• 12 Times Selena Gomez Was On Point (And 12 Times She Needed Help)

    Child stars have a rough time adjusting to adulthood. Some are able to escape the traps, going on to fabulous careers as major stars and even Oscar winners (like Jodie Foster). Sadly, far too many others falter and fall apart thanks to issues like egos, clashes with families and addictions. Selena Gomez is a major case of a starlet who’s been through the fire and emerged stronger for it. She was part of the rush of Disney Channel starlets in the late 2000s, playing the selfish witch Alex Russo on the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. She also did various movies such as Princess Protection Program and famous for her friendship with Demi Lovato. Gomez has now moved on to work as an actress and showing off nicely a lot. She’s been through tough times such a mental health and a battle with lupus that culminated in her needing a kidney transplant.

    But Gomez has come out looking terrific for it. She’s stronger now, still doing hit albums and tours, her fantastic singing voice on display. She’s been linked in relationships with Justin Bieber and the Weekend but also doing great as a role model to teens. More importantly, she has become one of the most stylish ladies around. At almost any event, she’s a knockout with her outfits and even just walking down the street she can look terrific. Of course, no one is perfect and that includes Gomez as more than once she’s left the house in an outfit that clearly should have been left behind. Here are 12 times Selena’s fashion choices were dead on and 12 times she needed help to show how her fashion sense has evolved.

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    NEED HELP: London Fail

    Gomez is a proud Latina and that’s been shown in various roles. Even on Wizards of Waverly Place, known for nutty stuff, they would have an episode devoted to Alex’s upbringing and wanting to address her roots. In an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Gomez was up front on how, as a kid, she was “jealous of the kids around me and wished I had blue eyes.” She’s learned to live with it and while she’s proud of her heritage, doesn’t make too much of a deal with it. “Most of the time, though, I try to separate my career from my culture because I don’t want people to judge me based on my looks when they have no idea who I am.” It’s hard to believe anyone could not know Gomez for sure.

    This pic, unfortunately, comes before she could get such a fashion style going. Attending a London event, Gomez just looks terrible. The dress itself is off with its glitter and rough style. Worse is how she chooses to have a strange coat with bare shoulders and huge armlets that practically flow to her knees. Her hair bunned back makes it look even worse and the silver choker doesn’t work either. Thankfully, Gomez has changed her style for the better but this shows her early style definitely needed a lot of help at the beginning of her red carpet adventures.

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    ON POINT: Purple Reign

    She may be an actress and a singer but Gomez is also getting hails for producing too. In 2017, she helped bring to Netflix 13 Reasons Why, an acclaimed adaption of the best-selling novel. Katherine Langford stars as a young teen who ends herself and leaves behind audio tapes to explain to friends why she did it. The show has been noted for its powerful storylines and takes on teen life. Gomez explained to Harpers’ Bazaar that she chose this given her own issues with mental health and wants to help others. She also admitted it played into how, as a teen, she felt held back and looked down on due to her Latina roots. Gomez told the magazine (in an interview done by Langford herself) that she felt it was an important issue to address and her Instagram promotes the show (which started its second season) on letting kids be themselves.

    This shows a great adult air for Gomez and how she’s handled herself well. This shows her grown-up side in her fashion as well. A fine example is this Grammy dress, a standout for Gomez moving from “kid’s stuff” to more adult-oriented dresses. The shimmering purple gown is gorgeous on her, form-fitting and looks beautiful on her, with her hair perfectly done. It’s beautiful but not too showy, a mix of glitz and glamour. In cases like this, it makes sense that she would become a style icon.

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    NEED HELP: Engineering

    Obviously, Selena has a slew of awards on her shelf. Teen Choice, Video Music, Billboard, People’s Choice, she has in all 92 awards from various places. She did a moving speech accepting Billboard’s Woman of the Year award in 2017, fresh off her recent kidney transplant and tearfully loving this tribute.

    “I feel incredibly lucky... Honestly, I couldn't be more grateful for the position I've been given in my career - from seven, to fourteen, to now. I want people to know I respect the platform that I have so deeply.”

    Obviously, Gomez has shown off incredibly well at these events, often in stunning outfits and standing out with her gorgeous style. Sadly, this is one major failure of a red carpet outfit.

