15 Times Emma Roberts Was More Fashionable Than Any A-List Celeb

Emma Roberts is an underrated style icon. She may not be on the front cover of all the major fashion magazines or walking the red carpet at every big awards show, but she definitely knows how to rock a unique look. Emma’s first big role was Addie Singer on the popular Nickelodeon show Unfabulous, which ran from 2004 until 2007. After that, she began taking on roles in many different films, like Nancy Drew, Aquamarine, Wild Child, and Valentine’s Day. Later, she started taking on parts in films for a more mature audience, like Palo Alto and We’re the Millers. She also appeared in three seasons of American Horror Story, and she had a leading role on the horror-comedy series Scream Queens.

Emma is known for her classy and creative outfits. She often takes fashion risks, and she certainly does not look like every other young actress in Hollywood. Her creative outfits always make her stand out at any event that she attends. She is a fan of bright colors, and while she does look great in a little black dress, she definitely likes to play with pastels and bold statement pieces. You can also catch her with vintage-inspired looks.

Emma’s everyday “street style” is pretty casual, and she is often spotted around Hollywood wearing jeans with comfy tops and jackets. But even when she’s dressed down just to run some errands, she still looks great. Here are 15 looks that prove Emma can look better than any A-list celeb.

15 This Classic Hollywood Look Suits Her Perfectly

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This is the kind of classic Hollywood look that you just don’t see on the red carpet very often anymore. Emma definitely went for a bold statement here. She is a natural brunette, but with her complexion, she can pull off many different hair colors. She changed it up and dyed her hair red — and the contrast really works with this dramatic look! The slight Old Hollywood curls give her hair just a touch more volume and beautifully frame her face. Now, let’s talk about this gorgeous dress. She could have gone for a solid color, like many people do at the Oscars, but instead, she went for black and white — and it totally works! The dramatic neckline shows off just a little bit of skin without being too much, and with Emma’s petite, slim figure, the long white skirt looks lovely. Her silver jewelry, black clutch, and red lipstick finish the look.

14 She Is Looking Pretty In This Light Pink Dress

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When it comes to hair colors, Emma may just be a chameleon. She can rock brown, red, and blonde shades with no problem. This outfit makes her look like an adorable Barbie doll ready to take on the red carpet at the Emmys! Emma is fairly pale, but this pastel pink color does not wash her out. It’s clear that soft curls look amazing on Emma — her hairstylist definitely knows what they’re doing! Her dark, smoky eye shadow and bold brows make a statement, and her features definitely pop against the soft shades in the rest of her outfit. Her clutch is a slightly darker shade of pink, which balances nicely against her pastel dress. Once again, her long silver necklace and bracelets add a little extra sparkle to complete the outfit. She definitely should have earned a spot on quite a few “Best Dressed” lists with this particular dress!

13 This Green Gown Complements Her Fair Skin

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This was a bold color choice for the red carpet, but that’s the kind of look that Emma can pull off like no other celebrity! We love the shape of this dress just as much as the color. This bright shade of emerald green pops against Emma’s skin and the red carpet, making for lots of great photo ops like this one! The long skirt keeps her legs covered, except for a glimpse of her black stilettos. This keeps a little bit of mystery alive! But this dress has balance — while her legs are totally covered under the modest skirt, she gets to show off her shoulders. She only has one sleeve, and her other arm is totally exposed. This dramatic cut totally works for this dress. With her hair pulled back, her black belt cinched tightly around her waist, and her silver accessories, she looks like a style icon!

12 She Rocks This Flirty Floral Gown

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Emma must have stuck with the blonde hair for a few awards shows! Good move — this shade looks wonderful. Her roots are coming in a bit, but it doesn’t look tacky — it actually just gives the whole look a more “laid-back” vibe, which Emma pulls off well. You don’t see many celebs wearing florals on the red carpet. Floral prints seem to have a reputation for being too preppy or a bit “childish,” but Emma totally proves that wrong with this gorgeous dress. The contrast of the pink and white floral print on a black background makes Emma stand out. Her makeup artist emphasized her eyes and brows once again, and it was the perfect choice for this look. You can just see her strappy black sandals peeking out from under the skirt of her dress — and did you notice her black nail polish? She has every detail down pat!

