15 Times We Wished We Could Recreate Nicola Peltz's Fashion Outfits

We have a style crush. Not only does she know how to blend classic and cool with aplomb, but she’s also beautiful. She’s dating the very handsome Anwar Hadid, little brother to Gigi and Bella. And, she has a big blockbuster under her belt as Tessa Yaeger in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’. If you don’t know her name by now, you will.

She’s Nicola Anne Peltz and she’s a rising fashion star in Hollywood. The former model has been acting since 2006. And, over the years she’s used her time in Hollywood to hone a unique style that’s all her own. At age 23, that’s quite a big feat for a girl who is constantly surrounded by managers, publicists, and stylists. Yet, Nicola has been able to hold her own.

Her strong sense of self might come from her grandmother. “My grandma has the most baller style ever. She rocks sweatpants with the craziest sneakers. I’ve even given her a few fancy pairs from Chanel and Dior so she’s always on trend. She’s a tiny lady with a big personality.”

As we stated before, Nicola’s style is a blend of street-style cool with classic Hollywood. It allows her glamorous red-carpet looks to never look stuffy and her more casual outfits of mini skirts and short-shorts to never appear too sexy. And, she does it all in a way that never feels forced or like she’s allowing the clothes to wear her. Call it the natural ‘it girl’ factor. And, it’s part of the reason that we’d like to steal more than one of her looks. Or, okay, maybe we just want to steal her entire closet.

15 Cropped In Dior

Crop tops and sheer skirts might seem like a terrifying choice for most, but Nicola nails the revealing look without losing any class. The budding young model showed off her svelte frame in a Dior number at a red carpet event.

She paired her taut abs and glowing skin with soft waves that were a modern take on Veronica Lake.

However, we know that no actress from the 1940s would be bold enough to wear a look like this unless she was at the beach.

2018 is a different story for Hollywood’s elite as everyone is showing off their toned abs these days. Actually, it almost feels odd to not see a young actress flaunt her hard-earned paycheques. We love Nicola’s take on the crop and sheer trend and wish that we were bold enough to wear this combo that looks absolutely stunning on her.

14 Bling And Prada

U.S. actress Nicola Peltz poses on the red carpet as she arrives for the world premiere of the film "Transformers: Age of Extinction" in Hong Kong June 19, 2014. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu (CHINA - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

For the ‘Transformers 4’ premiere in Hong Kong, Nicola showed that she was worthy of the attention being doted on her as a rising star in Hollywood. The stunning grey silk Prada gown was a nod to old school glamour. We’re noticing a pattern.

Nicola kept the look fresh with a peek of skin that showed off her flat tummy. She also knew to keep the look simple by keeping her jewellery non-existent. After all, her Prada dress came with its own set of jewels that adorned her waist and neck. If only we could wear custom tailored Prada when we were that young. Not to mention she has a slight frame that is perfect for the slim cut of this floor length gown. We’re sure that many women were trying to copy this look by nabbing their own soft grey dress.

13 Street Style Trendsetter

Leather shorts aren’t something that we’d normally have in our closet, yet Nicola is convincing us that maybe we should consider them a staple. As part of the new kids on the block in Hollywood who are showing off their abs, Nicola chose to pair her edgy shorts with a simple crop top.

It’s a look that’s more achievable than her red carpet looks.

Brands like Zara and Mango have long been on the faux leather train. So, most likely you can nab a pair of shorts and even a crop top like Nicola’s here. You might also want to spend a bit of time at the gym as well. Maybe, she’s carrying her gym clothes in her bag. After all, to able to show off abs like that doesn’t come from mornings at Dunkin Donuts. This is clearly a girl who takes care of her body.

12 The Perfect Date Look

This is another look that is equally attainable. Most likely you already have a pair of black leggings and a slinky tank hanging in your closet right now. Although, this black-on-black combo is smouldering when compared to her casual leather shorts look.

