15Absolutely Stunning In A Teal Jenny Packham Gown

via: hellomagazine.com

Middleton attends smaller scale charity events and events where the Royal family needs to be represented more often than actual red carpet events, so we're used to seeing her in day dresses and similar outfits. However, when she goes full glam on the red carpet, the effect is stunning. In

this beautiful teal Jenny Packham dress, she's taken advantage of her tall, willowy frame by draping it in delicate fabric and lace. Though she's known for her perfect hair that is almost always down, she's smartly chosen to wear it up for this event in order to allow the sheer lace detailing and buttons on the back, and all the delicate lace near the neckline, to truly shine. I mean, she's mastered the red carpet — she looks absolutely beautiful in this.

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