casual Beach Chic


This very sweet snap was posted by Tom last Mother's Day. Gisele and Vivian were taking a nice, relaxing horse ride on the beach. Ah, so peaceful. In the caption, he calls Gisele the 'love of his love' and sends love from 'Jack, Benny, Vivi and Papai'. In this casual candid photo, Gisele still manages to look like she's on the cover of a magazine! Vivian is looking like a mini Gisele in this snap, with her matching white tops and classy sunglasses.

Looking cool, calm and collected Vivian's chic horse ride on the beach outfit includes a casual white tee, cute kitty printed leggings and pink sneakers. Both mom and daughter have their matching blonde down and in their natural waves. Gisele looks effortlessly stunning in a casual white shirt, jeans and sneakers. Celebrating Mother's day by posting her own photos of her with her children along with celebrating her mother, it's safe to say Gisele had a fantastic day.

12 Cute Birthday Style


Happy belated Birthday Vivian! We're a little late, but we're here now to celebrate her adorable swimsuit. Tom posted this sweet photo of Gisele and Vivian on her 5th birthday last December with the caption "5 years old today and already all grown up! Looking, loving, and living just like your Mom! Daddy loves you!!!". A very loving message from her Papa and we just love her adorable one-piece bathing suit with a cherry design.

Gisele also posted a photo from the same day at the beach for Vivian's birthday in December. She captioned her photo "Today is her day! 5 years ago our family was blessed with a little sunshine that made my heart complete." They're such a loving family it warms our heart. Baby Brady is growing up into a little star and like Tom said in his post, she looks more like Gisele every time we see her.

11 Easter Tutus And Bunny Ears


Ah, Easter. Jesus rising and chocolate. The time of year (other than Christmas & Halloween) where you can just eat as much chocolate as you want, and you can't be judged. It's a magical holiday. Last year's Easter for the Brady's was no different. In this Easter Instagram post by Gisele, Vivian can be seen taking a stroll on the beautiful sandy beach with her Easter treat bag in one hand, and a toy in the other.

The youngest Brady is wearing a nice white top with frilly sleeves and a cute green tutu with bunny ears. She's creating a new Easter style here, if only it was acceptable for adults to wear tutus. Well, those of us who aren't ballerinas. Easter this year is creeping up on us, and before we know it, it'll be here. Personally, we are excited to see what cute outfit Vivian has for us this year.

10 The Pat's Jersey


Of course with her dad being in the running for coolest dad ever, I think everyone wants their dad to be a football superstar and their mom to be a supermodel. It makes sense that one of Vivian's most stylish outfits has to be her Patriot's jersey. As well all know Tom Brady is the New England Patriot's quarterback and possibly the most popular quarterback, if not player in the NFL. Millions of people own jerseys with his name and number on them, but the cutest jerseys have to be Jack's, Ben's and Vivian's.

In this gameday photo posted by Gisele back in 2016, Ben and Vivian are wearing their mini jerseys while walking with dad Tom. At every game they go to, especially the Superbowl, the Brady children are always out in full force, jerseys on, representing their dad. Very sweet and football jerseys are so in right now. Another fashion win for the youngest Brady fashionista.

9 This Cute Rose Dress


Here are those adorable My Little Pony slippers again. This Christmas just past Vivian and Ben Brady are decorating this huge Christmas tree in this photo. Posted by Gisele she captioned the photo with "My biggest gift! #family #love". We just can't get over how sweet the Brady's are. Ben is wearing his PJ's, which from this distance, look like Patriots pyjamas. Fashion and football run in this family.

In this photo Vivian is wearing an adorable, elegant white dress with a rose pattern on it. It's perfect for Christmas because of the white and red. The pleated bottom half of the dress is a very popular style right now. She is also wearing a headband with a red rose on it with a low ponytail, and of course the slippers because comfort comes first. Don't get us started on that giant tree. Beautifully decorated as well, good job Brady kids.

8 The Cutest Fairy


Another Christmas post, but this time we're throwing it back to Christmas 2016. This giant tree looks to be the same tree as in the 2017 Christmas post by Gisele. Another detail you'll notice in this Instagram post by Gisele is the famous My Little Pony Slippers again. They are adorable and we understand why Vivian loves them so much. In this post, she is also a wearing a cute and colorful fairy costume while decorating the tree with dad Tom. When you're four and adorable, you can wear what you want. Her colorful tutu and fairy wings make this outfit so cute.

As Tom didn't have an Instagram until January 2017, and this was Gisele's only Christmas post in 2016, we can safely assume the Brady's had a quiet family Christmas that year. This article is for the most fashionable moment's of Vivian Brady, but we think it's also 16 of the cutest Brady family moments.

7 Karate Coolness


This photo was posted by Gisele in 2016 for Vivian's fourth birthday. We assume she just arrived home from a Karate class judging by her cute martial arts uniform. In the photo, she is snuggling into a cute stuffed puppy and showcasing her beautiful, long eyelashes. Another gene she got from her momma. Her blonde hair is braided back sweetly.

