10 Images Of Kim K's Best Hairstyles (And 10 Most Unflattering)

Are you keeping up with the Kardashians? It is no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are famous. They are everywhere you look, from TV screens to billboards and magazines, the internet and of course, social media. Why are they famous? Nobody really knows because they are famous for being famous.

Kim Kardashian West is plausibly the most famous Kardashian. It is almost impossible that people don't know who she is because she made a name for herself in Hollywood and on social media platforms. For the few folks who are unaware, Kim Kardashian West is an American celebrity, Hollywood personality, entrepreneur, and socialite who married to the rapper Kanye West. She recently became a mother of three, welcoming her daughter Chicago West with the help of a surrogate last month. She and Kanye also have a daughter, North (4), and a son, Saint (2).

Aside from posting the risque photos that led her to win the "Break the Internet Award" at the Webby Awards in 2016, she is a great beauty influencer. In fact, her product lines, such as her perfume and cosmetics, reap millions of dollars after release. Apart from her signature face contouring, she is also known for having the best hairstyles.

Throughout the years, Kim Kardashian West has experimented with different hairstyles that have been bold, edgy, and playful. Now is the time to keep up with Kim's hairstyles. Here is the list of her best hairstyles that will inspire your everyday look.

20 Good: Wig Or Not?

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To start, let's take a look at Kim's honey-hued hair back in April 2009. She posted this picture on Instagram when she was recalling her most favourite hairstyles of all time. This picture was part of her "April Fools' Day" joke back in 2009 because she had everyone fooled with this look.

Everyone thought she went back to having long hair after having her hair cut. However, the truth was that she was wearing a wig! This is surely a quality wig made from real human hair because it is impossibly smooth and silky. The good news is that this wig actually inspired Kim to have her hair dyed a few months later.

19 Bad: Really? Barrel Curls?

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Of course, just like any other celebrity, Kim can't please everyone. That is why she also has "haters" on Instagram who wait to criticize her as soon as she makes a mistake. Also, just like any other girl, Kim has bad hair days!

Fret not; barrel curls are really awesome! In fact, this is a vintage hairstyle that rose to fame in the 1960s and has remained so popular that even Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot nailed it recently. Your girl Kim Kardashian West has definitely rocked long hair barrel curls successfully but this short, pinned-up hairstyle does not work with Kim's facial features.

However, she seemed to love this look. She even posted on Instagram that this was one of her favorite hairstyles. This look was created in 2009 for a photo shoot and required a lot of pins and hairspray, which can, by the way, damage any girl's precious hair.

18 Good: She Bangs!

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She bangs! During her younger years in Hollywood, Kim was known for having full bangs that flattered her perfectly oval-shaped face.

She looked years younger in this photo. On her Instagram account, Kim also mentioned that this was one of her best looks. Her sister Kylie Jenner, known as the youngest sister who idolizes Kim, also cut her fringe to match Kim right afterward. Sister goals!

Because she is such a popular reality star, Kim's new hairstyles are always a topic of discussion in tabloids and online articles. Her bangs were a huge hit. The curls also complimented her face well. With the hair that is this gorgeous, Kim probably never feels ugly!

17 Bad: Messy Hair, Don't Care!

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Almost every girl on Instagram had posted their "messy hair, don't care" look, especially with the rise of the "I woke up like this" hashtags. For the record, Kim Kardashian West can definitely rock messy hairstyles, just not this one. Kim appears to be in dire need of a  hairbrush or a shower, as her brunette locks appear to be greasy and unkempt.

Ironically, Kim even picked this messy style as one of her favorite looks because it is a "fun" hairstyle for whenever she decides she does not want to wash her hair again. Just don't forget to use dry shampoo.

This isn’t the first time she went public or posted a picture on Instagram with messy hair. We can’t blame her when she is not looking her best because she’s a reality star and sometimes we get to see some of the good, bad, and the ugly.

16 Good: Kim Is Platinum

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Isn't she lovely here? Kim definitely went platinum when she chopped her hair off and dyed it blonde. This is one of the best hairstyles and colors that she has ever had. This transformation definitely took a lot of time because it was a big change from her naturally dark-colored hair. She sported this look for her Elle photoshoot.

Imagine how much time she spent (or her hairstylist spent) just to achieve the right color and tone? If you want to know, she already divulged the answer on social media. Kim said it took her 17 hours to get her hair to be that shade of blonde. In 2017, she repeated this hair color, but on a very long hair.

This just goes to show that KKW can pull up any hairstyle and color. No matter how flashy or risky a hairstyle can be, she has that edge to flaunt it.

15 Bad: Sausage Hair? Next!

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Kim had another hair emergency! Alright, people might not know that Kim shared these photos in the midst of Kendall Jenner's popularity as a runway model because she wanted to remind the world that she was also a part of the fashion industry. In 2007, Kim walked the Heatherette Spring/Summer Fashion Show.

