16 Photos That Prove Emily Ratajkowski Is The Queen Of Street Style

The glamorous, gorgeous, and stylish model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is on top of the world. At 26-years-old, this brunette stunner is 5’ 7” and head-to-toe spectacular.

You may have seen her rock it out in Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” music video, where she was basically nude, or perhaps you have become a fan of Emily’s by seeing her in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues in 2014 and 2015.

Emily has strutted her foxy stuff on various catwalks during Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, and New York, and has modelled the amazing designs of Miu Miu, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, and many more. Her unique beauty and passion for her work makes Emily one to watch. In fact, it is hard to take your eyes off her!

Along with her over-the-top modelling success thus far, Emily has acted on the big screen in films like We Are Your Friends, Gone Girl, and Entourage. She has also done some television work with roles on iCarly, The Spoils Before Dying, and Easy. This gal won’t quit!

But along with her professional work, Emily is a style-maker all her own. Her street style is fashion-forward and totally fabulous, as you can see in these 15 cool pics of the breathtaking babe below. Take a cue from this cutie and steal her look by following her lead when it comes to looking 100% flawless.

Which of Emily’s street style looks are your favorite, or can Emily do no wrong in your eyes?

16 Here Comes The Budget-Conscious Bride

Emily recently tied the knot with her man, Sebastian Bear-McClard. But this babe didn't go the traditional route by wearing a white wedding gown and matching veil. She rocked a suit instead as she and her fella said "I do" at a courthouse in the Big Apple.

Her pantsuit was only $200 and was purchased at Zara. The mustard-colored '70s-inspired outfit looked super chic on the 26-year old who topped off the unconventional look with a wide-brimmed black hat with netting.

Of course, the model would look good in anything, but this unique wedding ensemble was probably not what she pictured she would be wearing on her wedding day when she dreamed about the moment as a little girl. Nonetheless, Emily was beaming as she swapped rings with her lucky guy. Will this become a trend? If the suit fits! And we are guessing that this suit is going to sell out of Zara stores faster than Emily kissed her gorgeous groom!

15 Black And White Wonder

Not everyone can rock a leather mini, but Emily sure can, and boy does she do it well! Paired with a feminine black strappy top and a white blazer tossed over her shoulders, Emily looks like a black and white cookie, only sweeter! She is surely showing lots of leg, but when you’ve got gams like hers, it would be a sin to keep them in hiding.

She accessorizes like a pro with a couple of necklaces, hoop earrings, and of course, her handy cell phone.

Don’t leave home without it! If you want to take a page from Emily’s fashion book, try this style yourself. If you aren’t up for such a short mini, go with black jeans or a pair of leather pants. As long as you have confidence, you can pull it off like she does.

14 Puffy Princess

Dressed for the colder season, Emily looks so cute and comfy in her shiny puffer jacket, skin-tight leggings, and sporty shoes. Going glam all the time isn’t necessary.

You can still look super cool in laid-back clothing just like the lovely Emily does in this weather-appropriate ensemble.

A cross-body bag is always convenient, leaving your hands free for holding bags or slipping into your pockets. Emily is on-the-go and ready to walk briskly, thanks to those athletic shoes. Want to get this look too? The puffer jacket will keep you warm as the cold breezes hit the air. If you aren’t comfortable with such tight pants, opt for a longer coat to cover your “bum,” or go for a pair of jeans instead. Chic and casual is city-friendly, and you’ll look great just like Emily.

13 Snuggly Softness

What goes better with a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate than a roomy and cozy sweater meant for relaxing and unwinding? Emily looks casual and cute as she is all snuggly in her thick knit sweaters. Out for a drink with a lucky guy (we assume), she is laid-back and beautiful, enjoying her winter elixirs. Emily’s long brunette hair is lovely as always, and her effortless pose proves she is model material.

When she wants to dress down, it doesn’t mean she looks frumpy or dumpy. A thick and oversized sweater makes a statement without looking overdone or out of place.

