15 Most Expensive Shoes DJ Khaled Brags About

In the past decade, DJ Khaled has been one of the most popular figures in hip-hop. Years since his rise to mainstream, fans still look forward to his new albums as his popularity continues to increase. But there has always been a confusion regarding what he really does. He doesn't rap and rarely produces, yet he still remains very respected in the industry. And while he may not be a DJ in every sense of the word, nor is he an artist, Khaled has the connections to get the top artists together to create major hits.

Aside from his involvement in music, Khaled is known for his social media persona where he has a huge following. Additionally, Khaled is famous for his style and dedication to buy the most luxurious brands. Being as flashy as he is, it's only normal to expect Khaled to show off his material possessions in music videos and across social media platforms. His love for sneakers has specifically earned him a reputation, as he has an astonishing collection that all sneakerheads can appreciate.

Khaled always makes sure to show off his footwear since it adds to his image as a fashionable icon. He tends to lean towards rare shoes that are out of stock by now, as well as expensive sneakers that the average person couldn't afford. You may not be a fan of DJ Khaled but you can certainly appreciate his taste as we look at the 15 most expensive sneakers in his collection.

15 KAWS X Air Jordan 4 Black (3 Pairs)

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Most rappers love Jordans and love to show off their collections. There has always been an association between the NBA and rap culture, so it's no surprise that the two are often linked together. DJ Khaled has taken his love for Jordan shoes to another level as evidenced in the amount of pairs that he owns. The average person might buy one from time to time, but Khaled prefers getting more of the very same model.

One is for him to wear, the second goes into his collection, and we are guessing that the third is just a backup.

One of his favorite Jordan gifts is the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Black, which he has been spotted wearing multiple times. It is one of the nicest Jordan collaborations so we understand why Khaled loves rocking this model. And with three pairs in his collection, it's safe to say that he will never run out of having one.

14 Air Jordan 1 Custom

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The Shoe Surgeon has become famous for creating the nicest custom shoes, adding their very own spin to each one. And, of course, that means that the price goes up by a significant amount, so while the average Air Jordan 1 may be affordable to most folks, this custom version is not.

It is filled with 18k gold accents and has a unique look that just screams luxurious.

It's only fitting for a man like DJ Khaled, who not only takes great pride in his kicks but also in his expensive taste and lifestyle. The shoes didn't come alone as they included a custom box as well, and if that wasn't enough, then the Belaire champagne bottles happen to be the cherry on top. As you can tell by the photo, Khaled was ecstatic to receive the custom shoes and will likely keep them around for as long as possible.

13 Gucci Flip Flops

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How many people put much thought into the purchase of their flip-flops? DJ Khaled refuses to spend less as he wants to look as flashy as possible even when he is home. It makes sense since we are sure he receives plenty of guests, and he probably isn't going to dress up every single time.

DJ Khaled always brag about his Gucci flip-flops, which he seems to highly value.

He also likes to take credit for being one of the figures to have brought them to mainstream. Not exactly a remarkable achievement considering the majority of his fans can't afford them, but if there is anything that people seem to love, it appears to be listening to rich folks brag about their possessions. Khaled has been spotted wearing the Gucci flip-flips on numerous occasions, especially on his highly-active Snapchat account.

12 Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

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When DJ Khaled attacked the Grammy awards in 2016, he was criticized for opting to wear Adidas Yeezy Boost 750. Some thought that he should have been wearing fancy shoes rather than sneakers for the event, especially since he was suited up for the event. While it may not be an ideal fit, Khaled prefers to wear sneakers most of the time.

And what critics didn't realize is that the pair is worth thousands of dollars, so it's not like he went the cheap route.

Yeezy shoes always sell out quick and for a high price due since they are released by Kanye West, but that doesn't stop people from reselling on eBay. If you were to buy one today, you would have to be ready to spend at least a thousand dollars. That is if you are lucky enough to find them for that price.

11 Air Jordan 3 Grateful

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With the release of his 2017 album Grateful, DJ Khaled decided to celebrate the release in ways only he can. Being a sneakerhead and obsessed with Jordans, it made sense for him to reach out for a collaboration. It's rare for Jordan to accept such projects unless they deem them to be worthy as well as profitable, which happens to be the case with Khaled. He has a high reach among the same demographic that the shoes appeal to, so it was an easy decision.

While the shoes were sold in limited editions to the public, Khaled kept a few pairs for himself as well as his associates.

And if you happen to be interested in adding it to your personal collection, then you will have to cough some dough as the Air Jordan 3 'Ungrateful' kicks are currently being sold on $23,000 fightclub.com as well as other sites.

10 Timberland: Secure The Bag

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Timberland produces high-quality boots that have been popular for decades, especially in winter time. But there are plenty of folks who wear them as a fashion statement, as the boots have gained tremendous popularity among rappers since the 90's. Since DJ Khaled is part of the culture, it's not shocking to see that he is also a fan.

He has previously stated that Timberland will always be his go-to choice for boots, so it only made sense for a collaboration to take place.

Last year, Khaled teamed up with the brand to produce a special edition in the green color, titled "Secure The Bag." The green is meant to be a symbol for money, in case the name wasn't clear enough. The boots were released at various retail stores but have now sold out, which means that they have become pricier than ever since very few pairs exist.

9 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

When Kanye West switched from Nike to Adidas, everyone was excited to see what they would produce. Although the collaborations have been highly successful, they haven't quite reached the Yeezy II hype yet. But these Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 were considered to be a must-buy, and if you happened to miss out, well it's too late now. They go for thousands of dollars now on eBay—a hefty price that only so few are willing to meet. DJ Khaled has the strongest connections in the rap industry since he is beloved by most rappers barring a few, who have all appeared on his albums. That's why whenever there is a new release from Kanye West,

he makes sure to hook up his buddy Khaled to add another one to the already massive collection.

