10 Outfits Katie Holmes Chose For Suri That We Loved (10 She Looked Uncomfortable In)

It’s not enough today for celebrities to set style trends — their kids must become fashion icons as well. Suri Cruise has been impressing paparazzi and fans alike with her outfits since she was born. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, now 12, was born for the camera. Holmes doesn’t let her daughter out of the house in just anything, but Suri always gets a say. “She picks out all of her own clothes and has since she was one-and-a-half,” Holmes said of her mini-me. “I started making clothes for Suri when she was born, designing dresses, and then having seamstresses sew them, because I don't sew very well,” she added. “As a child, I was always drawing clothes, and I've always loved fabrics, and when Suri was born, I wanted to have certain things be from me and created just by me for her.”

Suri has also reportedly helped both her parents pick out their outfits since she was little. “‘She’s got great taste. She tells me what to wear,” Tom Cruise said. Cruise reportedly loved to spoil his little girl with a lavish wardrobe, which was estimated to be once worth, $3 million, but after the divorce Holmes wanted to make Suri’s life more normal, including downgrading her designer duds. This move hasn’t stop Suri’s stylish looks, or her from looking like one of the most overdressed kids in town. Check out these photos of Suri’s most stylish and uncomfortable outfits.

20 we loved - MOMMY AND ME

Katie jHolmes Suri shopping
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Suri and her mom don't just look alike, they often dress similar. Walking and smiling, despite a rainy day in November, 2008, the two headed to a play date wearing stylish raincoats. While Katie Holmes remained in classic black, Suri added a pop of color with her red jacket. It matched perfectly with her ladybug umbrella. The two also sported bangs to complete the mother-daughter look. Just a toddler at the time, Suri was already showing her knack for style in any weather situations. At least she just looked so freaking adorable that it hurt.

19 looked uncomfortable - BIG FLOP


There is nothing cuter than a kid dressed up in a festive costume — but as parents may know — the little ones don't always want to play along for too long. It's not clear who got the final say on the bunny ears and slippers, but the paparazzi loved the duo as they walked around Union Square and shopped at ABC Furniture and Home Co store in April 2010. The look may have been the most uncomfortable for mom, as she had to carry the nearly 4-year-old during the shopping trip to avoid putting her daughter's slippers on NYC's dirty sidewalks.

18 we loved - TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL


Suri Cruise made headlines in 2012 when it was revealed that she would attend the exclusive Avenues school in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Located just blocks from her mother's apartment, the new private school reportedly cost nearly $40,000 a year. The stylish 6-year-old was required to wear a uniform, according to the Huffington Post:

"Polo shirt, blouse or turtleneck, along with gray or black pants, skirts, jumpers or shorts." Students are forbidden to wear logos, but are allowed to wear any color accessories, "including socks, tights, belts, ties and hairbands." Suri took advantage of this rule in November, 2012, with hot pink accessories — including her book bag — and a standout hair accessory.

17 looked uncomfortable - OH BOW


Suri has loved hair accessories since a young age — especially bows. But she doesn't always get it right. Though the rest of her outfit is on point — and the choice of color for the bow goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit — it isn't working. Go big or go home may have backfired for Suri, as the bow seems to be overwhelming her face and the outfit. Suri sported the bow during an August 2017 shopping trip with her mom in New York City.

16 we loved - MIXING IT UP


Born on April 18, 2006, Suri Cruise's first name means “red rose” in old Persian. Red is also one of her best colors. Here, she wears the shade in a pair of fun tights. Leaving a gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers in March 2017, Suri shows off two of her most important style signatures: never dress down and don't be afraid to mix it up. This ensemble consists of a faux fur Juicy Couture jacket and Little Marc Jacobs dress. In terms of photos like these, you can definitely see that Suri will grow up and be a fashion Queen.

15 looked uncomfortable - MISS-MATCHED


Not afraid to take risks, or choose her own clothes, Suri looks more confused than couture in this December 2011 look. Wearing cotton floral pants, ladybug boots, and a plush fur coat, Suri is out with her parents for a bite to eat in NYC's trendy Tribeca neighborhood. We all grab whatever we can from the closet to run out for a quick meal sometimes, but we aren't all followed by photographers. Maybe the normally fashionable Suri is feeling shy around the paparazzi? Or maybe it's because she is seriously looking terrible in that outfit, and she definitely knows it.

14 we loved - GREEN ENVY


Already a winner of fashion accolades and once rumored to have her own fashion line in the works, Suri Cruise is a style icon both kids and adults can envy. A prime example is this December 2009 from Spain, where father Tom Cruise was filming "Knight and Day." She matched her gold heels to a gold purse, with an adorable green and blue floral sundress. Looking at outfits like this, it is hard to imagine her having any issues with her clothes to begin with, but you will see in our next entry that, unfortunately, that is not the case.

13 looked uncomfortable - about face

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Katie Holmes has faced controversy over some of her fashion choices for Suri — from clothing costs to high heels. She has also received criticism for allowing Suri to wear makeup. In this September 2011 photo, Suri can be seen wearing a pink hat and pink scarf with matching lipstick at an NYC playground. Holmes has reportedly allowed her daughter to wear makeup since the age of 5, and in 2010 Suri was spotted at Sephora going on a shopping spree. We personally think it is a bit too early for a child to start doing it, but hey, to each their own.

12 we loved - dancing in the rain


Rain, rain never go away in this outfit! Suri Cruise makes a perfect pink ballerina while heading to dinner at Le Pain Quotidien with her mom in April 2010. The pink leotard, tutu, ballet slippers and white tights may be a little fancy for the restaurant, but the outfit is every little girl's dream. What really completes the look is the fairytale umbrella. She definitely looks like she could be making it in a Disney movie with an outfit like this, and we have to say, we just adore it. Good job on this one Suri!

