10 Female Celebs Who Dress Younger Than Their Daughters And 10 Starlets Who Look Like Their Granny

When it comes to fashion, we often look to Hollywood to see what’s hot and what’s not. The stars often have personal stylists and certainly have the means to buy the chicest clothing. But just because they have the best of the best on their side and plenty of money in their pockets does not mean that they always dress to impress.

Some female celebs just do not want to let go of their youth. They dress like they are teenagers headed to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Hey, it is cool to wear what you want but their kids probably wish they’d tone it down some, or maybe a lot! And even if they are confident with their bodies, there comes a time when dressing like a high schooler is a bit past its prime. Let’s say right after graduation.

Then there are those stars who dress like they are auditioning to be the next Mrs. Doubtfire. While most celebs their age are flaunting lots of skin and showing off their curves, these gals are keeping their “lady bits” covered up modestly and conservatively. Is “granny-glam” the new look for 2018? These stars think so. Look for them at your local diner eating the early bird special.

Take a look at a group of celebs who dress like they are 17 years old and another bunch who could blend in seamlessly at bingo night at the old folks’ home. Which looks are your preference? Lots of skin or lots of stitching?

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20 Kris Jenner Is Not Kylie

Kris Jenner has a bunch of grown children and a new grandkid pops into the world every time we bat an eye, but that doesn’t stop the “momager” from dressing like it’s time to head out to the club. This cougar is always in style and has the body to wear clothing most women half her age wouldn’t dare to be seen in. But Jenner is confident and carries herself well, so she wears the styles that make her feel youthful and cool. Do her daughters love the fact that mom is trying to upstage them? Probably not, but any publicity is good publicity for this attention-seeking clan. Plus, Jenner needs to look hot for her much-younger boy toy. Expect to see Jenner in these youthful styles for years to come. She’s got no shame in her game.

19 Jada Pinkett Smith Is Spunky

Jada Pinkett Smith looks smokin’ and she doesn’t seem to age a bit. But does she dress like a woman with two kids who must wonder why their mom looks like their friends? Not really, but Smith is not your average mom. Most moms at the PTA meetings are far more covered up and conservative. But a woman like Smith is super foxy, so she wants to show off her hot body for her fans and her fine fella. Her main man, Will Smith, must love the fact that is wife is hotter than most 20-somethings. She is as fit as can be and looks like a million bucks. Once she starts to “dress her age,” she won’t act like the spunky Smith we’ve grown to love. Sure, some may say her choice in clothing is inappropriate, but Smith has her own sense of style.

18 Teresa Giudice Looks Like A Teen

If you are a Bravo fan, then you know all about Teresa Giudice, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She is a mom of four daughters, but that doesn’t stop her from dressing like a trendy teenager. Her oldest daughter is in her teens, so she must share clothing with good old mom. It may be awkward for her kids to see their mom dressed like the latest teen “it girl,” but Giudice doesn’t care if she embarrasses her kids. Heck, if she did, she wouldn’t air all the family’s dirty laundry on reality television. Giudice wants to be free with her fashion now that she is free from the slammer. Ya, she did time. So, now that she has traded in her prison garb for clothing far more glamorous, she is going to flaunt her style for all the world to see. Except for her husband — he’s doing time as we speak.

17 Madonna Is Young At Heart

Madonna has been famous for decades. Not only for her music, but for her signature style too. She is a mom of many these days, but that does not inhibit her from expressing herself through fashion. If her kids are embarrassed, just wait ‘till they see old footage of their mom from some of her wilder days. They’ll be permanently mortified! So, seeing “Madge” in clothing that is super youthful is the best these kids could hope for. This outfit is nothing compared to the leather and chains mom used to wear. Madonna never wants to grow old, so she does all she can to remain youthful and relevant. She may no longer be “Like a Virgin,” but her choice in clothing proves she is still a “Material Girl.”

16 Demi Moore Looks Younger Than Her Kids

Demi Moore is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she’s a mom of three grown daughters too. She was once married to Bruce Willis, then to the much-younger Ashton Kutcher, now single yet again, the actress hits the town trying to show off her youthful spirit and energy. But is this look appropriate for a woman her age? Overalls and stripes are cute for kids, but for a woman like Moore? She could do so much better and look a heck of a lot more mature.

She may be trying to prove she’s still young at heart, cool, and casual, but when she wears outfits like this, it seems like she is trying way too hard.

Her kids would probably prefer that their mom dress more like other women her age. But when your mom marries a man like Kutcher, you know that she’s not like the other moms in town.

15 Linda Hogan Dresses Like Her Daughter

Seeing Linda Hogan in an animal print bodysuit is nothing new. Her kids have probably gotten used to the fact that their mom wants to believe she is still a 20-year-old. Hey, as long as she is confident in her body, then why not show it off? Her ex, Hulk Hogan, must have liked her looks while they were together, and other men of a certain type enjoy seeing her flaunt her curves. Hogan’s daughter has taken after mom by dressing in skimpy clothing, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They probably go shopping together and share clothing. Will Hogan ever tame her tendency for dressing like a showgirl? Not likely, and that is just the way we like her. She is a bold broad who thinks less is more.

