15 Most Unflattering Celeb Hairstyles

For Hollywood celebrities, looks are the next most important thing after talent. Perhaps it’s even as important. People, after all, adore the beautiful people. And part of that beauty is the hair, as our crowning glory isn’t called that for nothing. In fact, a person with a gorgeous face can look plain or even awful with a mediocre or a bad hairstyle, while an average face with an exceptional haircut can be a head-turner. Yes, it is a part of our body that we take for granted can make or break one’s looks. That’s why the stars make sure that their strands are worthy of their status.

That, however, isn’t and can’t always be the case, because even the most style-savvy people have their bad hair days — even those behind the screens and chart-topping tunes. Deep beneath the fame and fortune they are still people and people make mistakes all the time, including hair-related ones. So if you didn’t get the exact style you wanted after your trip to the barbershop or the salon, just remember that those hailed as the fairest individuals on Earth also get awful hairdos. And what’s worse is that celebs actually intended to have that bad haircut. To help you get over your past, present and future hair-don’ts, here’s a list of big names that had their hair snipped in ways that are so bad that even they, Tinsel Town’s finest, can’t rock. At least your bad hairstyle isn’t famous and can’t be found on the internet, right?

15 Emma Roberts' Bangs Are Unforgivable

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The bob cut works for certain face shapes. But for Emma Roberts, niece of Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts, it definitely doesn’t. Maybe it’s because of the shape of her head, or the shape her bangs were cut, which is a bowl cut with a concave edge. To be fair to her, this hairstyle was big in the 80s. Then again, there’s a good reason why a lot of things from the 80s didn’t make a comeback, especially the hairstyles. Thankfully, hair does grow back — and her bangs finally have gotten long enough to be pushed to the side of her face. Maybe she should just stick to her usual long and flowing shoulder-length hair, which in a way, has become iconic for her, as she’d been rocking that style since movies like Wild Child and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Hopefully she’ll go back to sporting that hairstyle for the rest of her career instead of digging up passé and unstylish hairstyles.

14 Robert Pattinson's Barber Missed A Spot

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Once in a while there will be some guy with a hairstyle so strange and somewhat pretentious that whoever sports it deserves to be ridiculed. There was a point in time when Robert Pattinson, famous for the often-maligned Twilight Saga, sported such a hairstyle — or rather, a trapezoid-shaped patch of very short hair at the back of his head, which stood out because the rest of the back of his head was completely shaved. Why he chose to have that hairstyle, though, we don’t know. What it means, we don’t know either and we definitely don’t care. We do, however, care to know how a handsome and stylish young male artist like Robert could have chosen to pursue a minor career faux pas like that, and we’re not talking about being the lead in the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’s cringe-worthy books. Perhaps it was an accident and not intentional, but we’ll never truly know.

13 Beyonce Is Apparently Not Flawless

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Contrary to popular fangirl belief, Beyonce, the queen herself, can do wrong. But to be fair, maybe she really can’t do anything wrong, it’s just that there was a time when she had yet to become the queen of all women everywhere. And in the era before her transcendence, she had committed a grave sin: having bowl cut-like, flat, uneven bangs. To make the style even worse, she had long and flowing hair at the back of her head, making her bangs look like they were copied from the Three Stooges and then pasted on the queen’s face. It’s natural for people to find flaws in seemingly perfect people, and some would even go as far as digging up the past. It’s not right. So please, let’s never bring up this Beyonce hair disaster again. Ever.

12 Katherine Heigl Looks Like A Grandma

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Katherine Heigl is the kind of celebrity that people either love or hate. The former love her because she’s beautiful, talented and honest with herself, and the latter dislike her because she’s quite the drama queen, making it no surprise why she’s so natural in roles where she’s this stern and unlikable woman. And Katherine managed to reach peak levels of being unlikable when she sported this hairstyle. The short and wavy strands that are swept back, thus causing her forehead to show — intentional or otherwise — make her look like a mother in those weird old-school commercials and TV shows. Pretty sure that’s an unintended effect, because no self-respecting actress would want to look like that. Thankfully, she’s ditched that hairdo. Now if only she can ditch her bad behavior, then maybe we’d see more of her onscreen and finally give her another chance. But we highly doubt anything’s going to change anytime soon as she’s unwilling to change her habits.

