15 Celebs We Can't Believe Shop At Thrift Stores Like A Commoner

It's no secret that most celebrities have piles of cash to spend on whatever luxuries they want, from sports cars to spacious homes to chic designer goods. I mean, half of them have staff that help with the daily tasks like running errands, cooking, cleaning, etc. So, chances are, they're shopping in luxury stores without ever worrying about the price tag, right? Well, not exactly.

It's true that most celebrities definitely don't have to worry about what they're spending on a shopping spree, but there are actually a surprising amount of celebrities who regularly frequent the thrift shop rather than the luxury department store when it comes to hunting for their next outfit. Sometimes, it's because thrifting allows them to find unique pieces that they know no other actress will be wearing. Sometimes it's because they hate fast fashion and want to take care of the environment. And, for some, it's all in the thrill of the hunt — the process itself is fun.

So, next time you find yourself wondering how on earth you can get great style like your favourite celebrity, realize that it may not be quite as expensive as you think — you could just hit up the thrift store!

Here are 15 celebs who you wouldn't believe shop at thrift stores.

15 Jada Pinkett Smith Has Been Spotted Thrifting With Daughter Willow Many Times

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Jada Pinkett Smith practically screams luxury — after all, she's married to a fellow movie star, she always looks super chic, and she's been in the industry for decades. One would assume she has a stylist and personal shopper who hit up the hottest boutiques and department stores and find her pieces to wear. However, from time to time, it seems that she likes to return to her humble roots and head to the thrift store to find some funky clothes. The paparazzi have snapped shots of her and daughter Willow combing through a few Santa Monica thrift stores on mother-daughter thrifting trips, which is kind of adorable. Thinking about it, though, we totally buy it — she's always had a pretty funky sense of style, so perhaps thrifting allows her to find some pieces you just can't buy off the rack.

14 Despite Being An A-Lister, Julia Roberts Frequently Hits Up The Thrift Store

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We're pretty sure everyone would agree that Julia Roberts is a legit A-List movie star. She's been appearing in films on the big screen for decades, and her career shows no signs of slowing down — although now she's reached a point in her career where she can definitely be way more selective about the types of roles she tackles. However, don't let her star status fool you into thinking she's too good for bargain hunting. Apparently, even though she commands millions for every performance, she often hits the thrift store with her kids in New Mexico. It just goes to prove that people don't always thrift because that's the only financial option available to them — sometimes, you want to help the environment a little, particularly in the case of kids' clothes, where they grow out of them before you can blink.

13 Janelle Monae Loves Thrifting Because She Finds One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

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Singer and actress Janelle Monae is definitely majorly talented, but from the minute she stepped onto the scene, people have been obsessed with her style. From her retro looks to her menswear-inspired outfits, she's not afraid to take fashion risks — and she always looks absolutely stunning, no matter what she's wearing. While she probably goes to all kinds of stores to fill out her wardrobe, she definitely doesn't skip the thrift store — she apparently has a few spots in Atlanta that she really loves to frequent. She spilled about her passion for thrifting in an Associated Press interview, saying that "I like one-of-a-kind pieces. I don't like everybody walking around in stuff that I have on." I mean, if that's not a singing endorsement for thrifting, we don't know what is!

12 Zooey Deschanel's Vintage Aesthetic Is Largely Due To Thrift Shopping

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Zooey Deschanel has become known for her sense of style — quirky, vintage, and majorly unique. While she probably buys her fair share of things from small boutiques and bigger brands, she's also not afraid to get authentic vintage clothing, even if that means looking through the racks at thrift stores and even flea markets. That's the thing — while you can certainly buy a lot of vintage reproduction that looks amazing, there's just something about finding the real thing, and you certainly won't find the real thing in the racks of a department store. Her attitude is the one that many of us should have — it may not be a new piece of clothing, but it's new to her, so why not get excited about it? We'd give anything to raid her closet of dresses.

11 Eva Mendes Walked The Red Carpet In a $6 Dress

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Many celebrities are constantly trying to put forward an image of how wealthy they are, even if it's not true — they'll buy things they can't afford just to make it seem like they're high rollers. Eva Mendes isn't like that. While she's certainly making decent money now, back when it came time to attend her first movie premiere in 2001, she wasn't quite as wealthy. So, rather than spending hundreds or even thousands on a designer dress, she headed to Goodwill and found this sweet white dress for only $6. She dished about her red carpet secret, saying that "I've always loved a cheap find. Viva thrift shops!" She's even gushed about the thrill of the find, telling People that "I can feel when there's a little something, you know, where there's gold in the hills, and I really zero in. That's the fun part for me."

10 Lorde Is All About Thrifting, And Raved About A St. John Find

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Everyone knows that Lorde has a unique sense of style, and she's the type who could find interesting pieces at thrift shops just as easily as she could find fantastic pieces high end luxury boutiques — and she definitely doesn't mind hitting up thrift stores. She spilled to Style.com about a recent designer thrift find, saying that "I got this navy blue vintage [St. John] suit with gold buttons. It fits me perfectly. I wear it onstage all the time. It's my favourite, and I didn't even need to get it tailored. It's my best find by far, and it was $50, which is more than I like to spend at a thrift store." Talk about a budget-conscious shopper! Maybe next time you're browsing the racks at a thrift shop you'll look over and spot Lorde.

9 SZA Swears By Thrifted Tees For On Stage

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SZA has certainly been tearing up the music charts lately with her amazing songs, but that doesn't mean she's going to start becoming a diva and only performing in expensive outfits. In fact, when it comes to what she wears on stage, she prefers to go vintage — vintage tees in particular. She shared her thoughts with Vogue back in 2016, saying that performing in vintage tees taught her a lot about clothing. "When your enzymes and sweat and body oils break down these shirts, they start to feel better, they fit to your body. Eventually I started to go thrifting. You know how when you go to thrift stores and you go to the front there will be three shirts above the register that are way too expensive but way too cool?...I started buying those." Seems like a smart strategy!

