15 Times Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Style Was Super Unflattering

Is Kate Middleton one of the most stylish women in the world? That, of course, is up for debate. While there are plenty of people out there who love her style and her fashion choices, others believe that she could be doing a better job. After all, she is one member of the British royal family who is always in the spotlight. People are always going to be paying attention to her, no matter what she’s doing, or where she’s going, for that matter. The public is always scrutinizing her, and that can get very stressful. The pressure to look good 24/7 can be stifling.

Yet, there are fashion critics who believe that she’s not putting her most stylish foot forward. As a matter of fact, her pregnancy style has not been very flattering, to say the least. You almost forget that Kate Middleton is a woman that is still in her mid-30s. That’s because all of her pregnancy outfits make her look much older than what she really is. It’s almost as if she’s been borrowing clothes from Prince William’s stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles these days! And that’s not a compliment, to say the least. In the meantime, check out Kate Middleton’s most unflattering pregnancy outfits. Some of these are truly a royal disaster.

15 She Is No Longer A Trendsetter In This Frumpy Dress 

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When Kate Middleton came on to the scene, everyone called her a fashion trendsetter. I mean, we all remember the Kate Effect, right? The moment she would wear something in public, it would sell out in a matter of minutes. It didn’t matter if it was just a simple polka dot dress, a pair of sensible heels, or an accessory. Everything flew off the store shelves and racks because people wanted to look just like Kate.

Unfortunately, those days are over. The Kate Effect is done. And that’s not just because Meghan Markle is on the scene, but because the Duchess has become awfully boring and repetitive. She refuses to mix up her style or try something new. And as a result, people have stopped paying attention. Kate lost the sparkle.

14 She Is Always Relying On The Same Old Looks 

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Each time we see the Duchess of Cambridge in public, it’s the same old style: her coats, her belts, (the one accessory that she truly loves), her precise hemline, her lace dresses, her matching fascinators, and of course, her collection of sensible shoes. It almost as if she refuses to think or act outside the style box.

Because Kate knows that she’s always in the spotlight, she doesn’t want to take any chances by trying on something new for a change. You could go as far as saying that she’s stuck in a fashion rut. And that’s not a good thing. We are tired of the plain, boring, pregnant Kate Middleton who insists on following all of the rules. Someone needs to do the Duchess a favor and throw her rulebook away for her!

13 She Goes For Coat, Coats, And More Coats

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If there’s one thing that Kate Middleton absolutely loves, it’s her collection of coats. And it seems like she has them in every dull color imaginable. Whenever Kate wears her coats, you tend to forget that she’s even pregnant! That’s because for some reason that we can’t explain, she always insists on hiding her growing belly bump. Her fans can’t help but wonder why she acts like she’s ashamed of her growing figure. Wear that bump loud and proud, Kate!

Plus, the Duchess always refuses to take off her coat, no matter where she is or what she is doing. According to royal protocol, it’s unladylike for a Duchess to take off her coat in public. Honestly, that has to suck, because no matter how hot and stuffy it can get, Kate has to wear her coat at all times.

12 She’s Afraid To Take Risks

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You’d think that someone like the Duchess of Cambridge would try to take some fashion risks or wear something that no royal before her has ever worn before. Sadly, we haven’t seen that in the last several years. She’s stuck in a fashion box that she just can’t get out of!

We have a feeling that the moment Meghan Markle announces that she’s pregnant (after her royal wedding to Prince Harry, that is), she’s going to blow everyone out of the water. If there’s one person who knows how to work a red carpet, it’s Meghan. We have a feeling that Meghan will be the one to up the competition and force Kate Middleton to rethink her current wardrobe. It’s a long time coming, if you ask us. Bring it on!

11 Did We Mention How Boring The Coats Are?

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Seriously, this woman has the biggest collection of coats that we have ever seen! If someone were to sneak into Kensington Palace and burn all of her coats, hopefully it wouldn’t be called treason. That person would be doing the fashion world a favor.

After all, Kate does have a duty to fulfill, as both a member of the British royal family, and of course, one of the most photographed women in the world. She’s expected to be a fashion icon, whether she wants to be one or not. Sorry to say, but it’s something that goes with the job description. And how in the world is she supposed to shake things up in the fashion world if she keeps hiding her dresses in those coats? Someone get rid of them already!

10 She Even Has A Go-To Pregnancy Pose 

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It looks like Kate Middleton took her princess in training classes very seriously. Whatever she learned during her engagement period back in 2011, she’s still doing to this very day. One of the most common poses that she does (which some people find to be highly annoying) is Kate putting both of her hands in front of her midsection. By doing this, you can’t tell if she’s trying to shield her baby bump or trying to keep people from guessing if she’s indeed pregnant or not. She’s been doing it for years, and for some critics, they just wish that she would stop already.

After all, you don’t see the other members of the royal family posing the same way Kate does. For some reason we cannot explain, she insists on doing this at each and every one of her royal public appearances. We get that it’s part of her royal protocol and ladylike, but give it a break, woman!

9 She’s Not Dressing According To Her Age

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This has got to be the saddest part about Kate Middleton’s declining influence in the fashion world. She’s no longer dressing her age. As a matter of fact, she’s dressing like someone who is much, much older than she is and that’s not a good thing. If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Kate was borrowing all of Camilla Parker-Bowles’ clothes these days. Seriously, the woman is dressing like she’s in her late 50s!