Although Kim's dress is a decent tropical green dress, her hairstyle was pretty out there. It really did not match her vibrant look on the runway. Why would anyone do that hairstyle anyway? Sausage curls can be awesome but the stylist did not need to tie Kim's hair up.

Regardless, Kim loved the experience. On Instagram, she posted this photo with a throwback Thursday hashtag, saying that this was “SUCH a fun experience,” though she revealed that it wasn’t the kind of look she would want to wear now.

14 Good: Short Hair, Don't Care

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This is one of her most wonderful looks! According to Kim's Instagram post, this is the shortest hair she had ever gone. You can admit that she totally nailed this short hair look. This is actually her hairstyle when she attended the Grammys perfectly matched with her natural-looking makeup and shinning and shimmering dress. Kim added that she invested a lot of volume to this short hair just to make it a "little untidy" or messy for more sophistication. She looked on point in these pictures and the Grammys will never be lovelier without Kim looking so ravishing as these. And yes! She is definitely redefining the term “Hot Momma!” Now tell us, Kim. How to be you?

Girls, short hair has a lot of benefits! First, it is easier to wash and comb (basically!), but most importantly, short hair is healthier because you chopped off those unwanted dye-damaged hair and those split ends.

13 Bad: Bangs And Wig Is A "NO"

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Bangs looked good on Kim and so was her honey-hued wig. However, her wig this time is not the "best hairstyle" she ever had and categorized as very unflattering. The wig does not appear as gorgeous as the honey-hued wig she wore in 2009. It is not as silky as the other one and also. In fact, the wig appears to be "fake-ish", which means that this can be distinguished easily as a wig, just like what the girls in Las Vegas or the drag queens wear.

Another reason this hairstyle is unflattering is the bangs. Kim's natural bangs were awesome, but these bangs were not. Aside from the fake-look, bangs should never be that too short and too rolled-under. Luckily, this was just a wig.

12 Good: Swept By Waves

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Can you guess what Kim is hiding under those waves? No? Well, Kim was hiding her bangs under her side swept waves because she got bored. Yes. It’s just out of boredom y’all! In 2013, Kim decided to bring back the bangs, but she quickly got bored and just wanted to grow them out. Thanks to the celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin Hair, she was able to hide Kim's bangs so elegantly with the help of hairsprays and hairbrush. And now we’re asking why? It was such a hairstyle for you! But then again, this one’s another hit.

Among all the wavy hairstyles Kim had, this one, so far, is one of her most elegant looking curls that showed how sophisticated and how beautiful she is. You got to love those waves!

11 Bad: Illusion Or Confusion?

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Seeing Kim's hairstyle will make you really confused about the "illusion" haircut. The hairstylist should have just done an updo for Kim's hair because that can actually be neat. Also, Kim claimed that her stylist was created by "Makeup by Mario" to help Kim get out of her boring long hair look and have a new look. Instead of cutting her hair, the hair stylist decided to create an "illusion" haircut.

In all honesty, this does not look a shorter hair. This only looks like an updo gone really badly. Sorry Kim, you just sometimes need to simplify things if you want to have a new look. It almost looked like she came from the 60s show and take a shot of her new do and posted it on Instagram.

10 Good: Little Bit Of Color

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Although not too blonde, Kim's ombre blonde look is really just one of her best hairstyles! Why? Kim's hairstyle and hair color in 2013 is different from her usual dark hair, but not too far from her dark hair safe zone. She went super platinum blonde and it suited her really well. So, it is not a shocker that she also nailed this blonde ombre, especially when she matched this hairstyle with just a soft makeup look. Kim's hairstyle is like a naturally sun-kissed hair that has a good variation of hues. Very classic! She also rocked the blonde ombre look back in 2009 with a lighter shade and both looked good on her.

Well one thing’s for sure. She will always be good-looking with the blonde ombre.

9 Bad: Quick Way To Age

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Kim, choose your battle really wisely! Yes, the braided updo definitely gave her a sweet princess-like ad fairy-like vibe and people really love braided updos. However, this updo is just wrong. Thanks to Kim's beautiful face shape, the unflattering look of her updo on this picture was somehow lessened. However, this kind of updo is really not for her. But this will work well on a 60s or 70s show.

Alright, this updo is definitely a retro hairstyle, but that does not mean that it will be fabulous. An overly detailed and fancy updo, other than braided updo of course, will make an impression that you have aged a year or more – a comment that we definitely don’t want to hear especially when we rock a new hairstyle.

8 Good: Braid It Like A Princess

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Braided updos are definitely the key to have a princess-like aura because these are the prom goals or bride goals when it comes to hairstyle. Just like any other celebrity and any other woman, Kim Kardashian definitely pulled off this braided updo as she created a princess-like vibe and fairly-like aura around her. You should give kudos to her hairstylist making Kim very elegant and glamorous with this hairstyle.

