10 Times Gigi Hadid Looked Stunning (And 10 Times We Questioned Her Outfit Choices)

Gigi Hadid is a stunning young woman so it comes as no surprise that today she is one of the most famous models in the fashion industry. Indeed, in 2016 Hadid was given the title of International Model of the Year by British Fashion Council and we can see why – she is talented, beautiful and she has great work ethic. Furthermore, she is down to earth and her colleagues and friends never spare her any compliments.

Hadid began modeling when she was still a baby – she was two years old to be exact – when she was found by Paul Marciano from Guess clothing. Thus, her modeling career began with Baby Guess although she did leave the modeling world eventually to focus on school.

When Hadid did eventually come back to modeling, she did not find it easy. Indeed, she has mentioned in a couple of interviews that a few of the modeling agencies she initially approached insisted that she needed to lose a lot of weight before she could embark on her modelling career. The now famous model, who is known for her athletic figure and her feminine curves, was quite disheartened and even confessed to shedding a few tears over this initial rejection. However, her mother promised her that they would find the right people for her – the people who would love her and her body – and they did.

Nowadays Hadid not only rocks great pieces on the runway but also on the streets. She is often photographed by paparazzi wearing stunning outfits that compliment her beautiful figure nicely. We can’t help but try and emulate these outfits although we're not going to lie - there have been cases where we questioned the model’s outfit choices too.

20 Stunning – Marine Inspired Outfit


There’s no denying that Gigi Hadid looks absolutely stunning in the photo above, thanks to her chic yet elegant outfit. Hadid’s above outfit consists of black shorts with golden embellishments, a sailor-inspired blouse, and gold ankle boots. The outfit is simple yet refreshing, hence Hadid’s decision to skip almost all accessories. Indeed, the famous model only opted for a simple choker to complete her look. She kept her hair down in loose waves and her makeup minimal. Hadid finished off the look with black nail polish.

It’s a simple yet effective outfit, consisting of only a skirt, a blouse and statement boots and yet it looks incredible. Hadid has revealed that she is a fan of dressing stylishly yet comfortably. In an interview with Glamour, she said that her everyday style could be described as "casual chic" –

“I like to say casual chic because I have to be comfortable, but also like to stay on trend.”

In that same interview with Glamour, Hadid explained as to how she puts together an outfit – “On a normal day I’ll usually start with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then maybe pick a cool pair of boots or a jacket to build more statement pieces on top. But saying that, if I’ve just bought a new piece like a printed coat then I’ll be too excited to wear it and plan my outfit completely around that.”

19 Questioned – Green Acid-Wash Sweatsuit


The above outfit is certainly eye-catching, but not necessarily in a good way. Hadid wore the above outfit – which consisted of a green acid-wash cropped hoodie with short sleeves and loose sweatpants – as she was out and about in New York City. She paired the $225 Cotton Citizen ‘Milan’ sweatpants with olive shoes - which were highlighted by Hadid’s decision to cuff her pants – as well as white sunglasses with pink frames. Hadid wore her hair in a ponytail and wore barely any makeup. She also opted to forego all accessories knowing full well that they would look ridiculous when paired with this sporty look.

Of course, if anyone can pull off this outfit it’s Hadid but we are still not sure that it worked quite the way that she had hoped it would. Hadid is a beautiful woman and no pair of sweatpants can detract from her beauty. Still, the sweatpants she chose did not exactly compliment her either although we are sure Hadid was very comfy that day. And, as she has said in an interview with Elle, nowadays she dresses for herself and no one else – “I feel like more recently I’m really dressing for myself and not for the world and for what people expect me to wear.”

18 Stunning – Playful Ensemble


We are in love with Hadid’s outfit above, and we bet that you are too! It’s simple yet chic. It’s also very playful. And, it showcases Hadid’s beautiful figure. What more might you want in an outfit?

Hadid wore the above outfit as she was out and about in New York City. Her outfit consisted of a simple white crop-top (and, as the news media was quick to notice, it appeared like she wasn’t wearing a bra), stripy black and white pants with an embellished giraffe on one leg, and white leather ankle boots. Once again, Hadid opted to forego all accessories realizing that they would simply detract from the outfit as opposed to add to it. She did, however, choose to wear orange octagonal sunglasses from Andy Wolf Eyewear collection.