11 She Looks Stylish In Classic Black And White Stripes

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Off the red carpet, Emma is just as stylish! This is one of those outfits that is cute enough to wear to go out to eat or go shopping with your friends, but it’s also comfy and casual enough that you wouldn’t feel out of place running errands. Lots of women are scared to wear horizontal stripes because they think it will make them look too wide, but there’s no reason to shy away from stripes! Emma definitely looks awesome in this pattern. This long white dress is modest, but it doesn’t look dowdy — it emphasizes her figure and highlights her waist. Her bright blue sandals add a playful touch of color to the outfit. And check out those bright yellow frames on her sunglasses! Emma knows that the some of the best outfits involve a good balance of neutrals like black and white along with a few colorful accent pieces.

10 This Flared Jeans And Embroidered Jacket Combo Is Amazing

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Here is another cute everyday look from Emma! It can be tough to pull off cropped flared jeans. While they have been trendy in recent years, they don’t look great on everyone. But Emma makes them work, and she balances these casual cutoffs with a few pieces that bring a bit of glamour to this otherwise laid-back look. First of all, can we please talk about that jacket? The chic black leather provides a perfect contrast to her denim pants, and the cool design speaks to Emma’s love of color. The streaks of red, white, and teal draw your eye straight to the jacket. Plus, those shoes are absolutely fantastic. Who else could wear denim capris with pointy, red velvet flats? Emma’s white tee shirt is the right neutral background for the look. Most people would struggle to combine a few pieces like this, but Emma looks like a natural fashionista.

9 Pairing Couture With Tough Black Ankle Boots

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Whoa! This might be one of the coolest looks we’ve seen from Emma so far. This is from a campaign that she shot with the designer Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo is known for his amazing shoes, and as you can see, Emma’s rock star boots pull this whole look together. Seriously, these are the kind of boots you wear when you know that you mean business, and no one can mess with you. Those boots are DEFINITELY made for walking — down a red carpet or a runway, that is. The sheer, pale pink dress might seem like an odd choice to pair with these shoes, but it gives off an innocent vibe compared to these boots. It brings balance to the whole look. Emma’s pink lipstick and bronzy eyeliner play off each other, and we’re loving her short, tousled blonde hair here — overall, this look is both playful and dramatic.

8 She Brings Makes This Vintage-Inspired Look Modern

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Turtlenecks are so outdated, right? Isn’t it all about the low-cut necklines these days? Not if you’re Emma Roberts! Emma’s style is all her own, and she does not always play by the popular fashion “rules.” After all, fashion is all about creativity and finding your own way of doing things. That’s what makes Emma’s style so cool — she doesn’t follow the Hollywood crowd. This look gives off a very mod and vintage vibe. This skirt is so unique. It’s clear that Emma likes pieces that have interesting cuts and shapes, and she likes to balance more modest pieces with those that reveal a little more skin. The slit right up the middle of the skirt shows off Emma’s long legs, but the turtleneck keeps everything covered right up to her chin! This bright orange sweater would make Emma stand out in any crowd, along with those popping big sunglasses!

7 Pairing A Bold Leopard Print Jacket With A Red Bag

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Animal prints can be tricky to pull off. There is a fine line between having a touch of leopard print involved in your outfit or going way overboard and looking too tacky. Emma stays on the right side of this line. She knows better than to dress head to toe in leopard print, but she does know how to pull it off! This leopard print jacket is perfectly balanced with the other colors in her outfit. Her black tee shirt and capri pants do not overpower the bold jacket. They are a great backdrop for such a busy print. Her neutral, beige shoes don’t demand any attention, and with that jacket, it’s probably for the best. Her red bag provides the only other colorful pop to this look, and, as usual, Emma knows exactly how to best incorporate a little bit of color into her outfit—it matches her nails!

