10 Red Carpet Dresses We'd Love To See Again (And 10 We Wish Didn't Exist)

There is definitely the stigma in Hollywood for women that if they wear an outfit once, that they better not be wearing it again. But one woman who thinks that idea is nonsense is Tiffany Haddish, who earlier this year busted out the same gorgeous white dress for several different events.

When talking about it, Haddish stated, "I feel like if I pay good money for something, I wear it when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreze it."

Amen to that! And when you see the other 9 amazing dresses on our list, you are going to be left wanting to send these celebrities bottles of Febreze so that they'll bust it out again. The 10 gorgeous girls on our list all have plenty of red carpet experience, but that means you can rest assured that we've only come away with the very best outfits that they've worn.

But what's the best, without also seeing some of the worst. Even if some of the worst and most regrettable outfits were also worn by some of the most stunning women in Hollywood. Proving that perhaps nobody was going to be able to pull that dress off.

Included are some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment such as Britney Spears, Sophie Turner, and Lady Gaga, but can you guess what side they fall on? There's only one way to find out!

20 Love To See Again - Jessica Biel

With photos like this, you can quickly start to understand why many people think Jessica Biel is among the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. Don't get too excited though, as Justin Timberlake definitely has that locked down and perhaps instead you can use their cute relationship as a benchmark for you and your partner to shoot for.

When talking about how she feels going towards award shows, Biel revealed perhaps a not-so-fashionable secret that has been a huge gamechanger for her,

"In the car on my way to premieres and awards shows, I'll sit with tissue paper under my armpits so I don't soil the delicate dress fabric. The whole time, I'm telling myself, 'Please don't sweat, please don't sweat.' I throw the tissues out right before I step out of the car, and nobody ever knows! I just put on a smile and fake it."

It may be an unconventional technique, but it definitely works for her.

19 Never Again - Ariel Winter

There is nothing wrong with feeling confident in your body. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to take that level of confidence and put on an outfit that lets the world see some of your favorite features.

For Ariel Winter, she was definitely feeling confident in how her legs looked when she decided to wear this outfit to the Emmys one year.

But let's hope that as confident as she was feeling in her lower half, that she was also just as confident in her underwear protection. Because if not, that dress was going to end up being memorable for reasons that she definitely wasn't expecting when she had woken up that morning and tried it on.

The risque slits of the dress left very little to the imagination when she was standing still, but things got a lot harder for Winter once she was photographed in motion. We're sure in hindsight she wishes she didn't have to spend so much of her night making sure she didn't accidentally flash someone.

18 Love To See Again - Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is definitely no stranger to making appearances on red carpets and stealing the show. Because while she's often surrounded by other gorgeous actresses, such as Elizabeth Olsen in the Avengers franchise, Johansson still manages to always to blow people away with her sense of style and fashion.

When discussing her thoughts on dressing up, Johansson once stated:

"If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous."

And it's hard to imagine she wasn't feeling very glamorous here! Let's hope the fact that she has many red carpet appearances (not to mention various talk shows) ahead of her doesn't lead to her feeling too worn out.

Though nobody will blame her if she tries to find some time to vacation in the near future. Something that may be a lot harder to do if they do go ahead and create a standalone Black Widow movie that would surely keep her very busy.

17  Never Again - Farrah Abraham

There are some celebrities who can't stand going on red carpets. And while Farrah Abraham's outfits have sometimes earned some puzzled looks by fashion critics (or controversy such as when she went with an Indian theme), she still has a lot of fun when it comes to attending the shows.

“I love red carpets. You didn’t see me strutting in here with like socks on. I make the awards show," said Abraham in a past interview.

Abraham also went on to say she loves going to after party's, provided it's got the right "party energy" for her,

"I’m a little bit more active, so after, I need an after party that sets the damn party. [A lame after party] is just like refreshments and like a crouton and they’re just like, ‘See ya!’ It’s cheap. I’m a little fabulous, and I’m trying to go over-the-top.”

16 Love To See Again - Blake Lively

There are many red carpet events that celebrities need to circle on their calendar as being super important that they show up, and to hopefully do so while looking dynamite. One of those days is the Met Gala that happens in May and features some of the most unique (but at times beautiful) outfits of the entire year.

When talking to Vogue about the dress that Blake Lively is planning to wear at this upcoming event, she revealed,

"This year's may be my favorite dress ever. They've already worked on it for 600 hours, and it's not done."

While we're sure Lively will look stunning, if there was a previous favorite dress of hers, it may have to be this one.

15 Never Again - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has no shortage of dresses that she's worn to the red carpet that has gotten people's attention. Sometimes that can be a really positive thing, as Gaga is really beautiful even if she hides it sometimes.