    True, it was for the MTV Video Music Awards, an event known for outrageous fashions. But this Versace dress looks less like it was designed than it was engineered and not in a good way. The main dress looks good with the slit up the leg. However, the “bolt” motif makes it look terrible and almost cheap like it’s been torn apart. That’s proven by how one half of her chest is open showing an intricate black bra set that looks way too complex. Maybe it looked good in the mirror but terrible when actually worn. It’s a good thing Gomez got this award as she sure wasn’t winning any for this outfit.

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    ON POINT: London Chic

    For years, Gomez was known for her lush black hair. She was questioned about going blonde in a Cosmopolitan interview and replied, “No, unless it's for a movie role. I love my hair. I definitely think it's my staple piece. It's something that makes me feel like me, but when I'm acting or doing anything for a role, obviously I can't ever say that I wouldn't do it, but it would have to be for something like that." But recently, Gomez has changed that attitude and admitted it on an Instagram post with,

    “I feel bold. I feel strong, and I feel like me. The blonde has made feel a little bolder, and I feel confident. I wake up every morning thinking ‘oh my gosh,’ it’s just different for me.”

    That also helps give a new drive and spin to her outfits as shown by this visit to London. The long-sleeved white shirt stands out along with the dark outfit, like a pair of overalls but a good twist on it. It somehow fits the British vibe with its fun crossed design which makes it a good standout. Her shades help as well and it all comes together to show that on either side of the pond, Gomez is a fantastic force in style.

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    NEED HELP: Swan Lake

    As Gomez has found more fame, she has been judged on her body a lot. She defends it on being herself and how she doesn’t like it at all. As she told Allure, “I am not a fan of weighing yourself. I think it breeds obsessive thoughts and behaviors. If you work out and eat healthy, your body should do the rest! When you have a healthy mind, body, and soul—the results will come. I prefer the jean test. You know how your pants fit, so go off of that instead of a number. What does it even mean to weigh a certain number, right?"

    That may be a great attitude but sadly, when you wear an outfit like this, you will get judged. For this beach event, Gomez comes off looking like she’s attending an unusual production of Swan Lake. The bikini top is one thing but the slip over it with the nutty patterns and horrible skirt just makes it look atrocious. It’s way too much for the beach and the cuffs and “feather” pattern makes it look worse. Usually, Gomez at the beach is a great image but here’s a notable exception.

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    ON POINT: Bohemian Style

    Gomez has been adapting to a great fashion style and a lot of that she credits to her stylist, Katie Young. Speaking to The Business Fashion Insider, Young said, “I got hired at the time in Selena’s career when she was ready to take it up [a notch]. She wanted to stop being a kid — she was working on albums, already had one movie come out, she had new management. She really trusted me, and I said, ‘You really need to wear no jewelry with this, and wear black, keep it clean, take off a lot of it. It may seem like you’re not wearing anything and it’s boring, but I promise. We just need the fashion people to start noticing you.’ The whole idea was to shift the way people perceived her.”

    This outfit shows Young has done her job well. The dress is a lovely choice, loose and flowing with a nice tie at her front. The outfit fits her perfectly. The hat atop her dark hair is a lovely choice, giving her a bohemian air and the tinted sunglasses are a great choice too. It showcases Young’s influence is helping Selena take off better in style and her gorgeous looks aid her fashion sense well.

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    NEED HELP: Barney?

    Any fan of Gomez knows that she got her start on one of the most infamous children’s TV shows of all time. Barney the Dinosaur is mocked for its cheesy main mascot and songs but was a huge hit in the 1990s. Gomez was among the various kids with him doing song and dance numbers. It was there that she met future best friend Demi Lovato and they forged their bond. Talking to the BBC, Gomez admitted with embarrassment that she had a huge crush on the guy playing Barney.

    “You have to be very fit to do that because it’s 50 pounds of costumes. So he’d take it off and he’d have his muscles and he’s sweating and we’re like, ‘Okay, we are children,’ but it was great.”

    Maybe Gomez was having a childhood flashback when she donned this outfit. The white shirt with the huge collar is overwhelmed by the dark sweater featuring the huge dinosaur on the front. Honestly, we are pretty surprised that Selena looked in the mirror and thought to herself that this would be a nice thing to wear. The jeans are okay but that top looks way too much like a kid’s leftover outfit rather than something belonging to a superstar. Overall, this is a fashion choice better left off extinct.

