10 Times Victoria Beckham's Fashion Choices Were Stunning (And 10 Times They Weren't)

Victoria Caroline Adams Beckham better known as Victoria Beckham is an English businesswoman and fashion designer. Born in 1974, Victoria rose to the fame with the Spice Girls, a rock music band in 1990's. She is regarded as a style icon, and her brand has worldwide popularity. Beckham was cast in five documentaries – Victoria's Secret, Being Victoria Beckham, The Real Beckhams, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, and Victoria Beckham – A Mile in Their Shoes.

She is married to star footballer, David Beckham, and mother to four children. She was mentioned in Daily Telegraph, where it was stated that her transition from WAG to a fashion designer was a successful one.

In 2000, she appeared on a catwalk for Maria Grachvogel in many fashion shows. She also walked the ramp several times at the prestigious London Fashion Week. Victoria is also a British Ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana. She's launched her fashion brand, DVD denim collection in New York. She's a fashion judge and an editor-in-charge for Harper's Bazaar. Victoria has continuously expanded her business across the globe. She's continually featured in various magazines and has a plethora of celebs as her client base.

Victoria, being a reputed personality, her fashion choices are both appreciated and criticized by many.

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This picture was captured when the actress was posing in the famous Vera Wang wedding collection. The design is unique, and of course, the most desired for all the would-be brides. This wedding ensemble is approximately $100,000 USD, much above the price range of a middle-class woman.

The flower bouquet she is posing with adds an extra edge to the dress and makes it even more appealing. She flaunts the gown with style and wears light jewelry and makeup. Victoria is a sought-after designer, and she has designed wedding gowns for celebrities. Hand stitched, and magnificent, the wedding gown is just a perfect dream sequence for a bride to be.


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While Victoria Beckham is usually known for her chic sense of style, she was seen roaming the New York streets in a pair of pink pajamas, and what was even better was that her son did the same, saying that it made her hip. Well, that was quite cool of her son speaking significantly about his famous designer mom. The eighteen year proudly updated the photo on his Instagram account.

Well, the sleeves are quite oversized and so are the trousers. But, Victoria can carry anything with grace and style; that's a great credit to her profile.



In this picture, former singer and designer Victoria Beckham is seen wearing an orange colored slender looking gown. This is a perfect article of clothing for evening wear. She's seen here carrying a white colored clutch bag and little jewelry.

Moreover, she tucked up her hair, which shows off the dress nicely. The cross necked halter style is a perfect compliment to the slim look, and Victoria literally looked awesome here. She wore very little jewellery which sometimes, as is the case with this particular outfit, looks best.


Via: Google Images

This picture was taken when Victoria was walking around New York in a blue colored quilted textured tent type dress. She launched her favorite piece in the Spring Collection of 2014. Now, although Beckham is size zero, it is not a must for her to wear skin-tight dresses.

This dress was inspired by those of the 1960s. She wore a pair of black colored high heels to compliment the lacy outline of the frock. The frock was oversized, de-shaped and altogether just did not compliment her. The waistline fell entirely down the usual one, and the line looked tattered. But instead of all these facts, Victoria flaunted her style in this dress. She paired the ensemble with a pair of glares and a ponytail.



This dress is a cute one, especially with the closed neckline. Victoria Beckham poses in this dress with bright blue shoes that contrast the outfit. For anybody else, this combination would have been a complete eyesore. But for Victoria, this is a real treat for the eyes and perfect wear for an outing.

She pairs it with light jewelry. She's looking confident and carries a brown color leather clutch bag. The sleeves are a bit longer than the ordinary but she manages to make it work, which is not surprising, considering Victoria always tries to be both stylish and elegant. The black buttons along with her cropped hairstyle bring a different degree of sophistication to this dress.


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Victoria dressed herself up in a pair of white colored bell-bottomed pants, overcoat, and hat. Not to be too mean or anything, but it looks like she just got the role for Inspector Gadget.

