15 Photos That Prove Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Have The Most Unflattering Style

A couple’s style tells us a little about their personality, how they mesh as a team, and what makes them “work” together. Seeing two people in love creates a ripple of discussion from people wondering why they are together. Celebrity couples tend to get the brunt of social inspection, especially when the relationship first goes public. Since a celebrity couple gets photographed doing everything from walking their dog to eating ice cream, it stands to reason a few pictures here and there might reveal some candid, if not embarrassing, snapshots. Still, the public generally looks to those in the limelight for the latest fashion trends and style, as if the celebrities of today should determine the look of the masses tomorrow. Usually, this is what happens whether it is planned or not. Celebrities know this, and many of them make some attempt to present an attractive image to the public.

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, however, seem to be giving us a style that no one really wants. Since the couple has been discreet regarding their relationship timeline, it is hard to pin down exactly how long they have been enjoying each other’s company but the actress and Victoria’s Secret model have been spotted together since 2016. While many questions remain unanswered about their personal lives, what can be certain is that they are turning heads with their interesting, albeit unsightly, couple style... or the lack thereof. Take a look for yourself.

15 They Are Fans Of Shirts That Do Not Fit

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After making around $25 million for her role as Bella Swan in Twilight, it is shocking that Kristen Stewart cannot seem to find a shirt that fits. The rolled bottom hem looks as though she cut off the other half but then realized she had nothing else to wear. The result makes her rather boxy, stripping away any femininity and reducing her to a teenage boy wearing a T-shirt that would fit better on an overweight toddler. Though her flat stomach is exposed, it shows little definition and her chest ends up being muted by the crop tops’ design.

Stella Maxwell seems to have tried to keep some of her model image by wearing a lacy, black sleeveless top. It fits her form nicely but is offset by the casual long sleeve wrapped around her waist. As a couple, they appear to be unbalanced by their wardrobe pieces, giving us little to emulate for ourselves. Well, at least they appear to be happy together.

14 They Are Matching In Ill-Fitting Leather Jackets

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On a trip to Winnipeg, Canada, the two women demonstrated outfit choices that seemed planned but were poorly executed. Here is another example of an exposed midriff that does not quite work. While many might agree that seeing a star’s navel in public is a head turner, Kristen Stewart, again, seems to be unable to afford a shirt to flatter her figure or fit her well enough. The high-waisted jeans, reminiscent of the 1980's, reach the edge of Stewart’s leather jacket, giving her look some linear lines. Stella Maxwell, however, pulled off a black piece with a monochromatic outfit, complete with leather jacket. Stella’s clothes not only fit her, but the color black gives her a sophisticated, Hollywood appearance. While this may be one of the least offensive wardrobe mistakes, these two outfits still clash. Instead of looking like a couple in harmony, Kristen Stewart seems to lag behind her model girlfriend.

13 This Is A Double Fashion Disaster

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Out for a stroll in New York, Kristen and Stella held hands and faced the crowds together wearing some more fashion disasters. Both women sported large graphic tees that were tucked into their jeans, eliminating their shapeliness and creating a straight line to the floor. Kristen’s high white socks and old man sneakers serve to elongate her legs and turn them into two rectangular boxes. Making matters worse, Kristen rolled the cuff of her pants, to prepare herself for a small flood, or place the focus on her beat-up sneakers.

Stella’s great shape hides in this outfit, becoming muted and boyish. While the tears in their jeans are assumed to be deliberate, the gaping holes give off more of a homeless vibe than a chic one. Improving this look would require changing everything about it. The graphic tees, for example, should be fitted to a woman’s frame and, while long enough to reach the jeans, they should not billow out. A pair of flats without socks would improve the high water pants drastically. Swapping the large holes in the jeans for more subtle tears would also help to improve this look.

12 They Like Their Matching Crop Tops

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Going for another coordinated casual look, Stella and Kristen both wore similar attire while taking a walk together in New Orleans. Both ladies wore small shorts, crop tops, and long sleeve zip-ups. This favorite top seems to have gotten even shorter, showing more of her waist, but still refusing to demonstrate any pleasant design. Its lack of form even seems to flow dangerously upward, threatening to expose more than just her stomach. Stella’s leather coat, an apparent staple in her wardrobe, clashes greatly with the exposure of her legs and midriff.

