15 Images Of Nikki Bella's Interesting Style Evolution So Far

Over the last decade 34-year old Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, aka Nikki Bella, has really made a name for herself as a professional WWE wrestler, actress and model. Forming the duo ‘The Bella Twins’, her and her twin sister gathered quite a fan base from wrestling on Smackdown. Nikki has many wrestling awards under her belt (pun intended) and she is a two-time WWE Divas Champion with her second reign being 301 days, which is the longest in the title’s history. In 2015, the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50 ranked her No. 1 and Rolling Stone that same year named her Diva of the Year. In 2016 she and her sister were also awarded the Choice Female Athlete at the Teen Choice Awards. With all of her accolades she should be a great role model for women everywhere, right? Among those women are millions of teenage girls who look up to her. Sadly, Nikki doesn’t take this role model stuff very seriously as you can tell by the way she presents, or should we say, exposes herself in public.

Maybe her fiancé John Cena likes it when she dresses provocatively, but we would like to think that the parents of these teenage girls should have a big problem with it. Nikki should pay closer attention to what she wears out in public because people are always watching her. You are about to see plenty of times when she probably should have changed before leaving the house.

15 The Blushing Bride She Will Never Be!

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Fellow wrestler Nattie Neidhart gave an excited statement regarding the event that saw John Cena finally proposing to his longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella. "It's every girl's dream to have a proposal, but WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year for WWE and WWE is our home. It's Nikki's home. It's John's home. It's my home. And we welcome the WWE Universe into our home, so to be able to share that WrestleMania moment, which was, by the way, a first-ever in WWE history and just do it in front of our family, for Nicole and John, I think they're both probably still on cloud nine." Nattie obviously didn’t have the courage to speak publicly about the dress that Nikki chose to wear that evening. But give her a little credit as the colour really looks beautiful on her.

14 How Comfortable Can This Be To Wrestle In Nikki?

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Women have been involved in professional wrestling for a very long time. They come and go over the years and each time they make a comeback in the sport (and I use that word very loosely) the costumes they wear get smaller and more revealing. Gone are the days when the women are judged based on pure wrestling skills inside of the squared circle. Today they are judged more on what they look like, which is funny because isn’t that what society always says it is trying to get away from? Here you can see Nikki trying to squeeze into one of her favorite costumes. Leave something to the imagination will you Nikki? It is sad that the divas of WWE usually have to appear in front of the camera in revealing clothing when all we want is for them to showcase their talent without having to adhere to the gender stereotypes rampant within WWE.

13 Kids Choice? I Think Not

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At the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards Nikki Bella walked the orange carpet with her man John Cena and nobody who was there can say they didn’t notice her. She was sporting a small black Cami NYC ‘The Charlie’ shirt, along with a calf-length, see-through Gemy Maalouf skirt. On this day all of the attention was on her nicely toned legs which were a breath of fresh air for Nickelodeon. You just know they were hoping she wouldn't show up ‘busting’ out of her outfit as she usually does. While she certainly looks stylish here, it was a bit inappropriate for what should have been worn at a kid’s event. However, her makeup is pretty and her white pumps pair really nicely with the black ensemble she chose to wear for the award show.

12 Heels Or Pumps Today For The Ring?

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Are you ready to rumble Nikki? Here you see a shot of Nikki in the squared circle and not so ready to do battle with an opponent. There probably isn’t a guy in the arena who would be disappointed in her choice of apparel but parents around the world will once again be cringing because their teenage daughter’s role model is yet again trying to show off everything she has. Do you see the size of the heels she is wearing? She is five foot six inches tall but those things make her close to six feet! Maybe she will do a table, ladder, chair and heel match for us all one day. Also, wearing such a deadly pair of heels cannot be safe in the ring!

11 This Blouse Is Kind Of Basic 

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Usually a lot of the blouses Nikki wears are very low cut to give the public the full effect of what she is sporting. She also has plenty of blouses that are high necked to cover her up a bit more. Not surprisingly though most of them are extremely sheer or even see-through but on this occasion she chose to wear a very basic black shirt. It's not the most stylish outfit and both sisters kind of blend into the background, which almost never happens. But we definitely love both their hairstyles and their makeup looks beautifully natural on the stunning sisters. An all black ensemble is always a chic choice so we will give Nikki props for that, but adding an edgy accessory would have really helped pull the look together.

10 Attending The MMVA Awards

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The 2017 Much Music Video Awards saw Nikki Bella strut her stuff on the pink carpet wearing this dress. One has to wonder why she was at the MMVA event in the first place but that’s beside the point. Look at two key things in this photograph… first of all, everything that is missing on her gown. The dress is barely containing her assets and that’s just how Nikki wants it as you can see from most any photo snapped of her. The dress slit goes way too far north and again leaves little to the imagination. However, we bet everyone had their eyes on her that night. Her sultry makeup topped with a bold red lipstick looks good perfect on her! There is definitely a strong confidence about her whenever she decides to walk down a red carpet.

