15 Images That Prove Mila Kunis Likes To Dress Up For Ashton Kutcher

Couples are not created on the basis of similarities, sometimes they are polar opposites and maybe that's what makes them so interesting. Celebrity couples are the exact same way too. They are usually complete opposites. With a few similarities of course. One celebrity couple that most of us have watched growing up is That 70's Show's very own Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Yes, they are a real life couple and they are married. There could not have been a better example of a polar opposite couple than these two. A little backstory on them, they both never thought that they'll ever date or marry each other while they were working on That 70's Show. Interesting fact about Mila Kunis is that Ashton Kutcher was her first kiss too. Who would have known they'd end up getting married later down the line. It is known that Mila Kunis really likes spending a fortune on clothes while Ashton does not pay much attention to those details but would much rather spend his money on cars. Here are 20 images that prove Mila is the stylish half of the couple.

15 Cowboy Hats And Leather Pants

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It was seen in this picture that Ashton is sporting a cowboy hat with some rugged looking boots and a really sloppy looking jacket and a shirt. Looks like not much thought was put into his choice of clothing. He has an unkempt look with his hair looking like they need to be washed ASAP. While Mila on the other hand is dressed to the nines. Looking chic with leather pants and a Dior inspired checkered jacket. She looks like she just walked out of Blair Waldorf's apartment and has her seal of approval. Her look goes perfectly with the glasses that she's sporting. And her facial expression looks like she is kind of tired of Ashton's antics. Trouble in paradise?

14 Casual T-Shirt And Blue Jeans

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Strap-backs are Ashton’s favorite accessory. There are so many instances where he's seen sporting this accessory. Ashton looks like he's only there to watch the game while Mila looks ever so gorgeous with her girl-next-door look. She’s keeping it simple but classy with a plain t-shirt and blue jeans paired with ankle high boots. She doesn’t go overboard with accessories and is wearing a simple pendant and her engagement ring. Ashton sports a sweater with a blue checkered button down and blue jeans with of course his trusty old cap. While Mila stuns with her simple style Ashton kills it with his super big grin. Now who could possibly resist that smile?!

13 Beautiful Gowns For A-List Events

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Mila is known to spend a little too much when it comes to clothing and her favorite thing in the world is shopping for beautiful evening gowns and dresses. In this picture, she is seen wearing a beautiful cream colored dress with some detailing on it paired with cream colored stilettos. She is glowing with her makeup and her hair up in a bun. She's also wearing beautiful plum colored drop earrings with a delicate bracelet and matching nails. She keeps her makeup to a minimal with nude hues and a beautiful nude lip. She's known to keep her makeup simple to let her outfit be the star. Here she looks like the superstar she is and again she looks like she is totally out of Ashton's league.

12 Gym Fashion Is On Point

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Back in the day people didn't pay much attention to physical health. Going o the gym was a luxury only the elite could afford. Now that a healthy lifestyle and healthy living are the new norm, everybody has jumped on that bandwagon including celebrities. So obviously if they go to the gym they must have proper attire too. Here Mila is seen sporting a ponytail and an all black gym outfit with white joggers and Ashton is seen wearing a hip, not-so-cool outfit that's all white with his signature strapback and some very ill fitted trousers. Well, it is safe to say Mila is surely the stylish half of the couple.

11 Beautiful Skirt And Blouse Combo

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Mila is known for her favorite silhouettes. Here she is sporting a very beautiful beige and black midi skirt and a matching top, with nude heels and a peach clutch. She keeps her makeup to a minimum and her hair is beautifully blow-dried. As for her accessories, she is wearing a gold bracelet and a cocktail ring that goes wonderfully with the look she’s going for. She knows what works for her. She always makes her outfit the star of the show with a little tweak here and there. She also hinted in an interview that she loves playing dress up as much as she loves wearing things that are comfortable and give her room to move around. Here she looks effortlessly chic and comfortable.

10 Very Fashionable At The Dior Show

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Mila is seen here wearing a beautiful millennial pink lacy dress with a larger white overcoat and a black belt. She looks absolutely breathtaking in this dress at the Dior show. She keeps her accessories to a minimal with nude heels and a Chanel black and burgundy bag. She has her locks long straightened and her makeup with black smoky eyes and a nude lip. She really knows how to make heads turn and this is proof that she is easily the more stylish one in the relationship. She never compromises on an occasion to dress up. As far as jewelry goes, she's wearing silver hoops and her engagement ring.

9 She Looks Stunning Even When Pregnant

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It has been established by now that Mila is one stylish lady. For a lot of women, the most difficult part about being pregnant is wearing nice clothes since your body really isn’t willing to cooperate with your fashion sense. When it comes to maternity fashion she has turned as many heads as before. Here she's sporting an all-black jumpsuit that looks so easy breezy, the perfect outfit when you want to munch on chips or eat dinner for two. She completes her classy look with black sandals and a chain bracelet. Mila did mention in an interview that being pregnant did not keep her away from dressing to impress.

