15 Celebs Who Clearly Don't Use Shampoo

We all have had a bad hair day every now and then, but lucky for most of us, swarms of paparazzi are not sneakily waiting outside our door to snap a photo of our hair-raising wrecks. But for celebs in the public eye, it is a much different story. If they step outside and their hair is not picture-perfect, the gossip rags and celeb mags have a field day as they publish their less-than-glam pics for the whole world to see and ridicule. Is it hair shaming? Some could argue yes.

Here are 15 well-known celebs who usually look great, or at least clean. But in these unfortunate photos, it looks like they may have forgotten to make a much-needed pit stop at the local store and ran out of much-needed shampoo and conditioner. Heck, even a bar of soap to the head would do.

Check out some of your favorite stars and their horrendous hair catastrophes. Maybe they were running late, or they just didn’t give a darn about getting dolled up, but we have definitely seen them with better hairstyles and 'dos. A quick shower only takes a few minutes to complete, and a comb through the hair is even faster.

Perhaps once these celebs realized their hair was a horror show, they quickly ran back home and grabbed a baseball cap or a headband. But too late for them, as the paparazzi already caught them in the act of committing a follicle felony. Hairy and scary!

15 Johnny Depp Is Pretty Weird

Johnny Depp may be regarded as one of the foxiest A-list actors around, but even he would agree that his messy hair leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, he likes to be super edgy and cool, but if anyone were to try to run their fingers through his hair, they may never be able to get them out. That’s a sticky situation! But Depp is known for his unusual style and fashion sense, so it is no big surprise that he wears his hair in some strange styles. But this is what we have come to expect from the quirky and out-of-the-box celeb. A little taste of odd is his brand. Without a few pinches of quirk and a dash of strangeness, he would be just like everybody else. Sure, a little shampoo would go a long way, but when you are as beloved as Depp is, washing your hair seems so average.

14 Russell Brand Could Use A Quick Rinse

Actor and comedian Russell Brand has made a name for himself for being a little bit “out there” and far from the cookie cutter celeb, and part of his thing is his overall look. He is not one for being all buttoned up and on the straight and narrow, and we see this in his often-sloppy signature style. He never seems to be clean-shaven, or even particularly clean at all, for that matter. But that’s okay, since his fans love him just the way he is. That said, it is questionable as to whether this funny fella ever suds up his locks with a bit of shampoo. We're not asking that he hits the salon every day, but a 2-minute rinse at home would be something to consider. But would fans still adore Brand if he had that superstar shiny hair most of us would love to have ourselves?

13 Tara Reid Is No Longer The Girl Next Door

Actress Tara Reid often makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. She was once considered the “girl-next-door” type, but these days, most folks would rather see her at least a few doors down, if not around the block. She often appears to be on something, and even if that is just her unusual personality, many find it odd and off-putting. Her physical appearance is often criticized, from her infamous red carpet “boob slip” to her very thin frame. But this time it is her hair that is up for discussion. Is she going for the “bedroom hair” look or is this a case of forgetting to shampoo? Reid is an attractive gal, and with a little time spent grooming, she could be a knockout. Plus, her hair would smell fruity fresh.

12 A Quick Shampoo Might Do Amanda Bynes Some Good

Another actress who has seemed to have gone off the deep end is Amanda Bynes. She was a child star who was adorable and likeable, but things took a turn for the worse as she got older and she started to act rather weird, to say the least. From wild antics in public places to court appearances, Bynes went from cutie to cuckoo. And her looks only exacerbate the situation. She has appeared in public with all sorts of jaw-dropping hairdos, some of which we cannot tell if they are her real hair or cheap wigs. Either way, she would probably feel (and look) a whole lot better if she got some Herbal Essences and gave herself a much-needed shampooing. Fans would love to see the former child star make a killer comeback.

11 Kesha Is Making A Creative Statement

Kesha has been through a lot as of late, but that does not mean she can’t quickly hop in the shower and give herself a snappy shampoo job. With fresh-smelling and untangled hair, she would rock the stage even better than she already does. No knots pulling at her scalp would probably feel wonderful, and her hair could blow in the breeze without leaves getting caught in it. She has an amazing musical career, a great voice, and a stellar stage presence, but one can’t help but become distracted by that hazardous hairdo atop her head. She may love to shock fans with her wild style, but that does not mean she can’t soap up and shine from top to bottom. Come on Kesha, 2 minutes to freshness is a snap.

10 Justin Bieber Thinks He Can Pull Off Anything

Justin Bieber has sported all sorts of hairstyles since he has been on the music scene, some good and some not-so-good. But this one makes us think he forgot to wash his locks before styling, if we can actually call this ‘do a style at all. He is bleached-platinum blonde, which is fine, but how in the world is that hair staying glued up like that? It looks like a case of not shampooing, allowing the grease and grime to make the hair stiff and moldable. “The Biebs” may think this look is hot, but what does his on again, off again lover Selena Gomez think? Her hair always looks so fresh and bouncy, so she must wonder how her man could be so different when it comes to hair care.

9 Kelly Osbourne Should Really Hit The Salon

Fans adore the quirky and cute TV personality and author Kelly Osbourne for her unique sense of style and non-conformist ways. She has been dying her hair a light purple shade for some time now, and it looks cool on her. But purple or not, washing the hair still must be part of the usual hygiene routine. And with this hairdo, even if Osbourne wanted to, it would be quite difficult to really get in there and scrub. She would ruin all those intricate and stylish braids. And undoing them would be a waste of the hairstylist’s time and energy. Okay, so she can definitely go a few days without shampooing, but before long, she will be longing for a bottle of Salon Selectives. Purple is pretty, until it’s not.