With her soft waves and sky-high platforms, this is a perfect look for date night. After all, Nicola’s lace trim top is another classy way to raise temperatures.

If you’re in need of a cool date night look, this is definitely one to steal. Plus, Nicola could just as easily pair the pants and heels with a crop white tee for a more casual version. Go a step further and ditch the heels for cool sneakers for a day of walking around with your friends. Do you see just how versatile leather pants are? So, go out and get yourself a pair now!

11 Bohemian Rhapsody

In this amazing street style wear, we see Nicola supporting an outfit that is somehow both casual and trend setting all at once.

The casual amount of disarray in her look adds to the casual effect, but the skirt allows it to hold up with a touch of chic. The band t-shirt is both a trend and a touch of casual all together, because we all know that nowadays, whether you listen to the band or not, wearing the shirt, means you're supporting a fashion statement. Luckily here, Nicola pulls it off with class. The jean jacket hanging off her is a very Ariana Grande look, that she supports well thanks to her petite and slim figure.

This is definitely a look that we adore.

10 After Party Glamour

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 11: Nicola Peltz attends the 2015 InStyle And Warner Bros. 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

At the In Style and Warner Bros Golden Globe Awards Post Party Nicola tried the sheer skirt trend again. And, guess what? She made it work just as elegantly as before. This time around, Nicola looked to be inspired by 60s bombshells like Bridgette Bardot. She showed a little shoulder and went with a winged cat eye.

Instead of sticking with Prada, she also went with a different designer, choosing a look from Balenciaga’s Spring collection. She looked stunning, and again we’re sure that she started many trends or two of girls looking to nab her classic yet sexy night out style. One thing is for sure though. Nicola has us wanting to ditch all colors except for black, white, and gray. She’s found a way to make the color combination look fresh, young, and elegant.

9 British Girl Florals

At first glance this dress might just seem like a pretty floral dress. Look closer. It’s sheer all over. We take it that Nicola is a girl flowing with confidence. It’s not every day that you meet a woman who is comfortable wearing a sheer dress at an event that she’ll know she’ll be photographed at. Although, we know that this Alexander McQueen gown was built to cover in exactly the right place. For her turn wearing McQueen, the budding Hollywood star said that,

“I think fashion is art and I feel confident when I put on a beautiful piece.”

This is truly a beautiful piece that takes a lot of confidence to wear. While we’re not sure that we’ll take on the fully sheer dress trend ourselves, Nicola is definitely influencing us to add a little bit of sheer to our closets here and there.

8 It Girl Cool

Nicola is old school Hollywood glamour done with an edge. She loves leather and finds ways to make a hoodie look classy and cool at the same time. The crop hoodie is a trend that has hit Hollywood partially thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Yet, Nicola paired the athlesisure trend with sophisticated pointy heels and black tights that ensured that a sliver of skin of her taut abs would be the only thing that we’d see.

It’s definitely another easy look to try as ever brand under the sun from MissGuided to Alexander McQueen have been offering cropped hoodies for the past few seasons. We’re guessing that Nicola is wearing the Alexander McQueen version as she’s previously gushed her adoration for the designer.

7 Valley Of The Dolls

We’re already envious of the fact that Nicola was invited to Fashion Week where she was clearly gifted with this Miu Miu dress to wear for the occasion. It’s the perfect fit for the actress who, as mentioned before, prefers a muted palette for her wardrobe.

The colors black, white, and grey work well for her. She’s a natural beauty who doesn’t need much to be a knockout. She’s also a girl who has gotten very comfortable with winged liner.

The 60s cat eye works well for this white baby doll dress with a high neckline and sheer puff sleeves.

Considering that she’s stated that her style is dependent on her mood, we’re going to say it’s safe to assume that she was in a ‘girlie mood’ when she wore this adorable dress.

6 Head To Toe Denim

When she’s not dressing up Nicola keeps her look super casual. Like most of Hollywood’s elite she got onto the head-to-toe-denim trend. Although, in typical Nicola fashion she sported the look by showing a little more skin. This isn’t a girl who enjoys wide legged jeans and a button-down.