9 Teen Choice Yes, But You’re Not A Teen Nikki

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Nikki Bella appeared at the FOX Teen Choice Awards with her twin sister Brie. Anyone who has a hard time telling the twins apart only has to look at their makeup. On a normal day Nikki usually goes all out, while Brie is usually the more conservative dresser of the duo and tends to keep her look a bit more casual and natural. On this day, however, they both made poor choices in their apparel to wear to a teen event. They could have chosen outfits that were a little bit more fun but also appropriate for a teen awards show. Yes, Brie is a mom now and she probably is a little bit more conservative when she chooses her outfits. But just because she's a mom it doesn't mean she can't have fun anymore.

8 Team Bella Is Not On The Right Track 

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Nikki Bella is in her mid-thirties and you have to admit she looks fantastic, but she will never be accused of acting her age. Sometimes what she wears makes you think she believes she is much younger than she actually is. In this photo, you can see the thirty-four-year-old wearing a dress that you would more than likely see a teenager wearing. Maybe she is acting out in her adult life because she wasn’t allowed to wear this type of stuff when she was a teen? Granted, she is a role model for millions of teenage girls across the world, but does she really have to dress like them? John doesn’t seem to mind so maybe we shouldn’t either?

7 Supporting John Cena At The Trainwreck Premier 

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You’ve been to the movies before, haven’t you? Of course you have. Maybe we haven’t all been to an official movie premiere before but it’s really no different than any other night out to see a good flick. OK, well there are a few more cameras than usual but that’s about it. On July 14, 2015, Nikki went to the premiere of Trainwreck at Alice Tully Hall in New York City. The movie was great but there certainly wasn’t anyone there that night who was looking at the silver screen. How could they with Nikki there? Trainwreck is an apt name but more so for the outfit she chose to wear, not the movie. Although the concept of the dress is cute the colour is too loud and seems out of place on the red carpet. However, we must commend her for her luscious locks. That hair colour looks absolutely amazing on her.

6 Team USA

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Nikki has never been one to shy away from new fashion trends and she has never been afraid to take the new fashion trends to the next level with even more revealing outfits. More often than not you can be assured that the top will have a large opening in it so that she can show off as much of herself as possible but this outfit though is just a major fail. More people nowadays are wearing American flag apparel more than ever and there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing some patriotism. However, when you wear something that looks like it’s a flag draped over you as a dress, well, that’s just in poor taste Nikki. She proudly sports this look on her very own website.

5 Smooth As Velvet

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This picture shows that Nikki’s poor taste in clothing is clearly rubbing off on John Cena. Since this piece is about her poor taste we will lay off John’s choice of clothing for the evening, but it’s not an easy thing to do. Just look at that suit. He looks like he’s wearing wallpaper from a 1978 ranch style home. Nikki’s outfit choice has the usual low cut in the front so her girls can breathe for the premiere of Daddy’s Home 2 in Los Angeles. By the way, John recently stated that the different ‘issues’ the couple have experienced on the show Total Diva’s are completely fake. They were told to do that by producers, so don’t worry folks they aren’t breaking up. He really should dump her though if she lets him leave the house looking like that!

4 Is She A Wrestler Or Victoria’s Secret Model? 

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Again, let’s put this as simply as we can… If you are a role model to teenage girls you should pay very close attention to what you wear. They will mimic you and wear the same type of apparel that you do. They will try to act like you, try to look like you and try to be you. That’s what the impressionable kids of today do. Nikki should be a bit more careful about some of the things she wears in front of the cameras and in public. This is a perfect example of this type of behavior. Also, what kind of look is she going for here? Is it a bridal look? Why is she wearing gloves? Is it cold? We are mostly confused by this picture of her.

3 It’s Called Workout Gear Not Go Out Gear

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It doesn’t matter what Nikki is doing or what type of event she is attending. When there is a Nikki Bella sighting you can be 90% certain her girls, and we’re not talking her human friends, are hanging out with her. She spent a lot of money on them and she sure wants to get her money’s worth in front of the cameras. On November 15 of 2017, she was spotted in Los Angeles either going to work out or maybe coming from her latest visit to the gym. Maybe she was even shopping; it’s hard to know exactly where she was headed. But even in her yoga pants she looks effortless. And the red purse is the perfect accessory with this ensemble, as it was the main star of the entire look.

2 Simply No Words Nikki

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If you have watched Nikki Bella long enough, either on her television show or in pictures or videos or at work wrestling you will notice one common theme. She is a girly girl but she also likes to dress up like a tomboy. But we're not so sure about the hat. There's just too much red going on in this picture and we can only hope that her bottoms are not red either. Also, where exactly is she in this picture? It looks like she might be at the gym, which makes this outfit even more confusing. Why would she workout with a hat on? Wouldn't it get too sweaty? Are we perhaps making a mountain out of a molehill? Yes, probably.

1 Showing Up Her Twin Sister, Brie 

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Here you can see Nikki in all her glory. Well, not all of her glory but pretty close to it. Her sister Brie looks stunning, just dressed very simple and elegant, looking lovely and very pretty. Nikki, on the other hand, had to be front and center and decided to put on an eye-catching top here. However, this off the shoulder top really does suit her, but we're just not sure about the colour. It kind of washes her away but her makeup looks beautiful. From the picture’s background, it looks like they are promoting an event for WWE. The sisters went with a more understated and chic look, which we totally dig.

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