8 Daddy Duties Vs. Mommy Duties

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Here Ashton is seen with his little one and he's wearing his usual cap and a sweatshirt. We really wonder why he does not put in much effort with his looks. He is a very well known actor and designers would kill to dress someone like him. Perhaps it’s because kids don’t really give their dads much time to dress up. He's wearing a grey sweatshirt with some sweatpants; the ultimate dress of lazy people. We understand that when on daddy duties, he must want to be as comfortable as possible to be on top of things and avoid baby accidents. But seriously let's talk about how cute he looks with his daughter. Of course, Mila, while on mommy duty, still looks effortless and chic. Another point for Mila here.

7 Comfortable Street Style

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For a lot of celebrities and people in general as well, street style doesn’t need to be very sophisticated, that’s why it is called street style in the first place. When it comes to street style, Mila keeps it extremely uncomplicated and classy. Here she's seen sporting a standard white shirt over some shorts. She is seen carrying a beige bag and enjoying what looks like a drink from Starbucks. Mila describes her style as modern and comfortable chic. We couldn't agree more with her description of her style. She looks extremely stylish and mod with whatever she decides to wear. Here she's also wearing sunglasses to complete the perfect street style outfit.

6 Can't Go Wrong With Blue Jeans

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Blue jeans and a white shirt are a staple in every individual’s wardrobe, but not very many can pull this off. You really can't go more simple than this. When it comes to celebrities and their wardrobe, there is one person who does an amazing job carrying this staple and that is Mila Kunis. Here she is pictured wearing this simple staple and she looks so chic and stylish and she's paired this look with effortless wavy hair and her trusty old Vans. She looks so stylish with her minimal makeup look. As for accessories, she’s paired the outfit with a simple gold bracelet.

5 Little Blue Dress

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Mila is seen wearing this little figure cutting number in a navy blue color with a white print. She looks so effortless with her choice of dress. Since she's a lover of the minimalistic look, she paired her dress with nude heels that keep the emphasis on the dress and not on the shoes. She’s also seen wearing sunglasses. She keeps the look classy and opts for a deconstructed clutch bag to pair with this beautiful dress. For accessories, she's wearing hoop earrings and a stacked ring. This goes to show that Mila really does have an excellent sense of style, knowing quite well about what wardrobe to choose for each occasion. It's look is both elegant and modern at the same time.

4 She Knows How To Dress For Her Short Height

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In this picture, we have yet another example of where Mila can be seen pulling off a beautiful blue and white dress. It’s a midi length dress with white detailing on it and it’s got a nice mesh inspired body at the top. She looks elegant as ever wearing this dress and she pairs it with black pumps with bows on the back. Granted she has a paralleled sense of style and it’s safe to say she grabbed a lot of attention in this stunning number. She kept her makeup to a minimal and her hair is straight as the norm. Needless to say, she looks chic. She really knows how to dress for her height by choosing skirts that hit right below the knee and pairing it with beautiful black pumps.

3 Little Black Dress

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This is one of Mila's maternity style photos and here she’s seen wearing a little black dress that is said to be a very girly staple in her wardrobe. She is seen wearing one made up of silk with ruffles in the front. We must admit Mila is one stylish pregnant lady. She paired her dress with nude heels and she’s wearing a smoky eye with lots and lots of jewelry. She’s seen wearing bracelets and rings. She keeps her hair straight and flowy. Fun fact about LBD's: Audrey Hepburn was the one who really highlighted little black dress in her movie Breakfast At Tiffany's and since then it's a major staple in any woman's wardrobe. Women of any shape or size can pull off the LBD because of how flattering it looks.

2 Golden Globes Fashion

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In this picture, Mila is seen wearing this beautiful grey number. It has gorgeous sequence detailing on the body and it flows down to her feet. She's kept the look very classy with an edge. She's paired her dress with a chunky bracelet and as far as her makeup goes, she's kept it smokey and it goes really well with the look she going for. Mila sure knows how to turn heads. She's kept her hair sleek and pulled back into a bun and it looks absolutely gorgeous with her dress and makeup. She's known for keeping her makeup minimal but this smoky eye really agrees with her.

1 The Family Of Three

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Here the beautiful family of three are seen together. They look so cute and adorable in this picture. Ashton, as usual, is seen wearing his signature cap paired with blue jeans and a striped black and white sweater. While Mila keeps it super comfy and casual too with a white shirt and blue jeans and black kicks. One thing that's really bothering us is why does Ashton always wear his signature cap no matter the occasion and time of day? You'll spot him wearing the cap even at talk shows and interviews. We must conclude by saying its true that Mila is the stylish half of the couple...and clearly still out of his league.

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