15 Ways Ashley Graham Is Changing The Fashion Industry (And Photos To Prove It)

Ashley Graham is the "model of the moment" with killer curves, a winning smile, and eyes that could light up a room. Her long brunette hair is shiny and wavy, and her refreshing and friendly personality is as special as her drop-dead good looks.

The Lincoln, Nebraska native has come a long way from her country roots as she has become a worldwide modeling phenomenon. She has graced the pages of high fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue and has strutted her stuff on catwalks in the U.S. and abroad. Designers seek her out and photographers jump at the opportunity to snap her pretty pics.

In a world where “thin is in,” this “plus-sized” model has proven that a fuller figure is just as beautiful than a rail-thin one. She has a bountiful booty, a big bustline, and an impressive hourglass shape that make her foxy and strong. And she is not afraid to show it off in her barely-there bikinis and sensual lingerie.

If you are a fan of this stunner, then you know she is all about body-positivity and acceptance for all body shapes. Small, tall, skinny, or shapely, Graham is aware that every woman has her own special look that makes her a queen. Men think she’s hot and women are in awe of her confidence and success.

Here are 15 must-see pics to prove that the amazing Ashley Graham is changing the fashion industry. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all biz as this glam goddess has clearly shown.

15 A Leg Up

Why wear pants when you’ve got toned and tanned legs like the impeccable Ashley Graham? Her long-sleeved bodysuit is all this beautiful babe needs to look super-edgy and modern. She always knows how to pose for the cameras to show off her shapely body as well as the cool clothing she is modelling, and her hair and makeup always look totally perfect. While Graham certainly won’t hit the streets pants-less, she can definitely rock this black bodysuit with a pair of hip jeans, a comfy wrap skirt, or some cut-off shorts. So versatile and timeless, Graham proves that something so simple can be sophisticated and steamy at the same time. She is a real pro when it comes to fashion, even with wardrobe staples. Everyone can look good in a bodysuit like this — well maybe not quite as good as Graham does.

14 Earned Her Wings

Look out Victoria’s Secret Angels. There is a new marvellous model in town and with her VS angel wings, she is going to soar to new heights. The always alluring Ashley Graham is strutting her stuff down the catwalk in sensual lingerie, wearing those impressive (and huge) angel wings like she was meant to fly through the sky. Pale pink and black colors with lovely detailing throughout make this panties and bra set simply stunning. And who better to model the intimates than the "model of the moment" herself, Ms. Graham? It must have been a real thrill for the audience members at this fashion show to see the spectacular Graham walk the runway with poise and confidence. She is a true beauty, and VS could only keep the secret to themselves for so long!

13 Sheer Perfection

Ashley Graham surely loves her mesh clothing, but we can certainly see why. She looks great when she does the sheer thing. And paired with a deep emerald velvet mini skirt, this model looks like a million bucks. Showing off lots of leg, Graham poses for the cameras like a pro, letting the world know that she is all about fashion and fierceness. Her up-do hairstyle looks divine, showing off her mock neck shirt’s style and her large gold hoop earrings. The detailing on her mini skirt shows that Graham is all about high style and well-thought-out design, and everything is fitted to her figure to a tee. This beauty never leaves the house looking anything less than terrific. Always put together and stylish, Graham is a fashionista at her finest.

12 Hottie In A Hoodie

We are not sure which season this look would work best in, but that does not seem to matter to model Ashley Graham. She can pair her hooded cardigan sweater with a mock neck swimsuit and prove that any two pieces can go together if you know how to rock the look. And she sure does this look justice. The combination of black and white is always a classic, but Graham is anything but “been there, done that.” She is taking the fashion world by storm with her own take on things, showing us that she will be part of the industry for as long as she wants to be. As the wind whips through her hair, Graham still manages to pose with beauty and elegance. And while super stylish, that hoodie surely looks cozy!

11 “Look At Me” Leather

Leather has never been so chic. Just take a look at the ravishing Ashley Graham in her slick leather ensemble, ready to head out for the night looking like a real rock star. With a cinched-in waist and a style that is beyond bold, this supreme supermodel is fierce and fired up for a night on the town where she is the object of everyone’s desire. Black leather is super foxy, and Graham knows how to accentuate every curve. She knows that not everyone can pull off such a foxy look, but those who can milk it for all it’s worth. Smooth and shiny hair, smouldering makeup, and a perfect pose finish off this hard-edged look with model-like loveliness. Attention grabbing and gorgeous, Graham is a vision in leather.

10 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Look at the always awe-inspiring Ashley Graham and her equally-glam momma. These two beauties are like peas in the prettiest of pods in their matching swimwear. Graham surely knows how to dress her body type to look its very best, and she proves that her swimwear will be taking beaches by storm this summer. And beauty not only comes in every shape, but at every age too. Just look at how undeniably gorgeous her mother looks in her stylish and modern 2-piece suit. These ladies are smiling broadly from ear to ear and we can all see why. Their sheer confidence beams as they soak in some rays looking as hot as the sun. Look out beachgoers, Graham is hitting the waves and she’s a force to be reckoned with!

9 Nothing Basic About This Basic Tee

Sure, everyone has a white t-shirt, but not too many people look as amazing as Ashley Graham does in her simple tee. By craftily knotting it at the waist, this sensational supermodel takes a basic wardrobe staple and turns it into something fashion forward and ever so stylish. The gorgeous Graham proves that you do not need a professional stylist or a team of fashion experts to turn an ordinarily ho-hum look into something super-cool and easy, breezy foxy. Not everything needs to be skin-tight or couture in order to be noteworthy. Graham knows this and makes the most of every piece of clothing, whether it is a $5 Hanes t-shirt or a $5,000 designer gown. The next time you throw on a t-shirt, take a cue from Graham and take things up a notch with some style secrets from one of the best in the biz.