Anyone can sport this simple look too. Just pull on a sweater that’s loose and looks as cute as Emily’s does. And don’t forget your glass of cocoa!

12 Denim Heaven

Wowza! Whoever said denim is basic obviously never saw Emily rocking denim on denim. This bold babe knows how to make the most of her enviable body. Whether she's rocking a jean jacket or shirt, Emily somehow mixes every kind of denim and makes it work. Those skin-tight jeans fit Emily’s body like a glove. Want to look hot like Emily? Don't be scared to mix your denim just as long as they're simple and clean-looking. Grab a pop of color in a nice handbag and face the day the denim way!

11 Simply Stunning In A Simple Tee

Leave it to the alluring Emily to look super-hot in something as simple as a white t-shirt and a pair of cutoff jean shorts. She knows she doesn’t need to do very much to look like a stunner, so why go all glitz and glam when you can go for a causal, understated look instead?

Paired with a buckled leather belt and a pair of cool shades, this magnificent model looks carefree and fun-loving. Bronzed and beautiful, she has “summer fun” written all over her fabulous face.

Anyone can rock a similar look, just pick the type of denim shorts that suit your body type and comfort level. Hey, not everyone is suited for Daisy Dukes! Pick a well-fitting t-shirt, cinch your waist with a nice belt, and grab your dark sunglasses. Time to head out for a warm and sunny afternoon in style!

10 Beret Beauty

Pastries and a pale pink pout make this pic look as tasty as it does terrific. Look at Emily in her classic beret along with a shearling coat and high-neck black shirt. Who says supermodels don’t eat? When there are croissants as decadent as this one at your fingertips, indulging is the only option! With her hair off her face, Emily’s fantastic features are on full display, from those bold brows to her alluring eyes to that amazing jawline. Want to snag this style?

Anyone can look chic in a beret. Just find one that fits in a color you love. It will make your morning routine even faster since you won’t have to worry about doing your hair.

But the best way to look like Emily is to head to the nearest bakery or café and order something buttery and flaky!

9 Check Her Out

Check please! Emily looks as cute as can be in her black and white checked mini-dress. This model loves to show lots of leg, and here she goes again in her thigh-baring dress. The checkered print is classic and youthful, and Emily’s long hair is healthy-looking and super shiny. Big hoop earrings accent her lovely face and a peep of black bra strap leaves a little something to the imagination. Who knew going out for coffee could be so stylish? Anyone can look cool in a print. You may not want to go as short as Emily dares to bare, so think about a knee-length dress or even a maxi. And if black and white isn’t your go-to print, then think floral or paisley. But be sure to get a refreshing iced coffee… Emily’s looks delish!

8 Cold-Shoulder Appeal

Showing some shoulder is a great way to look foxy without being too revealing. And if you’ve got rock-hard abs like Emily’s, showing off a bit of midriff is always a plus.

This black shirt paired with brown pants is a modern look that Emily aces. She looks casual and comfortable while oozing street style from top to bottom.

Her hair looks super-glossy and that pose is worth a million bucks. She has a cool style that is simple, yet so special. The “cold shoulder” look is doable on nearly anyone. There are lots of styles to choose from, whether it be a sweater, long-sleeved cotton shirt, or blouse. Bare your middle if you dare, otherwise find a waist-length top for more coverage. Practice your “selfie” pose and feel like a supermodel yourself!

7 Cutie In A Cap

Take Emily out to the ballgame since she is already dressed for the occasion in her super-cute cap. Even when Emily is dressed casually in a cap and tank top, she still has supermodel written all over her face. With looks like hers, even when she is dressed down, she still stands out from the crowd.

On a laid-back weekend afternoon, Emily must love to ditch all the high-fashion and go for something sporty like the look we see here. And you can look just as fun-loving and cute by capping off your casual look with a cap.