11 Justin Timberlake Apparently Likes The Ramen Look

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Everyone who was a kid or a teen during the 90s knew about ‘N Sync, the boy band that wasn’t Backstreet Boys. It’s the group that’s responsible for hits like “This I Promised You,” “Bye Bye,” and “It’s Gonna Be Me.” If you don’t recall it, that’s fine — you probably had better taste in music. Anyway, it’s also responsible for Justin Timberlake, who, after either doing the heavy lifting for or being heavily lifted by ‘N Sync, launched a successful solo music career as a pop-RnB solo male act. But before making women scream, he was already making teenage girls scream back in the day despite having what looks like a dry and uncooked slab of instant ramen as hair. But would those who used and continue to swoon at JT despite the hairdo cringe if they took a look back? Well, 90s celeb hairstyles were all equally bad, so JT gets to keep his lady fans.

10 Drew Barrymore's Ombre Look Is A Total Fail

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One of the most common hairstyles right now is having black or brunette roots and colored strands and tips. Almost everyone that has that kind of hairdo gets it unintentionally, as hair grows back, pushing the dyed hair to the ends while the natural hair color grows. For Drew Barrymore, a natural blonde, however, the reverse happened, as it’s her tips that are black and most of the strands are blonde. Except her blonde hair didn’t grow and push out the black hair until she was forced to cut it. Rather, she just dipped the tips in black dye, so now her hair looks like some strange animal tail. Well, maybe it’s something she got from her funny ex-husband Tom Green. Hopefully she never does this again because this doesn’t really look good on her. She’s better off sporting her natural, untouched blonde hair. Plus, natural blonde looks timeless — no need to ruin it.

9 Christina Aguilera Looks Like Medusa

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In the 90s to early 2000s, Christina Aguilera was the multi-platinum-selling female pop singer that wasn’t Britney Spears. And just like her blonde rival, she had her alluring and edgy phase after her seemingly squeaky-clean but slightly suggestive debut image. In the process, her hair had to suffer, as there was this one time when she had this strange and literally twisted hairdo. With her blonde braids looking like either strands of basket weave or rope tangled with one another, it’s as if her crowning glory was that of a handicraft Medusa. It definitely fit the “shock and awe” style she was going for during that point of her career, but it was a bad move because hair like that would just be embarrassing today. This shows why it’s important for artists to go for an image that’s timeless instead of timely. Here’s to hoping she has ditched this embarrassing hairstyle forever.

8 Avril Lavigne Isn't Even Trying To Look Good

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In an era of Britneys, Christinas and Beyonces, Avril Lavigne was a breath of fresh pop-rock air. Eyeliners, studded cuffs, fangs, inappropriate neckties and catchy pop songs with guitar riffs — her fashion and musical style established how different she was from the rest of the scene at that time. Different, however, doesn’t always mean good. Just like Avril’s hairstyle, which looks like your usual hipster hairstyle that features an undercut on one side and long and flowing hair on the other, except that it’s blonde and has a long hot-pink streak on the latter side. It’s like someone pinned a My Little Pony tail on her head. And despite the hairstyle being radically different from other mainstream artists, it’s fairly common among emo, or rather, post-hardcore kids, especially the girls. Looks like Avril is following a lame trend instead of starting a cool one. Then again, she’s already had her fair share of starting trends in the past.

7 Shia LaBeouf's Look Is Just Inexplicable

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“Just do it!” That’s what he must’ve been thinking when he decided to get this weirdly placed pigtail, or rather, braid. And while there’s nothing wrong with getting extensions regardless of gender, it seems like Shia LaBeouf’s queue is exactly that — an extension — and the stylist did a bad job, as it’s an obvious extension; if it was an extension, that is. If it wasn’t, then Shia LaBeouf has had bad and strange hair. The only things missing in order for Shia to get that stereotypical and comical bad guy look would be a mullet and sideburns. Sure, he’d look hilariously cartoony, but that’d be much better than having a zero-context pigtail that shouldn’t be there in the first place. But considering how weird Shia is, this hairstyle faux pas is one of the least Shia things he did. Although to be honest, we’d prefer not to see this hairstyle on him ever again.