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    ON POINT: Denim Days

    Gomez had talked about how she enjoys the occasional party but doesn’t go wild for it. Her health is vital to her and she maintains that, telling Shape magazine that,

    "I usually never sleep in past 10, unless it's the weekend and I had a night out with my friends, because I like to start my day. I get up and work out, whether it's Pilates or cardio. I love yoga.”

    That carries into her personal style as Gomez does have an affinity for jeans as they’re the easiest thing to just toss on. Of course, with her, they have to be nice styles and look great, something she can always pull off.

    As proof, just look at this outfit. You see the hints of the light blouse underneath but the huge outfit of jeans going into an overall dress just looks amazing. It could have been messy but Gomez makes it work beautifully, it’s form fitting and clicks into the perfect outfit for her. Her bright smile is infectious and shows how her workouts help. Thus, something about denim and jeans works so well on Gomez and shows how her laid-back style adds to her fashion aura to make just a walk out look like a runway strut.

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    NEED HELP: Shoulder Pads

    Quite often, a teen actress decides to shift her image big time by taking on a more mature role. A great case was Anne Hathaway who went from The Princess Diaries to Brokeback Mountain. In 2012, Gomez joined that with the wild Spring Breakers. She, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens are friends on Spring Break who get into wild antics and a crook played by James Franco. The movie was rocking with wild stuff and Gomez showing her darker edge off. However, Gomez was up front on how her fanbase of the time may not have wanted to see her.

    “There’s gonna be the intrigued preteens that are gonna want to sneak in and see the movie, and that’s obviously something I can’t control,” Gomez told The Hollywood Reporter. “I can definitely warn them as best I can, but the movie is rated R, and it’s kind of a given when you see the trailer that you should be old enough to see the movie.”

    Maybe Gomez should have warned fans not to look at this outfit worn for promoting the film. The top is horrible, with shoulder pads rivaling an NFL player which makes her arms look tiny. The huge belt distracts along with the grey pants ending at her ankles. Her expression indicates Gomez knows what a mess this is and she needed to learn more about growing up in style along with the movie giving her more of an adult edge.

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    ON POINT: Power Walk

    Gomez is the first to admit she had to change her style a lot over the years. It was good to be the squeaky-clean teen princess for a while but adulthood has brought changes. However, Gomez has emphasized that as much as she has to look good, she maintains her own style.

    She told People, “My personal style is classic. Especially in the summer — I’ve been wearing a lot of long flowy dresses, just because I like things that are light and just classic.”

    That can be true but Gomez can also showcase a love for fashions inspired by the bohemian era or even the occasional flashback to the 1990s. This outfit shows how well Gomez can rock a big outfit nicely, even just for a walk in New York. The black blouse perfectly matches the tight red leather jeans, a terrific mix that shows off nicely. The long black coat adds to it along with her dark hair flowing out. As always, Gomez can make sunglasses look oh so cool and the high heels help boost her image more. It shows that while she may claim a “classic” style at times, Gomez’s own daily outfits can be very notable indeed.

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    NEED HELP: Disneyland

    There are a lot of benefits to working for Disney. It can lead to early fame with TV shows and movies and if you’ve got a singing voice, a good career can be launched. The Mouse House has given the world slews of amazing stars and Gomez was one of their biggest as the star of the hit comedy Wizards of Waverly Place. She also co-starred with BFF Demi Lovato in Princess Protection Program. Also, as part of the deal, Gomez basically has what amounts to a lifetime pass to any Disney park. Gomez has talked to Variety and others on how the Disney Channel was “the biggest high school in the world,” complete with its own cliques and such. But she enjoyed it immensely and loves the benefits like hitting Disneyland with her family.

    However, this outfit from a 2017 visit wasn’t quite her best look. It’s obvious Gomez was trying to be laid-back but went too far with it. The tracksuit looks way too dark and baggy and the way the Adidas logo is presented, she looks like a walking billboard. She may be enjoying herself but this shows you can be a little too laid-back at times and just because it’s Disneyland doesn’t mean you can’t look your best.

