15 Images Of Wiz Khalifa's Hobo Chic Street Style

Wiz Khalifa is one of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry at the moment. The rapper, who turns 31 this year, is not only a vocal maestro but a fashion star who has taken the term hobo chic to a whole new level.

Wiz Khalifa has been and still is, one of the most influential icons for men in the fashion industry. His style is simple, yet sophisticated, and never misses to touch on the hip-hop culture that he abides by.

Wiz Khalifa is known for his casual wear, which he appears to prefer more than the sophisticated look of Prada suits, which is all the more reason why young folks love his wardrobe.

However, don't be fooled by his ripped jeans and simple t-shirts because Wiz Khalifa never wears cheap clothes. Well, he'll wear a $50 t-shirt but that's about the cheapest it gets.

Below, we have compiled a list of 15 pictures of Wiz Khalifa wearing what he wears best. Most of his outfits are not something the average folk could afford but they are all appealing and inspiring to a youthful eye.

15 Ready For A Motorcycle Ride?

Via: Pinterest

This look is so simple and so spot on for anyone who loves motorcycles. For this look, Wiz Khalifa donned a pair of orange and black Jordan 1 Retro Shattered Backboards, a simple t-shirt, khaki pants, and a Supreme Vanson Leather Biker Jacket.

This is not a cheap look. The Supreme Vanson Leather Biker Jacket costs a whopping $330, likely because it's a racing jacket from Suzuki. He wore a white cap on his head and a pair of small, round shades over his eyes. The J's he wore on his feet wrapped this look up into the nice hip-hop bundle it deserves.

14 Chilling In A Sweatshirt

Via: Hollywood reporter

This look is cool and well, of course, expensive. In this shoot, Wiz Khalifa donned a simple blue sweatshirt, simple pants, and Converse sneakers. Oh, and finally, a gold necklace.

For how much though? Well, the sweatshirt from Midnight Studio Crews only cost him $95. The Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers were $55, the Supreme work pants were $118, and finally, the 424 Parvus Messiah necklace is a whopping $3,790. Therefore, this look sums up to an astounding $4,058. Expensive, but some young fella might just drain his bank account to look like this.

13 The Chic Shredded Look

Via: Hollywood reporter

Ripped jeans are still a long way from obsolescence in the fashion industry. This is because they just keep being reincarnated every year by the fashion industry. Celebrities with a strong casual fashion sense are all about the distressed denim.

For this particular look, Wiz Khalifa could not resist the allure of the ripped jeans from Ksubi Kustom, who is one of his favorite designers. This specific pair was custom-made for the rapper. The short-sleeved shirt with a notched collar goes for about $300 and the cropped leather jacket, which takes the cake in terms of price, costs $1,750. But he somehow manages to pull the look together. It looks like he barely made an attempt but on a closer look he really did put a lot of thought behind the different pieces he's wearing. And the purple hair? Yes, very hobo chic.

12 Simple Blazers And Jeans

Via: GQ

If you are not sure whether you should head out with your girl in some jeans and a blazer, take some real (but not cheap) advice from this photo. Once again, Wiz Khalifa looks stunning in nothing but very simple attire. All he has on is jeans, a blazer, a t-shirt, sneakers, a watch from Rolex, and a track jacket.

For how much then? The blazer cost around $465. We couldn’t find the price on the Rolex watch, though it is probably within the price range of most of the cars we drive. The jeans are from the Banana Republic go for about $160. The Puma sneakers cost about $70 and finally, the t-shirt, which was the cheapest piece of the whole look, goes for about $65.

11 Expensive Streetwear

Via: GQ

Fashion labels have been drawing inspiration from streetwear style recently, which Wiz Khalifa is known for. Staying within the hobo chic realm, this look is a simple combination of a jacket, button-down shirt, tank top, jeans, sneakers, cap, and necklaces. The jewelry was likely custom-made so the price is unknown but you can pretty much guarantee it was extremely expensive.

The priciest item out of this whole look, apart from the necklaces of unknown value, is the Jacket from ASOS, which costs $214. If you can’t afford to pull off this look in its entirety then you can just buy the hat from Nissin, which costs only $7. We are digging this very casual yet put together look. Something you can throw on together if you're going out for Sunday brunch or browsing the local book stores reading and buying books. That is probably not a typical Sunday for Wiz Khalifa...but he looks the part.

10 Most Expensive Denim Look

Via: Hollywood reporter

Wiz was actually not wearing too many articles of clothing for this Billboard photo shoot but the price tag on the whole look was outrageous. The rapper took a short-sleeved denim jacket, threw it over a zip-up sweatshirt, and paired it with denim trousers and black Converse sneakers. The entire outfit amounted to a whopping $1,490.

The award for the most expensive item went to the simplest item, the stretch denim pants from Dior Homme, which cost about $690. Teens and young men definitely want to keep up with this guy's style but they need to be filthy rich to compete with his standards. We're also enjoying the extensive tattoos on his chest, which works as the perfect accessory to the entire look.