Hadid certainly knows how to make even the simplest of outfits look slightly out of the ordinary. Here she achieved this by going for pants that had an embroidered giraffe on them as well as by opting for fun-shaped sunglasses.

Indeed, in an interview with Elle, Hadid admitted that she likes to go for fun clothes and accessories which motivate her to have a fun day – “I really try to wake up in the morning and put something on that excites me and motivates me to have a fun day. And I think having great clothes and shoes and fun colors and great craftsmanship can really bring inspiration to an outfit.”

17 Questioned – See-Through White Dress That Concealed And Revealed Everything At The Same Time


Gigi Hadid wore the above white lace off-the-shoulder dress to the 2016 American Music Awards (AMA's) of which she was the co-host, alongside the comedian Jay Pharoah. The dress itself was sheer and very long. It also completely exposed Hadid’s shoulders. And while the dress’s sheerness meant that we could see some of Hadid’s skin – and her figure – beneath it, it nonetheless felt too concealing, even if it was quite feminine and in a way, even sexy. She finished off her look with a simple silver choker.

Still, while we questioned Hadid’s choice of dress we fell in love with her hair and makeup. Hadid’s hair was slicked back in a voluptuous hair-do and her makeup was quite simple and elegant with her red lip being the only pop of color.

According to an interview with Vogue, Hadid confessed that she likes to go for a “no-makeup look” but admitted that contouring is very important to her – “But I feel like, for most events, if I’m going as a high-fashion model, I usually just like doing a clean face. But I feel like even with a clean face, you still have to kind of contour—so it’s kind of like the no-makeup look.”

16 Stunning – "Modern Businesswoman" Outfit


Believe it or not but Gigi Hadid actually hates clothes shopping. If you find that hard to believe (for she does look extremely fashionable and chic most of the time) don’t worry, we did too. Until Hadid explained that she actually “window shops” at work.

According to Elle magazine, Hadid said –

“I guess work is the easiest and most efficient way for me to shop, just because it’s right in front of me. And yeah, you’re right, I don’t like to take the time in my free time to shop—I actually hate it. I don’t like trying clothes on because that’s my job."

She continued with, "I do window shop in a way at work, and I’m always inspired by the clothes because, you know, at work there’s the most insane clothes. So sometimes it’s more inspiration than something I’m actually going to go and buy.”

It very well could be that the above outfit, which Hadid wore to Sports Illustrated Celebrates Swimsuit event in New York City in 2015, was inspired by one such “window shopping” days. Once again, the above outfit is both casual and chic and consists of a simple white top, a black leather pencil skirt with a slit at the front, a long coat with leather sleeves, two-toned high heel shoes, and a small black chained handbag. As always, Hadid opted to forego all accessories although she did sport a pair of sunglasses.

15 Questioned – Pajamas As An Outfit


Recently we saw a number of fashionable celebrities wear pajamas as day clothes. Some of them opted to incorporate pajamas into their casual outfits by wearing a silk pajama top with jeans, for example. Others went all out and wore a full pajama set while they were out and about, running errands and going to dinner with family and friends. Some of these celebrities pulled this look off nicely. Others failed magnificently.

Since Gigi Hadid is not only a beautiful but also a stylish young woman we all thought that if anyone could pull off “pajamas as day clothes” look it would have been her. We were wrong! Hadid’s pajama outfit consisted of green and white silk striped Morgan Lane pajamas, white Stuart Weitzman stilettos and vintage glasses. She did not go for any accessories, kept her makeup minimal and had her hair pulled back. In theory, the outfit should have worked, but in reality, it didn’t.

Last year – in 2017 – Hadid’s stylist Mimi Cuttrell confessed, according to Glamour magazine, that Hadid likes to surprise people with her outfit choices – “[Gigi's] goal is to make meaningful, powerful looks, and to show that she can have fun wearing really bright colors or just wearing new things—playing up your true self rather than having this thing where everyone thinks you have to dress a certain way." Unfortunately, we don’t think that this time it worked.