14 Snooki Will Always Be A Jersey Girl

Snooki’s style has vastly improved since her embarrassing days on Jersey Shore, but she still dresses like she’s a bar-hopping teen. Sure, her kids are small now, but we do not envision Snooki ever embracing a conservative style — even when her kids get older. She is not the buttoned-up type by far, but how could we expect the reality star to go from hot mess to mature mama overnight? She has definitely made a major style overhaul, but her inner-Jersey girl will never leave her petite body.

When her daughter gets older, she may find her mom’s style to be a bit too much, but Snooki won’t change her wacky ways.

Snooki is one of a kind and her kids will surely realize this over the years. But if they see repeats of Jersey Shore on TV, Snooki is going to have a lot of explaining to do. As long as she keeps off the Jersey boardwalk, everyone will be A-okay.

13 Mariah Carey Is Not Your Typical Mom

Mariah Carey has changed up her style over the years, but she loves to look as foxy as possible, even when she is wearing “sporty” clothing. High heels and a low-cut sweatshirt? Sure, when it’s Carey we’re talking about. Carey doesn’t care what the occasion is — as long as she stands out from the crowd, she is satisfied. Carey is all about cleavage, high slits, showing lots of skin, and making cure all her curves are front and center. You’d think by now she’d tone it down some, but if anything, she has become even bolder when it comes to fashion. No matter her size or whether it is day or night, the songbird is ready to rock it in looks that are nothing like what most moms are wearing. Her kids are little now, but soon they will realize that mom is not the “cookie cutter” type you see on sitcoms. Carey is cut from a different (very expensive) cloth.

12 Jennifer Lopez Keeps It Casual

“Jenny from the Block” is all about dressing like a true star. Jennifer Lopez has an amazing body, so she loves to show it off whenever she can. But many suggest she dresses like she’s a teen or 20-something. Lopez couldn’t care less what other people think though. She goes glam or casual depending on her mood. Here we see the star with her honey, A-Rod’s daughter, and they look like they could be twins in matching ripped denim and white T-shirts. It is super cool that they get along so well, but Lopez seems to think she is just one of the kids. That’s until she is dressed to the nines for a night on the town or a high-class red carpet event. Will Lopez still try to look like she’s much younger when she hits her 60s? Wait and see, but we’ll guess that she’ll still be flaunting her fab figure till she’s old and gray.

11 Christie Brinkley Is Young At Heart

Model Christie Brinkley is arguably one of the most gorgeous women of our time. And her great looks seem to only get better as she gets older. She has three grown kids, but she just may be the most youthful-looking of the genetically-blessed bunch. With a body like hers, why should Brinkley cover up in long pants and turtlenecks? While most women in her age bracket prefer smart blouses and simple trousers, Brinkley is rocking mini skirts and low-cut necklines. And she looks as great as she did when she first started out in the modelling biz. Brinkley proves that age is nothing but a number, but her kids must cringe when their friends ogle their mom. This blonde babe will be walking the runway until she’s 100 years old at the rate she’s going. Billy Joel’s former “Uptown Girl” may be a grown woman now, but she’s still a girl at heart.

10 Adele Keeps It Simple On Stage

Adele has an amazing voice, but when it comes to her fashion style, she is more “granny” than “Grammy.” Sure, not every young star wants to show much skin, but Adele takes conservative dressing to the extreme. She does not flaunt her body one bit, but her fans love her for it. Her musical talent speaks (or sings, in this case) for itself, so she does not need to show off her curves to get attention. With a voice like hers, Adele needs no distractions. Her packed audiences are truly captivated by her musical abilities and she does not need to show a lot of cleavage or thigh to be appreciated. If only more stars took a cue from this stunner, we wouldn’t have nearly as many “wardrobe malfunctions” on the stage.

9 Keira Knightley Is A Modest Brit

Actress Keira Knightly is all about her acting, not caring much about being the latest chick snapped by the paparazzi due to a red carpet “nip slip.” She has a slim figure that would look good in nearly any runway-ready style, but Knightley prefers to dress modestly and maturely. She often covers up from head to toe in heavy clothing that leaves us wondering if she raided her grandma’s closet. There have been times when the actress dared to bare, but she seems more comfortable in conservative clothing that her parents would be proud of. You won’t see her style in a Playboy spread, but the AARP magazine would give her the front cover. She may not turn heads in her granny-style fashion, but at least she won’t be cold when the temperature dips.

8 The Olsen Twins Are Not Kids Anymore

What could be better than one granny-inspired starlet? Two! The Olsen twins are all about looking as granny-ish as possible, making us wonder where they shop. The ladies are super petite, so they must have a doozy of a time finding such mature-looking clothing to cover their tiny frames. The actresses-turned-fashion moguls surely know a lot about style, yet they never dress like they are into what’s trending.

