15 Times Beyonce Forgot To Look In The Mirror Before Leaving The House

Beyonce has been around for quite some time now and she managed to climb the ladder as high as she could, becoming one of the most iconic stars of our time. When she started her music career back in the ‘90s with Destiny’s Child, who could have known how big of a star she was going to become in the next decade or so? However, she really has all it takes to be a world-class celebrity— an amazing voice, great dance moves, and pretty impressive looks. She knew how to make the best out of what she had and – voila – she became the Queen Bey we know and love today.

One thing that comes hand-in-hand with being a world-class star is the huge number of public appearances you have to attend, where everybody is always expecting you to look your absolute best. While Beyonce often managed to impress everybody with her awesome style, there were some instances where she did just the opposite of that. Today, some of her outfits are legendary for all the right reasons, while the others are legendary for all the wrong ones, as she made a lot of people around the world wonder what she was thinking when putting those terrible clothes on.

15 Cinderella At The Prom


As far as Beyonce’s bad outfits go, this one is right at the top of the list. There is truly nothing nice to say about this horrible combination of a bad prom dress meeting Cinderella’s ball gown. Okay, there is maybe one tiny little detail that makes it a bit less horrible and that is the fact that the corset complements Bey’s lovely figure. And speaking of the corset, what was she thinking when she picked the one with that awful brown fur around the shoulders? Besides the fur that is obviously a thorn in one’s eye, the colors of this terrible combination are also completely off and they look even worse while she’s standing on that blue carpet in the picture. Hopefully, she will never make a mistake like this again.

14 A Big Mushroom


Back in 2012, this was the outfit that Beyonce chose to wear to New York Fashion Week and it looked really strange, to put it lightly. The very shape of the dress is just not flattering at all and when you add the brownish color to the mix, it really makes Queen Bey look like some kind of an oversized mushroom. Of course, it is good to be fashion forward and to try on different things and styles that are unique and edgy, but the overall look should be pleasing to one’s eye and this dress simply wasn’t. Also, with a body like Beyonce’s, it would be smart to choose a dress that would highlight her best assets, not hide them under this strange-looking skirt.

13 Gangsta Bey


There have been numerous questionable choices made by Beyonce when it comes to her outfits, especially during the time she spent performing with Destiny’s Child, but even though some of those clothing combinations were downright terrible, she somehow managed to pull them off. Well, this is not one of those cases. In fact, there is plenty of reason to believe that no one could ever rock an outfit like the one in the picture. We can understand what she was going for with that whole gangsta style, but it just didn’t look good or appealing at all. That jacket is something that should probably never ever be worn by anybody. If a hot girl like Beyonce couldn’t pull it off, nobody can! Hopefully, she lost that jacket somewhere down the way…

12 Cowboy Mom


While cowboy outfits can be pretty hot if done right, they can come off as tasteless and tacky if a person goes a bit overboard. Unfortunately, Beyonce definitely didn’t rock this kind of cowboy mom look. The shirt is too open to keep the things classy and there is no chance people won’t notice it because you just can’t miss it thanks to that color that catches your attention immediately. Then there are those accessories that are also a little bit over the top. When you put it all together like this, the overall outfit just seems tacky and not worthy of a world-class star such as Beyonce. She usually knows how to rock casual outfits so it is pretty unbelievable how badly she missed the mark with this one.

11 Where Did The Rest Of The Top Go?


The top you can see in the picture is possibly one of the worst clothing pieces our girl Beyonce owns. Well, hopefully, she threw it away by now and she doesn’t own it anymore because this is something no one should wear... EVER, especially not a celebrity who has a certain standard to maintain. It almost looks as if she took a silky handkerchief and just taped it on her front to cover her chest. And what about those glittery pants? If this picture was taken at some disco party back in the ‘80s, maybe we could understand what Bey was trying to do here, but since it wasn’t, the whole outfit is just pretty hard to understand and even harder to like. Not to mention the heavy makeup that makes it look even trashier.

10 Hello Birdie!


By now, we know that Beyonce isn’t the kind of girl who likes to do things traditionally. However, when you choose to go down that road, you are often at the risk of taking the things one step too far and wind up looking ridiculous rather than fashion-forward and edgy. Something like that happened when Beyonce wore this Givenchy Haute Couture dress to the Met Gala. There are two issues that people obviously had with this dress. First of all, it leaves very little to the imagination as it is basically see-through and the critics believed it was daring just for sake of being noticed. Come on, Bey, you don’t have to worry about not being noticed in the crowd! The second issue was the long, purple feather tail that seemed kind of awkward as she climbed those stairs.

9 Mrs. Worst Dressed


This outfit was another big miss that made Queen Bey’s name appear on a bunch of worst-dressed lists so we won’t be forgetting this one that soon! One of the biggest issues that people had with this outfit was the fact that it has shown a complete lack of class. With Beyonce being one of the biggest stars in the music world at the moment, she has a big impact on the young people all around the globe who are her fans, and it appears that people are pretty disappointed by her fashion choices and the bad influence they can have on the teenagers. Nobody is saying that hot is wrong, but there is a difference between classy hot and trashy hot. All in all, the big majority of people agree that this simply wasn’t a good look at all.