14 Stunning – You Can Never Go Wrong With A Graphic Tee


This is one of those amazing outfits that Gigi Hadid wore that we can actually try to emulate. It’s chic but it also feels rebellious. It highlights Hadid’s long legs but at the same time, it makes her look nonchalant and cool.

The above outfit consists of an AC/DC band tee, cut off shorts, a navy robe blazer, a yellow Bulgari purse, white socks, and boots. Hadid accessorized the outfit with a light blue choker and cool shades. She pulled her hair back in a relaxed ponytail and kept her makeup minimal.

Back in a 2015 Glamour magazine interview Hadid confessed that her favorite outfit consists of mom jeans, a simple shirt, and a leather jacket and this look is not far off from that.

In the interview, the model said – “The Mom jeans with tie-up shirt and leather jacket are very me. With you guys it’s so easy to put pieces together and look effortlessly cool. You can find great basics but also really standout ones that just make your outfit look better immediately. It’s all about mixing the highs and lows.” Indeed, Hadid is a pro at mixing the highs and lows and always makes her outfits stand out by pairing simple, chic pieces with pieces that stand out.

13 Questioned – Multicolored Velour Sweatsuit (In Summer!)


Gigi Hadid likes to stand out but she usually opts to pair eye-catching pieces with basic staples, a trend that makes her outfits cool yet chic. The above outfit, however, is certainly one that we won’t be imitating.

Hadid wore the above outfit last summer – in 2017 – for lunch in the East Village. The outfit consisted of a velour gold, green and black Paul & Joe sweatsuit that looked incredibly uncomfortable in the summer heat. Hadid styled the outfit with a pair of black Andre Assous mules, a black satchel bag, and sunglasses.

Even Hadid couldn’t pull this outfit off and we do hope that she doesn’t opt for similar pieces in the future, especially not in summer. Indeed, we felt uncomfortable (and sweaty!) just looking at her and we can’t even begin to imagine what it actually must have felt like to wear the velour sweatsuit in the heat!

According to Glamour magazine, Hadid confessed that the way she dresses depends a lot on the mood she is in that day and that if she wears something that excites her – even if it doesn’t necessarily conform with society’s views on fashion – she will feel good – "If you look in the mirror and feel excited, that’s what’s it is all about." But did she really feel good wearing the above sweatsuit?

12 Stunning – Denim On Denim


Once again, with the outfit above Hadid proved that pairing simple pieces with eye-catching ones will make you stand out in the best way possible. For the outfit above, Hadid opted for denim shorts, a simple grey hoodie, a distressed denim jacket and black over the knee boots. The model looked stylish, chic and comfortable.

Keeping with the comfortable yet chic theme of her outfit, Hadid opted to keep her straight hair down and went for simple, minimal makeup. As is so often the case with the model, she decided to forego all accessories so as to let the outfit speak for itself.

Believe it or not, but Hadid was not always extremely fashionable. Indeed, according to an interview with Vogue magazine, she only became fashion-conscious when she started attending high school -

“As for middle school, I had a really horrible era of style. I’d only play basketball with the boys during lunch so I went through a phase of only wearing Lakers uniforms to school—that was cute!" 

She continued with, "And then I kind of went through the Puma phase that everyone went through with the sweatsuits, which turned into Juicy Couture sweatsuits. High school is when I started to get my sense of fashion together. My queen was Candice Swanepoel, who is a friend of mine now, which is kind of funny, but in high school I was obsessed. I love her street style, she is always in cool boyfriend jeans, boots, and an awesome coat, which is very much like what I wear.”

11 Questioned – Baby Pink Suit Ensemble


The above outfit above, which Gigi Hadid wore while out and about in Greenwich Village in New York City, is certainly eye-catching but not exactly in a good way. For one, it feels like Hadid, who is known for her simple, chic and comfortable outfits, is trying too hard. Secondly, those pants do nothing for Hadid’s beautiful figure.

Hadid’s outfit above consisted of a light pink suit and a white sweater with a rose design on it. The suit was a trouser suit and while Hadid obviously wore the trousers she opted to tie the suit jacket around her waist instead of actually wearing it over her sweater. The model accessorized the outfit with Stalvey handbag and unique, tinted blue sunglasses.