So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely a timeless hairstyle. Braided updos will never get old. Be it from the 20s up to today, this hairstyle will always be timeless. Follow some beauty vloggers now and watch their braids tutorial to achieve a Kim Kardashian West-like braided updo. So yes, you need to braid your hair like a princess!

7 Bad: Straightened Straight From The Straightener

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Why Kim? Why did you forget to condition your hair on this hairstyle? Kim's short and straight hair on this photo is definitely one of her worst hair days. Look at how rough-looking her hair is on this picture. The hair color is good and perfect. The hair length is also a dramatic length and an opportunity to achieve some straight with rolled-under ends, which is definitely a chic and elegant look. And it’s giving her a look like she’s stiff entirely.

However, Kim's hair stylist must have definitely missed that the reality star’s hairstyle is a little off. Kim's hair looked damage on this hairstyle. Sometimes, a hairspray, hair conditioner, and hair polish should come really handy when you have this type of hairstyle.

6 Good: The Signature Sleek Pony

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Who would ever forget Kim's sleek ponytail? That is her signature hairstyle! Well, one of her signature hairstyles. Unlike Ariana Grande's pony, Kim's sleek ponytail is a little bit lower and looks more formal and businesswoman-like hairstyle. Her long, dark hair definitely matched the sleek, tight, and shiny ponytail. While this seems to be a "to-go" hairstyle that Kim pulls off whenever her hair is not washed, a lot of women still don't get the same look as Kim's sleek ponytail.

So, how can you achieve Kim's look? First, you got to blow-dry your hair just like what you do in your everyday routine. Run some dry oil on your hair, and then pull your hair on the center. Continuously brush the top of your hair to achieve the glassy look before tying it.

5 Bad: It Is FULANI Braids!

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Alright, yes, Kim's hair is not on dreadlocks, but her hair is braided. Just in February 2018, Kim changed her hairstyle "again". This time, it is controversial because she chose to have Fulani braids and called it "Bo Derek braids", because Bo Derek had the same braids in her 1979 movie. So, what is the big deal? She should have credited this as Fulani braids because this is the de facto hairstyle of the Fula people of Africa.

Before we get to the racial side of things, (and controversy aside), Kim on Fulani braids is definitely not the best hairstyle of the year. She should have just maintained her long platinum blonde hair, because that looks good on her. She wore it with a black hair and again with blonde hair – both hair colors didn’t work well.

4 Good: Just Like Rapunzel (But Not Blonde)

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Kim's long hair is really one of the best hairstyles she ever had. Look at how long and silky her hair is in this picture. Other girls who have long hair have a hard time maintaining a soft texture and keeping it free of split ends. Kim's long hair is beautiful and healthy.

It seems that Kim's Rapunzel-like hair was well-maintained with little to no effort. She certainly knows how to keep her hair shiny and smooth. It also seems that split ends have not been a problem for her. Way to go, Kim!

3 Bad: Before Fame Short Hair

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Alright, this may be a very old picture of Kim with very short hair but it still belongs on this list. She claimed above that her short hair as a teenager was the shortest length she's ever had. Now you have a proof that she had super short hair back in the day before her time in the spotlight. Although Kim's exact age is in this photo, you can conclude that she was likely a teenager in high school.

Kim's face was still pretty gorgeous when she was young but her hair was not as glamorous as it is today. Instead of having a cute symmetrical bob, her hair was more of an awkward length with lots of layers and angles.

2 Good: Behold, Her Signature Slicked-Back Style

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At last! You have reached the final entry on this list, which is Kim Kardashian West's famous signature look – slicked-back hair. Everyone knows that this is the best and the most glamorous hairstyle Kim has worn. The hairstyle is so simple, yet so intricate because you need a lot of hairspray and patience to make it all work. The slicked-back hairstyle is a feminine, yet sophisticated choice that will definitely exhibit the look of freshness and elegance.

Because of how great Kim Kardashian West looked with this classic slicked-back style, every woman has been trying to recreate the look. Different beauty bloggers, vloggers, and gurus made tutorials on how to achieve Kim's signature look.

1 Bad: Step Back In Time Once Again

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Kim may have nailed a lot of princess-like looks throughout the years but this before-fame hairstyle is not one of them. She posed in this picture with her older sister, Kourtney. They looked like high school students here, meaning the photo was likely taken in the '90s. However, while Kourtney's hair was simple and shiny, Kim's hairstyle was not really working. Granted, she was young but she should have known this look was not flattering.

First, she pinned her hair up without any care at all and then added to the messiness by clipping fake flowers onto the top of her head. Luckily, Kim never wore this hairstyle again but this could be a perfect hairstyle for her toddler, North!

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