8 Too Much Denim


Apparently, there was a time when nothing was as cool as denim—everybody wore it and everybody thought it looked awesome! Well, who knows, maybe denim will become the hottest thing in the fashion industry again at some point, but hopefully, that day is nowhere near! This picture was taken back in 2005 when Beyonce decided to go all-denim – and it didn’t look good at all! The shape of this outfit isn’t particularly flattering to her figure, especially the skirt that would probably look better if it wasn’t so tight or if its length wasn’t so unfortunate. Also, that belt around her waist is pretty strange and, even though it helps balancing all that denim out a little bit, it still doesn’t look good. Not the best combo in your wardrobe, Bey!

7 Throwback Grammys

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In all fairness, this picture is over 15 years old so we will try not to judge Beyonce too hard. But then again, what was she thinking when she decided to leave her house dressed like this? Not only did she leave her house, she actually wore this horrible outfit to the 2002 Grammy Awards! There is no excuse for wearing something like this, except maybe to a beach party. The whole thing is almost completely see-through, the top looks like a little girl’s fishnet, and don’t even get me started on the bottom! There is no denying that Beyonce has always been a great singer, but she definitely wasn’t a great dresser at the beginnings of her career. Whoever was her stylist back then really deserved to get fired after this.

6 Grammys 2018: Hot Or Bizarre?


If there is something Beyonce knows how to do well, it is how to stand from the crowd! She skipped the red carpet at this year’s Grammys and she arrived at the show with her husband and her daughter. Everybody agrees that the black velvet dress she was wearing was simply stunning, but what about those accessories she chose? She wore a big, black hat, huge earrings, and black sunglasses, and while some people think the combination looked great, most of them agree that those glasses and the hat were a pretty bizarre choice. The biggest downside of the overall look was the fact that the accessories totally distracted everybody from that lovely dress she was wearing because the balance was just off. What do you think? Love it or hate it? Hot or bizarre?

5 Gold Is The New Black?


By now, we know that Beyonce has a thing for gold and, in all fairness, it is a color that usually looks pretty great on her. However, the thing with gold is that you want to take a bit more conservative approach in order to avoid the impression that there is too much going on. Well, with this particular dress, there is too much of everything! It is too gold, too revealing, too shiny… It is just too much! She chose this Elie Saab gown to wear it at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards so maybe she just wanted to stick with the whole golden theme of the evening. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as great as she probably hoped because the critics weren’t happy about the overall look at all. Sometimes less is, indeed, more.

4 That Time She Mistook A Shirt For A Dress


Back in the days when Beyonce performed on Good Morning America, she thought it would be a good idea to wear a bright yellow Julien MacDonald mesh top. Well, to be clear, it wasn’t a good idea to begin with, but it got even worse when she forgot to put some pants on. No matter how much you admire this amazing diva, an outfit like this can only hardly be considered acceptable. First, there is this risky yellow color that can really look good only on certain types of clothes and no, this top definitely isn’t one of them. There is also the fact that it leaves very little to the imagination, and then there are those thumb hooks. Yes, you read that correctly. This top that Bey mistook for a dress has thumb hooks! We are so over those at this point.

3 When Your Mom Is Also Your Stylist


You know how sometimes you don’t want to hurt your parent’s feelings so you agree on doing something you know is bad for you just to make them happy? Well, we are guessing that is what happened when Beyonce agreed to wear this horrible, gold suit that was custom-made and designed by her mother, Tina Knowles. As if the flashy golden color wasn’t enough, the entire collar and the bottom of the sleeves are covered in rhinestones that actually make the whole look even worse! Beyonce wore this combination to the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards and, hopefully, she never considered wearing it in public again. It appears that sometimes your parents really don’t know what is best for you even though they have the best possible intentions. Sorry Bey, but your mom definitely shouldn’t have been your stylist too.

2 Buffalo Bill Would Be Pleased


If you have ever seen The Silence of the Lambs, you probably remember Buffalo Bill— a character who wanted an outfit entirely made of skin. Well, he would be so pleased if he saw this strange dress that Beyonce was wearing at the Met Gala… Thousands of people commented on this nude latex gown saying that it looks almost as if Bey skinned someone alive. Well, that is really not a pretty mental picture and you definitely don’t want people’s first impression of a dress to be that! The dress was designed by Givenchy and while it was pretty fashion forward, it made Beyonce stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons. The little details resembling teeth also didn’t help to improve the overall look at all. It all just looks wrong.

1 Good Morning, Sunshine

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Ah, the world of colors…There are some colors that will always look nice and stylish and then there are those that are super hard to pull off. This particular shade of yellow is pretty risky to wear, especially if you don’t balance it out with some other color to make the overall look seem a bit softer. However, Beyonce didn’t really manage to do that, especially because she chose the bra in the same shade of yellow that made her look almost like a half-peeled banana. The suit itself isn’t all that bad, but she went a little bit over the top with that bra which was a pretty bold choice but, unfortunately, it really didn’t work the way she probably hoped it would. Come on, Bey, you can do better than that!

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