This is one of her own creations, which she thought would be good to advertise. While the public understood that bell-bottomed pants are not an unknown concept, the ones she decided to showcase were a bit too much. There's definitely a problem when you can't see the shoes. Granted, she does continue to look better than most other people would manage in such an outfit, but that is something that is probably specific to Beckham.


Via: Wikimedia

Victoria Beckham was seen wearing this dress during a product launch event. The bright shaded steel grey dress was genuinely excellent, and she was the core point of attraction that evening. She wore matching shoes and light accessories in order to show more of the dress rather than focus on everything else.

This off shoulder, slightly creased dress was a great attraction, and it screamed sophisticated. The fabric was somewhat shaded and bore a ‘tech look,' as it was the event of a technical product launch. She exposed her collar bones, and gave off a sultry look.  Undoubtedly, her sense of dressing suiting the ambiance of the place is praiseworthy.


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Okay so, looking at this photo, we can all agree that her hair and makeup are both amazing. Her hair is styled perfectly, and her makeup works. She has always been one to prefer the dark heavy makeup, and she's one of the few that can pull it off. But naturally, when looking at this photo, no one cares about any of that. The jacket was the main point of discussion, and it looked as if it has much more fabric than it was supposed to be having. It is just way too much, and should have been left in the closet.

But Victoria Beckham, as usual, walked with confidence and brushed aside any critic who came on her way. Only a celebrity like her can dare to experiment with the odd.


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Victoria Beckham was seen in this short green ensemble while she was caught finishing some chores. This is an endearing summer dress that has a captivating color to it. She wore black sunglasses which harmonized the dress. This boat necked short length outfit can be the most desired dress for any fashion aspirant.

Her diamond ring fully complemented the attire. She looked sturdy and bold in this dress, as well as created an inspiration for all those women who want to look fabulous with little effort. The outfit might have even allowed designers to look at her and maybe think that less is more, and that simple is always the best way to go.


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The versatile designer was seen walking down the red carpet in an off-white gown with an unfamiliar trail. Celebrities who walk on the red carpet usually have long trails, and they are the most talked about by the media.

Victoria's dress was short, off-shoulder and she looked trendy while sporting in high heels over the red carpet. But this dress had a long trail that swept the rug basically, which was a bit unnecessary. Victoria has a skinny figure, which makes her clothing choices limited, if only because she looks like she gets lost in some of them. Well, sometimes unnecessary or unusual features attract the maximum media.


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The celeb designer was seen posing in a black jumpsuit. She looked stunning in this dress. Her roundish black sunglasses made her look as cool as ever. She was seen carrying a sling bag which added that extra edge to her outfit.

With her long hair, she looked like the diva that she is. This catchy eye suit became the core attraction of many as she stepped out in the streets of New York. As a designer and fashion expert, Victoria experiments a lot with dark colors. She can prove that dark colors, if worn well, can knock down any other trendy ensemble. After all, it is Victoria's bold attitude that strikes sixes every time she steps in, flaunting one of her new garments.


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In all honesty, we have no idea what it was that she was doing with this particular dress. It was way too tight yet not form fitting at all, the colors were all off, and her hair certainly did not help. As previously mentioned, sometimes the smaller one is, the more you have to be careful with what you wear, but apparently she just doesn't care.

The outfit is no looker, and for a designer you think she would have a better sense of what not to wear, but apparently that is not the case. Her hair doesn't help, as it is uncertain as to whether or not she is trying to have bangs or is just going for a messy look. She did achieve that at least; this whole look is a mess.



This baby pink color is too cute and alluring. The knee length of the dress with a pink and black combination can allure anybody who has a bit of style sense. With her long hair, dark sunglasses, and her adorable dress, she looked like a little doll.

There is just one emotion that revokes the heart, and that would be ‘pretty, pretty, and pretty.' Anybody with a slight, slender figure will suit this outfit. The casual yet pretty look always allures her fans especially when Victoria, the heartthrob walks with an indomitable attitude. Undoubtedly, she is just the queen of fashion. Other notable models were also seen wearing this dress for a ramp walk.