Without question though, one of the most controversial looks she embarked on was her "meat dress" that she elected to wear to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

When talking about the inspiration behind the dress, which perhaps understandably upset some people, Gaga stated,

"It's certainly no disrespect to anyone that's vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I'm the most judgment-free human being on the Earth. It has many interpretations, but for me this evening it's [saying], 'If we don't stand up for what we believe in, if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.'"

There's no question that she's opinionated!

14 Love To See Again - Gal Gadot

There were definitely many people out there who developed a huge crush on Gal Gadot after seeing her kick some serious tail (and look damn good while doing it) in the huge hit Wonder Woman. Because while she looked good in Batman Vs Superman, she definitely turned it up to a whole new level.

But as gorgeous as Gadot looks when she is in character, she looks even better when she leaves the armor back at home and instead slips into an elegant dress for a red carpet event.

Something that she surely had to do time and time again when promoting the film and the subsequent Justice League film. Gadot has been open about the fact that she knows she's a role model for many women. We're sure the amount of confidence that she has when it comes to her sense of style is something that many people also find very inspirational.

13 Never Again - Charlize Theron 

There are many roles in Charlize Theron's career where she has blown people away not only with her good looks but her tremendous acting ability. So she's perhaps always going to be expected to be arriving at the red carpet events and that when she does, people are going to be taking notice. And at times, they may be left talking even more about how gorgeous her dress was than the performance that she may have found herself nominated for!

But we don't know if people were taking notice of Theron for the way that she had hoped for when she arrived at the 2010 Academy Awards. Because while Theron managed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction which we're sure is something she was very thankful for, the unique design choice of the flowers on the front may not have looked as good in person as it did in the designer's mind.

12 Love To See Again - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has admitted recently that she is hoping to put some of her focus on efforts in her life that aren't exactly related to the world of film. Which may mean that we see a decrease in how many red carpets that Lawrence finds herself on. But if you start feeling too sad about that, perhaps having amazing photos like this one from her past will help cheer you up!

Plus, maybe she'll end her life of singlehood by locking up with a new man who is also an actor and he can drag her along to all of his red carpet obligations. Because let's be honest, going to a red carpet event may be a lot more fun if you have Lawrence on your arm.

Lawrence is also probably far happier when she can see the paparazzi in front of her on the red carpet, as opposed to her personal life as she once admitted,

"I get photographers hiding in my bushes. We're way past autographs. We're into being stalked and followed."

11 Never Again - Katy Perry

You might first look at this photo of Katy Perry dressed up as a half-man, half-woman and think that she did it for Halloween. Which, you'd have to admit, would have actually been a pretty fantastic costume and one that definitely wouldn't earn a spot on this list. But in actuality, Perry elected to go with the unusual design for the MTV Europe Music Awards back in 2008.

It definitely helped Katy Perry stand out, but it's not like she often would have a problem with that by just showing up in a normal outfit.

Perry never spoke out about the nature of the outfit, giving off the impression to some fans that she just wanted to act out and embrace a more manly side of her on the carpet. Perhaps she can just store the costume away to bust out for an emergency Halloween party in the future.

10 Love To See Again - Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has had plenty of experiences on the red carpet due to her exposure in the Game of Thrones universe, something that will happen yet again when the final season rolls around. But Turner is also branching out more as an actress including her role as Jean Grey in the X-Men Universe. Which is great news for fans of Turner considering Game of Thrones is going into the last season and Turner may find herself with more free time on her hands!

While Turner is often going to leave you stunned on the red carpet with dresses like this one, in her real life, she has a more varied sense of style.

"Some days I want to look like a hipster kid, and then other days I want to be prim and proper. I really wish I had, like, seven lives so I could go from being a hipster one day to a punk the next."

9 Never Again - Eva Longoria

There is definitely some value in making sure that if you're a woman, that you have a little black dress in your closet that you're able to bust out for special events which celebrities tend to have an abundance of in any given year.

Eva Longoria is definitely no stranger to rocking black. She's also no stranger to showing the world some skin while she does so.

But on this particular night, she ended up showing too much of her upstairs when she had to bend down and adjust the complicated base of her dress.

Her cheeky expression shows she knows just how much was exposed, even if we aren't going to show the photos here. Perhaps the next little black dress she wears will have more emphasis on the last two words and give her some extra coverage! If not, at least she'll be able to know she has had it happen before and she was able to laugh it off.

8 Love To See Again - Margot Robbie

One of the most revealing outfits that a woman can find herself in, is a swimsuit. Especially if you're an actress and you're wearing one on screen. When talking about that experience, Robbie stated,

"If I have to get into a bikini, then I eat carrot sticks for three days."

And while some of the dresses that Robbie has worn haven't shown off a lot of skin, especially in contrast to some of her characters such as in Wolf of Wall-Street, there wasn't a ton left to the imagination when she appeared to a red carpet event while wearing this tremendous outfit.