While short shorts and a crop top can work together, and often do, the fly-away nature of Kristen’s shirt, the faded hoodie, and Stella’s leather jacket give us nothing impressive to see. In order to revitalize this look, try a fresher crop top and lose the jackets, ladies.

11 Their Grungy Theme Park Date Look

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Spotted on a theme park date, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell donned their usual casual style and held hands. If it was not for the apparent affection, one could have mistaken the couple for bodyguards or security. Wearing what appears to be a bulky gray sweatshirt under a jacket, Kristen’s shoulders looked wider than usual and overemphasized. Her frumpy clothes give her a grunge appearance as well, making the look seem dirty and overdone.

Wearing the “never leave home without it” leather jacket, Stella Maxwell wore all-black attire for this occasion as well. Stella sported jeans, but, the bagginess of the pants hides her shape and gives her a clunky look. Pulling her hair into a mini bun takes away from her usually clean appearance, also creating a messy style much like her counterpart. This truly begs the question if these two own a mirror in their house, or at least have one they could borrow.

10 This Jumpsuit Is Leaving Us Speechless

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What we see here is a blunder on the part of the designer and the sales clerk that sold it. Kristen Stewart might have been moonlighting as a car technician or some other mechanical repair person before having this picture taken. Or, maybe she had just been released from prison. Whatever the case, this khaki jumpsuit should never be worn out in public, possibly not in private either. Stewart's staple white T-shirt seems to be underneath the khaki jumpsuit as well, which indicates that she really likes that shirt – a lot. Again, she pulls her socks up to hide her ankles and shins, while wearing a pair of old sneakers.

Perhaps after being photographed so frequently in her underwear, the Victoria’s Secret angel wanted to attempt to be modest by hiding her frame with baggy jeans and a jacket. This ensemble is not as bad as Stewart’s but could be greatly improved with more form-fitting, flattering pants and a different top.

9 They Need To Invest In Some New Pairs Of Jeans

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The expression, “love is blind,” may refer to Stewart and Maxwell, as they continuously sport attire that is an affront to someone’s eyes. Both women have on faded, baggy blue jeans in this series of photographs. While Stewart’s tummy peeks out again for the world to see, Maxwell tucks her shirt all the way around, giving her more of a square shape than an hourglass one. Kristen Stewart makes herself look even worse by adding a short sleeve button down that hits just at her waist, making her slim frame look boxy as well. The sleeves of the crop shirt even peek out past the sleeves of the button down.

One begins to wonder if they plan to look this bad or if it just comes naturally. If planned, perhaps the object is to grab the interest of the public, although it is negative. If that is the case, they have succeeded greatly. If the latter, they may benefit from discussing their wardrobe with a professional stylist. Actresses and models have access to those, right?

8 This Tomboy Look Is A Big Fail

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Marlon Brando and James Dean wore similar clothes to Kristen’s in their signature masculine roles in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Rebel Without a Cause (1955), respectively. The tight, white shirt served to create the effect of a firm and fit chest, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist, the characteristics of a true man’s man. Kristen Stewart’s replication of this look includes, you guessed it, a peek at her tummy as she rolled and knotted one end of the shirt. The slight nuance still promotes a masculine silhouette but not enough to reach the heights of classic male movie star proportions. Kristen Stewart continues to look like a teenage boy but this does not mean women cannot wear a white tee and pull it off. Using a form-fitting white shirt with a slight v-neck may create more of a feminine appeal. Kristen Stewart, however, seems significantly uninterested in adding femininity to her style.

7 Layers Upon Layers Of Dirty Clothes

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Wearing a few layers, Kristen Stewart’s choice of a button-down and large, puffy coat demonstrates a bit more sophistication than her common midriff-showing attire does. Still, the jacket does nothing to enhance her style, appearing outdated and a bit dirty as well. Her hair sits up in a tiny bun, secured by a quick elastic in a laid-back do. Maxwell similarly appears to have just woken up, with her wavy locks framing her face. Her comfy sweatshirt gives the appearance of a lazy sort of day, with little responsibilities and carefree living.