8 Helen Mirren Hits Up Charity Shops When She Travels

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Helen Mirren can kind of do no wrong in our eyes. I mean, the woman looks amazing, she's always hilarious in interviews, and she's a huge star yet doesn't take herself too seriously. We'd gladly listen to any fashion advice she wanted to dish out, and thankfully, her advice isn't too expensive. It turns out, as she revealed to The Sunday Express in 2010, she has a strategy when she travels to cold places that involves thrifting. "I love a good charity shop, especially when I'm travelling," Mirren said. "When I'm going to cold places, I take nothing — just underwear. On my way from the airport I ask the driver to take me to a good charity shop, and I buy boots, socks, trousers, jumpers, sweaters, hats, scarves...on the way back to the airport I have it all in a big bag and drop it off at another charity shop."

7 Boho Chic Drew Barrymore Is All About Thrift Stores

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Drew Barrymore definitely doesn't seem like the kind of celebrity who cares too much about labels or fashion — she seems like she just wears what she enjoys and feels good at, which is a fantastic philosophy to have. And, she's not about to break the bank if she doesn't need to. While she's certainly donned some majorly expensive dresses at events over the years, for this particular red carpet event back in 2010, she rocked a dress that she bought for only $25 at a thrift shop. It just goes to prove that sometimes, you truly can find gems hidden in the racks — you just need to actually take the time to look and unearth all those treasures! We bet Drew has plenty more thrifted finds just waiting in her closet for the perfect occasion.

6 Debbie Harry Still Loves The Thrill Of Thrifting

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When Debbie Harry was first getting her start in the music scene, and when she was younger, she really didn't have a lot of money, so she turned to thrift stores to find fashionable clothing for a low price. And, it seems, the habit stuck — she confessed in an interview with the Huffington Post that she still thrifts because "in a way it's a sense of adventure too, because you're not walking in and seeing a rack of clothing, you have to go in and hunt and it can be very entertaining." Now, our only question is, has she ever come across any vintage Blondie band tees while thrifting, and if so, does she buy them? I mean, that would be a pretty cool thing to add to your closet.

5 Lara Spencer Is A Huge Thrift Shop Junkie

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Lara Spencer is definitely someone who is known for her thrifting — but if you've only seen her HGTV show Flea Market Flip, you might not know that she loves thrifting for clothes as well as furniture. In fact, she just loves thrifting in general — everything from finding a great bargain to finding hidden gems amongst piles and piles of stuff. She's been sticking to the decor side of thrifting, but who knows, perhaps one day she'll have a makeover show where the individuals find fantastic pieces of thrifted or vintage clothing to revamp their wardrobes with new-to-them pieces — we'd totally watch that! We just love how Lara so completely embraces her love of thrifting and helps to get the message out that it's not weird to buy things secondhand — it's a great idea!

4 Miguel Loves Thrifting While He's On Tour

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There are so, so many rap and R&B stars who fall into the trap of spending way too much money on expensive jewellery, clothing and shoes, all in an attempt to show off their wealth. Miguel doesn't worry about that kind of thing — in fact, when he's travelling the world for his music career, he'd much rather hit up a thrift store than an expensive boutique. Allegedly, the R&B star feels that thrifted clothing has more character, more personality, than clothes you can just pick up from any store new, and we agree — plus, how cool would it be to have a wardrobe filled with pieces you picked up in countries around the world? Especially when you can add those international pieces without totally breaking the bank like you would in a regular store.

3 Sarah Jessica Parker Fills Out Her Fashionista Wardrobe With Thrifted Additions

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You would think after playing the shopaholic Carrie Bradshaw for so long, Sarah Jessica Parker would be all about the latest designer gear — but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Apparently, she watched the documentary about the fast fashion industry The True Cost, and it had a major impact on her — according to Vanity Fair, she allegedly only buys secondhand clothing for her son now to combat that fast fashion industry. And, she even supports thrifting in her on-screen style now — the wardrobe she has on Divorce, her new HBO show, is apparently all from secondhand stores and flea markets. Talk about a style statement! Let's be honest, if anyone could make thrifting cool, it's Sarah Jessica Parker — the woman has some major style, no matter where she gets her clothing.

2 Elle Varner Straight Up Calls Herself A Thrift Queen

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Most musicians want to put their best foot forward when it comes to their first music video, and ensure everything about it is perfect, from the set to the make-up to the wardrobe. However, that doesn't mean turning only to new pieces — in her debut video "Only Wanna Give It To You," Elle Varner apparently wore a jacket that she found for $4 at Goodwill. She's even called herself a thrift queen before, and shouted out to a few spots in New York and Los Angeles that she loves to frequent. Hey, that's a definite way to become a trendsetter — she even mentions her colourful thrift store blazer rocked in the video came before the explosion of colourful blazers in the fashion world.  Way to be ahead of the game!

1 Macklemore Made Secondhand Shopping Cool With His Hit Song "Thrift Shop"

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Okay, yes, Macklemore burst onto the music charts with his thrift-inspired song "Thrift Shop," but most people assumed his penchant for thrifting was something born out of his limited funds. After all, when the song was released, he wasn't yet a rap star — he was just an aspiring musician. However, even now that he's made a fair chunk of change and could easily afford to upgrade his shopping habits, he apparently still likes visiting the thrift shop to find some cool duds. The only problem now is that, the moment he steps foot in a thrift shop, people probably recognize him thanks to his iconic video. Although perhaps his promotion of secondhand shopping has granted him VIP status in the thrift world, allowing him to score some incredible pieces.

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