15 Rare Photos Of Margot Robbie Looking Less Than Perfect

Margot Robbie is probably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Margot studied drama in college and began acting in independent films in her late teens. This Australian actress got her start in the soap opera, Neighbours, but it wasn’t until she came to Hollywood and began acting in American films that she really had a breakthrough.

You probably remember Margot from her first major role as Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street. She held her own with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and showed the world that she was so much more than just a pretty face! She was only twenty-two when this film was shot, and yet she acted with the maturity and skills of a true professional.

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After The Wolf of Wall Street became a huge blockbuster, it was clear that Margot had a bright future in Hollywood. She began taking on exciting new projects, like starring opposite Will Smith in the film, Focus, and playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. This girl was made for the silver screen — but even Margot has bad days! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Here are 15 rare photos of Margot Robbie looking terrible.

15 Yellow Eyeshadow Disaster

via: hollywood.com

We’re starting to wonder if Margot once had a makeup artist that actually had some kind of grudge against her. For a woman who is so naturally beautiful, she has definitely had a string of red carpet faux pas when it comes to makeup! So, what’s our issue with this look? Let’s begin with her hair this time. Slicked back hair with a bit of shine has definitely been a trend in Hollywood, but we have to say, we’re not really fans. Some celebs can pull it off, but others cannot, and Margot seems to fall into the second category. Her hair looks wet like she just got out of the shower and ran a comb through it. And as for that yellow eyeshadow, well, do we really have to explain? It’s just way too much for the red carpet—save it for an eighties costume party next time.

14 Pigging Out At McDonald's

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Well, we all know that even celebs need to take a break from their busy schedules and binge on some fast food. It’s hard to imagine Margot would ever eat McDonald’s—after all, she basically has the perfect body—but here, we have photo evidence that even Margot can’t resist giving into a Big Mac sometimes. She’s definitely looking pretty rough here. First of all, she did get caught with a giant bite of a burger in her mouth, so that’s certainly not helping matters. And her outfit is really not on point here, either. It looks like she might be at some beach destination—it seems like there’s a bathing suit peeking out from under her sweater, and she has on a long, flowy skirt. Well, if Margot Robbie can go on vacation and chow down on Big Macs and maintain her beach body, we’ve got to say we’re jealous.

13 Brown Hair, Bad Move

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Remember how earlier, we mentioned how Margot is so lucky to have gorgeous, natural blonde hair? So many women would probably kill to have hair like that. She is basically the definition of a blonde bombshell. But maybe Margot doesn’t like her blonde hair as much as we do. Here, you can see that at one point, she actually dyed her a very dark shade of brown. Honestly, it does not look as good on her as her natural blonde color does. Her blonde hair is one feature that really makes her stand out, while her brown hair does not compliment her features the same way. Clearly, she was born a blonde for a reason! She may have dyed it brown so that she would draw less attention to herself in public, but come on—she still has striking features, and she is so famous she could still be recognized anywhere.

12 Sweating It Out After The Gym

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We’ll forgive Margot for this one—none of us look great after the gym. Even if you go in wearing your cutest workout tank top and fun yoga pants, you’re going to leave looking like you’ve given up on life—if you did your workout right, that is. And if you want to look like Margot does, you would clearly have to work out pretty often. Margot definitely looks like she had a tough workout on this particular day, so we understand why she doesn’t have the energy to smile for the paparazzi. We do wish we could get a hold of her workout plan, but how many people really have the dedication necessary to stay in the kind of shape that she does? Not many. As far as workout clothes go, we kind of expected better, but some people don’t care too much about looking good at the gym.

11 Looking The Part In I, Tonya

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Recently, Margot starred in the blockbuster film I, Tonya. I, Tonya is all about figure skater, Tonya Harding, who plotted with her boyfriend to break another figure skater’s leg so that she would have a better shot at making it to the Olympics. Needless to say, it’s a very dramatic story, and Margot has been getting a ton of praise for her portrayal of Tonya. For the role, the makeup artists had a pretty big job to do with Margot. They had to transform her whole face, and they used many different techniques to actually make her look like a young Tonya Harding, but with such a small budget, they had to rely on subtle changes to transform her between scenes. Tonya was known for having a “white trash” reputation, so they had to make Margot fit this aesthetic. They definitely succeeded—Margot is looking pretty rough in this photo from the set.

10 Messy Bun Or Hot Mess?

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Well, it definitely does not look like Margot was having a good day in this photo! Although it does seem like she was headed to the beach—she’s got a bathing suit on under her tank top, and she is carrying some kind of board with her. We’re not really fans of the denim shorts. Denim cut-offs tend to look pretty lazy, no matter who is wearing them, and this particular pair is so short that you can actually see the pockets sticking out of the bottom. We are also not crazy about her big purse. It looks like it might be white leather, with some sort of polka dot pattern all over it. Not really the best choice if you’re headed to the beach for the day. But everyone needs to have a few lazy summer days each year when you don’t worry about what you look like.

9 Embarrassing Childhood Photo

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Okay, we all have a few embarrassing childhood photos that we wish could just disappear, but our parents somehow find them year after year. Well, kudos to Margot for revealing her most embarrassing childhood pic on TV. Margot said that as a kid, she was super into the Harry Potter series (we can definitely relate to her). She says this photo was taken on her thirteenth birthday, and all she wanted to do was chill in her room, get comfy, and read her Harry Potter books. She also admitted that she did not even need glasses. Why was she wearing them? Well, she wanted to look like her hero from the books, Harry himself! She lied to her eye doctor and said that she was having trouble seeing just because she wanted to wear glasses like Harry. It’s so funny to hear that even Margot Robbie had an awkward phase.