Since it was Hadid’s day off model duty, she opted to keep her makeup minimal and left her hair down in tousled waves. Apart from her style, Hadid’s hair is another thing that many of her fans try to emulate. In an interview with W Magazine, the model said that most of the time she doesn’t do anything with her hair as her main priority is to keep it healthy – “I’m not allowed to do anything with my hair. My goal is to keep it healthy."

10 Stunning – Glamorous All-Black Outfit


Let’s take a minute to really appreciate Gigi Hadid’s outfit above. Hadid wore the incredibly glamorous outfit a few years ago – in 2016, to be exact – for her interview with the Today show. The outfit consisted of a cropped cashmere sweater by Brandon Maxwell that stood out thanks to its structured shoulders, a wave skirt (also by Brandon Maxwell) as well as silver Stuart Weitzman ankle boots.

For the occasion, Hadid decided to accessorize her all-black outfit with silver earrings which matched her silver nail polish. The model styled her hair in beautiful waves and kept her makeup relatively simple. Wondering how Hadid manages to always stun us with a smooth and pimple-free face? Believe it or not, but the answer is toothpaste! According to an interview with Vogue magazine, Hadid said –

“The one beauty tip that I always use that my mom passed down was when I get a pimple, I use toothpaste. I just put it on [a pimple] at night before I go to sleep."

She continued with, "Then I take [a small piece of] toilet paper, get it wet, put it on my finger and press it over the top, and peel [the excess paper off] around my finger. It dries kind of like a papier-mâché and it holds in the moisture and the toothpaste. In the morning, you just put a wet towel on it, and it all comes off.”

9 Questioned – Pajamas During Daytime


Gigi Hadid first tried out the pajama trend in April 2017 when she wore striped silk green and white pajamas that had her name embroidered on them. She didn’t look good then but she obviously loved the pajama trend so much that a few months later she opted to wear them again. Of course, this time she wore a different pair of pajamas but once again, it was not a good look.

The pajama outfit above consisted of blue and white striped pajamas by Christian Dada that had red piping on them and white high-heeled boots. Hadid accessorized the look with bright red sunglasses. She also opted to forego all accessories and kept her hair and makeup minimal.

According to an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Hadid’s choice to go for simple, natural makeup looks is less to do with her conviction that bare and minimal makeup looks are more attractive than with the fact that she is simply too lazy to go for a full-makeup look – "I wish I had the energy to do full makeup. Honestly, like there are people that I'm even friends with that are full beauty, outfits, everything, looks every single day. And I wish I had that energy. I just don't."

8 Stunning – Little Navy Dress With A Twist


With the outfit above Gigi Hadid certainly proves that less is more. Indeed, her outfit – which she wore to the Maybelline Beauty Bash in 2016 – consisted of only a navy David Koma mini dress that featured double side zippers and a chunky silver choker. The model had her hair back in a sleek hair-do and her makeup was, as always, minimal. However, Hadid did opt for a red lip this time which she achieved by mixing three lipstick shades.

However, in her everyday life, Hadid prefers to wear nude lipstick, especially in summer, according to Hollywood Reporter

“My nude lipstick for sure. I always have it with me and I think that when you have a bronzy glow, just putting a swipe of nude lipstick on and making the whole look kind of neutral is really pretty for summer.”

And, in case you think that Hadid always looks amazing and put-together at various events, just know that she hasn’t always avoided fiascoes, according to Hollywood Reporter – “I had one on a red carpet and it was one of my first red carpets. I just had way too much makeup on and it wasn’t a good look. I hadn’t learned yet that my eyes don’t work with strip lashes, my eye shape just isn’t right for those. So I looked drowsy and my eyes were droopy all night because my eyelashes were so heavy. It was a mess. But you do have to go through those things to learn and then once you have that little failure you realize the importance of finding a great team. I put a lot of effort in finding the people that I create well with and they bring whatever I imagine to life really well.”