In the Instagram post, Gisele captioned the photo with "Today is her day! Happy birthday my little angel! We love you so much!" and translated the message to Portuguese as she does in nearly all of her posts. Tom who didn't have an Instagram in 2016 took to Facebook to post a very cute photo for his daughter, captioning the picture of the smiling girl with "My baby girl isn't a baby anymore... Happy birthday Vivi -- we love you so much!!" We don't think this family can get any cuter.

6 Casual Hide And Seek Wear


This is such a sweet photo of two of the Brady children. Big brother Benjamin is looking a lot like his dad Tom in this photo, while Vivian looks so much like her beautiful mom Gisele in this post.In this uncaptioned photo posted by Gisele, the kids look to be playing in this beautiful yard of luscious green grass. We assumed the game was hide and seek. Ben is wearing a blue t-shirt and casual grey sweats, while Vivian has a pretty white patterned top with pink leggings and her blonde hair is in pigtails. Casual, comfy weekend wear.

We're not sure if the building in the background is a guest house or a garden shed, but either way, it looks better than most houses we know. The yard in this photo looks like a magical meadow, and I personally wouldn't mind just laying and reading on the perfectly manicured lawn. If this is just the Brady house backyard then, wow, we want to see their holiday homes!

5 This Sweet Giraffe Dress


This has to be one of our favorite outfits we've seen in this article. This sweet giraffe dress that Vivian is seen wearing in this Instagram post by Gisele is one of the most adorable dresses, ever. It's an off-white colored dress with polka dots and giraffes around the middle. At the bottom is a diamond patterned design, it's so cute. Her hair is tied up and out of the way, so she can play.

Also in this picture is older brother Benjamin who's having fun playing on a tyre swing. He's wearing a t-shirt, nice striped shorts and sneakers. The same as the last post in this article, wherever the Brady children are playing looks magical. It looks like they're in the middle of the forest at a playground. It looks like a very beautiful place for a hike and we'd like to know about it, so please, Brady's if you're reading this, let us know!

4 The Cutest Frilly Bathing Suit


Another outfit, another birthday post. We've celebrated three of Vivian's birthday post outfits in this article, so it must be tradition to be the most fashionable on your birthday in the Brady household. This one goes all the way back to December 2015 on Gisele's Instagram, which is when little Vivian turned three. Pictured reaching for a balloon on the beach, Vivian is wearing an adorable rainbow checkered bathing suit with frills. Out of all the outfits in this article, this one is the one we most want in adult sizes.

Gisele captioned this post with "Happy birthday my little sunshine! I love you so much! #love #grateful ❤️❤️ Feliz aniversário meu raio de sol! Te Amo muito! #Amor #gratidão" writing in both English and her native language Portuguese which she does on most of her Instagram posts. Tom who didn't really use social media much at this time didn't post a message, but I'm sure the party for Vivian was filled with family, friends and fun.

3 Adorable Hiking Outfit


So the Brady's do hike. In this adorable family snap posted by Gisele, and assumed taken by Tom, the Brady family can be seen hiking through beautiful forest scenery. Oldest son Jack, 10, is in the lead wearing a white tee, shorts, sneakers and a jacket around the waist. Middle child Ben, 8, is seen chasing after his big brother wearing a long-sleeved shirt, sweatpants, sneakers and a jumper around his waist. Oh, boys.

Gisele looks as beautiful as ever and very fit, wearing a simple tank top, leggings, sneakers with a jumper around her waist. Vivian, who must've been tired from the hike and decided to take in the view from mom's shoulders, is wearing an adorable purple shirt, grey leggings and a cute pink/purple jumper around her waist. Her hair is in pigtails. Wherever the Brady's are hiking in this photo we'd like to know as it looks so very peaceful and calm. A good place to read or think.

2 This Sweet Red Dress


We're getting further and further back into Gisele's Instagram here, but the outfits keep getting cuter and cuter. In this post nearly three years ago in May 2015, Gisele, Ben and Vivian Brady are seen having good family fun on a trampoline. Ben is wearing the usual t-shirt and casual pants combination. Gisele and her stunning flow of blonde wavy hair are flowing free in the wind. She is wearing a plain white tank top and jeans but still manages to look better than most of the population on a good day.

Vivian who is only two in this post is wearing a beautiful red dress that flares out at the waist. It's such an elegant style and we're happy to say it's become very popular now with celebrity children. Her dress looks to have some white detailing on it with a bow tied at her back, so very sweet.

1 This Fashionable Fall Outfit


For the last outfit of this article, we've gone with another fashionable Easter outfit. This post by Gisele from East 2015, shows Ben and Vivian holding hands on a walk in the yard. In their other hands, they are carrying their Easter treat baskets, so this could even be an Easter egg hunt! Ben is wearing a stylish white sweater, some plain black pants and sneakers. We love all the Brady's but we have to say Vivian's outfit definitely wins this fashion competition.

Wearing her golden hair in spiky pigtails is so cute. So is her fluffy coats, what looks to be a dark colored skirt with white stockings and the cutest boots we've ever seen in our lives. Scratch the colored checkered bathing suit - where can we get ourselves a pair of those? Vivian has proved she's the little fashionista of the Brady family, and we're excited to see her grow up and follow her style.

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