Via: Google Images

The fashion icon was seen roaming the streets of New York just before revoking the spring collection. It seems like Victoria was too tired and exhausted working for her group and she forgot to change her outfit before going shopping.

The blue pyjamas are not ugly at all, but they're definitely not suited for the streets. Anyways, Victoria managed her look with a pair of oversized glares and skillets. She was looking impeccable, though the attire was a bit unusual. Victoria is usually seen flaunting designer wears and ramping down with models in her exclusive collections. When she makes a public appearance in somewhat surprising nightwear, it's a bit weird, especially to her fans.



Victoria possesses a particular affinity for dark colors, and she perfectly suits it. With her hair cascading over the shoulders, she flaunts a confident look in this short black dress.

This ensemble is perfect for a party. She is both elegant and casual with it, as she is wearing a dress with a jacket. The jacket allows for the spark of casual, and depending on where she ends up in the night, she can lose it or use it with the ambiance! She looks both corporate ready and like a Greek goddess. That's the best part of these kinds of outfits; when they have more than one use to them.


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Victoria was seen wearing this pair of trousers in a red carpet moment. She was wearing an off-shoulder white bordered black dress which is excellent from above the waist. But below the waist, it ended in a pair of loosely fitted trousers, and she wore black shoes.

Apparently, something went invariably wrong with the entire attire. She tucked up her hair into a ponytail. While that top half looks amazing, the bottom half would have been a lot better if the pants would actually fit her legs. It looks way too casual for the red carpet, which is not how it is supposed to be. Celebs must always be overdone on the carpet, and she just did not meet the demands that time.


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As said earlier, the former singer likes wearing dark colors, especially black. As a matter of fact, most of her favorite wardrobes are designed in black. She flaunts this little black dress, deep cut neck-lined slender looking attire with style and grace. Her smokey eye makeup and the cropped, spiked hairstyle complemented her style quotient, and she indeed looked like a style icon.

She bears a total corporate look in this image. The designer is appreciated by many for her sense of style; many celebrities own her designs and styles. We have seen her posing in black quite sometimes; this is no doubt one of her best pictures that deserves appreciation.


Via: Google Images

The singer turned designer was seen strolling in the streets of New York in a red silk pyjama. She is too bold to make a homely dress look like a formal one. She was seen strutting out at night in red silk pyjamas. This was a piece from her spring 2018 collection.

She wore this while she was on her way to receive her son in New York. Well, she inspired young aspirants to dress up in the most comfortable and casual way. For other celebs, it may seem possible to roam a city in pyjamas, but obviously, they don't design clothes. Victoria Beckham has got that cutting edge of defining and distinguishing herself.



Here is another image of Victoria that clearly shows why she's liked by all fashion lovers. She wears a red outfit that perfectly suits her slender shaped figure. The dress has a slit from the waist, and this gives an astounding look to any model who wants to flaunt her curves. She puts on heavy eye make up once more, and wears pointed red heels with the dress. Victoria ravishes in this red color and flaunts a dauntless attitude. The boat-shaped neck gives a cutting edge look to the ensemble.

Victoria Beckham is well-known for her fashion sense and the way she carries herself in every outfit she poses, yet there are instances where this singer turned fashion designer failed to do justice with her image and ended up making wrong fashion choices. This however, is definitely not one of them.


Via: Google Images

Victoria has a skinny figure, and she should be very much aware of it. This picture was taken at a product launch event. She was wearing a black and white outfit. Down from the waist, it was a short type pant style. She flaunted her hairstyle, but at the same time, she attracted criticism.

In fact, she topped the Blackwell's list for being the worst dressed celebrity. She was criticized for wearing a skinny mini-monstrosity and pouting for no reason. While she could wear a skirt to suffice the deficit, she didn't. She had been criticized multiple times for lagging a sense of style, but Victoria Beckham has proved that she can go fearlessly in any outfit she wishes.

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