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    ON POINT: Red Leather

    "I'm at a place in my life where I know what I deserve and what I don't deserve, so I just want to make sure I can be the best I can be, and just do what I love and make sure that I'm happy doing it." Gomez told that in an interview with the New Yorker and it showcases how much she’s changed. The woman clearly has shifted her life a lot over the years and been through a lot of struggles. But as she hits her mid-twenties, she’s ready to take off more and adjust herself. She does know she’s in a strong place now and much better than in the past. But Gomez is clear she remembers her roots and using that to help her legions of fans find their own way.

    It’s also given her more confidence in her outfits, as shown by this dress at a Unicef event. The red leather is a gorgeous choice on her, fitting her and flaunting her great curves off. Her lush black hair is a fine contrast to help her stand out more, adding to her terrific look. This is when Gomez was moving from just a teen actress to something bigger and shows how that confidence has given her the strength to truly take off well.

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    NEED HELP: Belly Shirt

    Gomez has been upfront about her medical issues like a long-standing battle with lupus. But it was still a shock when in 2017, Gomez revealed the reason she’d been so quiet over the summer was that she was recovering from a kidney transplant. It was a tricky procedure but thankfully, Gomez turned out okay. That was thanks to the donor, her good friend actress Francia Raisa as Gomez posted photos of them in recovery together and continues to praise Raisa doing this. Gomez took it as well to some mocking her for showing off her surgery scars on Instagram.

    The singer wrote that the beauty myth was, "An obsession with physical perfection that traps the modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self-consciousness, and self-hatred."

    This pic shows an outfit that Gomez would have been better off not showing her belly in. Appearing at the SXSW Film Festival, Gomez is wearing a terrible bikini top, mostly blue and then a bad jungle pattern on it. This leads to her stomach and then a huge orange skirt that is way too tight on her. It looks like a bad cruise ship outfit, not something someone wears to a big event. Her style has thankfully changed but this outfit was a huge belly flop.

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    ON POINT: Modern Rocker

    Gomez’s music style was influenced by her time in Disney, a lot of “pop” songs and straight-up, blunt lyrics. Naturally, she’s adjusted to more of a rock edge and that shows in stronger lyrics. Many are still waiting for her next album but in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Gomez admitted it was coming along slower than she’d hoped.

    "My next album has been forever in the making. When people ask me why I’m honest about it: It’s because I haven’t been ready. I mean, point-blank, I don’t feel confident enough in where my music is yet. If it takes 10 years, it takes 10 years.”

    Some may not want to wait a decade but it should be worth it. Gomez has shown how she’s taken on a more “rocker” style and that includes outfits like this. At the 2018 American Music Awards, Gomez looked sensational in a dress designed to look like a tight leather jacket. It worked wonderfully, the style with zippers and pockets looking good and flaunting those sensational legs of hers. Her new blonde hair helped as it made Gomez stand out beautifully on the red carpet. It may be a wait for her next album but Gomez proves she can stand with any of today’s rockers wonderfully.

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    NEED HELP: Met Mess

    The annual Met Gala is one of the biggest nights for celebrities and fashion. Every year, they converge on the Metropolitan Museum for a costume ball and enjoy undergoing a slew of fantastic outfits. The upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie centers on a heist at the ball to showcase what a huge deal it is. Gomez has attended a few times and quite often looks great as she fits the annual themes the Ball puts on. Sadly, the 2018 entry was a comedown for her in terms of fashion. The outfit looks rough, nowhere near as stylish as Gomez has put on in past years. The cuts in the front and legs are too distracting and the floral pattern also does not fit the theme, and the same goes for her choker.

    The biggest issue was folks complaining about Gomez’s tan, which looked horrible in close-up photos and how it made her look worse. Gomez herself had to note it as she posted a video on her Instagram page of her running with “me reading reviews of my Met dress.” At least she can poke fun at it to admit it wasn’t her best fashion choice.

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    ON POINT: New York Chic

    There’s something about New York City that brings out the best in stars. It’s the center of the fashion world and also a major filming spot so it’s obvious you’ll see slews of celebrities abounding. Gomez is no different, showing up there constantly for promotional work and some concerns and told Billboard she loved the town.