Pair yours with a tank top like Emily does or go for a t-shirt or sweatshirt instead. Natural makeup and a cool vibe is all you need to look sporty and stylish.

6 Short Shorts Out In Nature

Emily looks so cool in her cutoff denim shorts, and it seems like she wears them all the time.

This pair is extra cool since we see her pockets peeping out from beneath. And that white wrap shirt hugs the supermodel in all the right places.

Again, we see the amazing Emily revealing her firm and toned midriff, something most of us are jealous of! She looks laid-back and casual, yet has the air of fabulousness oozing from every pretty pore. A true supermodel at heart! You can nail a similar look by wearing cutoff jean shorts and a white fitted top, too. Feel free to cover your midsection if you don’t dare to bear like Emily does, but keep the look simple and stunning. Head out for a day of adventure and fun!

5 Robe Couture

It is not every day we see a gal in jeans, a t-shirt, and a satin robe, but leave it to the impressive Emily to somehow make this look work. Bellbottom jeans are making a comeback as Emily leaves her building in a cool pair. Her t-shirt is cute, she’s wearing her favorite gold hoop earrings, and then there’s that forest-green robe.

Is it a bathrobe or a coat? We’re not entirely sure, but Emily has the confidence to head out in a look most have never seen before. Want to mimic this look without getting the side eye?

Consider a trench coat or a sleek raincoat instead of a robe. For most of us, robes are meant for putting on after bathing, not after getting dressed. Let’s let Emily have this look all her own.

4 Ruffles Galore

Showing off plenty of leg and shoulder, here we see Emily in a cute pale blue ruffled top and skimpy jean shorts. She has the body to rock this look with confidence, so when the sun is out, she is ready to reveal a whole lotta skin. Her belly is bare, and her skin is tanned. This summery look is perfect for a gal like Emily, so she may as well flaunt her figure. You may want to try this look too, so go for it if you dare. Otherwise, think about a longer sheer flowy top and jean shorts, or pair this sort of top with a flowing skirt or loose pants. But if you decide to copy this look from head to toe, be sure to slather on the sunscreen!

3 Little Black Number

We’ve all heard that the LBD (little black dress) ought to be a wardrobe staple,

but Emily takes the fashion advice to a new level by filling her closet with a variation of the little black dress to suit every type of occasion.

In the pic on the left, Emily is sporting a very casual, loose-fitting dress and accessorized it with black booties to give it more of an edgy look. The black dress with the while collar in the middle is quite feminine — sort of a modern take on Wednesday Adams. And our personal favorite is the little number on the left. Although it might not exactly be a little black dress, this elegant romper gives off the same foxy vibe as an LBD.

2 Shredded In Denim

Ripped jeans are all the rage, and Emily surely knows how to look like a star in a pair of skin-tight black ones, shredded, and worn-in. Paired with a soft white t-shirt and cool brown zippered jacket, Emily looks rock-and-roll ravishing. She is wearing her eyeglasses, adding a fashionable and functional accessory to the mix. Her long brown hair is simple and shiny, and her cute neutral flats pull the look together terrifically. This casual look is easy to wear, just grab a cool pair of ripped jeans and you are good to go. Pick a black pair of jeans like Emily’s or go for the classic blue. A figure-flattering jacket like this one will give you a nice shape, and flats are comfortable and chic, perfect for walking around all day.

1 When The Office Meets The Gym

Perhaps Emily is headed to the gym or she just finished a workout, but even in athletic wear, this supermodel still looks fabulous. Her black sports bra fits well, and that cool black blazer takes the look up a notch for effortless street style. As always, Emily’s face looks flawless and her hair looks fresh and easy-breezy.

Emily’s cool backpack is a nice accessory and a great way to lug around all her belongings.

If you want to copy this sporty style, don’t feel shy about wearing your sports bra in public as long as you have a cool cover-up like Emily’s. Button yours up if you are not comfortable with flashing your belly button and you are ready to go from gym to lunch looking as super as a supermodel!

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