7 Questioned – Ankle-Length Pink Dress


Gigi Hadid does not look ridiculously bad in the outfit above but nonetheless, this is one of those outfits that we think she should have avoided. Hadid wore the above outfit to a 2017 interview on the Today show. The outfit consisted of a feminine, lacy pink bodysuit, a pink ankle-length skirt that was completely covered in sequins and black, pointy slingback kitten heels that featured a pink strap. Hadid had her hair pulled back in a sleek hair-do and her makeup was minimalist. Her lip color, however, did match her outfit. As always, Hadid decided to skip all accessories except for unique earrings that were shaped like paperclips.

While we were not a fan of the outfit above, when Hadid’s stylist Mimi Cuttrell was asked by a reporter from W Magazine as to which of Hadid’s looks she liked the most, she confessed that the above pink outfit was ultimately her favorite – “Just a few weeks ago, when she did the Today Show. I went with an all pink Nina Ricci look that was fun and classic. It was one of my favorite outfits to watch Gigi bring to life.” It certainly wasn’t one of our favorite outfits to see Gigi bring to life!

6 Stunning – Modern Chic Outfit


You may have been wondering – was Gigi Hadid as stylish two or three years ago as she is now? And the answer is yes – yes, she was. And we have proof! Take the above photo for example which was taken in 2015 as Hadid was strolling around New York. In the photo above, Hadid is wearing a stunning outfit that consists of a Lucy Rose polka dot skater skirt, Donna Mizani cropped mock top, Diane von Furstenberg Libby zebra trench coat, Adidas sneakers and a black handbag. Even then Hadid showed her disdain for over-accessorizing by deciding to forego almost all accessories. Indeed, her only accessory that day was cool shades.

Hadid kept her makeup simple and she had her beautiful long hair pulled back in a relaxed bun that not only complimented her outfit nicely but that was probably doing wonders for her hair at the same time.

Indeed, in an interview with W Magazine Hadid admitted that on her days off she likes to slather her hair in coconut oil and then put it up in a relaxed bun – “When I have time off, I do coconut oil in my hair and I just put it in a bun and don’t wash it. You can shower, obviously. But just keep your hair in a bun for like three days, keep the coconut oil in and just keep it up, and then at the end when you wash it all out—when you wash it, do shampoo first, then rinse, then shampoo again, because if you do water first then the shampoo doesn’t go in and your hair is still oily."

5 Questioned – See-Through Dress


This is another one of Gigi Hadid’s outfits that we are not a fan of. The dress looks rather strange and even though it is see-through it doesn’t compliment Hadid’s figure at all. Hadid wore the above outfit to The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards in Los Angeles in 2016. Hadid ensured that the dress was not too revealing by wearing a white bodysuit. However, this bodysuit failed to conceal the fact that the model was also wearing nude underwear.

Still, even though her dress was not exactly stunning – at least not in a good way – her makeup and her hair were, as always, on point. For the occasion, Hadid decided to keep her hair down in loose waves and also kept her makeup minimal although she did sport a bold lip.

In an interview with W magazine, Hadid’s stylist Mimi Cuttrell revealed that there is quite a big difference to the way she styles Hadid’s street looks and the way she styles her red carpet looks – “The biggest difference between red carpet and street style when styling is the amount of glamour that can created by a red carpet look. The hair, the makeup, the jewels, the shoes, the clutch: so many aspects go into a red carpet look so it’s bound to be a grand moment!”

4 Stunning – Black Dress With A Slit Down The Side


There’s no denying that Gigi Hadid looks amazing in black. Just look at the image above if you don’t believe us. In the above photo, taken at the 2015 Guess jeans promotional campaign in Sydney, Hadid is wearing a fitted black dress that has a slit down the side. Hadid paired the dress with matching black heels and opted to forego all accessories not wanting to detract from the dress. The model wore her beautiful blonde hair in a ponytail and her makeup was minimalist although she did sport a red lip.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Hadid admitted that she is a much bigger makeup and beauty junkie than her sister, Bella Hadid –

“I personally think my sister is so stunning without makeup. And she doesn’t wear that much makeup because she has the best skin color. I do makeup on her, or I’ll teach her little things that I do.”

And when asked as to what kind of makeup looks she goes for when doing her sister’s makeup and whether she likes to do the smoky eye, Hadid responded with – “No, it’s usually just the same as me: foundation, bronzer, and mascara. I think we have faces that if you put too much makeup on them and you’re not a professional makeup artist, it goes drag real quick.”

