15 Stunning Photos Of Rita Ora In Fashion Looks Most Of Us Couldn't Pull Off

Rita Ora burst onto the scene back in 2012 when she was chosen to be the female vocalist on DJ Fresh's "Hot Right Now" single. The song hit the charts at number one and allowed Rita to become an opening act for Drake's Club Paradise Tour. Over the past six years, Ora has released some of the biggest songs on the radio. She has also dipped her toe in the acting pool, playing a key role in The Fifty Shades Of Grey movies. The singer plays Mia, the sister of Christian Grey, in all three of the saga's films.

The one thing that has always stood out about Rita has been her sense of style, which is the reason she is seen as a style icon. She has an incredible body that she works hard to maintain, which could be why she is able to pull off a number of risky looks so flawlessly. Somehow, the singer and actress has been able to maintain her incredible eye for fashion and is now someone who many women look to for trendy inspiration.

There are a lot of jealous women out there that wish that they could dress just like the star but it seems that Rita is the only one who is able to pull off the daring fashion choices. The following list looks at 15 of these incredible outfits that we all wish we could pull off, however, deep down we know that Rita is the only one who can truly do these looks justice.

15 Her Loud And Proud Platform Sneakers

via: Perezhilton.com

Rita Ora is a star who is aware that her legs are one of her best assets, which is why she likes to show them off in some of the most enchanting dresses. Only Rita could get away with pairing a bold yellow and pink dress with basic white platform shoes.

This was a dazzling display from the songstress, who managed to look fantastic as always, but it does beg the question of whether or not this would have been a fashion disaster on someone that didn't have Rita's figure. It seems that whether we like it or not, Rita has become a fashion icon and even though many fans think that some of her outfits are a little bit out there, many critics see them as inspiring and continue to state that she is an iconic star. The platform shoes are definitely too much here but it's Rita, so anything is allowed.

14 Her Bold Fishnet Ensemble From 2014 Summertime Ball

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Rita Ora has made a number of crazy fashion choices over the past few years but none crazier than the ensemble that she chose to wear in 2015 to the Capital Summertime Ball in London. The singer wore a Moschino look from the Resort 2015 collection but it seemed as though she had just stepped out in her undergarments.

The entire outfit is mesh and the star left very little to the imagination, but unsurprisingly, the critics ate it up. This was another incredible look from the singer, who can seriously do no wrong when it comes to red carpet fashion. Rita has a figure that allows her to wear whatever she wants, as well as an eye for detail. She accessorizes everything so well that no one notices what she is actually wearing... maybe that is her secret?

13 This Feathery Skirt And Button-Up Shirt

via: Mirror.co.uk

Rita knows how to look sophisticated and it seems from the waist up she looks absolutely stunning here, but from the waist down she looks like an animal of flight. Pairing a white blouse with a furry skirt was probably not the best idea. Even the red lipstick and flattering hairstyle don't help her to pull off this look at all.

Despite the fact that she is dressed head to toe in Chanel, it doesn't look as though this outfit actually fits together as an ensemble. Even though this is quite obviously one of her worst looks, it seems that the critics enjoyed the juxtaposition between her dress and blouse in this one. The black heels definitely add a certain grace to her overall look but it seems that there isn't another person on the planet that could make this outfit work except for Rita Ora.

12 This Tight Dusty Pink Latex Dress

via: Theupcoming.com

Pink latex is something that not everyone can rock but it seems that Rita decided to make her own statement in this dress, which was complete with a choker. Rita attended the Mert & Marcus House of Love party for Madonna in London back in February 2015 wearing a dress that many critics claimed was similar to the one that Kim Kardashian was wearing at the same event, which is slightly awkward.

Even though these dresses don't allow you to hide a single curve, Rita's figure once again was superior as she looked as stunning as ever. The fact that she pulled back her hair also added to the look since it meant that the dress was the main feature of the look. The matching heels definitely push this look over the edge.

11 This Stylish And Fun Suit Jacket Dress

via: footwearnews.com

Surely, we are not the only ones who think that Rita Ora's suit is missing the pants here. She was part of singing competition show, The X Factor, a few years ago and appeared on live television dressed in just a suit jacket and heels, which the critics went crazy for.

She literally wore what looked like a tweed jacket that had a blue velvet pocket. She also went for a pretty odd choice when it came to her hairstyle as well, but once again, Rita seemed to be immune to receiving negative comments from the critics. If this were anyone else, it would definitely have been panned by critics, especially on national television. It seems that because she's seen as such a fashion icon, no one was willing to criticize the fact that Rita's outfit was missing the bottom half.

10 Her Funky Printed Dress And Cool Adidas Trainers

via: thefashionmedley.com

How many times did your mother tell you that if you were wearing a dress outside then you had to wear the appropriate shoes? It seems that Rita has broken this rule since she was spotted out in New York City rocking a short dress and white trainers.

Rita has her own clothing line that she collaborated with Adidas on so she doesn't mind showing off the fact that she has a sporty side. This should be an outfit combination that doesn't work, so why is Rita able to look so good? The fact that her hair is down and she is wearing sneakers rather than heels shows that she is obviously having a casual day. She probably just threw the outfit together and made it work. It's a shock since so many other women have tried and failed when it comes to this look.

9 Rocking The 70s Vibe In This Funky Patterned Track Suit

via: eonline.com

Rita has taken so many risks with her outfits over the past few years but none more so than when she was spotted feeling the seventies vibe while out in New York back in 2017. The Fifty Shades Of Grey star also showed off a curly bob that reminded many fans of Jennifer Lopez's haircut back in the early 2000s.