8 Boating Babe

The only thing more unbelievably breathtaking than that gorgeous sky-blue water is the wonderful-looking woman posing on that luxe boat — model Ashley Graham. Her swimwear is ultra-cool and chic, looking like a work of art made just for her. The interesting one-sleeve feature is unique, and the steamy sheer mesh shows off bits of her skin just so. Graham knows how to accessorize amazingly, proven here by that thick wrist cuff which adds even more edge to this already awesome look. As the hot rays of summer sun warm Graham’s smooth skin, she manages to stay cool and casual. She might want to take a dip in that refreshing water but getting that gorgeous swimsuit wet would be a sin. Good thing she has that boat to take her around!

7 Pretty In Pink

Look at this va-va-voom vision in pink. All dolled up in a negligee that is super-pretty and subtly foxy, model Ashley Graham proves that innocence paired with a touch of naughtiness is pure bliss. Graham looks like a vision in pink in her lovely evening-wear, with every feminine curve on display in the most tasteful of ways. She is covered in all the right places yet shows some hints skin to let us know that she appreciates her femininity and embraces her beautiful body, as she should. Not every piece of lingerie needs to be revealing to be foxy, and Graham takes note of this by showing off some of her assets while leaving the rest to the imagination. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this babe is better than a box of chocolates

6 Denim Darling

Good genes and good jeans make model Ashley Graham a wardrobe winner in delightful denim. Who else could fill out a pair of dungarees as well as this voluptuous model? Paired with a denim button-down, this all-over blue-hued look is attractive and classic. Super high heels add a touch of fox appeal and that wavy tousled hairdo is subtly sensual. Everyone ought to have a cool pair of great-fitting jeans that makes them feel bold and beautiful, just like the impressive and well-styled Graham. She loves to pose to show off her curves, and we love seeing a shapely woman embracing “what her mama gave her.” These jeans may be skin-tight, but Graham can let loose when she knows she is looking her best. These jeans sure ain’t your grandma’s Levi’s!

5 Stunning In Silver

All that glitters is gold, but nothing shines brighter than model Ashley Graham in her form-fitting silver sleeveless gown. What a knockout! With matching dazzling hoop earrings, this glitzy goddess is a shining example of a fashionista with a flicker of show-stopping sparkle. Graham’s beauty radiates as she wears this designer dress, and her smouldering makeup is done to perfection. Her simple, yet modern hairdo is the perfect accompaniment to her evening look, proving she only needs subtle styling to look model-perfect. Just look at that feminine hourglass figure, her toned arms, and that confident gaze into the lens. This lady’s got it going on, and silver is certainly her shade of metal. Gold may be the number one when it comes to awards, but when fashion is the subject, silver reigns supreme.

4 Ravishing Ruby

Well that is certainly a high slit, but when you’ve got gams like Ashley Graham, you’ve just gotta show off a little (or a lot) of thigh. Ruby red is definitely this diva’s color, as it compliments her skin tone just right. The off-the-shoulder look is foxy and stylish, and that intricate embellishment is fashion-forward and truly special. Only a gal like Graham could pull off such an eye-popping look, and her confident pose proves she knows she looks like a dream. Red is a bold choice, but this babe is no wallflower. Why hide behind a bulky blazer or long sleeves when you’ve got a body like Graham’s? Ruby is the right choice for a woman who wants to make a statement. And yes, Ms. G, we hear you loud and clear.

3 Magnificent In Menswear

Nobody has ever looked more like a woman than model Ashley Graham in marvellous menswear. A black blazer and a pair of matching trousers may be the staple for a formal fella, but when the glam Graham puts on the masculine pieces, she looks like a femme fatale. Just take a look at that genuine pearly-toothed smile. Graham feels gorgeous and we all agree that she is. Dresses are always pretty for a special night out, but when you want to change things up, a tailored suit is the way to go. The look is classic, but when Graham adds her signature touches, the look truly comes to life. The next time the party invitation calls for black tie, let your man wear the tux, and you can follow suit.

2 Tangerine Dream

Hips for days and a body that doesn’t quit is what Ashley Graham’s lust-worthy look is all about. She shows off her beautiful bombshell shape in this hip-hugging dress and we cannot help but sit and stare. Tangerine is a dream for this lovely lass, with her hair pulled up in a cute ponytail so we can see her pretty face made up to look picture perfect. Hourglass figures are coveted, and this gorgeous gal has the best one in the biz. If you are a curvy gal too, get yourself a daring dress like this and flaunt your fantastic figure. Graham is paving the way for all women to rock form-fitting clothing and look hot doing so. And the brighter the color, the more you’ll stand out. Orange you glad Graham is such a fashion force?

1 Well-Suited Bodysuit

This white bodysuit suits Ashley Graham to a tee. Paired with a pair of black high heels, this no-pants look may not be for the everyday, but it sure looks great on this special supermodel. She has the curves to fill out this white skin-tight piece of clothing to perfection, and her sultry look into the camera lens makes her even more desirable. Minimal makeup proves that Graham is a natural beauty who can let her inner glow and confidence shine through. That simple gold chain is all this gal needs to add a little “bling” to her look because she already shines like a star. Those legs are strong and fit, and her pose shows her talent for modelling everything from a plain bodysuit to a high-end gown. White is all-right on this ravishing supermodel.

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