6 Kesha's Hair Looks Like It Caught On Fire

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Kesha should have just stuck to making catchy and fun, if not generic pop anthems, as her whole foray into using obscure symbolisms for her image had been tacky at best, as most of the time she was just like your glorified Lady Gaga fan at best, and at worst a Lady Gaga knockoff. Good thing she dropped that later on and went back to her suburban party girl roots, but her past weird self has already been immortalized on the internet. Case in point is this wavy brushed-up quasi-mohawk. It’s definitely not something you should be wearing to a music awards, but you have to admit, it looks pretty cool… if what she’s trying to do is her own rendition of Hades from Disney’s Hercules. I mean, just check out that flame-like head of hers — it’s a perfect “my hair’s on fire” look. Maybe she should cover Alicia Key’s “Girl On Fire.”

5 Fergie's Bangs Are Just Plain Bad

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Ah, Fergie. When she’s not singing about her lumps, big girls not crying or a creepy version of a nursery rhyme, she’s, well, bravely trying out different hairstyles. And nothing’s wrong with that. In fact, it’s encouraged because a new hairstyle gives celebrities a fresh look. Unfortunately, Fergie’s hair adventures include having flat bangs, which definitely does not suit Fergie’s sensual appeal. Flat bangs, after all, are never cute, as it’s a pretty dopey cut that snotty kids usually have. Fergie, a fully grown adult woman, should never have that kind of hairstyle. No woman can make the hairdo appealing, not even someone as beautiful as Fergie. If she kept that hairstyle, she wouldn’t be able to turn heads her way, even if she gave her best performance of “My Humps” or “London Bridge.” Good thing she decided to never have it ever again. And now that it’s gone, she can go back to her usual style.

4 What Is Even Going On With Rihanna's Hair?

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Rihanna is one of the most amazing artists to ever grace the music industry. Aside from starting at a young age, she’s also managed to churn out hit after hit after hit by reinventing and elevating herself subtly yet definitively. She’s just a natural when it comes to music. As to fashion, especially with hairstyles, well, let’s just say that she has much more hits, and the misses are very occasional. The occasional miss, however, is usually pretty bad. A good example of that would be the time when RiRi had a mullet. Yes, a mullet, something only characters in cartoons and movies could and should wear because they look good on nobody. But you have to cut Rihanna some slack. Even someone like Beyonce can commit a hair-don’t, so don’t be too hard on Rihanna. And if that’s too hard for you, just try to forget this hairstyle of hers. Or pretend you didn’t see it.

3 Not Even Scarlett Johansson Can Pull Off A Mullet

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To be fair, Scarlett Johansson with a long-back pixie cut isn’t as bad as what it seems to be. It looks fresh and clean and it also probably feels light and cool. It is, however, not the best cut for her. It doesn’t highlight her beautiful features. If anything, the mullet steals the spotlight instead of enhancing her appearance. Plus, her take on the popular cut is a little bit too layered. Fortunately, she was still able to rock the ‘do a little bit, thanks to her extraordinary and unique beauty. If she looked just like your everyday girl, it would’ve not only looked plain, but would’ve even looked just plain bad. Many celebrities have also had the same hairstyle and managed to outdo how ScarJo carried the ‘do. There was Meg Ryan and Carey Mulligan, just to name a couple. The pixie cut may be popular, but not all pixie cuts are created equal.

2 Miley Cyrus' Spiky Hair Looks Dangerous

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We all know Miley Cyrus went through a “phase” wherein she wore all sorts of clothes and hairstyles; the more attention-catching and titillating, the better. After all, she had to let go of all that pent-up rebellious and explorative spirit, and after that she was already fine and has even chosen a much cleaner, more mature and more natural image. But despite outgrowing her wild and edgy motif, the past can never be erased, especially in this day and age where everything’s recorded on the internet. That includes her blonde semi-frosted tips, which made her look like the Cynthia doll of Angelica from Rugrats. It’s not bad per se; it’s just edgy, and edgy is so 2015. And thankfully, that edgy Miley Cyrus will stay there, as she’s moved on and now has much better hair.

1 Jennifer's Lawrence's Mom Haircut Was Simply Not Working For Her

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One of the best, highest-paid and most beautiful young actresses would be Jennifer Lawrence. Aside from being the star of The Hunger Games trilogy, she’s also been in the X-Men reboot/alternate continuity franchise, Passengers, American Hustle and many more. And as an actress of her caliber, having a stylish fashion sense and haircut is a must — a responsibility, even. Unfortunately, she fell short in the latter because, well, she cut it too short. A pixie cut, to be exact. It’s bad, to the point that she looks like a little boy in certain angles, but it’s not that bad. In fact, the worst part about her hairstyle is that she seemed to actually like it.

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