We get that it’s part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s job to look modest at all times. But, that doesn’t mean she has to dress like someone who is 25 years older than she is. Seeing how she looks like now, we would hate to see how she looks like when she does reach Camilla’s age. Here’s hoping that by the time Meghan Markle becomes a member of the royal family, she’ll snap some sense into Kate.

8 Her Go-To Work Uniform

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We know that Kate Middleton often likes to repeat some of her outfits in public. A lot of people say it’s because she’s frugal and doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on her clothes, while others say that it’s because she’s simply “in love” with some of the pieces in her closet (like those coats!).

Simply put, the Duchess of Cambridge has adapted to her very own work uniform. She’s kind of like the nurse at your local hospital that insists on wearing the same color scrubs everyday to work. That’s Kate for you. While there’s no doubting that she’s consistent, somewhere along the way she must have squeezed all the fun out of her royal wardrobe. Coat, heels, lace, repeat. Coat, heels, lace, repeat. That’s the Duchess for you.

7 She’s No Princess Diana In Terms Of Pregnancy Style 

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A lot of royal observers like to compare Kate Middleton to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. But as we know, there’s no comparing the two women. They are simply in two different leagues.

Princess Diana didn’t have to try so hard whenever she was in the spotlight. The cameras loved her. The people loved her. And of course, designers loved her, too. That’s because she didn’t just wear clothes, she became a part of each outfit she wore. Unfortunately, Kate Middleton can’t even light a candle next to the late princess. If that weren’t enough, she just doesn’t have the star quality or the charisma that Diana once had. And you need both, especially if you want to make a difference in the fashion world. Anyone can wear a simple little black dress. But it takes someone special to make it look like it’s worth a million dollars.

6 There Are No Fun Style Moments

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For the last several years, we’ve been hoping for some wild card moments from Kate Middleton. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for them. We think most would agree that it would be nice to see her put a little sparkle and shine into her daily outfits or maybe wear a pop of color that wouldn’t make her look so drab all the time.

But by now we’ve realized that it’s not going to happen. Kate Middleton is the queen of playing things safe. We’ll even go as far as saying that the Duchess’ pregnancy wardrobe is bland and boring, just like her marriage to Prince William. Come on, Kate! Give us something to talk about. Otherwise, don’t mind us while we sit here and continuously hit the snooze button (repeatedly and daily) on Kate the almost great’s style.

5 She Is Afraid Of Accentuating The Baby Bump

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For some reason, Kate doesn’t look to put too much attention on her growing baby bump whenever she’s pregnant. And quite honestly, it’s something that she should consider. Because Kate looks her best when she’s glowing, expecting, and has a few extra pounds on her. And we mean that in the sincerest way possible.

A lot of people would agree that Kate should do a better job of accentuating that baby bump. By that we mean wearing little bows that she can put in front of her midsection, hemlines that are just a little shorter and maybe necklines that are a little bit shorter. I mean, she’s the future Queen of England, for goodness sake. She should be able to do what she wants! Only a Queen can break all of her own rules in the royal rulebook.

4 She Is The Queen Of Frumpy Clothes 

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The Duchess of Cambridge might be a future Queen of England, but right now she’s the Queen of Frumpy. I mean, the last thing someone in Kate’s position wants to be called is the Duchess of Drab, right? Well, that’s what the British media has nicknamed her in the last couple of years. That’s because a lot of the clothes that Kate wears are wearing her, and not the other way around, if you know what we mean. Also, a lot of her clothes tend to swamp her, meaning that they drape her body too much.

Maybe it’s a lack of self-confidence. Maybe it’s her lack of good posture. Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s always so self-aware whenever she’s in public. Whatever the case is, Kate Middleton has become the Queen of Frumpy. Someone save the queen before it’s too late!

3 Her Anti-Pregnancy Wardrobe

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A lot of fashion critics believe that Kate Middleton would be better off if she adapted an actual pregnancy wardrobe. Not only would her clothes look better on her ever-changing body, but she would look and feel good, too.

Now, we know that not every woman needs to spend money on maternity clothes when she’s pregnant. Some women can get away with wearing their regular wardrobe throughout their three trimesters. But for someone like Kate, she could afford to bring things up to the next level. She would look far better wearing clothes that would put a spotlight on her baby bump, rather than hide it. After all, she has a lot to be excited and thankful for. You don’t know a lot of people out there who pop out royal babies as if it’s their full-time job!

2 Her Looks Are Just Flat-Out Boring

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At this point, a lot of people don’t even care about Kate Middleton or her wardrobe anymore. She’s as interesting as all of the trends that have expired since 2011. Simply put, she’s done a poor job of keeping up with the times. Someone get the girl a time machine and bring her back to the present time!

Thankfully, we’ve got other pregnant royals out there (like Princess Sofia of Sweden) who know what their audience wants, and that’s a stylish mama that everyone can look up to. Plus, Kate Middleton should be thinking about her style legacy. She doesn’t want to be remembered as the most boring royal in history. I mean, with the way things are going for her right now, even Camilla has a slightly better style influence that she does.

1 She Could Do Better With All That Cash 

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With all of that said, we do think that Kate Middleton could do better style-wise, especially during her pregnancies. She has the potential. She has our attention. And she’s definitely got the royal bank account to help her look like a true royal mother-to-be. All she needs are the right kind of people and a style team to help her look her best, each and every time she’s at one of her royal engagements or public appearances.

Of course, anything can still happen. Kate Middleton, we are rooting for you. Burn those coats, get rid of those wedges, do something fun with your hair, and get bold. And by that we mean bold with your wardrobe. Show us some bump, baby.

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