8 It's All Part Of Courtney Love's Look

This one probably comes to no surprise to most, but folks have been commenting on rocker Courtney Love’s locks (among other things) for years. She makes a big scene wherever she goes, from her looks to her actions. She is a rock star, so perhaps her “wild child” behavior is all part of the act, but she takes things too far for most to handle. Since she loves that “grungy” look, she certainly does her part to fit the role. Greasy and messy hair doesn’t happen on its own, so this looks like a case of not washing. Love would look a million times better if she gave herself a little primping, starting with a long, hot shampoo in the shower or tub. Clean is just as cool as cruddy.

7 Britney Spears Needs To Hire A Hair Stylist

Oops, she did it again. How many times have we seen singer Britney Spears out in public looking less-than-put-together? She seems to have an “I don’t give a hoot” attitude, but there is a difference between looking messy and looking unclean. That blonde and tangled hair is not looking too good, and it seems like such a situation did not happen overnight. Poor Britney, now we can see why she shaved her head. This looks like it could be quite painful, aside from being unsightly. Spears is such a pretty gal, so she should treat herself well, starting with some shampoo in a steamy shower. Or, maybe she can do something new and get a short hairdo and avoid this mess altogether. A pixie on the pop star? It could work.

6 Vanessa Hudgens Is Apparently Too Busy To Shampoo

The pretty and petite High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, usually looks adorable, but here she looks like she forgot to wash her long brunette hair before heading out on the town. Let’s hope she is heading home from an intense workout at the gym or she is on the way to the hairstylist. We would really hate to think she has given up and decided that this messy and greasy look is cool. As an actress and singer, this chick has a lot going on, and we know she is very busy, but how long would it take to hop in the shower and give that sloppy hair a snappy washing? She could be in and out in minutes, and boy what a difference it would make. “Suds for Hudgens” sounds like a hit song.

5 Natasha Lyonne Looks Like A Prisoner 

Actress Natasha Lyonne is a fan favorite with some great roles under her belt on both the small and big screen. She is a hit on Orange Is the New Black and she has been in many movies including American Pie, Scary Movie 2, and Slums of Beverly Hills. Generally speaking, she is a cute gal, but in this hair-raising photo, her orange hair better not be the new black, because it looks far from good. Sorry Nat, no pie for you. She could use a good shampoo and maybe a deep conditioning to boot. After a nice and sudsy wash up, she will feel superb and look much more stylish. Because the way it looks here makes us wonder if Scary Movie 2 is a tale about her busted hair!

4 Helena Bonham Carter Always Looks Wild

UK-born actress Helena Bonham Carter has been in the public eye for many years, and her quirky style has always made her stand out from the pack. One thing that always catches folks’ attention is her wild hair. She loves to look a little different from the rest from her hair to her shoes, and everything in between. And she does a great job of breaking the traditional mode of what a Hollywood actress ought to look like. As anyone can see from this photo, Carter’s hair preferences are pretty wild. She never goes for a smooth or clean look, only the dramatic will do. But a nice shampoo may be something she could benefit from, even if only to change things up now and then. If she’s not into it, it won’t take long to get back to this hair-brained look.

3 Charlie Sheen Gets Attention No Matter What

The last thing actor Charlie Sheen needs to worry about is his hair, but maybe if he paid a just a smidge of attention to it he would not be quite as wacky in the other areas of his life. Some basic grooming may send Sheen on the path to doing things a little more traditionally, something he may just benefit from. But part of what people like about the wild actor is his unconventional approach to life, so if that means he is happy go around with greasy, messy hair, so be it. Sheen was never considered the hot or hunky type, so he may just not give much thought into putting any effort into his beauty routine. He gets plenty of attention in other ways, so why bother?

2 Nick Nolte Is A Disaster

Ah, the infamous Nick Nolte mugshot — the gift that keeps on giving. Poor Nolte, who knows what the heck was going on in his head when he was taken in, but one thing we know is that he wasn’t thinking of washing his hair that morning. And by the looks of it, he probably hadn’t washed it in weeks. Perhaps he was prepping for a movie role, but the likelier story is that he was just vegging out and bumming around the house. If he had known he was going to have his “picture” taken, he may have spruced up a bit. He may have thought that colorful shirt would distract us from that unruly hair, but even a neon sign wouldn’t help. The only hope for this situation is a buzz cut.

1 Nicolas Cage Lost His Way, And Apparently His Shampoo, Too

Actor Nicolas Cage has been in the movie biz for years, impressing fans with his talent and long-running career. Have you seen him do his thing in Face/Off, Con Air, Leaving Las Vegas, Lord of War, Kick-Ass, or Gone in 60 Seconds? If so, you know he steals the scenes with his A+ acting chops and on point delivery. That said, what’s the deal with his hair? It looks more than messy, perhaps unclean. He is all smiles, but that doesn’t mean he is happy with his dreadful 'do. We’ve seen the star look far more put together, but the day this pic was taken must have been the shampoo’s day off. At least his light blue blazer is stylish, because above the neck, Cage is a hair horror show.

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