    "I spent time this year shooting in New York. I think being in that movie and just being in New York – the culture there, just walking around and really engaging with people, which is not that common here – I feel like it allowed me to be present a little bit more."

    In this pic, Gomez sure is presenting. The black outfit is absolutely stunning, the top stylish and sleek and fits her well, showing off a very nice mid-riff. The skirt part is even better, with the large slit to focus on her amazing legs, yet still looking fabulous and classy paired with her high heels. The dark glasses and serious look make her appear all the more alluring. It’s a look designed to turn heads. Even in a city abounding with celebs, Selena made sure all eyes were on her.

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    NEED HELP: Bieber Image

    A big part of Gomez’s life was her on-again/off-again relationship with Justin Bieber. She and the rather controversial pop star were a squeaky-clean couple at first but both changed quite a bit over the years. Bieber, of course, is known for run-ins with the law and various other antics and Gomez has played coy over how serious it is. They had a major break-up that seemed to inspire songs but rumors of a reunion began, as they seem to be drawn to each other. Talking to Seventeen, Gomez said,

    “I didn't think I was doing anything bad by falling in love. There's such an emphasis on people being the perfect thing and then destroying them because it's good press. Throw in the fact that you are a teenager – it makes it more difficult."

    One thing that this relationship seemed to do was effect her style. The long-sleeved shirt has a bad pattern that looks like someone spilled a slew of glitter stars over it. It shows way too much of her midsection. Then there are the leather boots which just look out of place, and way too big for her. The large boots also don’t help and the whole thing just comes off a terrible mess. Thus, hanging with Bieber may have affected Selena’s fashion style and not in the best way.

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    ON POINT: Bodacious

    As amazing as it may seem, even Gomez has issues with her own beauty. She’s been upfront on her struggles with depression and has mentioned more than once that the internet is not a place for that to get better. In various interviews and postings, Gomez has mentioned to young fans to not let others judge them and not let the Internet postings and bullying get to them.

    "I get it all day, every day, that I'm not sexy enough, or I'm not cool enough, or if I did this I would be accepted. I promise you that each and every one of you is made to be who you are and that's what's so attractive and beautiful. Please don't forget that, even when it gets hard,” she told the Huffington Post.

    A picture like this really makes you wonder how Selena could ever feel like she is not beautiful, no matter what people are saying about her. Taken at a New York gala in 2017, Gomez looks gorgeous in a lovely gown with a floral pattern that fits her well. The lovely ruffled trim makes it look better and flows over her nicely. Helping is the great makeup like her dark lipstick and a nice pout that makes her look more grown up. Put together, it’s a sensational look to enhance how Gomez should never feel like anything but a million bucks in any way.

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    NEED HELP: Too Sheer
    Via Hello

    As a child actress turned pop star, Gomez has had to change her outlook on life a lot. After all, going from a Disney starlet to serious stuff opened her eyes to the darker sides of the industry. Talking to the Business of Fashion, Gomez explained, “When I was younger, it was all fun to me. When I did state fairs and 100 people would show up, I would be stoked. That was the best feeling in the world. But when I got older, I started to become exposed to the truth behind some stuff and that's when it flipped a little bit. I realized that, 'Oh this is actually really hard, and kind of slimy in certain areas' and I didn't realize that certain people wanted certain things from me. My confidence went through a lot with that.”

    Sadly, this pic shows a period when Gomez’s confidence may not have been the best. The floral pattern on the dark dress might have worked but then there’s the bizarre sheer sheet right in the middle of it that looks like a cheap tablecloth. Putting on a leather jacket just makes it worse, a terrible mishmash that doesn’t help Gomez out at all. Those horrible boot-style shoes are just making it worse. Thankfully, Gomez has grown out of outfits like this but still a terrible choice

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    ON POINT: Sleek Style

    As she adjusts to adulthood, Gomez has undergone style changes. Real life events have pushed it out as Gomez has admitted that, like friend Demi Lovato, she suffered having to put out a “proper image” too much of the time. Today, she’s now more herself and enjoying it. That includes her fashion sense as she does her best to look good but be herself in her style. As she told Vogue,

    "I'm not different from what I put out there. I've been very vulnerable with my fans, and sometimes I say things I shouldn't. But I have to be honest with them. I feel that's a huge part of why I'm where I am."