3 Questioned – White Fluffy Suit-Like Outfit


Gigi Hadid can rock almost any outfit but we’re not exactly sure that she managed to pull off the outfit you see above. Why? It simply looks too bulky and hides Hadid’s beautiful figure. Hadid wore the above outfit last winter – in November 2017, to be exact – to the Gigi Hadid x Stuart Weitzman launch in New York. The outfit consisted of a white Zeynep Arcay suit which Hadid paired with shoes from her own collection. For once, she also opted to accessorize quite heavily – she paired her outfit with a few silver statement necklaces (one shaped like a moon and the other shaped like the sun), a few rings and a hairpin. The model kept her hair down in her signature waves and her makeup was simple and minimalist.

Her shoes certainly stand out in the above outfit and in case you were wondering why they feature an evil eye design, Hadid explained the backstory behind the design in an interview with Elle magazine –

“It’s a symbol that I grew up with. My parents both loved it and it’s just a great symbol of not letting bad energy into your personal space. It’s a symbol of protection from that. It’s always been in my life on jewelry, my Mum wore it, we had it around the house, I had it as a kid on little bracelets and stuff."

She continued with, "It’s something that was on my car keychain in high school and I have an evil eye on top of my bed now. It’s just a good reminder, mentally, to not let the bad energy affect you, and then obviously symbolically it protects you. So I think it’s a good thing to have and a cool thing to spread around and hopefully, it protects others.”

2 Stunning – Simple Yet Chic Black Dress


Gigi Hadid knows how to rock simple yet chic pieces. Take the outfit above, as an example. It is made up of the most basic clothing items and yet it looks absolutely stunning. The outfit consists of a knee-length black dress that has a cut-out at the front, a black leather jacket and white sneakers. Hadid left her sleek blonde hair down and her makeup was minimal. As always, she decided against accessorizing her outfit knowing that accessories would only serve to detract from it.

In an interview with Elle, Hadid confessed that she has always loved great basics and statement pieces –

“When I moved to New York from California and started school I was very much still wearing my high school wardrobe. Especially because I was going to university and also working and then going straight from class to the gym it was very athleisure."

She continued with, "I’d always mix my workout clothes with a cool statement jacket and bag and then I’d have my trainers in my purse and would wear a cool boot and that was how I would go to school. I think my style has always been like that—great basics that I think fit well, and then I love statement pieces that are a little wild. Now I get to wear a lot cooler clothes, I am really lucky to get to play with clothes in that way, but I always want to be comfortable. That’s something that has always really stayed with me.”

1 Questioned – All-Pink Barbie Suit


Outfits that make one look like a Barbie doll are not necessarily bad but we certainly think that Hadid should have avoided the outfit above. Hadid wore the above all-pink outfit to her sunglasses collection in New York in 2017. The outfit consisted of pink leather pants, a pink leather biker jacket and pink pumps. Hadid finished off the look with pink lens sunglasses. The model decided against wearing any accessories (indeed, accessories would have made the already ridiculous outfit look even more ridiculous) and kept her beautiful long hair down in a wavy hairstyle. Her makeup was minimal.

As media outlets were quick to notice, it was obvious that Hadid’s outfit was inspired by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde although Hadid did not have the Chihuahua or the bag that Woods had. However, Hadid’s sister Bella Hadid also noticed that Gigi’s outfit made her look like Lizzie McGuire from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Indeed, according to Harper's Bazaar when the Instagram page HadidNews posted an image of Hadid wearing the above all pink ensemble captioned as “June 27: #GigiHadid leaving her apartment in Manhattan.” Bella Hadid commented saying “GIGI YOU ARE LIZZIE MCGUIRE FINALLY WE DREAMT OF THIS MOMENT (or maybe only I did) HOLT SH*T YESSSS @GIGIHADID U R LIFEEEEE.”

Hadid must have loved the outfit for she has mentioned before, in an interview with Glamour magazine, that she loves color – “I’m really into color. Whichever color is the one that makes you smile when you wake up in the morning is the one for you that day.” What can we say, the outfit made us smile too but we’re still not fans of this look.

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