One can admire their sense of being the only people in the world, as they step to the streets wearing less than impressive attire. This outing remains consistent with the others, as it represents their casual and ordinary style. Although they do not seem camera-ready here, both appear to be exceptionally thirsty. After all, how many of those smoothies do you ladies need?

6 These Looks Are Super Unflattering

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Down in New Orleans, Stewart and Maxwell went for a walk around the town wearing similar crop tops and sunglasses. Both women had their sleeves rolled up as they held hands and took in the sights. At first glance, you might think that these weren't such bad outfit choices for either of them and while crop tops do seem to be their go-to fashion choice, the fact that Stella had to wear a sweater over hers makes us wonder why they didn't just wear shirts that covered their midsections. Obviously, it was a cold day out but maybe they just enjoy showing off their stomachs. Who could blame them with how flat their stomachs are? However, there are plenty of other options out there in terms of tops to wear. Should we even mention those awful sunglasses that Kristen is wearing? I mean, what was she thinking?

5 Casual Fridays Are Getting A Bit Too Casual

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Perhaps it was a pyjama day for the both of them, as Stewart and Maxwell dressed comfortably in baggy pants and relaxed tops. Kristen covered her very short, very blonde hair with a black cap that went with her pants and Stella let her hair down. It definitely was a casual day for them but there are certainly better options out there for casual outfits. While Stella’s outfit may not be that bad, Kristen’s is just a complete fail. Those baggy black pants with white strips do not do her figure any favors. We are also starting to get the idea that they do not own anything other than crop tops. Of course, this definitely is not the worst thing that we have seen them wear but again, they could have done so much better. They definitely are not the cutest couple we have seen in Hollywood but they also are not the worst.

4 Soaking Up The California Sun In Some Messy Jean Cut-Offs

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Enjoying the California sun, Los Angeles native Kristen Stewart showed off her legs wearing loose jean shorts and a white crop top. Her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, was seen is some fitting shorts and a black hoodie with the long sleeves cut off. We were surprised to see that Stella was not wearing a crop top this time and we have to admit that she actually looks decent in this picture. Too bad the same can not be said for her girlfriend, Kristen. Someone really needs to tell Kristen to throw away every pair of sunglasses that she owns because they are not the right fit for her face at all. That backward cap has also got to go. I'm sure that it also would not kill her to wear some shorts that don't look like they are at least two sizes too big but then again, who are we to judge?

3 Looking Casual For Date Night

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In this picture, Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, are seen spending some time together at an amusement park, the perfect location for a fun date, however, their outfits are definitely not amusement park-worthy. Typically when you go to an amusement park, you would wear something very simple and light so that you can stay cool and comfortable. Instead, they were wearing all black and leather jackets. It is hard to tell exactly what look that they were trying to pull off here but it is safe to say that it did not work out in their favor at all. Let’s take a minute here to address the issue that is Stella’s hair color. She looks like she was trying to dress up as the Joker for Halloween. Hopefully, this was just a temporary color and she was able to wash it out that same night because it looks terrible.

2 Kristen's Chaotic Met Gala Look Is Giving Us A Headache

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Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend attended the 2016 Met Gala together, and they started sparking rumors about their relationship. Stella, who was known for being Miley Cyrus' ex-girlfriend at the time, was seen cozying up to Kristen before and after the Met Ball. While Stella looked glamorous in a stunning glittery dress that made her look like the supermodel that she is, Kristen's look was confusing, unflattering, and bizarre. While celebs are expected to push the boundaries of fashion at the Met Gala, no one looked quite as strange as Kristen did at the 2016 event. Her strangely futuristic makeup and awkward dress did nothing for the beautiful young actress. She looked even more out of place standing next to her stunningly-dressed date, who outshone her in every way.

1 Oversized Coats

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What Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were thinking when they coordinated this fashion faux pas is elusive. Both are bundled in oversized coats that look as though they live underneath a bridge with all their belongings in a shopping cart. Kristen’s hoodie attempts to hide her face, while the puffy coat hides everything else. She completes the ensemble by showing bruised knees through huge holes. They look more like refugees than celebrities about the town.

Despite these fifteen examples of wardrobe failure, the likelihood that Kristen and Stella care about criticism to their closets is very slim. While it is hard to admire the couple’s fashion sense, one certainly must acknowledge that they simply do not care how they look and instead focus on the more important thing, which is being together.

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