    This outfit shows that “stripped down” style very well. The tight black top is great and the idea of one bare arm showing while the other is covered by a dark coat is beautiful. The jeans also look terrific with her tight fit and a nice pattern to them. Gomez is able to rock a pair of shades very nicely and look great with them. It all comes together into a sleek outfit that enhances her amazing appeal and shows being herself is all fans want.

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    NEED HELP: Sandy From Grease

    For a lady great as an actress and singer, it’s surprising Gomez hasn’t done any actual musicals. She is a fan of them and obviously supported BFF Demi Lovato when the latter contributed songs to the hit Frozen. Talking to the BBC in 2016, Gomez was told of the plans to bring the comedy Mean Girls to Broadway and gushed on it. “Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! My childhood is coming to life! I love it!” That would be fun! Of course I respect Broadway, I would never in am million years think I could do it but maybe one day!” Given her great talents, one would think Gomez could do great on the stage. Sadly, this outfit doesn’t exactly help her case.

    It appears as if Gomez is channeling the role of Sandy in Grease but can’t quite pull it off. The leather pants look good but the “tears” in them throw it off. The large gold buckle belt is more of a distraction than an accessory. Her shoulders are way too bare and rather than flaunting her curves, the outfit just seems to bury them. Gomez is usually able to pull some fun outfits off but this shows maybe Grease is one musical she should be avoiding if she ever does give Broadway a try.

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    ON POINT: Urban Style

    Gomez is rising up nicely and that includes in terms of style. She’s working on her own fashion line for coach and seems ready to handle it well. As she told Vogue magazine,

    "There is no stupid question, and there are no stupid ideas. I think even the way something feels can inspire you, a song could inspire you to create something. Finding those moments for you to connect to your work. And also, just keep your eyes on your work, it is easy to compare yourself but it's important to stay true to what matters."

    This pic shows that Gomez can sure be fashion forward, even for a simple walk. This look is absolutely fantastic with a brown leather jacket over her sleek black top. The jeans are tight but with a great pattern to them, fitting well with the brown belt and while there’s mid-riff, it’s not too obtrusive. Topping it off is the fun sunglasses, a power accessory that also makes her look more alluring. This is a terrific showcase for how just going on errands makes Gomez look like a fashion model. So it’s no shock she’s getting into fashion itself and she is sure to be a hit there too.

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    NEED HELP: Morticia?

    Halloween is, of course, a good deal for Gomez. She rose to fame with Wizards of Waverly Place, a show all about magic and often used some crazy costumes. Gomez herself seems to enjoy it as she and the Weeknd were spotted on Halloween 2016 at Universal Studios. Gomez has been more low-key on the holiday, telling reporters in 2017 she was just hanging out with her sister. She seems to have skipped a lot of parties she used to attend as she told Ryan Seacrest,

    “I just want to be happy. If that's me just being myself, then I don't really care." Sadly, that doesn’t take for this outfit.

    It looks for all the world like she’s going out as Morticia Addams. The black dress looks way too bulky on her, nowhere near the sleek shape she usually enjoys and doesn’t help her body out. The bare shoulders also look off and it appears like she has to yank it up to show off some leg. Her long hair may be nice but the whole effect just doesn’t click anywhere near as well as it should. It may have looked okay at home but comes off rougher in public and Gomez could have used some aid making it work better than a poor Halloween costume.

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    ON POINT: Orange Drive

    Gomez has up front on how she’s adapted herself to more of a “feminist” nature in the last few years. She’s become stronger and bolder with her choices in music and her career as well as her body. She explained to Billboard that,

    “There’s a certain standard women are held to because...I don’t know. So many women nowadays are so loud about it. We need to cause a bit of uproar, because I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. It’s absurd.”

    Given her bold choices in her career as of late, few can deny Gomez has done a great job standing up and speaking out and that includes her wardrobe.

    This is a great example as Gomez is walking out of her New York hotel in a gorgeous orange dress. The plunge is terrific and flows over her body nicely with a great slit up one leg. Her hair flows back as well with a nice smile, a woman full of confidence and drive and ready to take on the world. That’s the attitude that’s led Gomez to such success and boosted up more in fame. She’s emerged very strong from the fire and looks great as this outfit shows her fashion style is just killer.

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