11 looked uncomfortable - ON THE BOARDWALK

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Heels on a child may seem silly, but on a beach? That's just what Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were spotted wearing while at a 2011 Memorial Day party in Malibu. Suri has been reportedly wearing high heels since she was a toddler, and spending a small fortune to stay in fashionable shoes. If you ask us here at TheRichest, that is just as bad as wearing makeup at that age. Come on, she's just a kid! Let her enjoy being a kid until she has to become an adult and deal with the things all of us hate. Seriously.



Suri Cruise knows that accessories make the outfit — especially the shoes. A firm believer in matching accessories, here she tackles a rainy day while walking in Manhattan's Greenwich Village in November 2009. Her playful green rain boots coordinate perfectly with her green backpack. She completes the look with a navy blue dress. Suri reportedly already had a $150,000 shoe collection by the time she was 5 years old, with high-end labels like Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs, and styles from kitten heels to sneakers, to flip-flops and Ugg boots. Despite her quickly growing feet, some shoes were even custom-made for her.

9 looked uncomfortable - OCEAN COUTURE


There's no denying that Suri is one of the best dressed kids in Hollywood, but her mom may have again confused the boardwalk for the catwalk. During a June 2011 trip to the beach in Miami while dad Tom Cruise shot "Rock of Ages" nearby, the mom and daughter took a dip in the ocean. Suri's love for dress up and designer gifts reportedly included a $62,000 diamond-encrusted tiara and a toy SUV worth $12,000. As mentioned earlier, she has always loved to pick out her own outfits since an early age. But this dress may not have been the best choice for swimming in the Atlantic.

8 we loved - MINI ME


Do Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise pick out their outfits together each day? If so, we think Suri is the one dictating the choices. This mother-and-daughter ensemble from June 2012 brunch outing was a great pick— no matter who made it. The similar, but non-matching outfits coordinate just enough to be cute and not overwhelming. And it is photos like these that make us remember that Katie actually has decent taste, and will probably help her daughter in picking all of her future outfits. However, judging from half of the photos on this list, Kate can't be trusted all the time...

7  looked uncomfortable - RED CARPET royalty

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Before her parents' divorce in 2012, Suri would accompany Tom Cruise to red carpet events. The actor reportedly did not show up for his daughter's recent 12th birthday, and hasn't seen Suri in over four years. In this 2012 photo with Cruise as he receives the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award at the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom, Suri is spending some quality time with her dad. But she may have hated it since she had to spend the long evening in a fancy frock (something to which even adults can relate). It is not a dress made for comfort, that is for sure.

6 we loved - trend setter


Puppy love doesn't even begin to describe this Suri Cruise outfit. It's both stylish and adorable; both playful and dressy. As mentioned before, red always looks great on Suri. Adding the gold heels makes the outfit pop even more. But the star is the green puppy purse, which became an instant Pinterest star that moms wanted to buy for their own children. Suri truly is a trendsetter. Naturally, that will likely continue being the case as she gets older, because this is one celeb child that will always be in the spotlight. Poor thing.

5 looked uncomfortable - off broadway

Suri chose a red heart-themed dress paired with frilly purple heels and a pink flower headband to see the Broadway show "Wicked" with her mom in March 2011. However, we definitely feel that an outfit like that would not have been comfortable to sit through for a show as long as that one. Before her parents' divorce Suri always dressed in the most expensive and designer clothing in public. But now Katie Holmes reportedly has clamped down on her Hollywood wardrobe. Makes sense if you ask us, maybe Katie wants her daughter and herself to step away from the spotlight.



Suri has been photogenic and stylish since birth, starting with the October 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, where her first photographs appeared on the cover. Even by the age of 2, she was wearing clothes from Armani, Burberry and Chanel. These early steps into the style world are captured beautifully in this photo of Suri in a classic polka dot dress during a walk around New York City with her mom, Katie Holmes, in August 2008. She pairs the dress with gold ballet slippers, a smile and a new feathered friend.

3 looked uncomfortable - PUFFY PUZZLER


As mentioned earlier, Katie Holmes has made efforts to tone down Suri's couture wardrobe. But we are missing her faux fur coats with this puffy parka look seen at Williams-Sonoma in December 2017. We know, we know, as a mother, you are probably just making sure that your kid is warm. And while we understand the practicality of it, celebs have to remember that the cameras are always on them. So they don't get to rest. New York City winters can be cold, but we much prefer the pink pea coat shown in the next photo.


Vanity Fair

As Suri has grown up she hasn't lost her style or bond with her mom. They've always shown that bond with their constant outings and comparable styles. In April 2017, Katie Holmes and her daughter were both captured sporting pea coats. Each, however, chose their own style: Holmes, a long camel-colored version paired with simple jeans and loafers, and Suri, her signature pink and dressier duds — including a hair bow. Unlike the previous bow, this one definitely worked in her favor, considering it did not take up most of her head. Well done on this one, Katie and Suri.

1 looked uncomfortable - MOTHER-DAUGHTER DON'T

Hollywood Life

Spring may have sprung, but it doesn't need to spring all over your wardrobe. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are known for their coordinated, yet non-matching outfits. There are several stylish examples of the mother-daughter inspiring each other with great fashion choices. For the American Ballet Theatre gala in New York City this May, the pair stepped out in floral dresses. It's an adorable mother-daughter moment, but looks more like a formal dress you had to wear for a formal event, rather than it being a stylish choice. We give them an A for effort, but really, that is the most we can do.

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