Rita was definitely looking to stand out when she chose to wear this bright, patterned pantsuit, especially because she paired it with a peach-colored pair of heels, bright yellow nail polish, and a pair of aviators. Despite this, it seems that many fashion critics thought that Rita definitely pulled this outfit off, as it would appear that the singer can do no wrong when it comes to her style choices. It is also worth noting that this was just one of three outfits that Rita wore that were inspired by the seventies that day and critics loved them all.

8 Pulling Off His Masculine Navy Suit And T-Shirt

via: laurenmessiah.com

It's hard for some women to be able to feel feminine when they are wearing a pantsuit but somehow Rita has always been seen to be just as attractive when she's in a suit as she is when she's wearing a dress. It could be all about how she accessorizes the suits but it could also be the fact that she has the kind of body that allows her to pull off any outfit.

Rita is pictured here arriving at the Tao Nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas, where she opted to wear a navy blue suit with a white t-shirt and matching wedged shoes with an open toe. Her short brushed back hair and pale makeup definitely played a part in making this one of her most iconic outfits to date. Rita shows all women the correct way to wear a suit and still look just as glamorous.

7 This Cargo Dress And Yellow Lace-Up Shoes

via: dailymail.co.uk

Rita definitely knows how to dress. She's pictured here back in the summer of 2016 shaking up her style with some army green and bright yellow while she was out in New York City. Becoming a judge on America's Next Top Model definitely allowed the star to take more risks when it comes to her wardrobe. It seems that she was definitely doing that here as she left her apartment and took full advantage of the warmer weather in style.

Rita was snapped wearing a military-style Dsquared2 jacket with checkered detail on the sleeves, which she paired with a pair of unusual Dsquared2 sandals that were mostly yellow in color. She added some finishing touches of bright yellow eyeshadow and clear aviator glasses to create a look that only she would ever have been able to get away with throwing together.

6 This Brown Leather And Tweed Look

via: Elle.co.za

Leather trousers were a fashion trend that began back in the 1990s and seemingly disappeared after Ross famously got stuck in his pair of leather pants on an episode of Friends. It seems that even though the look hasn't been seen as trendy for a number of years until recently, Rita managed to make it work for her here. She opted to wear tight leather pants paired with a blazer.

There are so many actresses that attempt to pull off the look where they wear suit jackets without a shirt underneath but it seems that so far, Rita has been the only star who has been able to pull off the look without it coming across as too much. The accessories and the bag definitely finish off the outfit well. Rita showed us all how we could dress if we were as stylish as she is.

5 This Patterned White And Red Jumpsuit

Via Theupcoming.co.uk

Usually, it is thought that a brightly-people jumpsuit is something that should only be worn in prison or in bed, but it seems that Rita changed everyone's mind when she showed up to the Radio Academy Awards in London back in May 2012 wearing this red checkered jumpsuit. The look is one that later caught on and rolling up the legs of pants became the trendy thing to do.

The red and white checkered patterned jumpsuit was seemingly the look that stole the show at the awards. The black block heels were the finishing touch that she needed to ensure that her look was one of the best of the night. The bedazzled bag was the thing that pushed this outfit over the edge and her curled hair added something to the outfit as well, which could be why this outfit stole all of the headlines after the event.

4 Playing With Bold Colors With This Pants And Polo Combo

via: hawtcelebs.com

Rita knows that she looks great in tight clothing and it seems to be an outfit choice that she wears most often and in a variety of different colors. She is pictured here showing off her incredible figure in a tight pair of low-rise blue pants that she paired with some blue open-toed heels.

Once again, this is an outfit that could have been criticised for having too much color if anyone else were wearing it but Rita made it look incredible, which is why she continues to dress this way. She decided to put a sporty shirt on with the outfit, which gave off a cartoon style vibe but still managed to look absolutely fantastic as she hung out in New York back in 2014.

3 This Cut-Out Orange Dress

via: thesuperficial.com

Rita is seen here leaving a restaurant in Paris, France dressed in this incredible dress that complements her small frame. It is unknown how the songstress was able to eat anything in an outfit this small but she was somehow able to and wasn't even bloated enough for it to show as she left the restaurant.

Orange is a color that works nicely with Rita's complexion and she looks absolutely stunning. Even her hair and her orange clutch bag seem to complement the look overall, which could be why this is considered one of her best looks. There aren't many other women who could pull off a look like this at a restaurant, which shows that Rita definitely is one-of-a-kind and has a lot of self-confidence to be able to wear an outfit that is this revealing in public.

2 This Fun Furry Top With Ripped Jeans

via: theupcoming.com

Most women celebrate their birthday by going out for a drink with their friends but Rita decided to celebrate her 23rd birthday back in 2014 by becoming a style icon after she was photoed in the outfit above. Many critics called this a street-grunge look, as she paired her ripped jeans with a tye-dye jumper and heels.

The singer was snapped heading to Capital One in March 2014 in this attire that many other stars would easily have been criticized for wearing. The jumper is a little too much for the rest of the outfit but Rita managed to pull it off flawlessly. She had a pair of open-toe heels on that read "Sweet" on one foot and "Talk" on the other and accessorized with gold jewelry. It is incredible how versatile Rita is with her fashion and how she is able to make anything look amazing.

1 This Plunging Black Feathery Dress

via: dressonsale.com

Let's be honest; there wasn't a person in sight that didn't turn their head when Rita Ora arrived at the MTV VMA's back in 2015. The singer looked absolutely stunning in a very revealing gown. Someone without her toned, fit frame would not have looked nearly as good in the gown. Rita also decided to go for a much more understated look with her hairstyle to ensure that her dress was the thing that everyone was concentrating on.

There aren't many women who could pull off a dress of this design without ending up on the "Worst Dressed" list for the event or at the very least, be accused of showing off too much skin. Once again, Rita managed to defy all the critics and was the woman that everyone was talking about after the event for all of the right reasons. How does she do it?

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