6 Playing With Contrasting Details

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This look from Emma is definitely an interesting choice — but, of course, she looks adorable. Has she ever showed up to an event with a bad outfit? We have to say no. This long-sleeved black top has a few large, attention-grabbing buttons, but on Emma, they don’t look silly or cheesy. In fact, we rarely see celebrities wearing an outfit like this, but Emma likes to step out of the usual boundaries with her personal style, and it pays off. This skirt is so cute and flirty — the fluffy layers and pretty floral prints are so Emma. She wears this shade very often, and we have to say, it’s a great choice. Her eye makeup is a bit more understated here than usual, and this time, there are no dangly silver earrings or long necklaces — just a couple rings and some popping pink lipstick to complement the rest of the outfit.

5 This Stunning Black Lace Gown Is A Classic

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This look definitely shows Emma mixing it up! It shows off a little more than some of the other dresses that she has worn on the red carpet, but it still has that signature Emma Roberts flair that we love so much. Some people may think that you can’t mix black and navy together in one outfit, but Emma is here to prove them wrong. This long, lacy dress balances both black and navy. It’s definitely a fashion risk, but that’s what Emma’s style is all about! On some celebs, this dress might seem like it’s showing a little too much skin, but Emma keeps it classy. We’re also obsessed with her clutch here — there is just something so classy and sharp about red against black. This was during one of Emma’s blonde phases, and she proves that she looks just as good with straight hair as she does with curls!

4 Pairing Black And Blush Pink

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Is it safe to say that pink and black is one of Emma’s favorite color combos? We’re going to go with a yes. It’s a good choice — this combination looks lovely on her. This is such a sweet, simple outfit for a casual day out. It’s the perfect look for sunny Los Angeles. This dress is giving off major “athleisure” vibes — it looks similar to a tennis dress, but you can tell that Emma will definitely not be working out anytime soon with those shoes. The neckline for this dress is so interesting — it seems to be one single piece, but the top is layered. This keeps Emma covered while showing off just a little extra shoulder, giving the look a flirty accent. And Emma’s signature colorful touch is a part of the outfit as well — check out the fun stripe of orange right around the waistband of the dress!

3 This Light Yellow Dress Is So Fresh And Summery

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Talk about preppy and fun! There is so much to love when it comes to this particular look, so let’s start with the colors. We have not seen Emma wear much yellow, but after seeing her in this dress, we have to say she looks fabulous. The yellow dress really complements her blonde hair. It gives off such a happy aura! But the dress isn’t the only thing that stands out. Her accessories are all on point! First, there’s that little leopard print clutch. Emma is clearly the master at making leopard print look for her — this clutch is just enough animal print for this look. The brown belt draws the eye to her trim waist, and it really pulls the dress and clutch together. Last but not least, those wedges add a few inches to her height and keep her dress from dragging on the ground — it’s a win-win.

2 Out And About In A Great Floaty Black Dress

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Sometimes, Emma is spotted out in Los Angeles wearing casual outfits, but in this photo, you can clearly see that sometimes, she likes to dress up a bit more even on a normal day. What makes this outfit stand out? Well, you might have noticed that Emma made a few risky choices as far as color is concerned. Many people would say that you should avoid mixing black and brown in an outfit at all costs, as these two neutral shades will clash. However, Emma proves that it can be done! Her flowing black dress looks cool and comfortable, and the brown belt cinched around her waist with a big silver buckle makes the whole look a bit more interesting. Plus, those leopard print flats bring the whole outfit together with shades of brown and black. She has her signature yellow framed sunglasses on, a clear favorite accessory for her!

1 This Shimmery Rust-Colored Babydoll Dress Is Adorable

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Wow! This sparkly babydoll dress looks unlike anything that we’ve seen on Emma before. This look is a perfect example of how Emma can balance modesty with a flirty vibe. Let’s check out the cut of this dress — it’s fairly short, as is typical of the babydoll style. But Emma has thick black tights underneath, which shows off the shape of her legs without leaving them bare. On another celeb, these boots might look a little big and clunky, but we’ve already established that Emma looks great in high-heeled black boots — remember that Jimmy Choo outfit? The collar on this dress is so eye catching—it’s a cute, neutral accent that works with bright orange shade of the dress. Emma makes another bold choice here by mixing silver and gold bracelets to accessorize. Her hair is pulled back but slightly tousled, showing off her contoured blush and muted pink lipstick.

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