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8 Margot's Most Alarming Transformation

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Margot has a few cool upcoming projects in the next couple of years, and production has already started for some of them. She’s hard at work on set—and so are her makeup artists, judging by this photo. This photo is from the set of Margot’s film Mary Queen of Scots. She will be playing the role of Elizabeth in this film, and she had to transform to look the part. We’ve got to give the makeup artists for this film some serious credit. This photo looks nothing like Margot. In fact, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually her. Not only does she have curly, bright red hair, they’ve even changed her eyebrows, skin tone, and the color of her lips. It looks as though she isn’t wearing makeup, even though she must be wearing many layers. She is completely unrecognizable. Makeup artists must have some magic up their sleeves.

7 Looking Rough At The Club

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Ouch. Have you ever gone out in a cute outfit and a face full of perfectly done makeup, only to stumble back into your house in the morning looking like you fell headfirst into a garbage can on your way back? Yup, we’ve all been there at times. This is a photo of Margot leaving a club in the wee hours of the morning—you know... when the birds are starting to chirp, but the sun isn’t up just yet. You can tell that Margot totally gave up on her hair and just threw it up into a messy bun. Plus, her makeup has pretty much completely worn off at this point—aside from a little pink lipstick, it looks like she sweat it all off while dancing. Well, we’re going to go ahead and assume that she had a pretty fun night—at least, we hope so for her sake.

6 Washed Out Grimace

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Normally, when you see Margot show up on the red carpet, she looks so glamorous that she outshines everyone else around her. But we’ve got to say, this was not one of her best red carpet looks—not by a long shot. We’ve seen her looking so much better than this, and we wish we could ask her makeup artist and hair stylist what they were thinking. They had the perfect canvas to work with, and unfortunately, they really screwed up. Margot’s blue eyeliner along her bottom lashes looks completely out of place. We all know that blue eyeliner has to be left behind after middle school, no exceptions. Her peach lipstick is the one highlight of this look, but her eyebrows are shaped a bit too sharply—of course, everyone knows that celebs get their eyebrows done, but her look unnatural here. Her hair also looks un-brushed and messy.

5 Looking Like A Pale Vampire

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This is another rough red carpet look from Margot. There are a few problems with this look that we just have to point out. First of all, Margot looks great with short blonde hair with a little wave, but this hairstyle is just not right for the red carpet. Her stylist definitely needed to pump up the volume more—her hair looks very thin in comparison to most photos of her. Plus, leaving your hair a bit mussed on the red carpet isn’t a crime or anything, but there’s a difference between hair that looks stylishly tousled and hair that just looks like bedhead! This is the latter, not the former. And here’s our last gripe with this look—the lipstick is all wrong. With Margot’s complexion, she can pull off many gorgeous lipstick colors, but this shade is way too dark and bold—it really washes her out.

4 Shaved Head Disaster

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you shaved your head? Some people look great with a buzz cut, while others don’t. It’s all about the shape of your face. Another trend is to shave off only part of your hair. That’s what Margot did, but honestly, it’s not her best look. Margot has such beautiful blonde hair that we can’t imagine why she would shave it off herself, or why a casting director would ask her to do it for a role. But here she is with a section of her hair shaved off, and wow, this photo makes us miss her natural blonde look. This hairstyle really just does not suit her. It’s more of a hipster look, but Margot is a classic, old-school Hollywood beauty. She has since grown her hair back out, and it looks much better than her partially shaved head.

3 Picking Her Teeth In Public

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Now, we understand how easy it is to get food stuck in your teeth—there’s a reason that some restaurants will have toothpicks out for customers to use! But picking your teeth in public is just not acceptable. Unless it’s an emergency and your friend points out, “Hey, you’ve got some spinach in your teeth”—then maybe it’s acceptable. But other than that, just wait until you can get to a bathroom and handle it in private. Nobody wants to watch someone picking their teeth in public. But if you’re Margot Robbie, you can basically get away with whatever you want. Even if that thing is picking your teeth in front of a crowd with cameras. It’s clear that Margot doesn’t care what anyone thinks—but maybe the rest of us shouldn’t be so bold. Picking your teeth in public is definitely not a great look, even if you are Margot Robbie!

2 Lazy Day At Whole Foods

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We’ve all had to make a run to the grocery store in our sweats with no makeup before. And turns out that Margot Robbie is just like us in this regard. Here she is doing a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and looking like, well, a regular human being rather than a world-famous movie star. A messy bun and a gray t-shirt sound just like any other girl's uniform on a casual weekend. Usually, those articles about how celebs are just like us ring a little false—after all, they have so much money and people helping them at every turn. But honestly, Margot does look pretty normal here. She’s dressed casually, doing her own grocery shopping, just hanging out in public and running errands like anyone else. Maybe she is more down to earth than the average movie star—she certainly looks it in this photo.

1 Wearing Her Grandmother's Wallpaper

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Sorry Margot, but this outfit was a fashion don’t, Margot is gorgeous, but this dress simply isn’t flattering for her body type. It seems to add a couple pounds around her waist because of its shape—but we all know that Margot is fit as can be. However, this dress is not doing her any favors. The sunglasses are a little silly as well. The cat eye shape isn’t the best fit for her face, and the red color is a little too bold to be combined with this dress. Overall, this outfit seems to age her—she is still pretty young at only 27, so why wear a dress that looks like grandma’s wallpaper? The collar and frills on the bodice of the dress actually make it look like an apron. Margot definitely should have left this dress on the rack. We’ve seen her looking way better than this.

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