While we don't know if that means she was on the "carrot stick" diet or not because she knew she was wearing this dress in the near future, we do know that she should have been happy with how she looked!

7 Never Again - Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been going to red carpet events for a long time. And while that means she has come away with some looks that we're sure she'd love to repeat again, today she is going to receive the short-end of the stick and only make an appearance on the negative side of our list.

Though perhaps after Aguilera gets another look at this outfit that she wore decades ago, she'd agree that it was far from her best moment on the red carpet. Perhaps truly dating the outfit is the fact that Aguilera wore it to the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards! Which also may not have been as prestigious as something like going to the Academy Awards or Grammys, but it doesn't mean that her stylist should have completely taken the event off!

At least she can use this as an example of what not to do at future events.

6 Love To See Again - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has definitely had a man on her arm for several red carpet events in the past. Including Wilmer Valderrama who is best recognized as Fez from That '70s Show but that accent was something he probably left back on the set. But if Demi looks ahead at the next few months and potential events, she may realize that she's going to be attending them alone.

That is unless she can manage to land herself a man that would want to stand beside her in front of the paparazzi. One thing that will perhaps help her odds (as if she needs any help) is the fact that Demi Lovato has a long history of looking amazing on the red carpet. We don't know if she ever looked better than she did to this event though when she made it apparent to everyone why she has some of the best features of anyone in Hollywood.

5 Never Again - Chrissy Teigen

While some celebrities may be mortified at the idea of showing off more skin than anticipated, Chrissy Teigen definitely didn't seem too bothered by the fact that she accidentally showed the world too much of her downstairs when she wore this dress to the American Music Awards. When responding to fans, and one in particular named Sean, who stated that he was traumatized Tiegen stated,

"Oh Sean, I wake up every day just wanting to please you. I’m so sorry I disappointed you. I don’t know what I can say but, wow, I apologize. I didn’t mean it to happen. But sorry, Sean. Sorry.”

While Teigen clearly laughed off the situation, we're sure it's one she'd rather not have happen again. Though once Teigen gives birth to her eventual son, you can imagine she'll also be more than happy to show the world how her body bounces back from another pregnancy.

4 Love To See Again - Jennifer Aniston

The inspiration behind this list was trying to find some outfits that women wore on the red carpet that looked so good, that they wish they'd be able to wear it again without receiving public backlash for their decision. This is an idea that we're sure Jennifer Aniston would be able to get behind, as she once said in an interview,

"I almost resent the whole fashion thing. Good God - never wearing the same thing twice and all of those things. It's a pain in the ass."

Especially when you know there are so many outfits that Aniston has worn that people have loved, but that she is never able to slip back into them again without receiving a great deal of flack. If Aniston was to start re-wearing her red carpet dresses and fashion critics were going to let it slide, that she should start out with this one.

3 Never Again - Britney Spears

Britney Spears has many moments where she is considered to be one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood, not to mention perhaps the most iconic Pop Princess in the history of the music industry. Something that definitely doesn't seem to be decreasing as she gets older, especially now that she is done her Las Vegas residency and may see herself back on tour.

But she definitely didn't look like a princess on this one particular day when she was invited to a red carpet event.

There are so many gorgeous outfits that Spears has worn over the years to various red carpet events, that perhaps she'll be able to look at ones like this and agree that she doesn't know what on earth she was thinking. But you can't unerase photos like this from the public eye, and for that, it's a well-deserving entry of the negative side on our list. Sorry, Britney!

2 Love To See Again - Tiffany Haddish

We really hope you're a fan of Tiffany Haddish's $4,000 Alexander McQueen dress. At the very least, Haddish loves it, and that really is what matters at the end of the day.

Haddish first wore it while promoting the film Girls Trip on the red carpet. She then wore it again on Saturday Night Live, and she wore it yet again at the Oscars. When talking about re-wearing the dress during her monologue on Saturday Night Live, Haddish hilariously pointed out if she's going to spend that much money on her dress, that you better believe she's going to wear it more than once and make sure that she is getting her money's worth!

With the money that she has managed to save by not buying new dresses this year, maybe next year she'll be wearing a $10,000 one! Though if that's the case, she definitely may find herself wearing it to even more events.

1 Never Again - Bella Thorne

If you were wondering about if Bella Thorne cares about what you think of her sense of style, you can rest assured that her answer is no. When talking about her own sense of style in the past and why she thinks she appeals to her fanbase, Thorne stated,

"I don't have to try to be perfect because I know that my fans like me for who I am. They like me because I am weird and kind of funky, but still really calm."

This outfit that she wore to a red carpet event is definitely funky, though you may have another word you'd like to use to describe it! Either way, if Thorne decided never to wear it again, we don't think too many people would voice their disapproval. We're also sure many people don't feel calm on the red carpet, so kudos to her for finding a style that works for her. Even if it doesn't work on the positive side of this list!

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