But Khaled is always grateful to add new, expensive, and rare sneakers to the closet.

8 Air Jordan XII 12 Flu Game: Limited Edition (2 Pairs)

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DJ Khaled has all and any sneaker that you can probably think of. And while he usually has the regular editions of every release, he takes greater pride in having the most rare sneakers that most of us could never afford.

The regular Flu Game kicks can be found for a reasonable price today, but the extremely rare and limited edition has gone for thousands of dollars.

Khaled is a proud owner of two pairs—one went straight to the collection while the other one belongs in his go-to luggage that he carries around all the time. In the photo above, Khaled is seen hopping out of the car wearing them and is clearly attempting to show them off. While Khaled claims to be humble all the time, he also makes sure to let everyone know that he is extremely confident, and he has good reason to be based on his shoe collection.

7 Balenciaga

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Over the past few years, rappers have fallen in love with Balenciaga as we witnessed some top figures rocking them. DJ Khaled doesn't share that very same sentiment since he prefers Air Jordan over everything else.

While he admires high-fashion shoes such as Balenciaga, they go straight to his closet so you won't see Khaled wearing these.

But since they are expensive, Khaled didn't hesitate to buy a few pairs of different colors to extend his collection. After all, it is good to have a variety of options and since Jordans largely dominate his closet, he dedicated an entire section to high-fashion shoes as well. But these shoes will continue collecting dust for now unless DJ Khaled's son grows up to be fond them of them, but he is still a toddler so the Balenciaga won't be seen in public anytime soon.

6 Air Jordan Retro 4: We The Best

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If you are even slightly familiar with Jordans, then you surely have had your eyes on the Air Jordan Retro 4 for years. One of the finest pairs ever made as proven by their popularity over the years, there are different color schemes and they have various releases from time to time.

They usually go for hundreds of dollars and can reach up to a thousand, but the kicks above are pricier than usual since they are a special edition.

What separates them from the regular Air Jordan Retro 4 is that they have DJ Khaled scribbled on them, as well as 'We The Best'. The latter refers to Khaled's record label of the very same name, which has become his signature phrase over the years. These kicks go into the collection of Khaled's as he surely wouldn't want to mess them up due to how special they are.

5 Air Jordan 5 Motorsports

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DJ Khaled is truly passionate about sneakers and claims to have been a collector since his younger days before he even broke into the industry. But what separates him from fellow collectors is that he values every single pair and doesn't sell them—not even for his closest friends. During an interview with Complex magazine, Khaled showed off his collection with some large closets that were filled with shoes of different brands. But one of the many kicks that caught everyone's attention were the Air Jordan 5 Motorsports, one of the most beloved releases that most sneakerheads would love to own. Sadly, that will remain a dream for most since

they begin at $5,000 and only go up from there.

Khaled emphasized that he loves the Motorsports and even had his very own personal nickname for them, which is apparently something that he does for all his favorite kicks.

4 Gucci Princetown Shoes

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DJ Khaled opted to keep it casual for the 2016 Grammys, but he went a different direction upon attending the VMA Awards of that same year. You can tell that that fine suit cost him a pretty penny, but it's the Gucci Princetown shoes that stand out to complete the outfit.

Khaled has expressed his preference of wearing sneakers over fancy shoes due to style and comfort, but every now and then, he likes to switch it up.

And whenever he does, he tends to go with Gucci. It's a brand that appeals to celebrities, like DJ Khaled, who always want to maintain that very same lavish image that he is known for. We can't blame him, especially since he does have a good taste. Although sometimes, we do have to question whether he knows how to match. But when you throw together expensive items, they will work together in one way or another.

3 Air Jordan 11Lab4 (Bought 6 Pairs)

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You can just tell by the nice color and how shiny they are that these shoes cost plenty. For some, it may be a month's worth of rent as

they range anywhere between $600 to thousands of dollars right now. It's among Khaled's top favorites, which speaks volumes when you consider that he has thousands of shoes in his collection.

In fact, he is so in love with this specific release that he decided to buy 6 of them for himself. That is a mind-blowing number since most people don't even have six shoes that they wear on a regular basis, but Khaled is living life to the fullest. With his great passion towards Air Jordan since his younger years until today, he never hesitates to spend any amount of money that is billed to him since price matters very little to him at this point.

2 Nike Air Yeezy II

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Released in 2012, the Nike Air Yeezy II took the world by storm following an extremely high demand. They were initially sold for $245, but stores quickly ran out of stock, which drove Kanye West's biggest fans insane. Since then, resellers have been making huge profits off of selling them, and you can now find rare pairs on eBay going for around $6,000.

People lined up for days to buy these kicks, and one pair reportedly sold for $90,000 as someone really didn't want to miss out on one of the most-hyped releases ever.

DJ Khaled takes great pride in owning one and showed it off while giving a tour of his collection. But he never wears them for obvious reasons, referring to the Nike Air Yeezy II as timeless. Fans of the shoes who never got to purchase a pair upon the release will surely envy Khaled for this one.

1 Nike LeBron 10: Special Edition

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We have previously mentioned that DJ Khaled prefers owning at least two pairs of each shoe, but this is one of the few of which he only has one. The reason being is that they are a truly special edition with only few pairs made. According to Khaled, LeBron James picked the recipients of the special edition of Nike LeBron 10, and among them was DJ Khaled. They have been friends for a few years, which isn't surprising since Khaled seems to get along with nearly every major figure.

If these shoes were to be made available for the public, DJ Khaled could make some serious money off of selling them.

But of course, it's not nearly worth it for him since that's pocket change for the flashy Khaled who probably has shoes worth a million dollars in his closet, which isn't an exaggeration considering the amount of kicks he has and how much they're worth.

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