9 An Inexpensive Commemoration Of Notorious BIG

Via: Pinterest

For those who cannot afford to replicate exactly what Wiz Khalifa wore, this outfit is not as expensive as the rest of the ones on this list. Khalifa's role models include Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, and a host of other hip-hop stars from the nineties and early 2000's. One of the rappers who influenced him the most was Notorious BIG and to commemorate him, Khalifa wore a t-shirt with an image of the famous Biggie on the front.

How much did this look cost? Well, estimates are at about $28 for the t-shirt but this does not include the diamond studded rings he wore on his fingers, the diamond watch around his wrist, and the chains he had around his neck, which would cumulatively cost around the same as a decent-sized house (or so we think).

8 Inexpensive T-Shirt His Fans Can Buy

Via: Pinterest

If you didn’t like the Notorious BIG t-shirt,  this one might be the one you are looking for. Disregarding the other outrageously expensive items he is wearing, this t-shirt only cost $40.

Okay, well, it is more expensive than the Notorious BIG t-shirt but that's because it is made by the prominent fashion label, Saint Laurent. Wiz accessorized with a pink bandana around his head, a pair of white, round sunglasses, and a nose ring. If you can afford the chains like Wiz Khalifa, this is one look you should sport whenever you are going to a hip-hop concert.

7 On Trend Army Attire

Via: Hollywood reporter

For this look, Wiz Khalifa wore some simple army-like attire with an unexpectedly huge price tag attached. The black jacket with elbow slits cost $595, while the khaki green stretch denim from Dior Homme takes the cake at $690. His distressed army shirt cost around $150.

Wiz Khalifa finished this look off with a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star Converse sneakers. For those who follow Wiz closely, he has a strong tie to Converse shoes, which according to the rapper, are his favorites.

6 Black And White From Top To Bottom

Via: GQ

This is a sleek look next to a sleek ride. This outfit showed off a different side of Khalifa's style but it still rocks. The white leather jacket goes for $545 and is a design from Tommy Hilfiger. The jeans are designed by Levi’s and go for $70, while the belt holding them in place is from GAP and retails for $35.

If you thought what was inside the jacket was just another t-shirt, you are wrong. He is wearing a sweater made by Zadig and Voltaire that goes for $188. You can just figure from the breakdown that the whole look is pretty costly to put together.

5 A Camo Button-Down With Patriotic Sneakers

Via: GQ

Once again, Wiz Khalifa never disappoints when it comes to dressing casually. For this outfit, he pulled off the simplest look you could ever expect from a celebrity. He literally just wore the button-down camouflage shirt, the t-shirt beneath,  jeans, and the sneakers on his feet.

What about the price tags? Well, the t-shirt went for about $84, the sneakers cost $55 (still his beloved converse), the shirt was $39, and finally, the jeans only drained $80 out of the star’s bank account. Although, don’t be easily fooled into thinking that this was a cheap look. The total price tag was still $258 and that is without including the expensive jewelry the artist can never leave his house without wearing.

4 A Plaid Bomber With Cuffed Jeans

Via: Hollywood reporter

Again, Wiz Khalifa wore only three articles of clothing but the overall price tag is well over $500 this time. In this photo, he is wearing a Samson Shaun sweater and jacket, a pleated shirt from the same designer costing $390, jeans from Supreme going for $198, and his famous Chuck Taylor Converse that cost around $55.

With a final price tag of an estimated $643 (excluding the Shaun Samson sweater and jacket, as the prices are unknown), Wiz Khalifa managed to pull off a very simple look with an expensive price tag. This is an outfit that teens and young adults will attempt to pull off in hopes of mimicking the shrewd artist.

3 A Floral Shirt With All Black Covering

Via: Hollywood reporter

This outfit combination turned out perfectly. Wiz wore a floral shirt, threw a black jacket over it and paired it with some black jeans to finish up the look. The jacket is a 424 Bomber Jacket going for $380. The floral shirt is from Supreme and retails for around $118, while the pendant on his neck goes for $395.

His jeans were supplied by one of his favorite designers, Ksubi Kustoms and were custom-made for him. All of this totals up to a whopping $893. However, Wiz Khalifa has to be given credit for beautifully blending the floral shirt with his all-black attire so nicely.

2 Not So Casual

Via: GQ

Even when Wiz is not going for a casual look, he still knows how to rock amazing styles. In this photo, Wiz Khalifa is wearing a sophisticated, expensive suit, with his entire look totaling $1,015.

You would probably expect the suit to be the most expensive piece of this outfit. Apparently, the Calvin Klein White Label coat is the priciest piece, retailing for $395. The suit follows closely and is priced at $320. Khalifa adds a pop of color to the ensemble with a royal blue tie and accessorized with some round sunglasses and a briefcase.

1 Printed Shirt With Nike Shoes

Via: Pinterest

This the ultimate casual look to pull of on a weekend, making it perfect for this hobo chic category. Wiz looked laid back and relaxed, wearing a printed shirt, silver chain, black shorts, and off-white Nike Sneakers.

If we were to put a price on this entire look, you would probably need to drain your whole bank account and maybe even get some loans on top of that (mainly because of all of the chains around his neck). Aside from the flashy jewelry, the printed shirt from Visvim is quite affordable, going for $46. Finally, something we can all buy.

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