While the actress says that she doesn’t concern herself with the amount of skin that she shows as long as she feels comfortable and good about what she wears, we cannot help but wonder if that's true, since when she does have a chance to cover up her midriff, she chooses not to. She’s clearly more comfortable showing off a little skin. Although, she keeps it classy by sporting short-shorts with a jacket and boots. The end result definitely gives off cool-girl vibes that pairs perfectly with her boyfriend.

5 The Queen Of Crop Tops

We already know just how much Nicola loves crop tops and high-waisted skirts. Now, let’s talk about her jewelry. For ‘In Style Magazine’, the actress said,

“I like small, delicate pieces that make me feel girlie like my Jacquie Aiche body chain. I buy her jewelry as gifts for my girlfriends.”

The body chain that Nicola is referring to is worth a cool $4 thousand dollars. In fact, the entire Aiche jewelry collection comes with a hefty price tag. There are opal pave mini hoops that only cost $660 if you’re looking to nab a piece from her favorite brand. And, with more than one gorgeous delicate piece to choose from, it’s no wonder that Nicola has a soft spot for the brand.

4 Black & White Queen

“I could black all day, every day. I’ve always gravitated toward sleek neutral instead of bright colors,” Nicola is clearly a woman who knows just want to she likes when it comes to fashion. On an outing with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid she sported her usual black-on-black look. She also paired her look with her favorite boots for when she’s out walking around town.

“During the day I wear black boots by Dear Frances’. I can run around in them without being too careful, because they actually look better the more you beat them up."

Similar to her taste in jewelry, these a boots from this brand will cost you a pretty penny beginning in the low $500s. While the young actress clearly has a well-cushioned bank account, most of her fans might have to settle for black boots from labels such as Aldo.

3 Pretty In Plum

This plum colored wool cape is to die for. It’s stunning and makes us want to run out and grab a pair to wear with over-the-knee black boots. This is one of the rare moments that Nicola chose to wear color. Although, the dark colored hue suits her and her black accessories perfectly.

The new direction to add in color was probably an idea from her stylist, Leslie Fremar who collaborates on looks with Nicola to ensure that her personal taste is always front and center of her wardrobe.

Nicola prefers to wear clothes instead of having them wear her. This look is sophisticated and sexy, which keeps in line with Nicola’s usual style. Even though she is more covered up here, she definitely oozes sex appeal with her patent leather over-the-knee-boots.

2 Puffed Sleeves Look Sweet

Here is another deviation from her usual black and white look. Nicola chose this mini white dress with a pale pink bolero. The shiny fabric lends a slight futuristic style to her look and keeps the white mini skirt from appearing like a look that we might see on a pin-up or playboy bunny. Although, with her petite frame and naturally good looks, it’s almost hard to imagine the young actress could look untasteful.

She doesn’t have to contend with Kim Kardashian’s curves for instance that can make even the most basic looks appear flashy. On the other hand, Nicola can make even the shortest dress appear ladylike. Not to mention that she has a good eye for keeping the rest of her look simple with minimal jewelry, accessories, and natural beach waves.

1 Her BFF Is A Cool Fashion Designer

If you’re into fashion, there are a few designers that you’re familiar with. And, one designer that stands out from above the rest is the new ultimate cool kid on the block Alexander Wang. He’s the designer that everyone from Rihanna to Cara Delevingne wants to be pictured with and dressed by. Think slinky black dresses, crop tops, and just about every athleisure trend that’s hit the fashion industry. Nicola is no exception. She’s gushed over how much she loves the designer.

“Alexander Wang is incredibly talented. I want to buy everything the minute I walk into his store.”

So, it’s no wonder that she wore one of his uber sexy dresses at a star-studded event. She even deviated from her usually delicate gold jewelry and chose bold silver earrings for the occasion.

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