Perhaps the twins are ahead of the curve and realize that showing lots of skin will be a fad that fades soon. Both women never reveal much of anything, proving that looking like grandma is not only for the elderly.

The Full House stars look like they would fit in well at the nursing home. Now that’s a sitcom we’d like to see.

7 Shailene Woodley Has Her Own Look

Actress Shailene Woodley is only 26, yet she dresses like a woman who was born in 1926. Her covered-up style is super-mature, making us wonder if she’s got something to hide. Perhaps she is not like the rest of today’s young stars who love to dress in skimpy and barely-there outfits. Woodley is a woman with confidence in herself and in her talent, so she does not need to rely on showing off her body to turn heads. Fans love to watch her do her thing on the big screen in movies including Divergent, Snowden, The Fault in Our Stars, and White Bird in a Blizzard, and they do not hit the theatres expecting to see lots of skin. Audiences dig Woodley for her acting chops, not her tube tops.

6 Lena Dunham Is An Old Soul

Lena Dunham has never been a fan of dressing like the other female celebrities her age. She has a personality and style all her own and she is not afraid to be the woman she wants to be. She has had great success in the biz by being her authentic self, as non-foxy as some may suggest it is. Dunham is all about granny-inspired style and she nails the look to a tee. Fans love her mostly for her work on HBO’s Girls, but Dunham’s not done yet.

At 31 years old, the actress and author is not throwing in the towel any time soon since she is full of unique ideas and loves the limelight.

Will she ever dare to bare? Probably not, but that’s why Dunham is beloved by her core fanbase, which probably includes some hip grannies who want to steal her style.

5 Lorde Is Looking Ahead To Her Later Years

Singer Lorde is only 21 but she dresses like a woman who could be a grandmother… perhaps even a great-grandmother. As far as today’s pop stars go, Lorde is nothing like the run-of-the-mill starlets who love to bare lots of skin in micro-sized “Daisy Dukes” and super-low-cut tanks.

While the covered-up look must make her parents breathe a sigh of relief, we wonder why the singer is so modest.

Is she insecure about her looks or does she simply prefer the “granny” style we often see her in? It does not seem like she is having much fun in her conservative attire, but maybe after the show she unwinds and wears something more age-appropriate. Till we see her in something more youthful, we will just have to say, “Oh, Lorde!”

4 Kelly Clarkson Is A Momma

American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson surely has a voice that is astounding. She is a spectacular singer with fans who have followed her path ever since she won the reality singing competition. Now she is one of the biggest stars of our time, churning out hit after hit. We know she embraces her curvy physique — which is fantastic — but why cover it up in so much material? Clarkson is young at heart and seems like she’s so much fun; she ought to show off her bubbly and bright personality in her outfits. While she looks put-together and chic, her fashion choices are often better suited for someone twice her age. Come on Kelly, hang up those granny gowns and rock out in something hotter! American Idol knew you were a star, so now it is your time to shine!

3 Mayim Bialik’s Look Never Blossom-ed

Fans who adore Mayim Bialik first fell in love with her when she played the quirky character “Blossom” on the hit TV show of the same name. She was in the movie Beaches with Bette Midler too. These days, the actress is a hit on the television show The Big Bang Theory, and her fans love the fact that she has made it this far in her career when lots of child actresses don’t last the long haul. But one thing fans may not appreciate is Bialik’s sense of style, or lack thereof. She embraces the look of the elderly like it’s going out of style, which it already is. Her “granny-chic” looks are totally outdated and far to frumpy for such a bright and beautiful woman. Sure, if that’s her choice in fashion more power to her, but we’d love to see Bialik try something new and fresh. Hopefully she’ll surprise us on the next red carpet and rock a designer gown. Maybe “Blossom” is just a late bloomer.

2 Kate Middleton Looks Like A Royal Retiree

The duchess is a darling, but when it comes to looking youthful and carefree, the royal is as far from trendy as the Queen is. Despite Kate Middleton’s relatable charm and seemingly down-to-Earth ways, her style doesn’t match her personality. We get it that members of the Royal Family must maintain a certain level of decorum, but Middleton is aging herself by wearing clothing that is far too mature for her age. Middleton is a young mom of (almost) three living in a modern version of what the Royal Family is all about. She does not have to follow the path set before her — she can lead the way with a fresh style. Something tells us that Harry’s girl Meghan Markle is going to get Middleton out of her shell.

1 Dakota Johnson Is Nothing Like Her On-Screen Character

We saw more of actress Dakota Johnson’s body than we bargained for when we hit the theaters to see Fifty Shades of Gray. But it seems like when Johnson is off-screen, she is nothing like the character she plays in the movies. Johnson is all buttoned-up and covered from neck to ankle in granny style that is nothing close to what we’ve witnessed in theatres. Her parents are both actors, so they know a thing or two about putting on a performance, but did they realize how great an actress their daughter really is? Off-screen, Johnson is far from revealing and super-modest. Nothing like what her on-screen character is all about. Looks like all that time baring it all for the cameras was enough for the starlet. Time to cover up and leave a little to the imagination.

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